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  • Nicole Brooks says:

    You guys must be so tired! Just wanted to say the H-T coverage of IU’s season has been so excellent. And – what does “Tijan Forever” mean?

  • Aruss says:

    I feel so empty inside. When will the numbness go away? The only thing that I have to keep me going is the thought of a front line of Luke, Noah, Jeremy, Hanner, Troy and Peter next year. If Mo returns to provide leadership and this team takes on Will’s work ethic, we’ll be in a better position next March than we were this year.

  • Podunker says:

    Aruss, I love your optimism, but we’re losing too much to graduation and the NBA to think that next year’s IU team will “be in a better position next March.”

    I don’t care how talented IU’s incoming freshman will be, they will not be ready to replace the experience and physical toughness that Jordy, CWat and VO have provided. And if we lose Zeller to the NBA, which I believe is most likely, it would be unfair to expect Luke Fischer to fill his shoes in the first year, if ever.

    I think the reason all true Hoosier fans are hurting this morning is that deep down, we realize that while Crean has brought IU basketball back, and given us a lot to be excited about, this team had the best chance of getting IU back to the final four. They fell short and I think a lot of people realize it’s going to be a while before we have this collection of talent and experience dressed in candy striped pants.

    We’ll be competitive next years, but I don’t think we should expect to win the Big Ten or make it to the Sweet 16. Then again, if for some strange reason Zeller were to stay for another year, forget what I just said.

  • t says:

    IU never was consistently quite as good as people thought and went downhill a little after win at Mich State and week off. Teams scouted them and started exposing weaknesses.

    IU is not quite all the way back….they do not dominate on consistent basis and struggle with good teams with good game plans. However, overall had a very good season BIG TEN CHAMPS!

  • t says:


    IU looked like mechanical robots, overthinking….many turnovers without getting a shot.

  • TJ says:

    Podunk ,,even IF you give some credibility yo Jordy”s “toughness”;we saw what the Syracuse mindset was on their first possession( even Boeheim said it in the post game) Their guards were bigger and Tychw took Hulls right to the basket on the first possession
    IU’s guards were to small for championship calibre play. Jordan Hulls played tenative the WHOLE last 1/2 of the season,and Cody Zeller had visions of NBA sugarplums dancing in his head

  • steve says:

    Nice thoughts to think we will be in better shape next march but we will be so young and return hardly any experience. I think a realistic expectation would be to just make the tourney. This was our year to do the damage!

  • Aruss says:

    Think about what we’re losing and what we are gaining next year.

    Hulls, Watford, and Elston reached their ceilings last year. Cody is what he is. Nice player who has a tough time finishing. Victor is out of this world but won’t take over games in deference to the team.

    What do we gain next year, Hanner & Jeremy who had their growth stunted due to lack of playing time who have much higher ceilings than Watford. Stan Robinson who will not let any guard back him down. Sheehey as a starter. Noah who is already projected as a lottery pick. Troy who is an athletic jack of all trades. Luke, Peter, Devin, and Collin. If they put in the work this summer, by March of next year they are top 10. I still think the key is Mo coming back providing leadership, outside shooting and a calmness to the team.

    I loved this year’s team but it was obvious they peaked at MSU and the last month of the season they were off.

  • Rico Chet says:

    “Credit them,” Oladipo said. “They did a great job with their zone. They’re well-coached.”

    Ouch. (Indiana isn’t.)

  • Rico Chet says:

    “Let’s face facts. We haven’t seen a zone like that,” Crean said the man who has been scheduling cupcakes for the last five years.

  • David Garshaw says:

    I am working here near Syracuse and a big Orange fan asked why IU didn’t use a full court press, as that is SU’s weak spot. Louisville and Georgetown did in their W’s over the Orange. Did Coach miss this one?

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    I completely agree with Aruss. Mo has been the missing link this entire year. I’m not even sure that I would not have pushed it a bit (as in forced a decision that may have been ahead of itself) by giving him more time even when others, with less potential and leadership, seemed to be ahead of him. Even Mo’s remarkable will and emotional strength would have set a different tone to this season, more in terms of what was so unique and admirable about last year’s.

