(In case you missed it) Jordan Hulls accepted an invite to the Portsmouth Invitational

I believe Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall put this on Twitter a few days ago, but Indiana senior guard Jordan Hulls has accepted an invite to the Portsmouth Invitational. The event, held at Churchland High School in Portsmouth, Va., from April 10-13, is a showcase event for college seniors, and typically includes 64 players who are fringe NBA prospects and has helped numerous players up their stock enough to get drafted.

Among the other players confirmed to be playing in the tournament are Kansas’s Travis Relaford, Arizona’s Mark Lyons, Butler’s Rotnei Clarke, Notre Dame’s Jack Cooley and Matthew Dellavedova of St. Mary’s.

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  • benjamin t. ladle says:

    Yesterday was part one of why the 2012-2013 season for the Indiana Hoosiers was among the most disappointing in the programs history. I wanted to take a look today at more evidence to why so.

    I touched yesterday about Coach Tom Crean‘s lack of developing his players. The last point about that is the development of Cody Zeller. He was the preseason player of the year, for crying out loud. How does he regress so much he’s not even in discussion for the year-end award?

    The answer is he’s the same exact player as he was when he stepped on the Bloomington campus day one. He hasn’t matured one bit. He’s still the soft kid avoiding contact and playing small instead of his big 7-foot frame.
    How many times does he get blocked? Why not play big instead of getting low? I notice that every game from my couch.

    All of these reasons are why Zeller and Victor Oladipo ought to go pro and get as far away from Crean and this staff. He’s not developing them. Imagine where this team would have been if he did? All of the losses this season were due to no adjustments being made. Indiana should still be undefeated today with that talent.

    Then there’s last Thursday’s loss to Syracuse. IU had three guys ranked in the top 100 nationally for 3-point percentage and ranked third themselves. Syracuse played one defense and one defense only. IU had four days to prepare for one defense that allows open threes to the third-ranked 3-point shooting team in America.

    You can’t tell me these guys saw a 2-3 zone for the first time in their basketball careers. They looked like a deer in the headlights. The truth is IU had no gameplan for them. They didn’t practice against a zone at all.
    Now, IU fans are left with a bitter disappointment and shame. These kids who were thought to have brought the program back didn’t and didn’t win a national championships severely underachieved. The title and sixth banner was theirs. All they had to do was show some effort and improve daily.

    The reality is that it may be another 26 years before Indiana wins another title. This system and method is flawed and isn’t going to work. They will win plenty of games and contend for Big Ten regular season titles but never win another NCAA Championship.

    The talent can only get you so far. When you get to the second weekend and beyond in the tournament, games are decided majority of the time by the coaches and how they plan and adjust.

    It’s going to be hard to field a team as talented and deep as this one. It started as 13 guys fighting for valuable minutes to searching for five to even stay on the court — a disappointing season by historic measures.

    (Indiana Basketball: Part II Why Season One of Most Disappointing in Program’s History
    Read more at http://www.rantsports.com/ncaa-basketball/author/ericsmith/?EtuEzFClTiMAWfdk.99)

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Content: B-

    Style: D+

  • Chet says:

    No, I think it’s more like this

    Content: F (Fabulous)

    Style: A (Atrocious)

    Now I’m going to go in the forest and build me a boat.

  • Monduj1 says:

    Blah, blah, blah…blah, blah, blah, blah. That’s all I hear from you moronic boobs that seem to live vicariously through others. Get a friggin’ life of your own.

    All of the losses this year did NOT come from lack of adjustments. Turnovers, missed free throws, defensive breakdowns, poor decisions and yes, some coaching failures were the cause for those losses. Oh, and maybe just maybe the other team played better?

    You’re an absolute idiot if you think this team would have gone undefeated with a different coach. This team was NOT the most talented in the country, and even if they were that wouldn’t matter. Kentucky had a far more talented group of guys, but didn’t fair well as I recall (even before Noel went down to injury).

