Indiana sets Spring Game for April 13

Indiana has set the date of the Cream and Crimson Game for April 13 and also set the dates for its 15 spring practices. Whether any of those practices will be open to the public is not noted (and probably isn’t likely). Regardless, the spring session will begin on Saturday, March 2.

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  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    ESPN has ranked the 2013 IU FB recruiting class at #39. It is not hard to guess who the top 12 are. PSU-24, Wisky-32, MSU-34 and Illinois-40. PUke not listed in the top 50. I cannot recall IU ever being ranked better than around 70.

  • Chet says:

    One more step in the right direction.

    Did ND end up redshirting Gunner? I know his name wasn’t even on the depth chart when I looked.

  • Debbie says:

    Gunner told a Chicago Tribune reporter he is very happy with decision to go to ND. So to translate: I’ll be transferring soon after I get my ring.

  • Ben says:

    Optimistic about Indiana Football this year, though trying not to get all amped up, because I have been let down many times before. Thus far, Wilson hasn’t let me down. Looking at this class, our defense has no where to go but up. I think we have the right coaches as well.

  • Ben says:

    I take that back. Doug Mallory might have to be dumped, but hopefully he can redeem himself this year.

  • Chet says:

    I’m betting if Gunner contacted CKW about giving IU another look see he’d be greeted with a ,”Thanks but no thanks.”

    I’d guess Coach wouldn’t give ‘ol Gunner the time of day.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Makes no sense to dump DM after 2 years working with lesser rated talent recruited before he arrived and good talent not appearing until the 2013 season. It’ll be 2 more years before the jury can even vote. Recruiting is the medicine needed not new coaching.

  • Ben says:

    Agreed, but his defense was a mess at New Mexico, and had plenty of years to fix it.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    He had exactly 2 years in NM Ben. Or 1 recruiting class. That is not “plenty of years to fix it”. No one, I repeat no one could succeed at NM when lead by HC Mike Locksley who created an environment on and off the field begging to fail. We are damn lucky to have DM at IU. In fact IU has the highest caliber group of defensive coaches on staff ever. If in fact after 2 more seasons the IU D is not MUCH tougher, I’ll join you in blaming DM, ME, Hagen, Fabris and Shelby.

  • Podunker says:

    Mallory may not be to blame, but he may also not be the solution. I’m not seeing the improvement in his players. He should not be expected to have a great defense after two years, but he should be able to show significant improvement, and I’ve yet to see it. Coaching matters a lot!

  • Hoosier Clarion says:


    You get what you pay for. Low rated talent = marginal improvement = slow progress. Because of the talent on hand I am actually pleased with the amount of improvement. And even happier with the energy and effort put out. Recruiting matters a lot.

  • Ben says:

    I agree with PO, but with good talent coming in, maybe he will make a liar of me. Sometimes I feel as if we hold on to Mallory, because wont don’t to piss them off again. I like the other coaches, especially Fabris I love having some Georgia Bulldog/SEC influence on the team.

  • Ben says:

    You kidding HC? You want to fire Mike Eckler? His motivation, and charisma is exactly what we need. He did wonderful things at Nebraska. As your fond of saying, once he grabs ahold of better talent, he will exceed in his job.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Ben, don’t think that HC anywhere mentions firing Eckelar or Mallory. HC’s suggestion that we watch as the defense is rebuilt from a below 0 level and a nearly empty warehouse, while given some experience and schooling is reasonable. Yes, this year we should expect to see some improvement and, at the very least, not have a defense that automatically cancels out the offense. The Hoosiers and KW deserve that.