    All of which takes me to one observation (please do not interpret as ‘Fire (anyone)’. I have never seen (IU fan since late 1950’s) an IU team so absolutely unprepared to face a strong, well coached opponent in all my years of watching the Hoosiers. Made even more so by the fact that Jim Boeheim is- as a coach- a ce;ebrated, respected and not an unknown quantity to the Hoosier coaching staff.

    More than anything, very sad. Players like the magnificently blooming Victor Oladipo deserved more assistance, guidance, ideas and support from their coaches. I now hope they take a look at the direction of the program, make decisions and adjustments as needed and move in the direction of supporting the excellent talent they have been able and, seemingly, continue to recruit. I would, however, make the point that focusing first attention to Indiana players, while complementing it with national talent like Oladipo and Sheehey would be my preference (though not my decision to make).

  • Old Coach says:

    Direction not desire leads you to your destination. Direction is all about preparation and IU was not as well prepared as Syracuse. I worked with Boeheim for several years…his defensive philosophy is quit simple and he recruits to fit it. The IU offense was very easy to matchup to and they are not good at probing any type of zone. IU’s help defense was in poor position all night and shot selection was awful. To put it simply, they were outplayed, outcoached and frankly got their butts beat!

  • Lord of the Lottery Pick says:

    And to think it’s all been captured on DVD!

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Old coach, you must have been a good ‘old’ coach. You are completely on target, especially about direction. Knew someone who strongly believed that practice does not make perfect; only habitual and/or (if direction does not intervene), permanent. Practice a technically bad form in shooting and a player will end up with a perfectly bad shot.

    Instruction and direction are the key instruments of perfection, in its ‘good’ form.

  • Ron says:

    Between all the anguish, pointing fingers and highlighted weakness of IU players, CTC and staff, couple of points.

    Seniors Jordan Hulls, Dereck Elston and Watford as well as the rest of the team exemplify the term student athlete.
    Seems none of them were in bar fights, spent the night in jail, spent big bucks on jewelry, skipped classes, were found cheating or are on probation.

    Watching coverage of fans greeting them at the airport on their return and parents allowing kids to miss a day of school to meet and greet them, a community proud of them, even in defeat.

    They may have lost a game but it’s safe to say they will do well in life. CTC and staff and all IU employees working with this team should be proud of their results.

  • Old Coach says:

    Game analysis is not necessarily finger pointing and does not mean these are not quality people but practice is about preparing for a test. The Game is the test and sometimes students don’t pass the test and sometimes the teacher does not prepare them well for the test. When we don’t succeed we need to prepare ourselves to succeed in the next test. This is done through honest reflection. In this case one teacher prepared his students better for the test, his students performed better on the test and were more successful. At this point in time one group was ready for the big stage and the other was not!

  • Larry says:

    This has nothing to do with peeking at the right time. This was simply a mental breakdown from the top to the bottom of the team. Had we not won the “Big10 title anyway, the chronic complainers would have been here anyway. There was no way of seeing this train wreck, it was clear that Cody lived up to my predictions of numerous past posts. Catch, turn, wait 3 seconds, dribble drive to the basket, pray for a foul because this coach clearly had the defense figured out. Cody took one outside shot from near the ft line, surprisingly made it. Caught the ball the same spot 2 other times, defense off him by 5 ft, both announcers on both ocassions stated, hey, he has got to shoot that shot. NOT!!!!

    While I think this has been a thorn in the side parts of the season, there was way more going on last night. Ill prepared game preperations & a total lack seizing the moment. Past posts of mine have also stated that I hope this does not turn out to be character flaw in Creans teams, you know some teams win big games, some teams choke, some teams win tournaments some flop. A team will carry the characteristics of its coach.

    While in the end the season turned out ok, we can lay claim to a Big10 title, outright, still leaps & bounds from where we were, but, I think this team underacheived in the end.

    All in all, it was still tons of fun watching this team play. Hope Cody stays one more year, esp if he develops that turn around jump shot.

