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Indiana found itself the victim of a court-storming for the second time this season as a result of Minnesota’s board storming, Dustin wrote.

IU’s Blake Ress and James Wells renew their 100 backstroke rivalry when the Hoosiers host the Men’s Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships, starting today, Mike wrote.

Minnesota players were engulfed by the court-storming crowd, not that they minded, Amelia Rayno of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote.

Loss at Minnesota means a No. 1 seed is no certainty for IU, Jeff Borzello of CBSsports.com writes.

Tuesday’s loss may be a blip of softness on the radar or it may be a sign of what’s to come for the Hoosiers, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

IU is the 16th team to lose three times as No. 1 in a season, none of the previous 15 won a national title, ESPN.com reports.

Indiana, Louisville and Kentucky will be represented in April’s Derby Festival Classic high school all-star game, Steve Jones of the Louisville Courier-Journal blogs.

For all the rebounds that got away from IU Tuesday night, here’s Boards of Canada with “Dayvan Cowboy.”

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  • Bobskijo says:

    No NBA for Zeller. He got his butt royally kicked! And “all Watford can do is hit threes”! I hope next years team is a bit more physical. They do not deserve to be in the top ten. They only play to the level of competition.

  • Geoff says:

    Bobskitroll… Maybe you’re right… But this year everyone else is worse than the Hoosiers when you look at the total picture.

    So, by default, IU is #1…

  • Lonnie says:

    Your reaching Geoff, and your wrong.

  • Geoff says:

    Clearly Lonnie…

    Which is why IU is:

    #1 in the coaches poll

    #1 in the AP poll

    1st place, by themselves, in the B1G (after last night)

    #8 in RPI (after last night)

    #1 in BPI (after last night)

    #1 overall seed in Bracketology (after last night)

    There are obviously 10 teams better than them. By everyone’s standards.

  • Lonnie says:

    Come on Geoff…

    Zeller was schooled by Mbakwe.
    Watford disappears when the going gets tough.
    Yogi clearly didn’t know what he was doing.
    Jurkin is taking up space.
    HP is a fat failure who is suited for a smaller school.
    Verdict is still out on Austin.
    Can you say total collapse for Remy?
    Creek is a shell of himself, and will do the right thing by leaving next year, along with HP and Jurkin.

    Geoff, if your eyes saw a #1 team last night, your eye doctor is a quack. Teams will play tougher in the tournament. I can’t dispute the facts. They are what they are. If your still convinced we are #1, your reaching, and your wrong.

  • Double Down says:

    Oh MY GOD! IU lost by 4 pts on the road in the Big Ten! Not only do they suck and aren’t #1, they should ALL QUIT PLAYING BASKETBALL AND GO BACK TO THE 3RD GRADE!

    Seriously, the sky is falling nature of some people makes them say silly things.

    IU didn’t play well last night. They played incredibly the last 2 games. They have 3 more left. We’ll see what they’re made of.

  • Geoff says:

    Lonnie – I pretty sure you’re just a troll who goes by 15 different names on here, but I’ll take your bait because you actually make some valid points. Despite those points, your conclusion is completely wrong. In a vacuum, or in other years, maybe you’re right, but not this season.

    Yes, Cody was schooled last night. But one night doesn’t make a season, nor does it preordained the rest of his career. He’s done his share of schooling, including the last game against #4 MSU. (Conversely, Imbakwe has played far below expectations this year, so I’m not sure why you’re looking so much into one performance)

    Actually Watford has played very well in big games. Last night was his first B1G game this year not scoring in double-figures, and although he played poorly, he still hit 2 clutch 3’s to give them a shot in the last 2 minutes. Against the 6 best teams IU has played this year he’s averaging 12.5 & 6, while shooting 52% from 3, with 4 of those 7 games being away from AH. (Plus there’s the UK and VCU games from last year) So it’s kinda hard to say he disappears in big games or when the going gets tough.

    Yogi had a tough game. But he’s had a good season for a Freshman, is shooting better from the perimeter (41% from 3 in his last 10 games), knocks down his FT’s (79% on season), and has about a 2:1 assist to TO ratio in B1G play (better than that overall).

    What do Creek, Jurkin, HP, or Austin have to do with anything? They don’t contribute and we are 24-4 and ranked #1. I guess you just needed something to take up space.

    Abell, is a capable back up pg. what do you want out of him? He’s the 4th best guard on the team… Is the fact that he isn’t a dominant force that big a deal? Who is a great team this year in your eyes? How good is their 4th best guard?

    Clearly IU didn’t look like the #1 team last night. But if you watched the MSU game the week before and didn’t see the #1 team in the country you need your brain checked.

