Live Discussion: Indiana at Ohio State

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  • Podunker says:

    O.K., but can they sustain that through the second half?

    Some really bad calls, going both ways, by the refs in this game.

    Does Cody Zeller ever get to take a shot without being hacked, pushed, or body checked? OSU’s big men should all be just about fouled out of this game by now. When the young man takes a shot, almost suffers whiplash and ends up face down on the floor, that’s a pretty good indication he was fouled from behind, yet there was not whistle.

    Two of VO’s first half plays will end up in his career highlight tape. Wow!

  • Laffy says:

    Waaaaaaaaaah, the refs are screwing us.


  • iulongago says:

    They’re playing well but they’ve got to do so for 40 minutes this time. Let’s hope so because this would be a ‘big’ win. The refs are fine and OSU has just as much to complain about (or not) as IU has.

  • iulongago says:

    …and it’s ‘shocking’ as to how much better they play when the coaches, players, and Zeller himself remember that Cody Zeller is on the floor and needs to touch the ball.

  • t says:

    Disciplined+Smartly Focused+Inside Game+Mentally and Physically Tough Both, Offensive and Defensive+On The Road Against Tough Team+Well Coached and Game Plan+Stayed on Task = Best Game of Year Thus Far.

  • Laffy says:

    I know you’re going to cry about me “being arrogant”, but once again, I was proven right:

    Even when we win, IU fans do NOTHING but WHINE about the refs.

    I mentioned before the crack against Kaintuck fans.

    Well, one “smart IU fan” just said, “I can’t wait to read the OSU boards and see them whine about the refs.”


    This is after 75% of the posts on the chat are CRYING ABOUT THE REFS.

    Jesus, talk about projection.

    They were even crying about “Craft never called for fouls” even though he fouled out.


    And Dustin, you’re a joke for banning me from the chat. All I did was make fun of the crybabies complaining about the refs NON-STOP.

    You ban me again from here and I told you want I’d do (plus, I’ll just keep coming back anyway).

  • AWinAZ says:

    THIS is a big win, and as I predicted, we can beat OSU because we have better guards. What a huge turnaround contest and you can tell a lesson learned from Thr. night. Took much better care of the ball & went to Z when needed and wanted.

    Yogi was so-so but still played a nice defensive game. The 2 called fouls on him in the 1H were just comical. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 2 poorer calls on a guy in 1 half.

  • Laffy says:

    Before the “smart fans” cry I don’t give the team props, let me say it before this place is flooded by the crybabies:


    And, we would have won by 30 if the “refs didn’t screw us so much.”

  • psych says:

    tjauburn, iulongago, and some of you other trolls: I would like to see you comment today. Thank you. That is all.


    Solid IU win. Yes?

  • psych says:

    Correction: iulongago, I see you have already posted. My apologies.

    I am hoping to see tjauburn though. He’s one of my favorites.

  • Podunker says:

    Big win, but these guys are still sketchy trying to close out a game. Missed FTs, shot clock violations, turnovers, missed rebounds, it got a little too familiar there for a couple of minutes toward the end.

    I thought CWat played very well and was clutch in the second half. So for all you doubters (like Debbie the troll) you’re now seeing the value of CWat. His size, FT shooting, rebounding and experience are huge to this team.

  • bart295 says:

    We showed why we are the #1 team in the land…great 40 minute effert…good game plan…and we showed we can play a half court game!
    CZ played like an all American…allthe girls out there should be proud to be associated with him.

  • bart295 says:

    If you ban me I will tell my mom!!!

  • psych says:

    How big were our big three today? Watford, Zeller, and Oladipo. Incredible game. I kept waiting for OSU to cut into the lead…and it never happened. IU kept extending it.

    Hoosiers should be tied for 1st when they head to East Lansing in a week and a half.

  • Laffy says:

    Yes, psych, I already gave them props.

    Excellent win…. especially since the zebras “screwed us the entire game.”