  • Terryz says:

    You have one of the best 3 point shooters in the country since Alford, and you can’t set a screen for him to get the open look?
    Boeheim was laughing about how little we were on ESPN today. His take “2 undersized guards, a very small forward (Victor) and a 6’8 forward in Watford who doesn’t play 6′ 8, closer to 6’5. Our forwards were blocking their shots and even though we’re 5 th or 6 th in shot blocking, our forwards hardly ever block shots. ”
    Also he couldn’t understand Crean’s comments about the zone – he said that is all they played all year.
    Clearly out coached

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Oladipo’s going home party usurped all the focus on the mission…We have a coach that’s known for fattening his resume by finding NBA sleepers…What’s that do for Indiana? Zilch.

    Let’s just all blabber “Tijan forever” for the next 10 years like the do on the LiveChats…Maybe we can hang a Tijan Forever banner in honor of the Establishment.

  • iulongago says:

    The season began with high expectations and ended in disappointment. The Sweet 16 isn’t Good Enough. They were there last year.

    Indiana was predicted to be the Number One team in the country by both polls, predicted to win the Big Ten Championship, and predicted to win the NCAA Championship by most (including most of us on this site) prior to the season and then predicted to be in the Final Four if not Championship Game by most (including us) when the Tournament Field was announced.

    They win the Big Ten Regular Season Championship by one game. They lose in the Semi Finals of the Big Ten Championship against a lower seeded team. They lose in the Semi Finals of the East Regional against a lower seeded team, and they are not the Number One team in either poll at the end of the season or tournament.

    This team “Under Achieved” and they will not be better next year without Watford, Hulls, Olidipo (who would be crazy if he did not declare for the NBA) and maybe Zeller who still might stay (though he would be a Lottery Pick if he declared). It’s not ‘Back to the Drawing Board” but it is back to trying to ‘over achieve’ again.

    I’ve followed IU Basketball (and football) since 1967 and I’ll be doing so until they close the lid on me.

    This season has been a disappointment but I’ll always be looking toward better times.

  • Chet says:

    Boewhine has always been a douchebag. As classless in victory as in defeat. He won a title once because he happened to have Carmelo Anthony on his team. ‘Cuse lost the title in ’87 purely on his sorry coaching. They had a double digit lead halfway through the second half.

    Sure, they manhandled IU. Leads you to wonder why they were barely competitive in their own conference and got killed by Georgetown a couple weeks ago.

    I’m betting they will go nowhere from this point forward. Probably lose to Marquette. He’ll whine his heart out when they lose. He always does. It’s what he does best.

  • iulongago says:

    Syracuse (due to Boeheim) knew how to thwart IU. IU didn’t know how to attack Syracuse at the beginning of the game or respond during it. I don’t like him either but he completely outcoached Crean.

  • Punjab says:

    I know it sucks and everybody’s still in mourning and all, but I’m just gonna throw this out there: Kentucky was preseason #3 and NC State #6. We know how their seasons ended, and it certainly wasn’t in the Sweet Sixteen against a legitimate Final Four calibre team.

    Three of the four #1 seeds are already gone. With the exception of WSU and Marquette, all the Elite Eight teams were preseason top ten. Syracuse was ranked as high as #3, I believe, and are 27-5 in all games that Southerland wasn’t suspended (including the Big East tourney championship game loss to L’Ville.) They’re hardly a scrub team.

    A brief look at the past ten years reveals that only UNC in ’09, UF in ’07, and UConn in ’04 were preseason #1’s that went on to cut down the nets. Nearly all were unanimous or near-unanimous preseason picks to win it all. Indiana was far from a prohibitive favorite by comparison. In fact, only Kansas in ’05 had fewer #1 votes in either preseason poll than IU this year, and they lost in the first round to Bucknell.

    This loss, while heartbreaking, is not nearly as atrocious as some are making out to be. Sure, this team was special to all of us if for no other reason than its rags-to-riches story. Well, and because it’s Indiana. I just hope everybody will gain some perspective in time, and learn to remember this team for its phenomenal accomplishments, not it’s failures.

  • Geoff says:


    We lose a heartbreaker, and all you can do is being smart and ill humored about our loss. I don’t get it.

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