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IU vs Iowa men's basketball

  • Harvard for Hillbillies:

    Without Zeller erase being within a solar system of any Sweet 16. On [...]

  • Chet:

    Well, yeah. If you come to a program like Indiana and the best you [...]

  • Harvard for Hillbillies:

    Wow...I agree with the cloudy day...Zero tolerance was complete "bull. [...]

  • Chet:

    Man, you're all over the map. It's like having a dialogue with cloudy [...]

  • Podunker:

    dingo44, quit while you're ahead. Crean's teams have defeated 5 of 6 [...]

  • Podunker:

    Chet, schools like UNC, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisville did not [...]

  • davis:

    HC- Yeah, the contract makes sense (if I may distill your post). Both [...]

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