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Wisconsin slowly sucked Indiana into playing the Badgers’ game, and the No. 2 Hoosiers suffered their first home loss in a year, Dustin wrote.

Indiana’s 11th straight loss to Wisconsin was just more of the same, I wrote.

Tuesday’s game was just another reminder to never doubt Wisconsin, ESPN.com’s Eamonn Brennan writes.

The Badgers sit alone in first place in the Big Ten thanks to what Mike Bruesewitz called “a bunch of mean guys,” Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote.

Victor Oladipo slips into the top 10 in national player of the year candidacy, while Cody Zeller slips out, Jeff Goodman of CBSsports.com writes.

The Big Ten is no longer just a football powerhouse, it’s the best basketball conference in the country, Josh Sanborn of Time.com writes.

I think this clip from “UHF” speaks for itself.

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  • Laffy says:

    Can the “smart” fans help me with something?

    Crean said that Wisky “didn’t take our transition game away”?

    Seeing as we had our lowest point total of the season, do you want to explain that one to me?

    They also only had 9 turnovers, which I thought we used to “get our transition game going.”

    So, if our point total was the lowest all year, and they had super low turn-overs, how did they not take our transition away?

    Oh, and for the all the crybabies who tell me to stop ripping Crean: screw off.

    Davis was CRUCIFIED for his coaching and if he ever used the excuse “shots just didn’t fall” every time we played like crap, he was called the dumbest coach in the history of the universe.

    Maybe it was because he was the first black coach at IU….in ANY sport…..that there is a double standard.

  • Geoff says:

    Story of 2013… Has completely taken over sports radio not only nationally, but up here in New England.

    Dear Manti,

    Thank YOU!

    Love, Lance


    Dear Manti,

    I have an experienced PR guy if you want a referral.

    Regards, Tiger

  • Laffy says:


    Yeah, Lance has to be cartwheels right now.

  • Ron says:

    About as strange of a story as the olympic/vagas/hooker

  • Laffy says:

    I’d say the fake dead girlfriend is faaaaaaar stranger as MANY women are “secret hookers.”

    Now, the player is saying that HE is a “victim” in all of this:


  • Geoff says:

    Yeah his statement makes no sense… At the very least he perpetuated all the lies.

    One of my good friends has a theory I think is tremendous… Manti is gay and he was using the story to cover up his relationship and explain the phone calls, etc. then the story blew up and he couldn’t get ahead of it. Facing the truth in what he percieved to be a macho football culture and possibly the shunning from his very religious Mormon inner circle and Jesuit university was much more difficult and painful than perpetuating the lies.

    I’m not starting a rumor, just throwing out a theory. The story is so bizarre and we were just trying to get a handle on how/why it got to this point. Just being a pathological liar doesn’t make sense. Sympathy stories don’t drive you up draft boards. He was already a star in his Notre Dame football bubble of a world, so doing it for pub doesn’t make sense. It’s got to be something bigger, deeper, or really painful that makes going along with this story for so long justifiable and conscionable in his own head.

    I hope people understand I’m not saying this with any judgement or malice. For his sake I hope that it’s the truth, because anything short of that explanation will destroy his credibility. I think that explanation is the only way he gets out of this with a shred of sympathy…. Plus the market is ready for the first active major team sport athlete to come out. If its anyone with any sort of star quality they will become not only super rich, but an historical figure.

  • Laffy says:

    I’ve seen that theory elsewhere and it makes perfect sense.

    Also, Winn came out with his Power Rankings and he has Louisville # 1 and I loved this quote:

    “Louisville has the nation’s best defense, but its defensive performance does not always please coach Rick Pitino. The Courier-Journal reports that at halftime of the Cardinals’ win over Seton Hall on Jan. 9, Pitino called them “13 Michael Jacksons” because they were speaking to each other too softly on D. Since then they’ve been quite stingy, shutting down the Pirates, South Florida and UConn in succession.”

    I said Crean needs to make them play in dresses since they are so soft. Yes, a little hyperbole, but the least he could do is compare them to MJ and hopefully light a fire under them like Pitino did with his guys.

    Question their manhood.

    People had no problem when Bobby did it so stop your phony outrage when I suggest Crean do it as well.

    Put Will is a skirt and tell him only girls prance around after making a three and to act like he’s done it before.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    …How Silly!…

  • Laff O Lympics says:

    Laffy and his fruitcake philosifies strike again…

  • Laffy says:

    Saw an interview today with a woman who said, “The biggest motivation in the world is someone telling you that you can’t do something.”