    So Coach Crean is responsible for the three players going 3-for-15 from 3-pt range? Was he on the floor disrupting their shots? The fact is that the shots were there, but the PLAYERS failed to hit them.

    IU fans are now left with bitter disappointment and shame? No, I’m afraid you’re wrong there. TRUE IU fans are very proud of the Hoosiers this year, including CTC and the rest of the staff. TRUE IU fans realize that no matter how much we long for the ultimate achievement of another NCAA banner, it isn’t a rite of passage or entitlement because we “think” our team is the best. A lot of much better teams have never won championships, including the 1975 IU team.

    This team DID bring the program back, along with CTC. Seems to me just two seasons ago we were enduring yet another horrendous B1G season. Maybe I’m confused, but I’m pretty sure we won the B1G outright this year, the first time since 1993. They did not underachieve, but actually overachieved considering the actual talent level on the floor.

    And Nostra-dumbass, you’re absolutely certain that they’ll never win another NCAA championship? Can you give me the winning lottery numbers for PowerBall this weekend too?

    You’re calling this season a disappointing one by historic measures? Sounds about right, as you are most certainly an infant and don’t recall the complete abomination of a once heralded program by Kelvin Sampson just 6 short years ago.

  • Fish Turner says:

    Was he on the floor disrupting their shots?

    Did you watch the game?

    Clown Crean is usually on the floor yelling constantly and making signs, disrupting the team.

    Clown Crean is a fraud of historical proportions.

  • iulongago says:

    If IU wasn’t the most talented team in the country, then it was close and those on this web site took offense at criticism of these players and hat assessment. They were ranked 1st in the country by most experts (including us on this web site) and they went back and forth (I think IU was ranked #1 more weeks than any other team) all season. IU won the Big 10 Regular Season Championship and was a 1 Seed in the NCAA Tournament. After last season, all of the above was expected. In sum, this team ‘under achieved’ this season. Half time adjustments that worked were rare and the preparation for Syracuse was not apparent. This season was a disappointment. They should be in the Final Four. Crean is at fault and the the players share the blame. There’s merit to all of the statements regarding Crean bringing the program back to prominence, the players working hard, etc. etc. The reality is that they should have achieved more because of their abilities. Last year included an element of luck with hope springing from it. This year epitomized unfulfilled potential.

  • Geoff says:

    Ladle… Did you just opine that Crean hasn’t developed Dipo?

    The kid who came in as a 3-star, lightly recruited athlete… Increased his scoring, rebounding, assist, shooting, and defensive numbers each year… Became conference DPOY…. Became first team all-conference… Is a national POY candidate… And will be a lottery pick this summer… All from a guy no one outside of the B1G fan base had heard of before this year.

    I get the Zeller cricicisms, but you need to learn when to cut yourself off.

  • C. O. Lander says:

    Crean developed Oladipo like he developed Dwyane.

    Against Syracuse Oladipo looked most developed of all.

    Crean’s contribution to Oladipo’s development was on full display during the Syracuse game. It was so obvious, so very shiny. You could not miss it on the telly. It was there.

    Another player who progressed by leaps and bounds under Crean was E. Arnett (baseball).

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I heard Alford may be attempting to hire the Park Tudor coach, Ed Schilling, as one of his assistants…

    With the mass exodus the rest of our starters(Watford, Hulls, and assuming Zeller and Oladipo go pro), I wonder if Yogi might consider transferring? Southern California weather would be awfully inviting and he’d have the comfort level of his former high school coach to get adjusted.

  • Nat Hill IV says:

    Wasn’t this article about Jordan?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I honestly think Jordy could have a bigger NBA career than Oladipo.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    btl, there are peoples lives in serious jeopardy because of the total waste of o2 from your post.