    As HC also points out Mallory spent two years in a very unstable situation at New Mexico; but he also had several excellent years as a position coach at LSU, as the following reference describes through 2007. “In three years, Mallory’s impact on the LSU secondary has been significant and impressive as he’s guided the Tigers to a No. 3 national rating in pass efficiency defense… for three-straight years…As a unit, the Tiger’ 2007 defense limited opposing offenses to only 182.7 yards passing per game and the Tigers intercepted 23 passes…”

    Not sure what happened there after his promotion to defensive coordinator at LSU; and it seems New Mexico was just the wrong place. It is important Ben (I think) that here at IU we not get nervous too quickly. More often than not, the successful programs are those that allow time to establish success. We’ll all be looking carefully (and anxiously) at the product on the field in 2013.

    Glad you’ve joined us and are sharing your thoughts. We’re all hoping Indiana becomes known for its football on the same terms as other nationally respected programs.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:


    …and Mallory will “exceed” also…and for the same reason as Ekler…Recruiting…which is exactly what kicked this discussion into gear, post #1…

  • JonnyHoosier says:

    Signing day can’t come fast enough!

  • Chet says:

    Our local high school, the one my kids attended, will have a player on each team in the BCS Championship, Jeff Pagan for Alabama and Ben Councell for ND (Ben’s older brother took my daughter to the prom). Jeff transferred to Asheville High School after his sophomore year. Ben’s a linebacker and, I believe, Jeff is a defensive end. They will both see the field a lot in the big game.

    There was a cute story written by the QB of their JV team, Caleb Pressley, who is now a backup QB for the Tar Heels. When they all played JV, Pagan was a 6’5″, 240lb wideout and Ben a similar sized tight end. A couple years later Jeff intercepted one of Caleb’s passes and ran it back 85 yards to seal the win for Asheville. After the game Caleb approached him and said, “In all the years we’ve played together I think that was the first time you actually caught a pass that I threw.”

    It was their only stumbling block in a year that ended in a 4A title. In the championship game Ben blocked the potential winning field goal on the last play of the game.

  • Podunker says:

    Seems like a lot of people feel the need to defend Mallory, or make excuses for his unit’s below-average performance. I like Mallory. I liked his Dad a lot and thought his termination was a huge mistake. But this is a bottom-line business. Yes, there has been improvement in the secondary, but it was impossible for IU’s secondary to get worse after Mallory’s first year. Just look at the rate of improvement his father’s team had after three years. That seems like a reasonable standard.

    I’m not advocating firing Mallory now, but if IU’s secondary continues to suck in 2013, Mallory will be out of excuses and should be fired. Three years is plenty of time to demonstrate that you can drive significantly improved performance, regardless of the players you inherited. Does anyone think Wilson will hesitate to replace Mallory if his portion of the defense’s performance is still well below average in 2013? IU’s defense cost the team three games this year and a trip to a bowl game. That won’t be tolerated much longer.

  • Ben says:

    Understood HC and Tsau, and point well taken. Thanks for the mature opinions. I think we can all agree we are very hungry and desperate for a quality IU Football team. It will be a wonderful site to see The Rock filled. Though I guess IU Football fans are fair weather fans. When they are good, they will come out.

    Btw, I never introduced myself. Lived 25 years in Indiana. Small town called North Webster. Near Lake Wawasee or 40 miles west of Ft Wayne or 40 miles southeast of South Bend. In Dothan, AL now.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Podunker, I agree with your overall view as reflected in every word you wrote. I think, in essence, that is what HC is saying as well. The image of opposing running backs running past linebackers, CB’s and safeties in crimson/white shirt and a helmet with an ‘I’ on it running into each other, grab and let go or passively allowing the runner 30-40 yards while arriving to the play only to get the number on the back of their shirts on the TV screen is forever burned into my retina and creates a sense of embarrassment to this day. Hopefully, it is a sense that is shared by the defensive staff and one that KW is committed to erasing from teams that carry his ‘brand’.

    That said, I couldn’t be happier nor feel better about the vision KW is translating into a culture for Hoosiers. I couldn’t feel better about KW and staff’s apparent devotion to turn every nook and cranny upside down, search under every rock for B1G, ‘real B1G potential’ players, the clear avoidance of bringing in ‘wannabes’ and to the teaching commitment, knowledge and talent to teach and develop this real potential into ‘real skill and performance’.

