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  • Hoosier mom says:

    DD’s commentary is always impressive. I’m a NY entertainment lawyer. my firm will rep you anytime you want to move to the NYC media market. But don’t do it!!!

  • Ron says:

    DD was saying the other day that the ONLY move consideration was Billings Montana. Can’t tell you how many times he has said NY, LA, Atlanta, Miami and that island out in the Pacific held him no interest.

  • Oregoniu says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see him on ESPN or B1G sometime in the future.

  • WestCoast Hoosier says:

    Agreed. Dustin is worth his weight in gold.

    In fact, maybe we have his new moniker: Gold Dust in.

    I only propound such bad humor in reliance on my remote location and the fact that he’s unlikely to spend the time and energy to track me down!

  • Geoff says:

    Jeremy, I thought you did a hell of a job there too…

    You know what irks me a tad? When I see Adrien Payne becoming a more polished offensive player than Cody. I believe with all my heart that Zeller is more talented, but I’m confused that we use him in such limited ways. He scores 99% of his points on shots inside 8 ft or FT’s he gets from getting foul on shots within 8 ft.

    I’m not saying that Cody should be taking 5+ perimeter shots every game, but in certain match-ups he doesn’t have an advantage in the post. Nix physically dominates him inside 8 ft, yet those were the only opportunities we gave Cody in the first half. In the second half he took that elbow jumper and the drive from the top of the key, but that still wasn’t enough in my opinion. It just seems that part of the game plan should have been to try to make Nix leave the paint to guard Zeller. That would create a total mismatch and probably some quick fouls. Instead we just let those 2 bang it out all game long and Nix got the better of the match-up on both ends.

    I guess my point is that Cody has the skill to do what Payne did yesterday. Izzo puts Payne in position to do those things and the trust to allow him to be successful. Gonzaga is very creative in how they get Olynyk different looks from different spots on the floor. I’d like to see a bit more variation in Cody’s touches so defenses have to adjust in more ways. He’s too skilled to limit him they we way are now.

    Oh, and, it was awesome beating MSU.

  • Geoff says:

    As a follow up note… We are waaaay more creative in how we get Watford touches in the half court. We don’t feature Watford quite as much, but I can almost always tell when they are running something to get him the ball – that’s when Watford starts cutting hard, they set a couple good cross screens, the ball moves with intention, then Watford reads where the open space is off the screen and they get him the ball there. Sometimes it’s on the block, sometimes it’s around the FT line and sometimes it at the mid-post… And those sets are in addition to whatever touches Wat gets in transition or the flow of the half court.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    I kinda thought getting Nix in foul trouble was part of a good game plan.

  • Laffy says:

    Geoff, how can you POSSIBLY say a college kid dominated Cody in the paint when most of the “experts” on here are predicting he’s going to be an NBA All-Star his second year in the League?

    Cody proved at Butler he can “bang with the boys”…..

  • Geoff says:

    Nix didn’t pick up his 1st foul until 9:15 to go in the first half. It was on a reach in on a defensive rebound by Cody 90 ft from the basket.

    Nix picked up his 2nd foul with 16:28 to go in the second half, fouling Dipo after a steal.

    Nix picked up his 3rd foul at 13:01 mark, against Zeller, who missed the front end of a 1-&-1.

    Nix picked up his 4th foul with 7:10 to play after turning the ball over. Cody wasn’t even in the game when it happened.

    Nix played 31 minutes… That’s 5 more than his season average. Foul trouble did not effect his playing time nor his productivity.

    Further, our gameplan, and specifically the ways we used Cody on offense, created only one of the 4 fouls committed by Nix.

  • RonB says:

    There you go again Laffy, Throwing the players and team under the bus and bringing up our overtime loss to Butler again for the 100th time. We all know they lost to a good Butler team so have 16 other teams. I thought you said and I quote “I will give the team props when IU beat teams like Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, etc”. Why no Props? Why do you continue to constantly bring up Butler. Why don’t you go to their site and give comments? Butler is my 2nd favorite team after IU but if IU beat Butler I would not constantly bring it up in their face every time I could as you do. Get a new record because this one is old and tired. Instead of being so negative offer some constructive comments that might be ways to improve our team because you think they are so bad. Surely you have some ideas other than this negative Butler issue and I mean positive ideas. There must be something in you head positive because you have little trouble finding negative things. What positive steps do you think IU should take to win this year’s Nation Championship?

  • Laffy says:

    I didn’t “throw him under the bus”, Gilligan.

    In case you missed it, even Geoff criticized him.

    And so did the national media.

    The PLAYER OF THE YEAR should have more than 2 baskets….or whatever he got……again.

    And I brought up Butler because I’m being called “mindless” for saying he won’t be an NBA All-Star. It’s called “backing up my point.”

    You guys should try that instead of just speaking from emotion and then wetting yourself when people use actual facts.