  • Larry says:

    t.ladles, go back & read my posts about Cody not developing from last year nor as the season proressed this year. I posted countless times, esp during the Big10 season. While I do think other players have developed under Crean, I can think of one off the top of my head rather quickly, I think his name was Vic..Victor or something. Cody has not & I will comment again, simply one dimensional on offense, catch the ball, turn & face the basket, wait 3 sec, dribble drive in hopes he can get a layup or a dunk or at the very least pray for a foul. The announcers on 2 separate ocassions when Cody cuaght the ball at the foul line, the def player was 5 ft off him, the announcers said, hey, he’s gotta shoot that shot!! Roughly in the Big10 Cody was like 6-30 from 5ft+ from the basket. His turnaround jumper just looks horrible, he has a great looking ft shot????

  • Larry says:

    t.ladles, go back & read my posts about Cody not developing from last year nor as the season proressed this year. I posted countless times, esp during the Big10 season. While I do think other players have developed under Crean, I can think of one off the top of my head rather quickly, I think his name was Vic..Victor or something. Cody has not & I will comment again, simply one dimensional on offense, catch the ball, turn & face the basket, wait 3 sec, dribble drive in hopes he can get a layup or a dunk or at the very least pray for a foul. The announcers on 2 separate ocassions (loss in NCAA) when Cody cuaght the ball at the foul line, the def player was 5 ft off him, the announcers said, hey, he’s gotta shoot that shot!! Roughly in the Big10 Cody was like 6-30 from 5ft+ from the basket. His turnaround jumper just looks horrible, he has a great looking ft shot????

  • AWinAZ says:

    REF: #11 – HfH

    Bahahahahahahahahahaahahaha…..Jordy has no shot to play contributing minutes in the NBA. None. Zero. Average minutes over any, albeit pipe, dream in the NBA will be < 2 / game. He proved it down the stretch. In the NBA teams play 4X / week. In college only 2.

    Bon Voyage Jordy…it's a long flight to Europe. We'll miss you and appreciate you for adding that shot to the program for the last 1.5 years. (Includes and subtracts the last 0.5 that the shot didn't go in.) Shot about 25% in his last month I think.

  • Podunker says:

    Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome (“TCDS”) has become an epidemic.

  • Why says:

    The recruiting will fall off because Crean’s reputation for being outcoached will supersede his friendly personality at the kitchen table. People will not come here just for a pretty campus or a great student section. The kind of talent it takes to win a championship will want to go where they can improve and develop for the NBA. That isn’t what we have in Btown….and don’t throw D Wade at me……some players could coach themselves and be as successful regardless of their coach. Crean is a great guy but he is on a short leash for the fans will turn on him….because remember….”It’s Indiana”

  • Chet says:

    CTC will retire from IU in 20-30 years. The sooner you accept that the sooner you’ll get a job and move out of Mom’s basement (if you really WANT to move out).

    I feel bad for Steve Alford. I think UCLA is a rat’s nest and it may be a no win situation. I understand he felt like he HAD to give it a shot. I just hope it doesn’t tarnish his brand if it doesn’t work out.

  • Geoff says:

    It’s such a bizarre statement to make after seeing the improvements Dipo made under Crean.

    2010 – unheralded recruit
    2011 – useful freshman with potential
    2012 – all-league defender with blossoming offensive skills
    2013 – Naismith and Wooden award finalist and NBA lottery pick

    While Sheehey has not made that ascent, his named is being bandied about as a potential NBA guy. Despite Cody’s lack of visible improvement he will still be a lottery pick when he comes out… Recruits are looking at the bottom line… They aren’t studying every game like us fans. They don’t know that Cody isn’t measurably better than last year. They just know that he’s a star and a lottery pick. Dipo is a star and a lottery pick. Yogi has star potential on the college level. Vonleh and Williams have star potential and will probably be NBA players.

    “The kind of talent it takes to win championships will want to go where they can improve and get ready for the NBA.” Ummm, you’re describing IU’s system.

    (Now if your argument is that 5-star centers may start to avoid IU may have some validity, but its still way too early to tell.)

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Oladipo did not possess the offensive skill sets to ever put the Hoosiers on his shoulders and carry us to the Final Four.

