Indiana remains No. 1 in AP poll, falls to No. 2 in USA Today Coaches’ poll

Still waiting to see the official poll, but Indiana has maintained the No. 1 ranking in the AP poll despite Thursday’s loss at Illinois. Duke, Miami, Michigan and Gonzaga round out the top five. More to come.

UPDATE: The entire AP poll is linked here. Voters were very split on who they believed deserved the No. 1 spot. Indiana got 26 first-place votes. Duke had 20, Miami had 17 and Gonzaga 2.

Michigan State jumped to No. 8 in the poll and Ohio State fell to No. 13. Minnesota fell out of the poll, but Wisconsin checked in at No. 20 to maintain five Top 25 teams for the Big Ten.

UPDATE: Indiana is No. 2 behind Duke in the USA Today Coaches’ poll. The Blue Devils got 18 first-place votes to the Hoosiers’ six. Gonzaga is No. 3 followed by Miami and Michigan. Michigan State is No. 8, Ohio State No. 13 and Wisconsin No. 19.

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  • Ron says:

    The Georgetown win is looking better & better as they improve. Guess I need to let my concerns about the pre-conference cupcakes schedule die a natural death. CTC apparently knows what he is doing.

  • Ron says:

    Can this day get any better? IU holds on to #1 and I get a message from Mr. David Sek-chi Kwok of the Shanghi Commercial Bank. I can get in on a $36 million deal and get 40% of it. If I hurry.

  • Chet says:

    Ron, I know about some opportunities in Nigeria where you can triple that money.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Hoosier fans on these very blogs acted like Rome was burning to the ground as a result of the Sampson 3-way calling scandal forever marring the sanctity of our basketball program.

    Catapult forward: The Hoosiers are back on top of the college basketball world. Cody Zeller played up to all his preseason hype as we win on the road against an OSU team that has not had back to back losses for eons.

    How do Hoosier fans on Scoop react to such a stunning rise back to fame for Indiana basketball…?

    So hungry is the love for the return to the pride in our storied program they partake in talking Minnesota hockey.

    And we bitch about Laffy? At least the guy stays with hoops. At least his passion(though often spurted at a level nearly unbearable) is rooted in Indiana and goes against the Establishment and those that spend their time here to fluff off our return by way of giving us the middle finger in talking hockey.

    I could see talking hockey during the summer or in the middle of football season. But some really need to get a life when our return to basketball dominance gets under their skin to the extent that they find a need to visit a Hoosier newspaper blog dedicated to covering a team fit for Hollywood screenplays. They come here to talk of hockey when what is going on before their very eyes, a basketball program that burned to the ground and returned to #1 because of the unparalleled heart and dedication of those that cared so deeply our traditions survive, is a marvel in hoops nearly unparalleled.

    IU’s resurgence to #1 from a total state of decimation epitomizes the spirit and love for team, name, and country. We are the this centuries version of “Miracle on Ice.” Going into OSU and sticking it to Motta(a thief and trader with Butler roots that was ripping some of the top recruits from Indiana during our burning to the ground) to secure a sustained #1 ranking, was nothing other than hope over evil..The Indiana stars and stripes worn in candy stripes finally stuck it to Matta’s communist party.

    Some people will just never get it….or they are so thick in Establishment envy they want to instantly forget it.

  • mad thatta says:

    Looks like the coaches (i.e., Crean’s colleagues — you know, the experts, not ignorantem like me and Chet) have spoken.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    oopa…this [century’s] version

  • Chet says:

    I don’t see how a passing comparison of the passion for hockey in Minnesota with Hoosiers’ love of basketball takes anything away from… well… anything. I thought it was interesting, but we all know I’m easily distracted.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    And I’m sure you’re fully aware the same role is played by the blogger using the name ‘mad thatta.’ It has nothing to do with you. You are merely the target used in a larger mission. The mission is to trivialize the unbelievable heart of Indiana Basketball. No matter the corruptness of an NCAA that brought their gasoline to Indiana to make bonfires under kids labeled ‘thugs’ and fuel the flames made of phone records connected calls to barely mediocre recruits, in a communist scheme to cover the true ugly deeds that far exceed any crimes committed in our house. No matter the press forever dominated by small envious Gottliebs of East and West..No matter the enticements to recruits during the Establishment party to bring us to the ground in motives and hopes they can put Indiana permanently in the rear view mirror with a cold gravestone our basketball program engraved with “zero tolerance” her final day of sunshine….Oh, how they wished Dickie V could talk of worms eating at our corpse the day we we lost the Buckeye named Knight.

