Live Discussion: Indiana at Illinois

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  • Good Time says:

    Illinois did their homework, so we have to watch for them cutting off the passing lanes

  • t says:

    win or loose…..IU had losing attitude tonight!

  • Mike V. says:

    Watched this game from CA. What is with your team? No one was looking for Zeller! It’s like the the parents of the players and their girlfriends told them, “Don’t pass to him! He’s a primadonnna!”

    Indiana deserved to lose. The team is selfish.

  • Podunker says:

    That’s embarrassing.

    These guys need to toughen up.

    Who was it that said IU has the worst inbounds defense in the country? Well, they were right.

  • IKE says:

    That was just awful. Zeller had 6 shots, while Watford and Sheehey had 11 each. Two others had more attempts than Zeller. How does our best player not get the ball? Why are we shooting outside shots when Zeller has 3-4 inches on Illinois’ remaining players and much better skills? The last 5 minutes were just so ugly to watch.

  • elmo says:

    So sad.All you Crean lovers he has no offense its all dribble,dribble, dribble no offense in the last 7 or 8 minutes. he can,t x and o,s so sad. There,s a time you need to slow down and play basketball rather than play school yard ball. Tight situations he always comes up short.

  • Ron says:

    speechless-awful-sad. They were just not into it. Wonder why.

  • psych says:


    99% of the people who are about to post: Shut. The. Hell. Up. IU may have lost the Big Ten Title tonight, but that is it. They are still the most complete team in the country (Kansas lost to TCU! last night) (Florida lost to Arkansas!) who is capable of winning it all. Seriously overreaction, Batman (men?). They’ll bounce back. They have all year.

  • John says:

    It’s the same old story–the opposition goes on a second half run, and Tom Crean refuses to call a timeout, abandoning his team in the process. Crean is a great recruiter, but a lousy game coach. When the game goes south, CALL A TIMEOUT MR. CREAN.

  • iulongago says:

    I have now surrendered and am joining the “Crean can’t Coach” contingent. Up by 8 with 3 minutes to go and nothing but 3s and 2 point jump shots with one layup (that worked…what a surprise) against a team that can’t match up against our size. Zeller barely touches the ball against a team that has no one who can match up with him. If it’s because the players didn’t do what Crean told them to do, that’s a coaching problem. If they were doing what he wanted them to do, that’s a coaching problem.

  • Podunker says:

    Elmo has joined the list of trolls. “Crean-lovers?” How about Hoosier fans? By the way, learn how to write or learn how to type before posting more of your troll drivel.

  • psych says:

    Add iulongago to the list. Lol. You’d think we are 15-9 and 3-7 in the Big Ten, not 20-3 and 8-2.

  • Good Time says:

    It just didn’t look like IU was ready for this game. Looks like they didn’t have their hearts or their heads in this game.
    The best team didn’t win, but the winner of the game was the best team on the floor tonight.

  • Marc says:

    Sure am glad Crean can recruit, cause he is not much of a game coach

  • Higgi says:

    I have to agree that this one is on CC. Hollowell hits 2 3-pointers in a row and is pulled from the game and never returns, and then UI’s starting center fouls out of the game and IU doesn’t run it’s offense from CZ. Finally, IU has 3 time outs left with 0.9 seconds, and CC doesn’t call a time out after IU sees how UI is going to set up for the inbounds play. Veeeerry disappointing…now IU has to beat OSU at home or else IU drops from #1 to outside the Top 10. Uhg!

  • psych says:

    Good Time,

    I can agree with that. IU did not play that well tonight, nor was Illinois the best team. Is it frustrating to lose this game? Yes. Does it piss me off as a Hoosier fan who has a douchebag Illini half-brother? Yes. If I (we) are this upset about losing the game, how pissed off are the Hoosiers? Tom (I apparently cannot coach out of a paper bag) Crean will motivate these guys for Sunday against Ohio State, and they’ll motivate themselves. Did Oladipo become one of the best players in the country without self-motivation over the years? No. They’ll get pissed off, they’ll get mean. They may NOT win Sunday, but they’ll come out with heart and give close to 100% effort.

  • iulongago says:

    PSYCH–I’m happy to be added to the list. If you think past performance isn’t an indicator of future behavior, then you’ve been reading one perspectus too many. This is a pattern and teams that are well coached and play 40 minutes beat us. Those are the teams they are going to see in the NCAA Tournament and they have seen plenty of evidence as to how to beat IU. Crean and his staff must either start doing something different in games (which they haven’t done) or Yes…this team isn’t winning the National Championship. Good coaches with good teams will know exactly what to do. In fact, there’s no need to wait for the NCAA. At MSU, OSU, Minn, and Mich will probably show everyone what this team and coaching staff can do.

  • psych says:


    Indiana already beat Minnesota, Michigan, and Michigan State. They have not faced Ohio State yet this year. What the hell is your point, exactly?

  • Lou says:

    Beside the Butler game (I hate hate hate losing to in state teams), I took this loss hard. My point is this. Had we took care of the ball earlier in the game, we could have cruised. Very sloppy. It improved in the 2nd half, but we left a lot of points on the table.

    Though my question is this: Did Cody just have one of those “duh” moments, or was their a miscommunication so e where else among the team? Obviously, the last shot was as if we was playing Monopoly, and they cashed in a “get out of jail” card.

    Frustrated. Victor looked out of element. Easily Watford’s best effort. Hollowell is improving. Just, dang…. Illinois? Groce can coach. He will do well there, as much as I hate to admit it.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Didn’t play Remy enough. Could have used his scrappiness in the final minutes.

    Ola-(bleep)-o! Ball should have been in Yogi’s hands for our last possession.

    Didn’t Armon Bassett play for Groce?

    Geoff- Prediction Update: You’re only one loss away from your prediction of four total losses this season.

  • @fairfield says:

    Absolutely terrible endgame management. IU with the ball and an 8 point lead with 3:00 to play, and the team shoot the ball immediately. They get the rebound, and then they shoot it again, immediately. What in god’s name is that?

    Terrible turnover by Vic with the clock winding down, terrible inbounds defense, terrible overall play by Watford. I’m not watching any more road games this year, period, unless its Nebraska.

    You that cosmic justice for the Eric Gordon Bank Shot was coming sooner or later, and there you have it.

  • Big Hoosier/Ben says:

    Very frustrated. That’s all I can say I could say more, but no use to post vulgarity. What happened at the end?

  • Karen says:

    Have to agree with iulongago and higgi…either they are not listening to the coaches or the coaches are not coaching well. Should not have been so quick to shoot the long outside shot so quickly with 3 minutes left and ahead by a handful. PLay steady and let the team that’s down play desperate, foul you, and sink the free throws which IU can do. I think IU may have run out of timeouts, remember hearing the announcer say it was IU’s last one with some small amount of time left. IU looked lost on the inbounds play, not moving.

  • iulongago says:

    As I said “AT” those places. We’ve beaten them at home but you win the Big 10 on the road and the tournament is on neutral courts. At Illinois shouldn’t be a loss. What’s going to happen when they play good teams at their place or at neutral sites? That’s my point.

    I hope they win but they haven’t proven that they can do that sort of thing against good teams outside of Bloomington (except for Georgetown on a neutral court). By the way, my disappointment is directed toward the coaches. This team should be better than this down the stretch at home (Wisconsin) on a neutral court (Butler) and on the road (Illinois). I really don’t want to get into a back and forth argument. This is just what I see and believe.

  • Big Hoosier/Ben says:

    Harvard, forgot all about Remy. Good point

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