    I am definitely convinced we are the best team in the country THIS year. If for no other fact than no other team is all that great. Call it #1 by default if you want, but they are still the best team in the country. IU has lost 4 games by a total of 13 points. 3 of them away from home. 2 of them in tough environments. 2 of them on last second shots…

    Who is better? Or if you are the same person as Bobskijo, name 10 teams that are better…

    My guess is you will not. Because you can’t. No one else has a resumé more impressive.

    But hey I’m in the mood for a debate today, even one with a troll. So hit me with another mixture of decent (yet myopic) and completely irrelevant points.

  • hgdownunder says:

    This is exactly what Minnesota did to us last year when they were “reeling” when they came to Assembly Hall.

  • RonB says:

    I try not to take sides but the “Joe guy”you know the one who does brackets for ESPN says,
    that with Florida’s lose who was also a 1 seed in his brackets Michigan will move to a 1 and because IU is so much better than the others he still has them as the overall #1. He did say they need to finish the rest of the regular season well but the lost at Minn. really does not hurt them. Because the rest of the conferences are held so much lower than the big ten Michigan will move up. Really Gonz could be number 1 in the rankings next week and no other conference but the big 10 could move into Floridas lost#1 says a lot as to how the rest of the country views IU and the Big Ten. So as fans we are upset but they beat Michigan St and Ohio state on the road! It does make the end of regular season game with Michigan mean more because if they lose they would be in a tie for 1st place but they other top teams could lose again also.I guess my point is while we all feel bad about this lose as IU fans the rest of the country not so much.

  • Geoff says:

    To be honest, I don’t feel all that bad bout this loss. We’re 28 games into the season… I feel pretty confident about what this team is. I feel equally confident that there isn’t a better team out there that we would be at a disadvantage to in any game.

    Now if we lose 2 of the next 3, now we have a troubling trend… And maybe the rest of the league has figured us out, or we are losing confidence, not trusting each other/system/coaches, etc…

    But basically, as of now, we just had a minor blip on the radar.

  • Stick to God's Plan! says:

    That’s what Crean was yelling at them during the game.

  • Geoff says:

    What’s that? Your name, or something else that isn’t funny and doesn’t make much sense?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    Sounds like a bunch of “stones” to me. RPI? Sure that ain’t the ‘Resting P____(rhymes with Venus) Index?’

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I have a feeling Geoff already purchased ‘Hoosier Rising.’

    Here’s an idea…Instead of getting off on polls, numbers, rankings, indexes, bald dudes with hideous toupees that play with pretend brackets, and any other braggadocios flaunting of supposed prowess based on the probability of performance come the day when all our measuring and watching…maybe we should just carry ourselves with a bit of quite and humble pride…maybe wait to boast and use the historical simpler ruler that has always been used to put the Dukes and the UCLAs of the world on their everlasting pedestal at the top. Is it now more about potential and estimates of what a man or team is capable or is it about banners?

    All I ever heard from the Establishment is how we had lost our “elite” status because we hadn’t witnessed a banner “rising” in Assembly Hall for 25 years…Now were “elite” again because of ‘Bracketology’ and a panel of experts that determines measures of greatness before ultimate results, performance, and ability to cross finish lines first?

    Maybe we should withhold all the chest-thumping and bragging our big numbers until we’ve done some proving to one date at the ‘Big Dance’…?

    What if we don’t make it to the Sweet 16? What if some nasty little nobody puts a spanking on us in an early round game…? Is Geoff going to fall back on all his rankings and polls and serve us all jello in the same old bowls? It’s only trophies and banners they measure a coach and a program..And in terms of such measurements the Establishment world that showers Kentucky/Calipari when they bring home another piece of rectangular fabric hung from rafters the ultimate prize proving such ultimate truth, until Bllomington sees a “Banner Rising,” we should understand that over the past 26 years the IU basketball program is about as “elite” as Hoosier pigskin and a Lunardi hairpiece.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Now [we’re] “elite” again because..

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    For many years I thought “Bracketology” was a term referring to how the wealthiest 1% of the Establishment world avoid the tax bracket of of 22 year old kid coming home from Afghanistan soon to work for $10.00/hr at UPS.

    I really do need to watch more Establishment-SPN..

  • Geoff says:

    Good stuff Harvard. None of it makes any sense, but hey, you took up some more space didn’t you.

    Was I bragging or was I defending? I think there’s a bit of difference. If not, I’ll make sure to point out all the times you brag in the future.

  • Podunker says:

    Geoff; remember, it’s the volume of posts that matters most to HforH.

