Indiana, Oladipo on cover of Sports Illustrated

  Indiana is on one of the four regional Sports Illustrated covers for March Madness. Victor Oladipo is obviously the center piece of this one, but there are several other athletes on the cover with him (notice quarterback Tre Roberson over Oladipo’s left shoulder and tailback Stephen Houston at the ‘t’ and soccer player Femi Hollinger-Janzen at the bottom.). Also there, Riley and Meghan Crean, Tom Crean’s son and oldest daughter.

Inside is Sports Illustrated reporter Tim Layden’s profile of Victor Oladipo.  

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  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Come on, now. We all know we don’t have this complete resurgence without one name(no, not Tom Crean..though he would have been a delight on that SI cover).

    There is one player that made this all possible.

    There is one player that every team we face will attempt to limit touches.

    There is one player that caused positive recruiting results that will extend for a decade.

    There is one player that the sports writers left off of first All-American.

    There is one player that the Establishment is still wetting themselves over because he signed with IU.

    There is one player that could have doomed IU’s fate as we prepared for another decade of never reclaiming our name as an “elite” basketball program.

    There is one name that the Establishment wants to now, on the eve of the tournament, crawl up in the kid’s head, and make him feel like a second fiddle.

    There is one name that brought us our standout freshman point guard…and all other recruits associated with “the Movement.”

    There is one name that creates so much attention on the floor from our opponent that it inevitably allows other so-called ‘NBA shooting stars’ that came out of nowhere to far more easily exploit and gain open lanes and advantageous spacing to get to the rim.

    There is one tactic the Establishment has now employed as they manipulate and temper their early season praises they so generously slathered on thick for our premier center at the beginning of the season.

    Wasn’t that their tactic all along? Guess what, Cody? They are trying to get into your head. They are hoping for you to turn your focus inward and pout. They have heard you are soft and don’t like to be pushed. You avoid the brawl and you don’t like to bang. You are the gentle giant that doesn’t have the stones to dominate at this level, yet the level your “star” teammate has been deemed to have already conquered.

    You have a choice, Cody. See it for what it is. These people are zits that use the press to push and pull at your emotions. Show them it was never about you. Show them it was never about being 1st team All-American. Show them it wasn’t about making the covers their magazines. Show them their worst fear. Show them that Cody Zeller didn’t come to Indiana because he’s weak.

    Show them that Cody Zeller is a wrecking ball to their Establishment BS. Be a wrecking ball, Cody. Be a pair of wrecking balls. Put us on your shoulders for one final run. Put your name forever into Hoosier lore. Six games. Banner six.

  • Rico Chet says:

    [Tom Crean] would have been a delight on that SI cover

    Wouldn’t he now? Unfortunately Crean hasn’t made a magazine cover since that groundbreaking interview with Ron Burgundy

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And what’s up with that cover…? Give me a break, Establishment world BS. That cover had to be designed by an IU grad already born of Establishment. I’ve heard of deception in attempts at political correctness, but this is ridiculous.

    On any given game day at Assembly Hall, you’ll be lucky to see one face in a crowd of 20 that’s not Caucasian(not to be confused with Geoff’s non-hip ‘Causation’ race).

    That cover has five black kids…5 out of 17…nearly 30%? Riiiiiiight. Put a couple more black kids in that picture and we could pass for Grambling. Please show me a verifiable number that anywhere approaches that figure(30%) as realistically representing the true attempts IU has made to add African American kids to their student population. Realistic number? 7%. I looked it up. 7% would have put one African American face in the crowd of students surrounding Oladipo. One out of every 20.

    Where’s the Asian kids and international students? Don’t they get into March Madness? They sure get into the science schools at IU.

    163 foreign countries are enrolled at IU campuses and make up 32 percent of the student population(courtesy: 2012, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs).

  • Rico Chet says:

    I stand corrected.

  • Jeremy Price says:

    IU soccer player Kerel Bradford is also on the cover to Oladipo’s right.

