Glass: Net-cutting and celebration was “entirely appropriate”

Awkward as it may have been after a loss that was arguably Indiana’s worst of the season, IU athletic director Fred Glass said he still believed the decision to have a ceremony after the Senior Night speeches complete with a presentation of the Big Ten championship trophy, hats and net-cutting was the right thing to do.

“I think it was great,” Glass said. “I think it’s very important to celebrate accomplishments like this. This team absolutely earned this. The game didn’t turn out the way we wanted to, but the body of work shows that these guys are Big Ten champions. Given what this team has been through and these players have been through, I think it’s entirely appropriate.”

Glass admitted the atmosphere surrounding the ceremony was more somber than Indiana would have liked and that the players were significantly less enthused about the idea for having lost the game, but said there was still no discussion about abandoning the idea.

“I think they were disappointed not to win that game,” Glass said. “I think everybody there got that. It’s hard to shift gears from a  disappointing loss to what was a broader accomplishment. I don’t think that takes away form the broader accomplishment itself. I think it was very appropriate to recognize that, to recognize that at home and recognize it on Senior Night.”

Glass also said he thinks it’s fair to recognize this team with its own banner, even though Indiana traditionally doesn’t hang separate banners for Big Ten championship teams, instead hanging one banner and adding the numbers of the years every time the Hoosiers clinch another one. However, Glass cited the 1983 Big Ten championship “Fans’ Banner” to make his case that it would be appropriate for this group to have its own.

“There’s certainly precedent for setting forth a specific year,” Glass said. The ’83 Big Ten championship team Coach Knight deemed that the ‘Fans’ Banner.’ It seems to be extremey appropriate for this team to have its own banner. I might call it the ‘We’re Back Banner’ not only for the accomplishments of this team. In my personal view, it would be a tribute not only to this team and this year but all the players in this era of bringing Indiana University basketball back. Last year there was discussion about putting a banner up there for that team that helped bring the whole thing together. I understand the sentiment behind that. But I don’t think we celebrate things that are less than championships. All of these kids sacrificed to come to this program when it was down. … Setting this apart as a separate accomplishment seems entirely appropriate.”

Crean said Tuesday night that he hoped to individualize all of Indiana’s 20 Big Ten championships with banners. Glass said he would support that if IU could make it work in Assembly Hall.

“Sure,” Glass said. “We were talking about 1983. That championship has its own story. The 2002 team has its own story. They all have their own stories. If the logistics of all of that work out, I wouldn’t have any opposition to that at all.”

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  • Byrd says:

    I think it was appropriate to cut the nets down. We are Big Ten Champs and this team and staff did an excellent job on preparing them for this season. Maybe just cutting down these nets was practice for the net cutting in Atlanta.
    Go Hoosiers!!!

  • Gram says:

    Okay, so we are all disappointed. We didn’t play well against The OSU, however we had a Very Good 2012-2013 basketball season. I had season tickets for 30+ years for both IU basketball and football. (Only gave them up because I am 75 now, and a Snowbird). I am proud of these players, each and every one of them. I am also a former Hatchet cheerleader and take pride in Cody’s accomplishments, along with his brothers Tyler and Luke. Please stay Cody – these college years can be the greatest. I want to see another NCAA championship in my lifetime. I was there for 1987 and I was in Atlanta too.

  • Bobskijo says:

    I.U. Is really tanking. Let’s look ahead to next year as they are done this year?.

  • TJ says:

    I said AFTER the Minnesota loss that EVERY team got a blueprint on how to beat us. ALL you have to do is go out and bitchslap this team and they fold. There is NO TOUGHNESS at ALL on this team other than HULLS…and to me Mbakwe and Ohio State came out with FIRE and IU acted Scared and clueless

  • Ron says:

    Three Cheers for Gram…The voice of reason.

  • iamahoosier says:

    Season on the Stink!

    Worse loss ever….probably not. Costly….we’ll soon find out. Cut down the nets…..I don’t think so.

    Cutting down the nets in Indiana is a ritual to celebrate winning a Championship. Last night did not feel like winning a Championship, in fact, it felt like losing one. Did this team “earn the right” to cut down the nets…..sure seems like stretching it to me. I’m old school and I imagine Coach Knight doing something else entirely with those nets…….

