Live Discussion: Indiana at Minnesota

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  • Geoff says:

    I have a strange feeling that the Minnesota guards/wings are going to find their stroke tonight after a long dry spell. Don’t know if that equals a win for the Gophers, but I’m expecting this to be a real struggle.

  • TJ says:

    Zeller is NOWHERE ready for NBA…MBakwe pushing him around like he was a yogi farrell weight…then gives way to bench player

  • TJ says:

    this was a 5 on4 basketball game with Zeller completely taken out of the game early on ….somone needs to check what he was drinking before the game because he acts/acted like he was lost ALL game

  • iulongago says:

    Minnesota is better tonight because they want it more. They have hit IU in the mouth and though the Hoosiers responded a few times, Minnesota has not let up. The rebounding differential tells the whole story. They’re going to run into teams ‘on fire’ in the NCAA Tournament and they’ll need a better 40 minute response (like they had at MSU which eans they have it in them). None of this is on Crean. This all has to do with the guys on the floor. They can win the National Championship or play like they have tonight. I truly don’t have any ides which team will show up on any night. I write this with 47.3 seconds to go but even if they win (because that other team all of a sudden shows up), my thoughts will remain the same.

  • IUBob1981 says:

    The combination of Yogi, Watford, and Zeller really sucked. Yogi was just awfull.

  • Geoff says:

    About what I expected I guess… At least as far as intensity and outcome.

  • TJ says:

    Zeller is NOT an NBA starting center he’s TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO timid. ANY PF in the NBA will push himout of the gym and into the streets. Someone forgot totell Zeller to grow a backbone while he was growing UP

  • Hoosier Lady says:

    This team just didn’t have the heart to win tonight. Except for Jordan Hulls, no one was playing with passion. Minnesota just walked all over us. It’s going to be a tough road to the NCAA tournament if they continue to play like they did tonight.

  • AWinAZ says:

    Well said IUBob. Watford had one of his Houdini acts tonight, once again, because MN was not on the radar. Z was just terrible. And I’m not talking about his lack of scoring. He was outplayed by their starter, his backup, and the 3 min that his backup’s backup was in the game. Once again, the secret is to push him around and outphysical him. He disappears in these kinds of games. Yogi was also a mess tonight.

    The 1 week layoff really hurt us & it was not unexpected. MN played with their hair on fire and they just dominated us on the boards. Literally dominated the glass on both ends. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where a team has fumbled the ball out of bounds more than tonight. There had to be 6 RBs fumbled on their end.

    Pathetic….and the miracle is we only lost by 4 pts.

  • Geoff says:

    TJ… It’s pretty clear that Zeller needs another year at least before he’s ready to contribute much at the next level. Doesn’t mean he won’t go or doesn’t get drafted high on skill and potential. Hope r stays though.

    The last couple games have really highlighted the soft touch around the basket lost by Yogi from putting on all that muscle in the summer. Next year he will be nicely adapted.

    Will played well again, and Elston is starting to get comfortable.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Note to IU Athletics: Do not release a cheesy video proclaiming Hoosiers a blessed return and “rising” on the eve of the most important final stretch of games. Do not release any such videos before a single NCAA tournament game has been played. Do not release such video when no Hoosier has played in a Final Four for over 10 years. Here’s an idea…Try having some class. This is Indiana.

    Told you it was bad karma. Why on earth do you effing play with success? Are you trying to take the chip off our shoulder?

    Best way to screw up a season is to lose your edge by way of self-anointment your own perceived glorious existence. All in the name of cheap profits some fly-by-night media company with close friends in IU Athletics.

    I will repeat..HT and Scoop should be ashamed in allowing their paper to provide a free advertising outlet for such cheesy purposes.

  • Geoff says:

    TJ – as a side note, I don’t think Cody will ever play center at the next level. His NBA position is at the 4.

  • AWinAZ says:

    Geoff, he played like #2 tonight

  • Geoff says:

    That’s pretty funny

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Completely agree TJ. And, it’s not new, it’s happened before but not to the extent he hurt his team tonight. He didn’t score, did not rebound, did not hold onto the ball, when it fell in his hands, refused to go to the basket, made no effort to get a face-up shot, allowed himself to be pushed around and then he looks to the ref for help. What bothers me the most is that, without the ball, on offense, he simply stands in one spot and doesn’t even bother moving to create a driving lane or move his man around a bit.

    Tonight, I would have rather play with Elston who will at least give you heart. What a bad taste he left in the mouth. And, appearing passive and unmotivated is not new. It’s happened before but not noticed because of flurries at the end of a romp.

    Yogi makes very poor decisions at key moments sometimes. just disappeared as if he missed the team Yogi’s decision making was very poor. Many of the same comments aimed at Watford earlier in the year need to be said about Zeller.

