Live Discussion: Wisconsin at Indiana

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  • Chet says:

    I’ve never seen so many traveling violations go uncalled.

  • Geoff says:

    Dammit. Wisconsin is just so much tougher. That sucks to realize.

    I’d love to blame the refs, but even though we didn’t get enough calls, that has nothing to do with the outcome.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Wow…They simply have our number.

    As I said back in November…’there will be bumps in the road.’

  • Spe says:

    Think we could convince teams to play us 40 mins straight without a halftime?

  • Mass Hoosier says:

    I call that a thorough beatn. Should not have lost that game. Well coached teams with good systems make IU look weak.

  • Marc says:

    It’s easy to blame the players and the referees, but why are we blaming the coach? Where was everyone saying the Coach Crean can’t coach when we were beating Kentucky last year or when we made the Sweet 16 run? How about when we won games this year? Why were there none of these comments then? Where would IU basketball be without Tom Crean? My guess is somewhere still in the gutter and a joke in the Big 10. Teams lose. Kentucky proved that last year and they still won the title. From where I’m sitting, everyone needs to shut up, quit blaming Coach Crean, and support the Hoosiers win or lose.

  • Double Down says:

    Another night, another opposing guard having a career night. Normally Hulls can drop 10 – 15 to offset his Olé style defense.

    Jordy is a great kid and really embodies the hustle, attitude and work ethic that makes our fans love him, but it is time to face the facts: he just is a massive liability out there when his shots aren’t falling (which is starting to become a more frequent occurrence).

    Bo Ryan deserves a ton of credit. His 2nd half adjustments and big risk of double and triple teaming Zeller dared our shooters to drain from the perimeter. Instead, they stood around and watched Zeller get hammered.

    Also, when did our bench turn into a giant zero?

  • Let's be fair. says:

    Coach Crean is God. Just think how he beat those cupcakes all by himself, how he ebat Kentucky last year and went all the way to the Sweet Sixteen. Amazing coach. This loss is not his it’s entirely on the players.

    Let me say this again: Crean good, players bad.

    Crean is a great recruiter too. He recruited all these bad players.

  • Geoff says:

    I missed the ole defense… Defense was not a problem tonight. It was outstanding.

    Hulls’ primary defensive assignment was Ben Brust. He scored 9 points. He averages 11 and his career high is 25.

    Yogi was on Jackson. He scored 11.

    Once again, another Jordy defense critique not founded in reality.

  • Geoff says:

    Now if you want to critique his offense tonight, feel free.

  • jm says:

    Marc I couldn’t agree more. Just calm down everyone, you lose, it happens. You’ve got to hand it to wisc they certainly know how to play the hoosiers. I just don’t see how one could be a badger fan and watch that slow, extremely boring, style of play night in and night out. Very painful to watch

  • Geoff says:

    Never expected Will to be such a non-factor for 2 straight games…

  • Geoff says:

    Marc & JM… Ummm I’m looking at the above comments and I’m pretty sure everyone is calm… Don’t see a single comment that could be construed as freaking out

  • jm says:

    Yea I typed that without thinking. I had some buddies texting me and they were most definitely freaking out. So I posted that with some other people in mind

  • Spe says:

    You bet I’m angry with Coach Crean. But I’m not saying the roof is falling. The fact that we can be displeased with him speaks to our faith in him. We don’t do too well against well -coached and focused teams. We’ve all noticed his teams have a different style than teams of the past. We’ve moved away from a high IQ, well disciplined offense to an athletic/pro style offense. It is different and sometimes I want a little of the old with the new. I do question some second half adjustments or lack thereof, but I think Coach Crean knows what he’s doing and is qualified for his job. PS-He’s still a youngin.

  • jm says:

    Somebody needs to wake sheehey up…he seems to be a little distracted

  • Mass Hoosier says:

    Do you think Hollowell looked like he was mentally into the game tonight? Did you see him get yanked after he showed a little energy ? Was I just seeing, or hoping for things?

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    What Wisconsin 2nd half adjustments? Bo said it himself they keep probing by running the same thing on offense. That was a defensive clinic they put on. They let CZ play his game in the 1st half and shut everyone else down until they decide to slow down Zeller. IU wins the battle on the boards by a big % but get near zero transition offense because of outstanding Badger D. I feared Wisky much more than Minny. They play 1 style, disciplined, they play it every game of every season much like Knight’s teams. But they do it with a couple more athletic players.

  • Good Time says:

    I won’t jump on the poor coaching band wagon, because everyone that has read my inputs knows I have questioned coach Crean’s half time adjustments all year in big games. I will just say the outcome did not surprise me.
    Hats off to Wisconsin. They didn’t play great, but IU made it look that way.

  • Double Down says:

    Geoff, here’s what I saw:

    I’d like to see the gents at Inside the Hall put this one together with screenshots, but Jordy missed 2 help assignments off screens (Berg and Jackson) that lead to easy layups/dunks in the first half. He was slow getting out on either Kaminsky or Dekker within that bunch as well. They were momentum killers when Zeller was shredding Wisc on the other end.

    The condescension in your last post was something I’ll just ignore. 😉

  • Double Down says:

    HC, are you going to say with a straight face that Wisc was defending Zeller the same way in the first half versus the second?

    I’m not trying to indict Crean, so let’s get that out of the way. I’m just saying that Bo picked his poison in the 2nd half and had guys just crashing on Zeller the second the ball was in the air.

  • steve says:

    The fact of the matter is we are not a top ten team. I think we found that out tonight. Maybe later in the year we will be but this team has no toughness right now. I think the #1 ranking gave us all unrealist expectations.

  • Double Down says:

    Unless we see Wisc in the Big Ten tourney and get another crack at them, Hulls, Elston and Watford will leave IU never beating them. That is so crazy!

  • Punjab says:

    By and large, I was not disappointed in the way we played, minus some questionable shot selection. We were’nt terribly sloppy all night– just at crucial junctures. Both teams played great defense. Wisconsin just hit their tough shots (and their slop) and we didn’t. End of story.

    I was a little disappointed how long it took to find any counter when they started gang-banging Cody down low. The shots weren’t falling again from outside, and by the time CWat started taking it to the rim, we’re already down 10. Good to see we could finally make an adjustment and close it back to within one, but that garbage turnaround by Evans– followed by two straight IU turnovers– was crushing.

  • Geoff says:

    Mass – I thought tonight was the best I’ve seen Jeremy play. Good strong take to the hoop (although I was hoping he’d make a statement with a dunk), then a couple possessions later he turns down a 3 to go to the hoop and makes a nice dish to Cody for 2. No turnovers, adequate defense, helped on the boards, didn’t force any shots… That being said, it’s not really the game for him to get more than 8 minutes. We got what we needed from him. He showed up tonight. Unfortunately no one else on the bench did.

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