    As most people probably know, anyone can put a petition on the White House website and if it gets 25,000 signatures, the White House has to give an official response.

    I think I’m going to put one up that says,

    “Dear President Obama, will you please launch an investigation as to why every ref in college basketball hates us and screws us every game?

    We clearly should have beaten OSU by 30 points if the refs hadn’t been so biased against us.

    And as part of that investigation, will you also interrogate your liberal media buddies because they also clearly hate us?

    Their bias against us is disgusting.

    We are tired of being victims with everyone against us and we want it to stop.

    Thank you.”

    Will you all sign it if I put it up?

  • AWinAZ says:

    CWat, once again, comes to play on CBS in a huge game.

    Get a load of this for our “bigs”, if you incl. Oladipo in that bunch….
    70 pts.
    22 RBs
    21-25 FTs
    22-32 FGs
    5-6 3pt FG
    3 steals & 4 assists & 1 block vs. 6 TOs

    Other players were 4-17 from the floor tonight, Jordy 2-9.

    Big, big win with 2 “cupcakes” coming into B-town next week. I love calling purdue a cupcake. Feels good.

  • Punjab says:

    The hysterical fans after Thursday can all step back from the ledge now– we’re back on track! An impressive win against a reaaly good team on the road. And OSU didnt play poorly– we just played like we knew we were better. Great game, gentlemen.

  • Podunker says:

    If DThomas was not on this team, OSU would be at or near the bottom of the Big Ten. He’s almost all of OSU’s offense. Figures that it takes a kid from Indiana to make OSU competitive.

    It was gratifying, and a bit surprising, given that the game was in Columbus, to see Craft foul out of the game.

  • bart295 says:

    Tough is a word that comes to mind after this game….should help us at tourney time…beating a #10 team on the road helps our seeding 5 weeks from today!

  • Laffy says:


    “If you don’t ban Laffy for pointing out we’re complete hypocrites for crying about the refs 24/7 when we rip other fans for doing that non-stop, we’re going to call Dustin a sissy.”

    And Punjab, save the “hysterical” nonsense. You guys want us to be civil so you can knock off crap like that.

    Cody had a clear advantage in that game and vanished…..again.

    And we choked the game away on probably the worst play of the entire season for any team.

    This was a great win for our guys but it doesn’t take away from the fact we should have never lost to Illinois.

  • psych says:


    It is okay to admit you are wrong from time-to-time. We all are. You said in another thread “We always hear how they are going to get upset or angry after a loss. Ain’t happening.” If today was not IU getting “angry” with the Illinois loss, I do not know what is. IU throttled OSU. Thoroughly. Zeller, Oladipo, and Watford all dominated.

    Sure, IU fans, myself included, whine about the refs here and there. What fanbase does not? This is not exclusive to Indiana fans.

  • Ron says:

    Strange. OS got the PIP, 2ND chance pts, fast break pts and bench points. IU won pts on turnovers. Total turnaround from the UI game. Hulls only 5 pts but the kid played his rear end off. Good game by everybody and can see the potential not reached yet.

  • Larry says:

    Finally, Zeller hitting some outside shots. I made several past post about the lack of him always driving to the basket during non-conference, started putting up a few 5+ ft shots but was horrible. This drastically changes low post defense strategy, it was so easy to predict earlier, Z catches the ball, drives to basket, Butler made it look easy in defending this.

  • psych says:

    Since I am a Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey fan, I visit their message boards quite regularly, including the basketball thread. I have never seen such incessant whining about the referees than I did during the IU/Minnesota game this year. Every Minnesota fan there hates IU, and thinks they would have won if it was not for the referees gifting IU the game. Go look outside at how other fanbases talk about the referees, and you’ll see it’s not just an IU thing.

  • Larry says:

    IU should never have lost, Duke should never have lost, Kansas should never have lost, Lousville should never have lost, MI should never have lost, Syracuse should never have lost, I shouldn’t have lost a bicycle race, time to get into “the real world”!!!!

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