    A much improved player, but IU still lacked the true superstar that can pull off what a Trey Burke did for Michigan against Kansas.

    I thought that Cody was going to be that unstoppable force on our talent-rich roster that other teams had no answer. It seems that was the billing from very early on when he was gracing the pages of SI as a preseason POY.

    We had depth. We had an array of versatile talent. We had an Oladipo that was capturing the attention and riding coattails of a Hoosier team that looked like they had all the right pieces to go deep and win it all.

    I don’t think you’ll win championships until you get a true superstar mixed into the equation…a kid that doesn’t need 2-3 years to develop….a scoring machine that can turn it on when a good share of the team has gone cold or simply out of sync. There will always be another Syracuse looming and the only way to get beyond the fiery bunch ready to derail your season is the truly special and complete baller that demands the ball in the moment, delivers the key buckets through sheer savvy and skill a guy that can win any one-on-one match-up when its all on the line. Dipo is fine talent and a great highlight real when it comes to athleticism….But he’s not the complete player that can put a team on his shoulders when the rest are stymied.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    …highlight [reel].

  • Why says:

    Amazing how people attack you on this blog for giving an opinion contrary to theirs.

  • Geoff says:


    You are taking the conversation in another direction…

    But ok, I’ll address it. UM is really the only team in the Final Four with that type of offensive assassin. The only other player that’s really close is Russ Smith, and he is a lot like Dipo, getting his offense in transition and off UL’s pressure defense. He went 0-5 on potential game winners in the 5 OT loss to ND.

    2012 – UK won with overwhelming talent, but their top players were better on defense than offense.
    2010 – Duke won with offensive balance, but I wouldn’t call Smith, Singler, or Scheyer dominant offensive weapons where you just give them the ball and get out da way.
    2009 – UNC’s top scorer was Hansborough, but he did it more with effort than superior offensive skill. Ellington, their 2nd leading scorer, was more of a catch and shoot guy.
    2008 – Kansas’s leading scorer was Rush at 13 ppg
    2007 & 2006 – Florida… Stop me when I get to an offensive juggernaut… Horford, Noah, Brewer, Torian Green… No? No one?

    So out of the last 7 NCAA champions there has basically been one team that won on the back of an offensive assassin… A guy you just give the ball to and say, “go get us a bucket!”… UConn in 2011 with Kemba Walker.

    Listen, only one team wins every year, and lots of teams have guys that are offensively ready when they get to college. UCLA had a lot of talent, size, an experienced PG, a coach thats been to multiple Final Fours, and a guy who could get you 30 if you asked him. They didn’t make it too far if I remember.

    I’m just not sure there’s an exact formula or a specific type of player you need to give yourself a chance to win a title. My best guess is that you need to collect as much talent as possible, be able to get them to gel, be able to get stops and rebound, get hot at the end of the year, and hope you get a little lucky with your draw.

    I think with a little more size at guard, and a little more toughness down low IU can win with their same exact style of play and amount of talent.

  • Yesterday's Gone says:

    ‘Harvard. You are taking the conversation in another direction’…….

    Now that’s funny

  • Geoff says:

    Do you feel attacked?! I simply made a contrary argument.

    Feel free to back up your point that players aren’t developing under Crean so he will lose out on future recruits.

    I agree that Zeller has not improved. Watford was never going to be an NBA player… he doesnt have the athleticism to compete at his position. He basically reached his potential early in his career.

    No rational human can say that other players on the team haven’t developed their games or improved their NBA stock. When they were inked at IU their wasn’t a single person, outside of their entourages, that thought Dipo, Sheehey, or Hills would be on the NBA radar. Dipo is a lottery pick. Sheehey is getting mentioned in circles as guy who could play at the next level, and Hulls got an invite to Portsmouth.

    There is no reason to think that Crean can’t make similar strides with more talented perimeter players like Robinson or Williams and turn them into very good college players and/or first round picks. Although Crean has some weaknesses, he seems like he is a master of motivating kids to work in the off-season and come back improved versions of themselves.

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