Crean says he apologized to Meyer

Indiana coach Tom Crean said on the Big Ten Teleconference on Monday morning that he called Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer before he got on the plane last night to apologize for the post-game altercation in which he told the former Kelvin Sampson assistant that he “helped wreck the program.” Crean called it “a professional misunderstanding,” and said that he never should have done that “in the heat of battle.

UPDATE: 12 p.m. Michigan coach John Beilein said that he would not address Crean and Meyer’s altercation but said that at Michigan, his team’s will “win with class and lose with class,” and said that he thought Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer Handled himself with “great poise” after the loss. When asked specifically if Crean called to apologize to Meyer, Beilein said he would not confirm that and not comment at all on Crean’s actions.

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  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan says:

    Yeah, but what did Meyer say to him that set this all off? That’s the mysterious part that’s not been illuminated.

  • J Pat says:

    From what I understand Meyer told him to go F himself during the hand shakes…maybe Dustin can add some but from what I gather…that absolutely happened! I actually enjoyed watching Crean as he walked away smiling after that signature pant pull up he and Welmer do…I loved it! Am I awful for saying that? Meyer negative recruited McGary and helped Sampson to bring IU down to it’s knees, screw Meyer!!!

  • That’s what I heard through Twitter J Pat. But I haven’t seen anything that definitively confirms that.

  • J Pat says:

    Thanks Dustin…got a memo sent by a buddy down south from Peegs and they reported that is what happened and I just don’t feel like Peegs would write that if it did not happen…anyway, thanks!

  • Chet says:

    Unfortunate incident but, at the end of the day, it sounds like CTC took the high road.

    Good for him.

  • Get rid of crean says:

    Small mans syndrome! Thought I might have been watching NASCAR. He is the guy at the bar that wants to yell and be held back, not really wanting to fight. He is lucky he didn’t get that smile knocked off his face. Sleezball

  • GoTomGo says:

    It’s obvious Meyer s a creep and Michigan hired him knowing what he did at IU…says a lot about what kind of program they run.

  • Get rid of crean says:

    If you are gonna say that then how were we not in the same boat? Sampson and his staff had a track record. This is beside the point. No matter what he said or did crean lowered hisself to that level and put the focus not on our win or outright championship but his chihuahua act over something that means zero now

  • Chet says:


    Pat, I’d like to buy some punctuation.

    Time for you to head back to West Lafayette.

  • Rico Chet says:

    ^ Fruity Pierre.

  • Get rid of crean says:

    I guess if you have to resort to punctuation on a blog that’s a victory for the grammatically impaired

  • Wisco says:

    Who cares about this story? Only sensationalistic media and sports radio/blogs who have nothing better to talk about.

    I like our guy sticking up for himself and for us. Only mistake he made was apologizing to the SOB.

  • Get rid of crean says:

    Wisco- you’re right. I think it was more of an act than anything…..and made him look like an idiot. He should thank him. If not for that he isn’t in the position he’s in

  • Class? says:

    John Beilein said that at Michigan, his team’s will “win with class and lose with class.”

    Says the guy that lets his team wear “We On” shirts on the road.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    IU hasn’t made legitimate efforts to recruit NW Indiana since Knight was fired.

    You can go down the list of at least 10 top players around the Big 10 during that time span that were not given serious interest from IU. The following are just some that mainly come off the top of my head..I’m sure there are more…

    Zack Novak(MI)
    Robbie Hummel(PU)
    E’Twaun Moore(PU)
    Scott Martin(PU)
    Luke Harangody(ND)
    Brandon Wood(transferred from Vaplaraiso U to MSU..Izzo looking across the border)
    Branden Dawson(MSU)
    Spike Albrecht(MI)..[not off the top of my head]
    Mitch McGary(MI)

    Outside of his East Coast connections(Doc Rivers..NBA schmooze), Crean has recruited with the preferences the changing IU fan base and demographics of the student body at IU. He completely ignores the northern 1/3 of the state(with the exception of James Blackmon Jr. – kid from Fort Wayne).

    It’s what the middle/southern Indiana homer fans want. A Tom Crean at Marquette would have gone hard after Branden Dawson

    And I believe Glenn Robinson and Mitch McGary were friends before college(a friendship that began through the AAU circuit). It speaks more to John Beilein not ignoring some very good talent that has been coming out of NW Indiana…Zack Novak(Attended the same Chesterton High School that McGary attended before he bolted the small town to attend Brewster Academy). I would think following the footsteps of Novak(a Michigan fan favorite for his blue collar mentality) and the close bond to Robinson probably had a lot more to do with his final decision than any “negative recruiting” conspiracy. The hotheaded demonstration is merely Crean’s spin talents in action. He’s not been very active in recruiting NW Indiana. IU simply doesn’t pay much attention to recruiting in that far way mysterious land.

    The only thing Crean has committed to in NW Indiana is Bobby Capobianco.


    Heard you on 1070 this morning. Nice work. Damn, you did not waste your minutes. Did you have a ton of coffee this morning? Fast talking. Your voice sounds a lot different on radio than it does on ScoopTalk. I would have never known it was you if I hadn’t heard the host announce your name ahead of time. Anyway, you did a great job. Cody not a first team All-American? Ouch. Sold out the Indiana kid to the Hoosier via the Pipeline?