  • I know this is crazy talk, Harvard, but it might be because SI wrote a Cody Zeller story for the season preview and has a Victor Oladipo piece for this issue. And Zeller was on the cover for the preview and Oladipo is on it now because they already had Zeller on the cover.
    I know, crazy. Establishment BS. And you did recognize that just about everyone on the cover is an athlete, right? No, it’s not supposed to look like Assembly Hall on an average game, it was supposed to get as many IU athletes on the cover of Sports Illustrated as possible. It’s a marketing/recruiting ploy.

  • Larry says:

    I’m not fascinated that we’re on the cover. Way, way, too much work to be done in these next 6 games. Anddd, this team has not played IU bb the past 6 games!!! While my brain says we are going to be ok, my gut feeling says the opposite!!!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    No, Dustin..I didn’t recognize some of the other faces as being IU athletes from sports not at the forefront of national coverage. Nor would any fan currently tuned into March Madness picking up that issue on a newsstand, or viewing it on a website, would think those are Indiana athletes…I would surmise that most looking at that photo would think those are depictions/representations of a typical crowd of IU fans found at a typical game.

    And it doesn’t change any my thoughts to why sportswriters(mostly with Establishment agendas) are making Cody Zeller look like a second fiddle going into the NCAA tournament(keeping Zeller off the 1st team All-American team and putting all the limelight on Oladipo). Nor do I think it’s a coincidence that they put Indiana in a bracket that would take us to Oladipo’s home stomping grounds if we reach the regionals(which would again prompt ESPN to flood Oladipo with more attention leading up to the contest in DC)…

    All of it is an attempt to get into Zeller’s head and have him internalize all the second-guessing surrounding his abilities, backbone, lack of “stones”(Laffy’s term), and worthiness of being a top NBA draft pick…Give him second-fiddle syndrome. Conniving Establishment does not want that 6th banner in Assembly. They’ll do anything to disrupt that path back to elite status…Getting into Cody’s head is the only means they have left to derail the Hoosiers(outside of paying off some refs…But we’ll leave those forms of conspiracies to Geoff).

  • Ron says:

    BTN showing the IU – NC championship game – 1981′

    Big difference, besides NC 4-corner offense is the announcers. They call the game, not talk about everything else. Nice change.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Putting us in DC is an Establishment perfect storm…


    Oladipo- Makes Oladipo want to overly impress many of the hometown doubters that never thought he could be a top NBA draft pick. It’s very possible that he’ll try to do to much, become more of a one-man show, and view the game as his stage.

    Zeller- Internalizes lack of attention…Feels somewhat slighted by the press that is throwing ESPN parties and slathering attention on the guy that doesn’t want to seem to pass the ball, is forcing everything, and turning the game into his personal sideshow during the most crucial weekend in the past 10 years our program.

    Yes, I do believe the Hoosiers toughest opponent will be their own heads, their own egos, and their ability to not fall into the mental traps the Establishment is setting.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    ….he’ll(Oladipo) try to do [too] much.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Just read Larry’s comments about Zeller on the other thread(All-Americans thread). It’s pretty obvious he’s bought into exactly what the Establishment has been selling for the last few weeks..Cody is weak. Cody is “one-dimensional.” Cody can’t bang. Cody is no first team All-American..Cody didn’t live up to the hype. Cody is going to look like a boy against Wes Unseld and Miami’s front line.. Our reason for success? One name… Oladipo….Perfect storm. Establishment attempting to polarize a team.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Smell the coffee, Dustin.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And please don’t tell me that the press doesn’t have agendas…How quickly we forget. Thank Mike Fish for the 9 game suspension…Cody has had to carry this team in the middle…by HIMSELF. Hells bells, even Pritchard provided some decent backup last season.

    What the Hoosiers accomplished with a center that had zero inside help is beyond amazing. It’s a crime Zeller was not 1st team All-American. How many top teams have had no backup play on the inside? Even Elston was unable to give us anything. Watford? Is he really a legit bruiser on the inside? Even the Establishment thought that Zeller would get help on the inside from Perea. He carried our team on the inside and helped lead us to our first Big 10 title in 20 years…with ZERO HELP behind him coming off the bench(much of that thanks to the Establishment throwing the NCAA an A-Hope bone). If that’s not a 1st Team All-American season, then I don’t know what the hell is.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    The Establishment was very worried about the future Hoosier on the cover of this issue…Remember the kid, Dustin?

