Alford hired at UCLA

Despite his recent contract extension at New Mexico, Steve Alford has been hired by UCLA to replace Ben Howland according to this report by

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  • Marshall says:

    Congratulations Steve. Now we will see how successful you would have been at IU. Same winning type pressure from one of colleges top ten programs. Difference is fan base in LA not same as IU. Good luck Steve and I hope you prove all your critics wrong. Another Hoosier connection taking over UCLA. Seems to have worked out pretty well with Wooden.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Didn’t many on this blog claim the Mountain West was as good as it would ever get for Steve Alford?

    Wow. They passed up Romar for the incompetent one from Indiana. Shocking. Didn’t see it coming. On the bright side, we still have a shot at Stevens in a few years..Or does Stevens take the Minnesota job?

  • Rico Chet says:

    Great. Now he can beat up on the Huskies twice a year.

  • Rico Chet says:

    I’m more of a Husky fan than a Hoosier fan, but my love for Alford made me blurt those last words. I’m funny.

  • Ben says:

    I mean no disrespect, no sarcasm what I am about to say, but does anything think the loss to Harvard made New Mexico higher ups push him out? Was it too much of an embarrassment for Alford to handle perhaps?

  • stationary front says:

    Rico that was plain stupid. You’re in a time out.

    Beating up on the Huskies? They all do that in the PAC-12.

    Alford is going there for his first national title.

    The Fuskies don’t even exist on a basketball map.


  • suHky Tom says:

    Marshall- Fan base in LA is indeed different. Fewer ignoramuses and idol-worshippers. Steve picked a good one – in fact, he picked the best basketball program of all time. Nice upgrade.

  • stationary front says:

    Sorry Rico, to clarify: by “idiot,” I meant “myself.” It’s been one of those days.

  • Rico Chet says:

    Sorry man, I am still working on “twenty-eight + fifty”.

    I tried seventy-eight with and without a hyphen.

    I tried with uppercase and without uppercase.

    I am trying the digits now: “Let’s pray!”

  • tomahawk sean says:

    ^ We all know that the writer of post #8 is an idiot.

    Talk about stating the obvious.

  • tomahawk sean says:

    ^The writer of post #10 is an idiot, and knows that the writer of post #9 is also an idiot.

    A very smart idiot indeed.

  • tomahawk sean says:

    ^ The writer of post #11 is an idiot and knows nothing.

    Therefore what he wrote is not true.

  • tomahawk sean says:

    ^The writer of post #12 was me, frustrated with my attitude in posts #11 and #12. I’ll go easier on myself next time. But I’m still an idiot, in a “Rain Man” sort of way.

  • tomahawk sean says:

    Judging by his first sentence the writer of post #13 is a liar. Judging by the second he is a dumbass. That’s his indelible brand: liar dumbass!

  • tomahawk sean says:

    Let me add one thing to my post #14. On the subject of indelible brands, before I forget, I just swallowed my own new trademark called “BP” – “Bitter Pill.” The Bitter Pill contains what I call “My Own Medicine.” It’s disgusting, I’ll tell ya! Never been so irritated in all years of trolling the Scoop!

    I’ll have to go pick on Chet and Podonkey some more, to get my groove back.

  • Podunker says:

    Aruss, thanks for passing that along. I thought it was well written and well thought out.

    Steve Alford is in for the shock of his life. He can not begin to appreciate the change in the environment from UNM to UCLA. If he thinks the pressure to win was intense when he played at IU, it was nothing close to what he’s about to experience at UCLA. I wish him well, but I fear this is a disastrous career move.

    according to the Southern California media, Alford was not the first, second or even the third choice of UCLA. Who knows, he may not have even been in UCLA’s top five choices. I think UCLA’s administration was mortified when their top candidates turned them down flat, in spite of the dollars UCLA was throwing at these men. Panic must have begun to set in. I can see it now, (“Oh crap, we can’t get any of these coaches to accept our offer! Who’s next on the list? Well get him on the phone, NOW! We have to have a basketball coach!”)

    If UCLA was willing to fire a coach that took his teams to several final fours, who won several PAC 10 and Pac 12 Championships and produced numerous NBA first round draft picks, that suggests the expectations of the school’s power brokers are off the charts. It’s NCAA Championship of bust, and you’d better win it fast. My fear for Steve Alford is that he’s being hired as a place-holder. That he’s not really “the man.” Alford was not on UCLA’s radar a week ago and that makes me wonder how committed the administration and the Alumni will be to helping him succeed in the long term.

    As for Alford, he’s not taking this job for the increased money (the money is about the same as his recently signed 10-year contract extension with New Mexico)) or for the improved climate. He must be taking the job because he concluded that he could not recruit the talent necessary to win big at New Mexico. And if that’s the case, he was probably right. But oh is he in for a shock when he arrives in Westwood. He’s never seen media like he’s about to see in lala land. He does not know the meaning of unrealistic expectations, but he’s going to learn real fast! This is a fan base that once booed the UCLA team off the court when they were leading their opponent by only 15 points at half time!

    I wonder what bob Knight is thinking right now? Oh the irony of it all.

  • Docdave says:

    What a disappointing comment section. Some jerk has a conversation with himself, and no one running the blog stops it or deletes that crap. Whoever that is needs to be blocked!
    Then Podunker goes off about how UCLA is the toughest job in the world. Maybe they got rid of Howland because he pulled a “Mike Davis” and alienated the SoCal recruiting circles. I bet he refused to take Conley to get Oden. Wouldn’t want to have to take the #4 draft pick to get the #1.
    Good luck to Alford. The worst that can happen is they fire you and you get severance money.

  • Punjab says:

    Docdave, while I would agree that under normal circumstances, Alford’s hiring should generate big conversation, it didn’t today. It will probably still trickle in and build. But now’s not the time. At least for me. But why so hasty on the censorship? There was nothing overtly offensive there. If nothing else, it was one fan filling up space and amusing himself when nobody else was around to respond. Working night shift for the last six months, I get it. It seems like I’m talking to myself in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere sometimes. Then I wake up to a huge thread. Chill out. Nobody needs to be banned. Not every thread is going to be to your liking. Read it– or don’t– and move on. No blood, no foul, right? (Unless it’s Zeller under the hoop. Then it’s always a foul…)

  • Chet says:

    I wish Coach Alford the best. If he’s successful at UCLA it will only heighten the aura around Indiana basketball.

    I hope he does well.

  • Higgi says:

    Steve Alford is going to be great at UCLA. I’ll look forward to seeing UCLA and IU match up in the NCAA Tourney in the next few years. Let’s face it Hoosiers…had Alford not accepted the job at Iowa when he did, he would now be coaching IU. If anyone is ready to move up to the ‘big time’ and handle the pressures that will come along with it – it is Steve Alford.

  • coachv says:


    wither that is really funny, or i am really high. either way, i’m telling my mom.

  • Chet says:

    Higgi, you might be right about Alford coaching at IU but I remember the conventional wisdom at the time was that RMK was working behind the scenes to direct Alford away from IU.

    Either way, best of luck to him.

  • Chefritch says:

    When Sampson was at IU he would not recrute in the state, That has now changed. Same thing is going on at UCLA , that more than anything else got that coach fired. Hopefully Steve will change that.

  • iulongago says:

    The people in Iowa were glad to see him go. He treated peopel in Iowa City poorly and he recruitefd (and then protected) guys who Sampson would have loved. I’m fine with him going to and staying in Los Angeles.

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