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2: Consecutive Sweet 16 appearances for Indiana, which made the Sweet 16 just once (2002) from 1995-2011..

9: Christian Watford’s place on the IU all-time scoring list with 1,717 points. During Sunday’s game, he moved past Eric Anderson and is just 23 points behind Kent Benson for eighth.

58: Points scored by IU against Temple, the third time in the last six games the Hoosiers have been held under 60 points and the fourth time this season. It is their first win in such games and are now 4-3 when scoring 69 points or less.

COLLIN HARTMAN, 6-6, F, Indianapolis (Cathedral), 2013: Capped his high school career with eight points, four rebounds and two blocks in a 57-53 loss to Carmel in the Class 4A state championship game. All his points came in the second half and he finished 3-of-13 from the field.

Ron Patterson once thought he would be taking the floor with Indiana, instead he’ll be rooting against the Hoosiers on Thursday night against Syracuse.

The former Indiana signee, who failed to meet enrollment requirements during summer school at IU last summer, signed with the Orange last November. There’s no question who he will be rooting for.

“I’ll be cheering for Syracuse,” Patterson told the Syracuse Post-Standard Monday. “Absolutely. I don’t like Indiana.”

Patterson didn’t hold back on his feelings about being cut loose from Indiana either, especially with the Hoosiers one over the scholarship limit at the time.

“I feel like they made a bad decision,” he told the Post-Standard. “I didn’t like it. It was an excuse. They needed to get rid of someone.”

Indiana and Syracuse are synonymous with the 1987 NCAA title game and Keith Smart‘s winning shot, but the two schools have not met often since.

This will be the first meeting in the NCAA Tournament since that game 26 years ago and first overall since 1998. The Orange are 3-0 against the Hoosiers since 1987 and 3-1 all-time. This will be the fifth meeting between the two, and all of them have been on a neutral court. The three Syracuse wins came in New York in 1988, and in Maui in 1990 and 1998.

“The problem with Indiana, for us, is they shoot it so well from the 3-point line,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim told Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio Tuesday. “They have four guys that shoot 40 percent, and I don’t know if any team does that in the country, has that many guys that can shoot that from 3. And (Cody) Zeller is the best inside player, probably in the country, offensively.

“Indiana is difficult, they’re a difficult team to play. We can’t stop them, we have to defend them as well as we can. But, for us to win we are going to have to play well on the offensive end of the court.”

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  • bb says:

    Read that patterson story, funny how he blames everyone but himself. I thought he left out one little point though, didn’t he get caught cheating as well?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    “I’ll be cheering for Syracuse,” Patterson told the Syracuse Post-Standard Monday. “Absolutely. I don’t like Indiana.”

    Patterson didn’t hold back on his feelings about being cut loose from Indiana either, especially with the Hoosiers one over the scholarship limit at the time.

    “I feel like they made a bad decision,” he told the Post-Standard. “I didn’t like it. It was an excuse. They needed to get rid of someone.

    Wow…Maybe my comments a few months ago weren’t so off-base.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Jeremy and Dustin-

    Is there any evidence Patterson attempted to cheat his way into IU? If untrue, that seems like a very harsh rumor to put onto a public forum. I’ve never seen anything suggesting he was sent on his way because he cheated. I thought it was just a claim he didn’t fulfill the necessary academic standards.

    Are we now saying he tried to pull a D-Rose? Hard for me to equate his bitterness to being caught cheating. It sounds like he felt academic exceptions are often granted, but the scholarship bind made him into the poster child for the “classroom loafer” that couldn’t cut the mustard.

  • Ron says:

    Hate to hear that from Ron. Hope he is crazy good next year.

    I would hate to think he is right and the scholarship issue lead to the grades issue. Surely someone at IU would have had the stones to address this issue.

    And maybe they did. We don’t know.

  • Wang Wang says:

    I don’t want to revisit those times.

    We have Syracuse ahead of us. Let’s pray!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Beginning to wonder if we’re the Establishment…Malik Story, Nick Williams, Bobby Capobianco, Matt Roth, Ron Patterson…Who will it be next year?

    Adios Remy. Maybe that’s why he’s been so tight this year…Just hasn’t looked himself. Maybe he senses it’s coming.

  • SpankyBtown says:

    H4H asks a legitimate question whether there is any evidence to support the suggestion that Buss cheated. First I have heard that. Even worse, it is phrased as a question. Cast aspersions under the guise of a question. Bad form.

    In the height of irony, however, H4H then makes his own unsupported allegation that Remy is being forced out. Pathetic.

  • suHky Tom says:

    ^ You are pathetic. He hit the nail on its head. That’s why you’re running around like a cockroach, he’s shedding light on the likes of you.

    Bawa. Where is Bawa? The Scholly Crunch is a difficult balancing act. Crean has a lot more to learn about that.

