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Indiana Spring Football Game

  • Podunker:

    vesuvius 13, you are exactly right in post #20. I expressed my doubts [...]

  • Harvard for Hillbillies:

    ... serious strength in [offense] and defense [...]

  • Chet:

    No coach is going to reveal any tricks they have up their sleeves agai [...]

  • Harvard for Hillbillies:

    Until(if ever) our football team can take serious control of games ear [...]

  • Harvard for Hillbillies:

    Just giving theory to thought, Chet. I simply wonder how many strong [...]

  • Chet:

    I've never seen any statistics that would indicate that to be true. [...]

  • vesuvius13:

    Podunker, Nate will have two big time WRs joining his young receivers [...]

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