    I hate to break it to ya but “running fast” is not uncommon in the NBA. And they do play basketball. It’s not a track meet. Cody can’t bang with college kids so he’ll get destroyed in the NBA.

    I did give them props. I said “good game guys” and even singled out a couple of players.

  • Laffy says:

    What “positive steps”?

    Cody has to grow some balls and demand the ball more.

    Like the CBS article said, he needs to play like Victor more.

    Unless/until he does that, we won’t sniff the Final Four.

  • Bart295 says:

    Lowest common denominator, calling someone names…typical of a Laffy comment!

    Again this is a TEAM game and I promise you there will be times this season when CZ is a dominate force. We have so many weapons and not everyone can score 20 every night. In Laffy’s world every guy should have 20 and 10 each and every ballgame or we will never make it to the final four.

    Beating Mich. St isn’t good enough, we should beat everyone and by 20 no less!!!

    Laffy logic at it’s best!!!

  • Ron says:

    1..Geoff. You need to stop with the data & facts. It reeally messes up discussions.

    2..I did not research this, but it seems as if Cody get his points when the rest of the team is having problems?
    If & when the other 6-7 guys rotating are hitting, it’s not a big deal when CZ is defending and distributing. If CZ were to stay another year with Luke Fischer coming in, I wonder how Cody’s game would change. When it comes down to it I’m sure glad Cody picked IU.

    3..Laffy. Cody will never “play like Vic”. Vic has turned into something special. Will we ever again have such a diverse player? 99% of the current BB players in D1
    can not play like Vic. Down the road 5-10 years I believe he will be taked about in the sentence as Big O, Dr. J, maybe Jerry West? Well maybe not, but he is sure leaving a legacy in IU BB. He will be gold for some NBA team. Like to see his in the Olympics.

    I hope, if his father takes an oppurtunity to watch Vic play a game in Assembly Hall, that all steps are taken by CTC/Staff/Administration and the student section to show the love we have for Vic. I mean pull out all the stops. Would IU be allowed to pay for such a visit.

  • GooFy Dave says:

    I’m trying to figure out at what point Laffy lost his marbles.

    Anyone know?

    He USED to be a lower-profile guy with the occasional sharp observation. I remember him being generally being high the team and coach.

    Then somewhere in the recent past he went APE sh!t, ate a bad apple, and pulled a “180” in terms of attitude and optimism.

    Maybe a “mid life” issue?

    Did he go “Breaking Bad” in the Nevada desert and suddenly decide to become a blogging badass?

    Who knows.

    But is sure is


    to see him SUDDENLY pouring it on in the role of outspoken critic.

    The Hoosier Scoop’s answer to SKIP BAYLESS!

  • Laffy says:

    In case you missed it, Bart, I was responding to the personal insult from Chet.

    You also might want to get your lips off Zeller’s butt because Izzo also agreed with me….as well as the CBS writer……among others.

    Is Izzo an idiot that knows nothing about basketball?


    And, Goofy, I “lost optimism” when I actually watched them play.

    Cody is soft and Jordy is easy to shut down. And Watford is still usually lazy. And we suck at free throws…..kinda important in close tournament games.

    And in case you missed it, I’ve said we still have a shot to win it all…….so that’s sounds like optimism to me.

  • coachv says:

    i’m with geoff. cody establishing his outside shot would do much to help him and the team. pulling the opposing team’s big man away from the basket is always a good thing. shot fake drives, drawing fouls, offensive rebounding. that sort of thing. crean really blew it by not making that a priority early in the season. may be too late now as cody clearly lacks confidence in his jumper. that’s a shame because he clearly looks capable.

    on another note, yogi’s jumper is finally coming around and i expect him to continue to be a double-digit scorer the rest of the way. i think his continued improvement through the season could be the deciding factor in a national championship run.

  • Laffy says:

    Hard to be humble when I’m right all the time.

    I said very early that Cody needed to practice his outside shot against the Cupcakes or it was going to bite us later.

    And I agree that Crean screwed the pooch by not making him do it…..especially after his bragging how he practiced it all summer long for the very reasons we’ve stated.

  • First off, thanks you guys. Much appreciated.
    Geoff, this is a little bit devils’ advocate-y, and I will remind the group before saying this that I’m fully aware that there are a number of posters on here that would be a better coach than I would be and that I could not competently coach pee-wee league.
    But in regards to the Payne-Zeller comparison, doesn’t it have a lot to do with position? Not that positions mean what they used to mean, but Payne is the power forward on that team and Nix is the center, so in terms of what MSU does with him, isn’t the better comparison Watford, and therefore also, doesn’t yesterday’s game prove that MSU isn’t doing nearly enough to take advantage of Payne’s perimeter skills?
    For all the talk about Zeller adding to his perimeter game — and that drive at the end of Sunday’s game is very much what we are talking about — the expectations probably should’ve been tempered (by the media but also by Crean) about exactly how much time he was going to spend on the perimeter. It’s apparent by how this team operates that Crean never planned on running 5-out offense and a big part of the team’s spacing is having Zeller inside to have a post presence that opens up the perimeter. There probably are chances to get him shots from 10-15 feet out, but when is a mid-range jump shot by your center (even if that center is a good jump shooter) the best shot available?