    Assuming a loss on Sunday @ Michigan, and I don’t see any evidence in the last half dozen games to assume anything else, the 2013 Hoosiers will end up in a 4 way tie for the Big Ten title…..whohoo! Hardly the expectation from a team ranked #1 in the country for 9 weeks this season.

    I truly believe this team has more talent than any in my memory, over 40 years. High expectations after several disastrous seasons may be delusional but with the pre-season Player of the Year, another 1st team All-American, Freshman of the year candidate at point guard and 2 seasoned Seniors with over 1000 career points each and the most respected 6th man in the country…….what should we expect?

    Could this team win the Big Ten outright…sure, the Big Ten Tournament for the 1st time….sure, a National Title for the first time in 25 years….I guess. They could also lose Sunday, lose to any of 4 or 5 teams in the 1st round of the BTT and a 2nd or 3rd round exit in the NCAA to a team like Butler wouldn’t be a total shock either.

    Lets face it, the team @ #1 for more weeks than any other, has been dealt one heartbreaking loss after another to teams that shouldn’t be within 10 points…..anything is possible!

    Hang on, it should be interesting. Thank God Coach Knight isn’t in charge, choking and throwing chairs might be in order….maybe even cutting down some nets!

  • tomahawk sean says:

    One more loss at Michigan and another one in the tourney would put The Hoosiers on the Harvard-approved path to the sixth national title. I am not worried at all. Let me explain.

  • tomahawk sean says:

    Tom Crean is a smart man. His style (maximum entropy) is not easy to explain. That’s why he has so much trouble in press conferences and goes on tangents about deflections, chances, risks and such. It’s a non-deterministic style. But it’s the best system out there at the moment.

    The system’s kryptonite is when someone like Bo, Stevens, Groce or even Matta lowers the temperature so much (slows and freezes the game) that the entropy of the game falls down to a very alarming low value. Then it’s scary and if you ask me time for Crean to throw a chair or otherwise get a technical so the entropy is increased again.

    The good thing is that we have players whose IQ and talent is off the charts. Actually I just realized we have five losses already. One more will be enough to get the Harvard’s Sixth. Dumb me. 😳 😮

  • Dmp81 says:

    A separate banner for this year? Really? We could end up with a share of the big ten title, an early exit from two tournaments and a lot of disappointment. If you want to celebrate shared conference titles go to Illinois

  • Rico Chet says:

    Harvard’s Sixth has potential, I think…

  • Bombay Sapphire says:

    Its funny that Crean has decided to end the season early by just continually saying “They’ve earned this, they’ve earned it.” What have they earned? So far they’ve earned a share of the B1G title but that could also mean 5 B1G losses. If they win at Ann Arbor, obviously that would be great. If they don’t its 3 losses in 4 games. I get that we should all be as ‘thankful’ as Crean is for what the players have done. But at the same time its not like the starting 5 is some unheralded group of Watf, Verdell, Pritchard, Elston, Hulls…instead it has 2 All Americans in Zeller and Oladipo, a future one in Yogi Ferrell. Why do we have to stop the season early and just be thankful all the time? Why can’t we expect them to go ahead and keep playing and get the most out of this loaded roster? I wish we’d stop ‘reflecting’ and start raising the expectations…last season we over achieved. Now its time to move on from the whole “oh when we got here there was nothing, absolutely nothing.” We get it Crean, that was like 10 years ago, lets go ahead and start having expectations to win like a loaded roster should….

  • JimBob says:

    It’s funny what some of you complain about. Calm down and enjoy the season. Some of you put so much ridiculous thought into your moronic rationales that it’s alarming. Go outside and shovel some snow to take out your pissy-ness.

    There are at least 8-10 teams that have a great shot at winning an NCAA Championship this season and IU is in that category. So settle yourselves, step back off the ledge (or jump off), and get ready for the best month in sports.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    ^Great post. I just anointed my shovel as capable of shoveling it all and have decided to wait for warm weekend weather to melt the overly hyped white pillows of nature’s splendor.

  • YouWillNeverKnow says:

    I’m certainly not saying the season is a loss. Winning a Big Ten championship is always a big deal. However, the Hoosiers haven’t played well for THREE games, not one. Smacked in the mouth at Minnesota, played like garabage and survived Iowa, and were less than stellar at HOME on SENIOR NIGHT, with a chance to win a CHAMPIONSHIP. Things need to change quickly.