  • MS says:

    He doesn’t owe anyone an apology, finally someone holds those f#$ks accountable. Sorry to be blunt but it’s the truth. As for the “classy” John Beilein…nice hire slimebag.

  • Wisco says:

    Right, because, clearly, Crean has done a sub-par job recruiting.

  • Larry says:

    And my diagnoses is that anyone who waits all year & shows up with a username like that after we have won The Big10 outright is simply impaired…..period! hahahaha

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    You would think we would hunt/recruit for some non-soft Hoosiers from the blue collar area of the state that the only college player to ever shut down Michael Jordan went to high school.

    Novak, Dawson, Dakich, Hummel, Harangody, McGary..These are some tough SOBs! All have the same hard-nosed work ethic of our very own Victor Oladipo.

    If you want some East Coast toughness…then look to NW Indiana for God’s sake. It’s the last corner of the state(due to it’s exponentially tougher character its people)to not be softened up by class basketball. Maybe Chet’s blue collar river town(Jeffersonville) he grew up being the second toughest area of the state holding onto a bit of backbone ballers still benefiting from huge levels of superior testosterone long before our one class basketball tournament was given a massive vasectomy.

  • Podunker says:

    Get Rid of Crean; I wanted to thank you for your comedy this morning. Your comments gave me a laugh. Just your screen name gives me a laugh.

  • Punjab says:

    I think the whole episode is laughable and not worth two cents, but I’m feeling generous so I’ll give mine anyway. I searched for a while this morning to find any footage of the alleged “handshake confrontation” but could find no evidence. (There has to be some out there, but I’ve already wasted too much time…)

    What I did notice from the available clip is that Meyer did not seem at all surprised by Crean returning to have words. In fact, it looked more like Meyer was expecting it, as if there had been some kind of provocation or lead-up that (Buckley?) was already trying to diffuse.

    Do i think Crean was provoked? Probably. Could he have handled it differently? Yes. Do i think it was out of line? Nope. Am I the upset about the whole episode? Ha. Am I proud of our coach for sticking up for his players, his team, his program, and every Hoosier fan? You bet your a$$ I am!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    That’s what I heard through Twitter J Pat. But I haven’t seen anything that definitively confirms that.


    Really? In this age where every college kid has their own iPhone that can capture instant video better than most courtside professionals, no one has posted anything on YouTube or social media sites that confirms the big ‘eff off’ exchange. And I’m accused of being a conspiracist?

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Dustin, sounds like you are going down the list of individuals who bring out a response from CTC. Coincidentally, I also saw a very good discussion in one of the Sunday shows that ’24-hour media bowels-stirring ‘ is actually becoming an obstacle to good journalism.

    I agree. Look at this story. As far as I remember the story was about Indiana facin Michigan and itself to hang on and comeback in a very difficult situation as a visitor against Michigan, a contender, in a game that literally had the B1C championship on the line. Indiana won, led by one of two national POY of the year, despite the fact that the previously undefeated-at-home Michigan put up a very strong fight and came within a 1/4 inch (literally) of winning.

    Instead we are treated to the non-story of whether one of what the head coach of the winning Indiana team said to the assistant coach of the losing coach while every one (including teachers) is speculating-without any concrete evidence that it rhymed with ‘duck’.

    Great journalism, great example of First Amendment use, great example for the millions under-16 who were probably watching it. Perhaps, we could do a follow up feature on ‘understanding the liberal sensitivity of tolerance in the sports world and sports journalism.

    And, I can’t wait to hear the discussion and whether or not CTC will include his inspirational observation and his views on exemplary behavior in his Tweeter posts.

    But…to be truthful…isn’t this what we now expect and encourage from sports. Can’t wait to read the posts that will follow,… let the dance begin.

    BTW- can’t help but admire how Indiana kept itself together and focused despite going through some bad moments; can’t say enough about the incredible human being and player that is Victor Oladipo…and unforgettable hero whose spirit and emotions will forever fill Assembly Hall; and a team that simply clawed and fought its way out of a sewer of circumstances and fought through its own limitations to raise its hands in the air as Champions. (Hard to think about all this other stuff being thrown around to distract a fan with this one simple and monumental reality of what it means to be a Hoosier).

  • Lord of the Count Adhemar says:

    It could have gotten very ugly without Buckley.

  • Geoff says:

    Off the top of my head…

    He did make a hard run at Mitch McGary.

    Albrecht was a low level recruit playing at a northeastern prep school, and he wouldn’t get minutes on our team.

    Robinson was not highly regarded by anyone until his senior year, by that time Crean already had The Movement, and was hoping for Gary Harris.

    I’d rather have Dipo than Dawson any day of the week.

    What the hell do half those players have to do with Crean? They were before his IU tenure, so how is it relevant to the current situation?

    What did Wood ever do?

    Crean is currently going damn hard after Hyron Edwards.

    Here’s the thing Harvard, no one cares about how we recruited NW Indiana before Crean – there’s nothing he can do about that and no one to hold accountable. Since Crean has been here he has gone after a couple kids up there, but its not gushing with talent the same way the central part of the state is.

    Recruiting is Crean’s greatest strength. Recruiting Indiana has become a great strength. Now it’s not enough that he’s getting a lot of the best in-state talent? Now he has to focus on an area with less talent before you’ll be happy?

    Lastly, if you think that Tom Crean is recruiting only certain Indiana kids to keep certain Indiana fans happy you have completely lost it.

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