    I think you thought he was the next Hakeem Olajuwon. Maybe, in time, he will be..But did Cody get any help from Hakeem this year? Nope. He had to be our ONLY inside presence and live up to a ton of manufactured HYPE.

    And in what place did we finish in the Big 10 standings?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And who couldn’t Michigan stop when all they had to do was secure a six point lead in the last minute of the game against IU in Ann Arbor?

    In front of their home crowd on senior night, and with a 1st Team All-American point guard to secure the ball…With the Big 10 title on the line…With every possession being a must bucket for Indiana..Who did we go to? Who was the “one-dimensional” kid we put all the weight of that moment on? Who had to live up to that do or die pressure..? Who was the Hoosier that couldn’t be stopped? Who carried us home with that trophy? An All-American, that’s who. A 1st Team All-American.

  • You do realize that if Indiana was not on the cover for the preview magazine and not on the cover for this issue, you would be here spouting off about how the Establishment disrespected Indiana by not having it on its cover, right? I mean, that’s exactly what would be happening here. It is impossible for national media to make any sort of move that involves college basketball in any way whatsoever without it playing in to your conspiracy theory.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Come on, Dustin. It’s never about what you sell..It’s how you sell it. And Cody has been sold as not living up to the hype. It’s a complete manufactured bunch of nonsense.

    We won the Big 10 title behind a center that had ZERO when it came to legit post backup play. And where does the Establishment want to point the limelight?

    When all the cards were on the table for a Big 10 title, they(your objective press with an agenda) failed to recognize the All-American they had already written off. You and every cousin of every Establishment journalist had already handed the trophy to Michigan. It’s why Bo Ryan got Coach of the Year. We were supposed to lose that game. Zeller made sure otherwise.

    And now they keep elevating Oladipo to godlike, MJ, status…MJ? MJ could dribble through traffic in college. If you can’t make good decisions in traffic, you’re not a 1st team All-American. Give me a break. It’s obvious their motives. Get into Cody’s head. Polarize by turning him into a second fiddle.

  • Mike P. says:


    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And if they want to even approach objectivity, then you put the entire Hoosier team on the cover. Title the issue “The Hoosier Resurgence”…And you don’t forget the Hoosier faces of the last four years. They can be your surrounding politically correct faces. This is March Madness for God’s sake…What on earth are you putting faces of water polo players on a basketball issue for anyway?

    These are manufactured attempts at polarizing a team…

    Zeller is a 1st Team All-American. Hell, he was one last season. The only reason we don’t beat UK in the Sweet 16 is because they slap two quick fouls on him and our coach wouldn’t roll the dice and let him play. Benched him too long.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And you should lifetime ban bloggers that have such lack of stones they have to call people idiots.

  • Mike P. says:


    If Dustin chooses to ban me, I will take my punishment as I took a low shot.

    I called you an idiot on here, but I would much rather tell you to your face.

  • Aruss says:

    Mike P and I agree again!

    I get tired just scrolling the page to get past Harvard’s posts so I’m not sure how you guys can actually read them.

  • Podunker says:

    Aruss, we should ask someone with some extra time to do a study about Harvard’s posts over the last two months or so. It might be mildly interesting to determine the following.

    1. How many times has Harvard’s posts represented more than 50% of all posts on a string?

    2. In what string did Harvard make the highest percentage of total posts? What do you think his record is? My guess is that he has strings where his comments represent 75% of all posts. For example, on this string, not including my post, I counted 13 posts made by Harvard out of 24 total posts, or 54.16% of the total.

    3. Determine the percentage of total words written on Harvard’s average string and the percentage of total words written on the string where he has made the highest number of posts. Then compare that to the next highest contributor on The Hoosier Scoop. While Harvard has only posted 54% of all comments on this string, I’ll bet that the total words he wrote exceeds 70% of all the words written in this string (before my post).

    Hey Dustin, any chance we can get the Herald Times to sponsor and create Harvard’s own blog site? You could call it “Harvard’s Soliloquy.” And you could justify the incremental cost on the basis that by creating this new site, a lot more people would subscribe and participate on The Hoosier Scoop, thereby increasing the company’s advertising revenue.

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