  • Bob Nemanich says:

    Often I see Harvard jump to conclusions. For one thing IU cannot comment in any official matter regarding personal and confidential issues related to Patterson or his enrollment. An eighteen year old or nineteen year old young man will react emotionally being rejected, get used to it, it is a big world where at the level he is at one must have all the ducks in a row. If IU had an excuse it was probably nothing is guaranteed and he would have to be academically eligible and even more academically a good student to represent IU. In that he will not have one iota of difference in this game his feelings are a so what.

    As for the game. IU better do many things better than they did. They are not playing with the level of confidence they had in Jan and early Feb. They have to play with a purpose (scheme) that breaks down Syracuse on offense and maintain the defensive boards. They are better than Syracuse but that does not mean anything, they must execute.

  • Chet says:

    I believe the numbers have been posted on the Scoop before that Indiana’s player retention rate is pretty much the same as the national average.

    That doesn’t mean that there can’t be any individual stories out there but putting up a bunch of names when everyone else has above the same retention rate doesn’t mean anything, either.

    I’m pretty confident if anyone posting here actually had some facts to back up these insinuations (against IU or against Patterson) they couldn’t post them fast enough. As far as I’m concerned, if all you have is an ugly assumption with nothing to back it up, maybe that’s one you should keep under your hat. If you do have something to back it up, let’s hear it.

  • Professor Polymath says:

    I’m a little confused on why you guys are spending time wondering if he cheated or not. If he didn’t qualify academically, then he doesn’t deserve to be in. It’s really that simple. Should we have put ourselves in that position? That’s a good question. But the Patterson talk is a non-issue to me. Especially when we have some kids graduating in 3 years and others pursuing Master’s levels in year 4.

  • Rico Chet says:

    Yeah, I agree: Patterson is too stupid. Roth too smart.

    Only Crean is the right intellect, chasing Michigan coaches after the game. Let’s keep him.

  • Greg says:

    Nick Williams and Malik Story were “forced out”??? Since when? All I remember when Williams decided to transfer was groaning by fans about how he would be missed and how could Crean let him go? Crean also seemed genuinely blindsided by it at the time. Wasn’t he our 1st or 2nd leading scorer at the time? In no way do I remember that he was allegedly forced out. No one was even suggesting that was the case. I’m a little cloudier on Story, but didn’t he figure to be a big part of the rotation the following year?

  • Aruss says:

    As I said all along, Patterson had character issues. His quotes confirm my stance.

  • Lord of the Hoosier Brain Trust says:

    TC has the bench dialed in.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I realize it’s a cruel world and there are no givens when it comes to scholarships and academic minimum requirements(unless you’re a kid of a parent that donates massive funds to the university). That being said, I think there is a balance and an interpretation of how much your coach can be trusted. Inconsistencies can build apprehension. If this kid was drifting so far below the standards, why on earth would you drag him out until the final summer, just weeks, before he’s ready to put on the uniform?
    There was no opportunity to take a chance on Patterson because there were no spots left on the roster. With such a borderline miss of the minimum standards and a school/athletic department seemingly unwilling to take a risk after recruiting you for two years..? I can understand some bitterness. This wasn’t a disruption to a kid’s hopes a year before he gets to IU..This was telling him you’re barely shy and we don’t care. And if it’s a character issue, then an astute coach would have recognize that issue from day 1. The kid has a tremendous work ethic on the basketball court. I can’t see how someone couldn’t help translate that same vigorous spirit into his books(given some leeway and fair chance to catch up to the curve he was probably behind due to high school curriculum that also had to be already known).

    And if he would have academically qualified late in the summer, who is removed from the team? Where does he fit if he doesn’t get the one C- in one of the two classes? What’s the next excuse for the next recruit to get the boot? Maurice?

    Reportedly, Patterson received a C and a C- on two summer school classes. He fell .015 below the minimum by averaging a 1.85 instead of a 2.0 for the pair of summer faculty program courses..Doesn’t it all seem a bit fishy? One grade barely slips below the minimum 2.0? He would “cheat”(as suggested by ‘bb’ in post #1)just a bit shy of getting a clearance from the mysterious “faculty sponsor program?” Hell, if you’re going to cheat, why not cheat yourself a grade that doesn’t balance on the thread of acceptance and nonacceptance? Sounds like a fixed jury.

    And then Patterson’s dream of being a Hoosier turned into a nightmare. Although he had qualified under the NCAA’s admission standards, Patterson had failed to meet Indiana’s enrollment requirements. He enrolled in a summer faculty sponsorship program at Indiana, taking two classes.

    “He got a C and a C-minus in his summer school classes,’’ Chris Hawkins, Patterson’s AAU coach, said. “That fell below the mandatory 2.0 that you have to have for this
    faculty sponsor program.’’

  • Geoff says:

    If the US had a nickel for every time a kid said, “I failed/got a bad grade/got in trouble/etc because the teacher doesn’t like me/has it out for me…” There would be no debt.