    It’s all a diversion, Chet. So don’t take the petty attacks personally. The night upon our program came. The Knight died. And though they filled the whole with all the dirt they could find, they could not kill the spirit of Hoosier basketball. They killed our storied single class high school tournament. They burned down our state university’s basketball program built from the passion embodied in team and brotherhood forever bigger than one star. In all their twisted envy they never saw the true flame never extinguished. The flames of our collective passion and truth swallowed their cheap gasoline and spit it out like a tiny backfire representative the sad nuisance their petty existence.

    The sun rises again on Indiana. The spirit undaunted.

  • Podunker says:

    I found it surprising that yesterday’s victory at OSU was the first time that IU BB has defeated a top 10 team on the road in 20 years! On top of that, as HforH mentioned, it was the first time OSU had lost two games in a row for a long, long time. I think it was a bigger win than many of us realized. Regardless, it showed that this team has matured and are beginning to develop that mental toughness necessary to win Big Ten Championships and go deep into the Big Dance.

  • Ron says:

    Harvard? Lot of talk about fire. And gasoline.
    Should we worry?

    And the “cheap gasoline” mentioned. You gonna share where that station is?

  • Ho Phan Tom from Viet Nam says:

    Harvard- There you go again, forever looking for a villain.

    Most people on this blog are well-rounded sports fans who enjoy occasionally delving into other topics, even on such momentous occasions as an IU win last night. Hell, even you, who I would hardly call a multi-dimensional sports fan, have taken pleasure in talking a little Jay Cutler, Lovie Smith and Ryne Sandberg from time to time.

    In contrast, there are few people on here, except maybe Tsao, who enjoy beating a dead horse more than you do. Maybe Tsao, but even his highness likes football.

    So Laffy is now suddenly showing redeeming qualities to you because someone dared to dedicate a few trivial lines to college hockey? Wow. You are a flip-floppin’ mad man, my friend. Always creating new enemies, always befriending old enemies, always inventing new reasons to feel slighted… pathetic.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Sorta interesting side note …

    Not sure if anyone noticed that in both games being talked about as our “signature wins” of the last two years(IU defeating #1 UK and the magnificent performance on the road against OSU yesterday; a win that convinced the national media to not strip our #1 ranking), Christian Watford scored 20 points in each contest. No game-winning triple at OSU, but he sure hit some monster shots(3 of 4)from deep to kill their hopes any comeback.

    If you’re into spiritual significance of numbers, the number 20 has many including resurrection. And if you add the zero(twice the multiple of ten, another number with quite the spiritual significance) to Watford’s jersey number…? And, of course, there is his first name.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Well, when it comes to envy of Indiana success on the basketball court, there is no greater “villain” in that kingdom than Husky Tom. I knew it was you.

    Maybe we should spend the rest of the day on how many former Washington Husky b-ball stars in your Hoosier-loving eyes are currently tearing it up in the NBA.

    Yes, there are certainly small people out there. Pretending to love this Hoosier resurrection that burns in the pit their stomach. Pretending to love it so much that they talk of Minny pucks, hatred of ducks, and anything earth shattering the Husky’s of the irrelevant Northwest that never measure up to even lowly ‘Boilers’ in basketball.

    It’s great you come to Indiana for doctorate degrees in a quest the never-ending learning process to fill the mighty noggin your mighty drink for knowledge. Yippee. But can you just please allow some Hoosiers some simple pleasure without the disease your envy spew? It’s one thing to come to Indiana to study at our fine institution, but if you can’t get totally on board the love for the game that has put our state and school on the sporting world map, then maybe you should just suck it up rather than live in the diversions your envy.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Or, you can move to Mississippi like Kellenberger…

    Or, go find the Sun that truly shines in Baltimore.