    Sad and embarrassing, the Hoosiers did not need to make this kind of a statement just when the entire world stood and applauded towards Bloomington. This has to be a call to attention, we have the capacity to play so poorly we make the other team think they are better than they are. Watch the rest of the B1C make a run at us now, beginning with OSU. How do you think they’ll play Cody and how do you think he’ll react? Brave Heart or Empty Heart?

    Jordan…that’s heart! Wish he ‘dared’ a bit more.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Did Glass not learn anything from “Win Today?”

    So his answer with the good luck charm video was to proclaim IU Basketball as “Won Today?”

    Hell, why even play anymore games this season…? Anything we do in the tournament is rather inconsequential..Just throw another 10 million at our coach and satisfy ourselves to a Keith Smart baseline jumper for another quarter century. Sweet 16, baby..We’re back to stay. Get out of our Hoosier way.

  • AWinAZ says:

    23 offensive RB allowed. The difference in the game was the 15 additional possessions by MN and they took 11 more shots. Every other stat was virtually equal, other than we hit more 3s to keep it close.

    Uncle Mo changed when we were up 44-36 with the ball, took a bad shot, gave up 2 in the paint on the change of possession with 14 min to go.

  • Stick with God's plan! says:

    […] the seventh time the top-ranked team in The Associated Press’ poll has lost a game this season.

    Well if that’s anywhere near a record please keep in mind that it was a Tom Crean “coached” team that lost three (42%) of those seven games. I mean, talk about a handicap…

  • Denver Dave says:

    Disgusting! Zeller and Watford barely showed up tonight. Do Zeller and Watford think they are ready for the NBA?? No way. Mbakwe is, however! Even my Junior High coach taught me the basics of “positioning” for rebounds, after both offensive and defense shots.
    Zeller and Watford were out of position so many times tonight (and most of the season). Did Crean ever coach Junior High?? Poor Hulls did the best he could, trying to defend 2 or 2-on-ones on fast breaks… again, because they were out of position. Disgusting… and depressing!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Cody simply misunderstood…He thought POY was an acronym for ‘Pansy of the Year.’

    We should have all listened to Laffy..He tried to tell us how soft Cody was. So soft that Crean has even taught him how to take a fake whack to the stones.

    And Sheehey should also be ashamed for his completely bogus attempt to sell the receiving a flagrant elbow that
    was simply not there. I thought we were classier than these types of antics.

  • Denver Dave says:

    Well said all of you, especially TsaoTsuG and AWinAZ. One more comment… who told Zeller to be out out on the perimeter playing like a Guard??

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    AWinAZ…great stat in #17, sums it up completely! 23 ORB’s!!!!!

    Geoff, just like you expected… Minnesota’s guards and wings???? Do not disagree with you that ‘muscling up’ has bulked the PG out of Yogi. He needs to spend the summer stretching, doing ballet and watching film. Someone on that staff- I really don’t know who, but one of them is a very, very good teacher of individuals, (that I am sure of)- and Yogi needs to live with him.

    As for ‘the next level’, I could care less but Cody needs mom a bit longer.

  • Big Hoosier/Ben says:

    I’m embarrassed. Our X Factor Watford disappears. That just pisses me off so much.

    Zeller looks confused, and totally lost. I agree with the above statements. He isn’t NBA ready. Needs to play with attitude.

    I had to admit it, but I thought of Laffy. Zeller was playing soft! Mbakwe swallowed him up! Such is life in the Big 10..

  • Bombay Sapphire says:

    No one on here should be surprised. If you follow basketball you know that if you play bad you lose. IU can beat anyone. They can also lose to anyone. IU played bad tonight and deserved to lose. Butler beat them fair and square. IU gave away the Illini game. But against Wisc and Minny, IU simply wasn’t the better team, didn’t even look good in either game. Zeller is who he is, always will be. I agree that he isn’t as ‘strong’ as he could be. I don’t want to call him soft but he does play softer than he needs to. I despise that he, as the biggest/most athletic guy on the floor does his audible moan/groan even before the contact arrives to try to bait officials into giving him the call. He spends too much time trying to draw a foul instead of making the shot. That’s why he’s so surprised he doesn’t get calls, he’s looking for calls. Not the right way to play in a tough game. You make shots not foul hunt. Zeller is a great kid so everyone gives him a pass. The truth is he’s had it easy most of his life, great family, great genes, being 7ft and athletic will give you a certain amount of easy success, especially in HS bball. He won’t realize his potential until he finds an inner anger and fuels it. My guess is whichever veteran NBA team and coach he goes to won’t be as forgiving/warm towards some of his bad habits. Yogi for the first time all season appeared to ‘big time’ the opponent. I haven’t seen him look so bad all year. Oladipo had an Oladipo 2012 showing, he can’t be top-5-pick good every night. Watford is who he is, we all know this, nothing new there, he was due for a no show. When 3 of your starters play poorly you are going to struggle to win. Zeller/Yogi/Watf=losing effort tonight.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Cody is so soft that Mr. Whipple finally grabbed his own Charmin.

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