    I’m not privy to all the information, nor is anyone else. But growing up around 4 parents that were/are educators in the elementary and college ranks, plus all their friends, and then going on to become a teacher and coach for a number of years I can say there was never an educator I knew that ever once held a grudge against a kid, or did anything that wasn’t in the kids best interests, based on their ability to work, follow the rules, and get along with others. Is it possible that Ron was forced out in some scheme? I guess it’s possible, but I’ve never met an IU professor who’s character was questionable or handled things unethically. Again, I’m sure they exist, but my guess is those folks aren’t asked to be on the Faculty Advisory Committee. Just a guess.

    By the way a BIG CONGRATS to my step-mother who today was named Elementary School Art Educator of the Year for the State of Maine!

  • Geoff says:

    Harvard… That’s one of your better pics. FabioDipo… That’s classic.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    How many hundreds of entries I read on these very blogs that stated Sampson had to know the “character issues” of many the guys he was bringing in.

    And now I’m told that Crean couldn’t identify “character issues” with Patterson until four weeks prior to when he’s ready to attend his first practice in a Hoosier uniform? Malarkey.

    And I’m simply asking a question to where you find the spots on a roster if he academically qualifies? My post about Remy being cut is speculative and unfair to Remy. But what on earth does it do to a kid’s name when you claim he has very little character and he’s suddenly found not very bright. Don’t recruit the kid unless you’re willing to go to bat for him. It had to be known there were possibilities he could struggle academically. If the standards at IU are vitally important to be drawn like an unwavering line in the sand, then don’t drag a kid out until the eve his belief in you that you will not embarrass him or break a trust. There are no guarantees with any of these kids. Grades can slip once they’re in uniform. College is a land of many temptations and there is no coach immune from problems(character or academic)that can/will extend far beyond the borderlines of reason Patterson had the door shut in his face.

    Over-recruit and let the chips fall where they may..Send him off and take the blame for your numbers not adding up instead of his intelligence not measuring up.

    And if those of you want to cling to the “character” excuse…? That’s not saying much for the coach. You’re basically saying he didn’t do his homework..or he did know there was character issues, but was willing to take the gamble on his attitude problems if Cody or Watford would have opted out another year due to NBA aspirations. You don’t play with kid’s emotions that way. You don’t run an organization that way. You don’t build trust as a coach that way. Cut the ties early if you’re not willing to fall on the sword.

    There is a trend, folks; a trend where kids are left hanging until the very last moment a decision. Roth and Patterson deserved forthright honesty and communication..They deserved loyalty and trustworthiness anchored in timely decisions..They deserved a sense of appreciation…Offers were made. Letters of committeemen were signed. When hopes are invested in Indiana, we should not take those hopes lightly.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Yikes…Don’t know how “committeemen” got in there.

    Letters of [commitment] were signed…

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    RP has no more “character issues” than any average teenage student athlete. He simply failed to qualify at the level IU required. Even though of his own doing he is hurt and fighting back. Pretty natural for a teenager who fell short in attaining his dream. He now is saying some disparaging things that in the not to distant future he will no longer say. Once he gets to Cuse it will be over. Being no project he will be a stalwart for the Orange. Go Buss.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Being no project he will be a stalwart for the Orange.

    Those are classy comments, Clarion.

    Weren’t his academics a “project?”

    Strange how we think we can turn a kid with zero basketball fundamentals(difficulty in even a catching a simple two-handed chest pass)into a Division 1 worthy talent in four years, but we can’t turn a borderline student into and slightly better than “average” student in four years.

    One C- instead of the straight C…? That seems to be promising enough to catch a pass(pun intended).

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Sorry H4H I must not be with it today. You went about 7′ over my head with that 1, I have no idea what you said. Can you dumb it down, please?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Dumb it down? That’s what we did to Patterson.

    We’ll take a great risk with a basketball project(a flunkie at fundamentals of the game that are built over years of practice), but we’re unwilling to take the smallest academic risk on a kid that missed the cut by .185 a summer faculty sponsorship program?

    Why are the academics perceived as a rigid inability to improve while the basketball skills are perceived as having no limitations? Two scholarships filled with “pie in the sky” hopes that athleticism can translate into a top quality Big 10 talent in four years? But we can’t find enough confidence in our professors, counselors, tutors, coaches, and teammates to supply enough classroom “fundamentals” as to remove a borderline decision from the trappings of labels that defines him as a stagnant “academic project?”

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    H4H, rules exist for the sake of structure and the structure at Syracuse says he is not an academic project. I do understand your slant, totally. NO one on this blog is/was a bigger proponent of RP than me. He got a fair deal at IU even if does not yet agree.

    Oh by the way I guess I am with it more than I stated, as thought that was your direction. But thanks for the clarification.

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