  • Punjab says:

    I’m friends with an Alabama fan down here. He remembers the nineties and the early 00’s when they were but a shell of their football past. He does not understand the sense of entitlement that his fellow fans and alumni have adopted over the last few years. It’s as if they forgot the hardships and the years of losing, They don’t seem to appreciate huge wins, unless they happen to come in a BCS title game. I really hope we don’t take our Hoosiers for granted like that. It’s nobody’s birthright to win championships, and I’m saddened that some of us just want more, more, more without bothering to appreciate what’s right in front of us. Shameful.

  • J Pat says:

    They have been through a lot, Crean has been through a lot. I can agree with the trophy deal but cutting down the nets could/can cause complacency in a young mind…I don’t like it. Just my opinion trying to look at it from a coaching perspective!

  • Punjab says:

    I see you’re point, JPat. But so can being preseason #1, preseason POY, holding the #1 spot twice as long as anyone, having another POY front-runner emerge, and being anointed as the odds on favorite by nearly every national pundit to win it all. If a net-cutting ceremony is what finally causes complacency in this team, then we didn’t deserve any of those accolades to begin with.

  • J Pat says:

    Punjab, I very respectfully disagree. These kids have grown up watching the nets be cut down to “one shining moment” (I like the Pendergrass version the best)and the nets symbolize the end, the final straw, the winning it all! I just don’t like it…that’s all! I can see your point though and if they spank Michigan in Ann Arbor maybe I will stand corrected!

  • kenny george says:

    Love it Harvard, Love it!!!!!!

  • Chet says:

    Something everyone seems to have overlooked, if they win at Ann Arbor nobody is gonna let them bring out a ladder and cut down Michigan’s nets. While it would make for an interesting, surreal, and potentially ugly scene, I’m afraid Big Blue wouldn’t stand for it.

    The other night was the first, last, and only opportunity they were gonna get to cut down nets for winning the regular season title (we didn’t know other teams were gonna lose and take themselves out). If they didn’t do it then they weren’t going to be able to do it at all.

    Regarding banners, you should see the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill. They have banners for everything under the sun. They’ll put up a banner for sloppy joe night in the cafeteria. I think IU should find space for conference title banners at Assembly Hall.

  • Rico Chet says:

    Something everyone seems to have overlooked, if they win at Ann Arbor nobody is gonna let them bring out a ladder and cut down Michigan’s nets.

    I didn’t overlook it, in fact I am counting on it. From now on whenever we win a game, wherever that happens: snap! snap! we should cut the all the nets building. Next season too, even after a cupcake. Soon the whole country will be too afraid to play us.

  • J Pat says:

    Chet, I never overlooked that. The way Crean does things he could have had a ceremony and had 10,000 plus show up to do the net thing, one last autograph session, and collected can goods while at it. I don’t know…I am just trying to look at it from when I was that age and from a coaches perspective.

    I can honestly say I have never really thought this way but I had a friend email and say…they really have underachieved all around when compared to the talent and media hype for this year. I got to thinking and he is right on, especially losing home games has been a let down. I think we/I expected Perea to be a real factor this year, Hollowell too and that did not pan out. I also think as many people have said, we lack toughness at times but the real reason for the 5 losses are for whatever reason the coaching staff has chosen not to run a multi-screen oriented offense around Hulls and Dipo to get them open and the failure to consistently feed Zeller the ball…I hope these things don’t get us in The Big Dance!? 25

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    JP, I don’t think what was done was all that out of line. But your idea is for sure more beneficial to the program, fans and to the community. Ever thought about working for the IU AD even on a contract basis? I am serious.

  • J Pat says:

    Clarion, funny and/or ironic. I have had the same job for almost 15 years and for once it is not secure for next year. I would do that in a heart beat but I have found out it is damn hard to get a job at IU athletics in anything!

  • JulieS says:

    Well, at least the boys didn’t look like they were buying this premature ceremony. I can only hope it embarrassed them into actually playing to earn it on Sunday.

    I understand the power of positive thinking, but that ceremony with shirts and hats and nets was way over the top. Heck, the university is even selling t-shirts now with Big Ten champ on them. I prefer to wait and see if it’s a true championship or just a quarter of the pie. I suspect the team feels that way, too.

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