    Or, hop from Michigan to Bloomington..Style your hair so it points to heavens you think our hearts must reach…hop to Milwaukee and then jump a flight to LA…there must be passion in Kobe’s backyard, to yourself, you say. But the searching and searching and searching for the passion you’ll never find never ends. It hurts to come to Bloomington. What else can you do but divert from the empty devotions? It hurts to be surrounded by mirrors that force a look inside the Establishment heart that can’t pretend it all away. that can’t pretend in a thousand years what seems so effortless a simple love in the soul of JPat.

    Go about your hockey talk on this glorious Hoosier hoops day. It serves as comic to how far from truth an envious heart will stray.

  • Bart295 says:

    Duke won by a point over the last place team (BC) in a not so go conference. IU won over the #10 team (OSU) on the road in the best conference in the country. Go fiqure…the blue devil love fest is in full swing!!!

  • Podunker says:

    HforH, 6 of the first 14 posts on this string! Is that a tribute to your buddy, now banned from this site?

  • Larry says:

    Bart, well IU lost to unranked IL also.

  • Larry says:

    #Wow!!! This forum could use a little Dr. Phil, ya think???

  • Chet says:

    If taking a random, and not even malicious, pot shot at me is part of the greater plan then I’d say we have little to nothing to worry about.

  • Iso T-Storms says:

    Oh please, Harvard. You can’t envy your own alma mater. I’ve spent more years at IU than you have. I’ve eaten far more Mother Bears pizza, and enjoyed far more pints of ale at Nicks. I even follow the football team, which is a lot more than a faux Hoosier living in Chicago can say.

    You need a villain. You need a constant beef, a constant argument. Laffys gone now, and I know there is a void now, a need of a similar blogger against which you can define your own lacking, empty identity. You’ve already given me a whirl; why not try someone else this time?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Geoff…oooooooh, Geoffrey. My empty identity needs a void receptacle.

    And you’re wrong, Husky. I worked full time while completing my bachelor’s degree. It took me about 10 years to get my undergrad work completed. It’s all rather shameful. 80 hrs. spanned about a decade. I finally returned to Bloomington to finish up..Took 45 hours in a continuum(fall, spring, and both summer sessions) to complete the requirements for my degree…

    Two decades later..I wonder what was the purpose of it all. Hell, I never even had the nerve to ask out the beautiful Brazilian girl that sat next to me in my freshman American History class. Loooooooooooser.

    I may be a “faux” fan by your definition length of stay in Bloomington, but my allegiances to a college basketball team have never swayed from my love for Hoosiers. I became a fan of IU basketball when my older sisters were attending…I was barely older than 10 when began to listen to games on my Dad’s Telfunken radio picking up broadcasts coming out of South Bend.

    I truly adore Chicago(grew up near the Lake Michigan shores in Indiana), but I have never lived in the Windy City.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    oops…[Telefunken] radio..For those old radio buffs out there, my apologies if I still have the spelling wrong. Wonderful German-made radios with wooden cases, those internal tube thingamajigs, and rich tone you’ll never find in today’s junk. Damn thing had two shortwave frequencies to go along with the AM and FM and could pick up tons of channels on all the dials. Don’t build ’em like they used to.

  • psych says:


    You are the king of hyperbole. I will give you that.

    So, serious question: Who should we, as IU fans, cheer for between Michigan and Michigan State tomorrow night? I am leaning towards Michigan State winning, even though they are currently tied with us and Michigan is one game back. My rationale is that Michigan will need to probably win out (very doable, looking at their remaining schedule after tomorrow night) if they lose tomorrow night for a shot at the BTT, while MSU has a much more difficult schedule remaining. Thoughts?

  • Chet says:

    Larry, I’d guess Illinois would be a double digit favorite over BC.

  • Punjab says:

    Psych, I was literally just about to pose the same question, thinking the same thing at dinner just now. I think I agree with you it’s probably best for Indiana if MSU wins (though they’ll probably end up splitting their games anyway…) I don’t like the idea of playing at Ann Arbor on the last weekend with the league title on the line. It’s best if we have at least a share of the crown locked up when we go head-to-head, and for that to happen we (obviously) need UM to have more games in the L column.

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