    So, no, telling the players they are playing like girls is not “silly.”

    I think Pitino knows just a “little” more about coaching than all you guys put together….times 100…..and he agrees with me.

  • Rufus says:

    The Hoosier Scoop version of hell.

    Locked in a room with Laffy and Harvard.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    That is silly not motivation.

    Pitino damn sure knows more about Italian Restaurant after hours than I do. Some woman must have motivated him by telling him he could not do that.

  • Rufus says:

    If Super Coach Pitino found out that Laffy agrees with him how fast would his motivation techniques change?

    Correct answer is quickly

  • Laff O Lympics says:

    Ok, I just phoned Coach Pitino. I asked him if he agrees with Laffy. After a long pause, Pitino said: What a fruitcake philosifier. So no Laffy, he don’t agree, and don’t always assume. Your not always right, like you think you are. Your always looking for a fight. Your a what? 48 year old man? Act like it.

  • Rufus says:

    Te’o just called. Thinks he found the perfect girl for Laffy’s personality.

  • Laffy says:

    It’s not motivation?

    Odd, they’ve been playing better since he did it.

    And if it wasn’t motivation, why did he say it?

    Also, one of my favorite stories about Knight was when he taped tampons to the front of the locker of every player…..and Knight is considered the greatest coach of all time by most on here.

    So, not only does Pitino agree with me, so does Bobby.

    That’s gotta hurt. Two HOF coaches agreeing with me over you “experts.”


  • Laff O Lympics says:

    And you probably smuggled a tampon out of Assembly Hall to remind you of the connection between you and Knight. Do you also sniff it Laffy?

  • Laffy says:

    Personal attacks because you lost the argument?


    And who is too much of a coward to use their regular screen name?

  • Laff O Lympics says:

    48 year old man. No job, and depends on the government. Sad. I know that hurts pitinos feelings. Handkerchief anyone?

  • Laffy says:

    Keep waving that white flag, HH, with the personal attacks while ducking my points.

    btw…..did you guys see today’s column from Seth? Two points:


    1) Buckner said there are “too many fans patting players on the back telling them how great they are.” so, again, forgive me for laughing at all the people who say, “Only REAL fans say positive things about the players and tell them how awesome they are.”

    Telling them they play like girls is actually motivation for them. Ever hear of “bulletin board” material? Maybe if more people told them they were soft, they’d be more determined to prove people wrong.

    Athletes have admitted COUNTLESS times they LOVE proving the doubters wrong….it DRIVES them more than ANYTHING.

    2) He talked about our guards not being able to create shots and just score from sets. Other coaches have figured all of our sets out. And when Crean puts new ones in, the other team figures them out at halftime and shut us down.

    So stop the whining Crean is not out-coached.

  • 4Guards says:

    I am back Laffy. How many people are after you now? That why you dont have a Facebook? I’ve saw you in New Haven playing Vollyball. You want a war? You have a war Laffy. Nobody wants you here. Take a hint. I WILL remove you.

  • Laffy says:


    Go kill yourself, loser.

  • Ron says:

    Laffy. Buckner seems to be referring to “circle of friends” around the player. Not the fans as much.

    I agree that players need the motivation but your comments usually come across as insulting, demeaning, hurtfull and all those words. Management 101 entails motivation through constructive criticism. There has to be something these kids are doing that is positive. But you would not know it reading your comments.

    I don’t believe the type of motivation you are preaching would stimulate any kid today. If a coach were to utilize that technique on a daily basis you would have an unemployed coach pretty quick.

    I do not have the experience or background to grade Coach Crean. He’s had a couple of bad games for sure and maybe by March this team will be stronger because of that. I also do not think any coach can cover all bases and that is where the assistant coaches come in.

    Nearly 50% of Division 1 players transfer, per the same article. Thats kind of amazing.

    As said before, what you say makes sense, you just cover your comments with so much junk it’s hard to dig them out.

  • Laffy says:

    Pitino calling players “Michael Jackson” is more cruel than calling them girls.

    Same with taping tampons on their locker room doors.

    Another favorite Knight story of mine is when he came out of a bathroom stall and showed them his soiled toilet paper and said, “This is how you guys are playing.”

    Instead, Crean does nothing but talk about “how hard” they are playing and his excuse for EVERYTHING is “shots just didn’t fall.”


    I’m not saying Crean needs to berate them 24/7 like Bob did. Pitino didn’t say his MJ thing with “hate”….sounded like it was kinda funny….but they got the message.

    How do Ryan and Stevens get their players to be TOUGH? Crean should take a class on it.

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