    I love reading KW comments in interviews. His observations about football are as true to the way they (and hopefully ‘we’) will live their lives. It is so consistent with what he (KW) appears to be as a man. I admire the talent and mind, his philosophy for sacrifice, commitment and group achievement for its simplicity and devotion to hard work.

    I also really admire KW’s commitment to thinking, innovation and creativity anchored by a hard edge. And, see it reflected in the same qualities and ‘pushing of the envelope’ by staff like Seth Litrell (look at what was accomplished with not one but three qb’s, the constant forced need to adjust offense based on talented by barely out of high school qb’s, the development of running backs). And, I couldn’t be happier than the edge and character that seems to be reflected on a ‘career’ coach like Jon Fabris.

    Because they seem to be what you and I have hoped for and prayed we would get for more than 35 years (collectively Po- you, HC, Chet and I are closing in on more than a century- yes, I calculate more than 110 years minimum) of searching and hoping we had the right ‘One’ (coach, staff)- I now humbly defer to KW and his wisdom and sense for whatever he needs and for whatever adjustments are needed and when to make them.

    You know Podunker, HoosierC, Chet, MassH… we will never be too old to meet for one last big Hoosier drunk to celebrate (hopefully together for two days on a train) enroute to Pasadena. (And, on the way back, we can kidnap KW to make the return trip with the four-of-us OOHG+ Old Hoosier Geezers…plus).

    But for now, we’re paying KW enough to let him make the hard decisions while we try to figure out where we boxed our Knickerbocker baggy kneed 3/4 pants.

  • Ben says:

    I love KW. I really think he is the right man for this job. Of coarse I would love to go to a bowl game, but if he can get us 5 wins this season, you won’t see me on these boards crying. 1, 4, 5 wins. See a trend? I would prefer 3 Big Ten wins, from our 2 last year, and sweep non conference, but I will take any win! I get a lot of gruff living in Alabama, and wearing my Hoosier Basketball/Football shirts to work, but I don’t care! No state or woman will take the Hoosier out of me. Lol

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Ben, the world is small…a bit more than 50 years ago I used to go to a North Webster (on Lake Webster) during the summer, while attempting the then ritual “passing into manhood’ (mostly failures) with the summer crowd there. Still have fond memories and laugh at myself as a character out of a Ron Howard ‘Happy Days’ episode.

    More than glad you are here (while in Alabama). The train to Pasadena departs from Chicago around 5pm each day.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Ben…I should have included some of the more recent members of Lambda Sigma Phi fraternity (Long Suffering Footbal fraternity). The least we can do when that day comes is to honor your devotion and love for tradition and take you ‘newbies’ (along on our choo-choo ride and teach you to drink and cry/laugh like ‘old geezers’ while remembering the ‘days’).

    Ohhhhh God!!!! I am sorry!!! I meant Harvard…I absolutely won’t even go without Harvard…; but Harvard, we’re only allowed to cry about the 1946-2012 futility of being a Hoosier football fan…no evoking melancholy for the love of it,… please!!!!!

    There are others, Southport, JPat; and some really good ‘Crimson colored new blood’, Ron, Punjab, Dan. Fun trip…we’ll take Dustin and Andy (and corrupt their ‘journalistic values’).

  • Podunker says:

    If IU makes to the Rose Bowl, and I’m still alive, I will be there.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    It too was impossible for IU’S LB’s to get any worse after Ekler’s 1st season. Their improvement has not advanced ahead of DM’s safeties. In a bottom lie business IU’s co-D’s have both earned the same grade after 2 seasons. Recruiting is what both need to make the turn for IU.

    Party Train Chicago to Pasadena, Rehab Train Pasadena to the Windy. Hope there will be a Doctor on board for us IU veterans and Chet and his 2 wheeler.

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