  • Geoff says:


    Sorta… Payne is a PF by NBA standards that would play C on most college teams. He is also listed as a center on the roster and started at C last year next to Green. He just happens to have a much less mobile and stronger post player in Nix next to him. If Cody played on MSU he would be the “PF” and Nix would spend more time in the post.

    I’m also, and I believe I stated this, not advocating that Cody spend an inordinate amount of time outside the paint. I just think that certain match-ups dictate certain ways of attacking. Against Minnesota I think Cody should spend 95% of the time in the post and they should play through him to the extent it doesn’t mess up the flow. Against MSU I think he needs to diversify the way he attacks… Let me re-state that… I think Crean should diversify the way he uses Cody to take advantage of his quickness and perimeter skill. Outside 10 ft on the catch – advantage Cody. Inside 10 ft on the catch – advantage Nix.

    As far as what MSU is doing with Payne, my guess is you’ll continue to see growth in his game. He has proven he can knock down shots, so he’ll probably earn more freedom. He has never been a featured offensive player, but much like Dipo is doing, Payne may force his way into being featured. Unlike Dipo he’s had to play second fiddle to a star at the same position as him for the last couple years. Considering he’s averaging 14 ppg and is 6-7 on 3’s his last 5 games I’d say Izzo is learning his value.

  • Laffy says:

    Dustin, that’s the second time I’ve seen you say, “When we/they talked about Cody’s perimeter game over the summer, that (driving from outside the 3 point line) is what we were talking about.

    I beg to differ.

    I don’t recall ANY talk about “driving from way outside”… was always SHOOTING from outside. Not just 3’s, but 10 t0 15 feet out.

    I’ve seen Cody do “the drive” twice now. It worked because teams weren’t ready for it.

    Now that they have film of it, and know he wants to do it more, I think teams are going to be better prepared for it.

    He doesn’t need to be an “outside shooter.” He should take 1 or 2 shots to keep the defense honest and open things up.

    You know…..for the exact reasons he gave for spending so much time on it.

  • It wasn’t ALWAYS shooting. (By the way, and this isn’t just you but you’re obviously a fan of this rhetorical method. Why does everybody think putting a word in all capital letters adds to the validity of the statement?) It was perimeter skill in general. Shooting was a part of that. There was definitely talk about his handle. I know cuz I was there. Maybe I didn’t make this clear enough, but it was definitely part of the discussion. I definitely mentioned the idea of him actually taking ball screens and driving off of them as opposed to setting them and rolling. (But yes, Crean did say Zeller would shoot 3’s and he by and large hasn’t.)
    In terms of opening the defense up, this is something I don’t know for certain because I haven’t done any sort of film breakdown with it. But in terms of floor spacing and “opening the defense up,” has there been a preponderance of situations in which Zeller has come out beyond the foul line or the 3-point arc and his defender has not followed him because his defender did not respect his range? And has that on some level led to offensive failures? I honestly don’t know this, and am asking for the insight of others.

  • In addition, I will admit that — especially considering the lack of access — the media is ill-equipped to give true perspective to how much time a player is spending on anything. We don’t see it, so we’re providing the best explanations we can based on what coaches and players tell us, but we can almost never truly put in perspective how much time effort and what not a player is putting into one specific aspect of his game compared to other aspects, and also on what level that might be detracting from something else. I think sometimes people hear that someone is spending more time on their perimeter game, they immediately start believing that they stopped doing the Mikan drill. I say that just to point out that just because someone says that they spent more time on perimeter skills one year than the previous year, that doesn’t mean they abandoned or even significantly diminished post work. (As part of the same argument, just because a team misses free throws, that doesn’t mean the team doesn’t shoot free throws in practice. Sometimes that’s the case (See Memphis, 2008) but it usually doesn’t.)

  • Laffy says:

    I’m going by quotes from Cody and Elston in 3 different articles before the season started.

    I don’t remember a word about “driving”, it was all “shooting.”

    And Cody clearly worked on it a ton considering he beat everyone else in the 3 point contest…….and we’ve got some pretty good shooters.

  • We don’t print every single quote we get, Laffy. If we did, all we would do is print transcripts. We’d like there to be a little more to it than that.
    And obviously, he worked on the driving too. I mean, you’ve actually seen him do it, so I think we’d agree that driving is also a part of the diversification of his game as well regardless of whether or not he shoots 3’s, yes?

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