    Lonnie, Mbakwe is certainly old enough to be Zeller’s teacher. I think the guy is 25 years old. A sixth year senior! (What a joke. No one should be allowed six years of eligibility). I would hope he’d have at least one advantage over Zeller given at the significant age difference. But let’s see where each of these two men are two years from now. Remember, the draft is based on potential. So, in two years, when Zeller is the starting forward for an NBA team, Mbakwe will either be out of basketball or playing in the D league.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I’m attempting to build the gravitational forces needed for a cyberspace black hole…Goal of such volumes of nothingness is to eventually come out the other side as a whole Podunker; a man as precise and concise a perfect creation remaining unmatched to even the work of a hand from the master of the heavens that did it all in 7 days. Oops..I just flushed. Never mind.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    I thought it all made pretty good sense.

    When Davis was coach, the measure of our greatness was his failure to bring home the final winning banner.

    Crean as coach? It’s all about recruiting, metaphors of anything “risings from the ashes” resurrections, building a stage for future NBA stars, and mid-season proclamations all is right in the Hoosier world without any the same measures of success(deep runs in the tournament, banners, championships)used to ridicule and paint Davis as a failure…or deem coach Knight as a man that lost his mojo in his last decade.

    Where were the “Hoosier Rising” videos when Davis beat a #1 ranked Duke team and guided our Hoosiers to a Final Four?

    I’m happy for our success. I’m elated the Hoosiers are in discussions and taking up air time again on ESPN. But does it mean the task is complete? What a silly trap they must believe silly Hoosier fans when smelling the smallest piece of cheese.

    A couple Final Fours…maybe a banner or two…? We’re anointing this team and inflating heads based on what sportswriters think…? It’s not healthy. I tend to like the idea of turning all the outside noise off. You seemed to be quite consumed with turning up the hype volume. Those five rectangular pieces of historic fabric hanging in Assembly Hall were the products of effort and teamwork long before the days of merely experts and hype as valued measures of “rising” achievement.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    I’ve stated in another post I thought Indiana was passive and played poorly, very poorly Tuesday night. I believe that and was disappointed. Not sure I know why, since it made sense to expect it.

    I believe a game like that was coming and to be expected. And Minnesota, more than any other team, matched up perfectly and had the perfect motivation. Ours was the only game that could salvage their season at any level. And, don’t forget this was the Minnesota many thought would prove a huge challenge to beat, on our own court, at the beginning of the season.

    Indiana went through a very, very tough part of its schedule: Iowa, Minn (2), Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue(2- an easier team but still our mortal rival Purdue), OSU, MSU(2)- very intense- and, we came away with just two losses.

    That intensity, pressure and focus are very hard to sustain for longer periods of time. Especially so when at the conclusion of this one particularly intense period’s rythm of 3-4 days between challenging games involving several top-20 teams, all of a sudden there we are challenged by a 7 day intermission/respite that creates a ‘false relax’. Even the scheduling and win of what was then our biggest threat, Michigan State contributes to the ‘trap’. Anyone who has spent time in competitive sports knows that regaining the intensity, rythm and focus is probably the most difficult aspect to challenge, good teams in particular, even more so than the physical recovery.

    This is why football coaches hate the break between the end of the regular season and the bowls. And this is why RMK made sure the players played against HIM every single day of the season (making the schedule almost irrelevant and certainly less of a mental challenge). Crean probably doesn’t (nor should he). For his own reasons I seriously doubt that he put the season in terms of Crean vs. the players as RMK was willing and able to do. Not suggesting either was better.

    Simply that Indiana was different after their ‘break’. Now it’s time for the ‘incoming’ again. And, they know they’ll have to put on their helmets.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Rick Bozich’s blog story for WDRB is really, really good. All center of gravity.

  • Big Hoosier/Ben/BHB/Big Ben says:

    Good stuff Geoff.

    Lonnie, your a loon. Myself and, Tsao, and Harvard had a tussle over PJ and HP, but think we didn’t get bent out of shape about it. It will say this. If Cody stays, will make things very interesting on who gets the pink slip. I hate it has to work that way. I don’t like the over sign rule.

  • TJ says:

    Cody got introduced to NBA-type center play last night and failed miserably. he IS too timid and unless he grows a backbone the rest of the “good” teams in the country will treat him as Steve Urkel and bully him all over the court. He needs to get PO’ed and stand up ..not crawl back into a fetal position is what he did last night ..even with a bench player Eliason. Crean might as well left Watford’s name off the lineup

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    The “Hoosier ship has sailed” and Watford, Coy, Yogi,…and Remy ain’t on it.

    Let’s play Three Questions:

    Does Bobby Knight tweet on the twitter?

    If Jesus had a twitter account, would he have more “followers” than Justin Bieber…?

    Is Tom Crean a #1 seed in Joyce Meyer’s Bibletology?

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