Indiana announces that Maurice Creek will transfer

Indiana announced Wednesday that redshirt junior guard Maurice Creek will transfer. He is graduating this week and will use the graduate exemption to play one final season at another school next year. The release follows.

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that guard Maurice Creek will graduate next week and will not play for the Hoosiers next season.  He will look to play his final season immediately at another school and begin work on a graduate degree.

“With his graduation coming up next week, Maurice and his family have decided to pursue an opportunity where he can find the type of role that would provide him the minutes he desires and is accustomed to,” said Crean.  “In all my time as a coach, I have never witnessed someone overcoming the adversity that Maurice had sustained during his time.  His attitude, ability to continue to work and his passion for the game of basketball have never wavered.  He has been an integral part of our basketball family and will always remain that in our eyes and and should also in the eyes of Hoosier Nation.”

During his career with the Hoosiers, the Oxon Hill, Maryland product averaged 7.2 points in 54 games including a 31-point effort against Kentucky as a freshman.

“I want to thank Hoosier Nation for their support during my four years at IU,” said Creek.  “I am grateful that Coach Crean gave me the opportunity to come to Indiana University.  As much as anyone, he has helped me turn from a boy into a man.    I feel like I would have a better opportunity for more playing time at another school where I can be eligible right away.”

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  • PB says:

    So…..that happened. Any potential JC guards left to scoop up?


  • Aruss says:

    What if?

    Nothing but the best for Mo. I hope he picks a school based on getting a good graduate degree that brings him financial opportunities for the rest of his life as opposed to playing time. For all the bad luck he endured at IU, I hope this is a start for nothing but good fortune for him.

    I wanted him back for character and team chemistry but just like Remy you can’t blame a competitor for wanting to be on the floor.

  • Caleb Moore says:

    First thing that comes to mind is “what could have been”. He had such a promising career ahead of him, but just couldnt get his body to come along for the ride. Hoosier forever and I hope he lands somewhere he can get some PT and make an impact. He’s already overcome so much adversity in his life. Will serve him and his family well down the road.

  • Dersh says:

    So it’s about time Crean reach back out to Ron Patterson . . .

  • Guest says:

    Allerik Freeman?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I heard a quality combo-gurard named Remy Abell just came available.

    Nice size..sturdy frame and hard-nosed defender. Can bring the ball up under heavy duress. Doesn’t always shoot for consistent average, but can deliver daggers in pressure moments when cocky studs named Sheehey suddenly get weak in the knees. He’s a quiet leader..Not much of a showboat. Not the most vocal guy on the court, but there’s a noticeable resolve and determination that is infectious to creating chemistry on the floor. I think he just left a highly regarded school because he was perplexed by some over-signing tendencies..Possibly left feeling a sense of disloyalty where roster-stuffing and subtle intimidation tactics for PT were emanating from a coach more focused on continually bringing in something perceived as the “next best thing” because he’s lacking in the chalkboard skills that help bring the most out of all specialty skill sets that build a top-to-bottom roster into successful and cohesive team. This Abell kid still has two solid years left in his college game and could be a perfect medicine on a team that could be lacking in maturity and leadership.

  • Dave says:

    This slot is for Dante Exum. I heard the guy graduates in Dec, 2013 and is immediately eligible to play. If he comes to IU he’s probably there for one semester then turns pro.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    oops. combo [guard]

  • Keith says:

    Thanks Mo. Thanks for demonstrating an indomitable will to get back on the floor after three lower extremity injuries; each of which has ended the career of many an athlete. Your leadership, character and work ethic helped to change the culture in IU athletics. Best wishes in all your future endeavors to a guy whose has stared down serious adversity on multiple occasions and didn’t blink. Jay Bilas believes toughness is a skill which can be developed; Mo Creek is tougher than a $2 steak. Thanks again Mo!!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Now were quoting Dukie dweebs on an IU board? Bilas can go suck an Establishment egg. Duke is nothing without K. K is nothing without Knight. Knight is nothing without the passion that grew out of a state where basketball was its lifeblood. It’s easy math.

  • Podunker says:

    Mo Creek is a MAN! What a great example and inspiration to boys and young men who must overcome adversity. I admire his courage and perseverance a great deal and wish him all the best in the future. Aside from his physical rehabilitation afar so many heartbreaking injuries, we must also applaud him for keeping pace with his academics through those injuries. It’s not easy to study and go to class after suffering a major injury that includes surgery and aggressive rehab. But he stayed the course when a lot of lessor people would have thrown in the towel.

    This is a win-win for Mr. Creek and for IU. Mo has his degree and will transfer to a team that will provide him the opportunity to be a starter or at least play a lot of minutes. That was not going to happen at IU next season. And now IU has some flexibility to either give a walk-on a scholarship or recruit another player with greater upside.

    I was two-thirds right about the transfers. I did not see Remy Abell leaving but was right in suggesting Mo would transfer or simply move on with his life. I was also right in predicting that the Crean-haters, who were recently bashing him for over-recruiting, would not post comments admitting they were wrong when his recruiting efforts were vindicated. Why don’t you critics just admit that you were wrong, that Crean is in touch with his players, that he has insight that none of us have, and that he was doing what’s best for IU basketball, especially when it comes to recruiting? At the very least, even his most ardent critics have to admit that he’s a great recruiter!

    Ironically, IU’s roster is now one scholarship player short of the maximum allowed by the NCAA. I suppose some of the Crean-haters will now begin bashing IU’s coach for not having a full roster or enough depth on the team.

  • Podunker says:

    Anybody want to guess as to whether Mo Creek is the last player from last year’s roster that will transfer? I would not be surprised if we lose one more player to transfer. I hope it does not happen, but it would not surprise me if it did.

  • Ron says:

    Kind of a toss-up. Which is worse, quoting a Duke dweeb on an IU board, or someone who has constant complaints of coaching, player utilization and as far as I can tell, anything the IU BB administration attempts?

    In the end, it’s your call.

    (Jay is one of the few I read/listen)

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Jonny “The Passion of the Maravich” can now get his scholarship. All is right at the Christian hoops compound.

  • Lord of the Late Night says:

    If Crean and Dopirak had a show on late night...

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Not a big surprise but this action does create in dramatic fashion a very young IU team.

  • RonB says:

    This could be a win win for Creek but I sure hope he goes slow because he looks very fragile to me and any College is taking a huge risk with him and so is he. He was safe at IU
    and I believe coach was not going to give him additional minutes for fear he would get hurt again and the roster has lots of small forwards who would play ahead of him. He is giving up his free education to go play at a small school. I hope he can find the right fit for he and his family. Best of luck he deserves some gook luck!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    *Hilarious. Dustin never looked more the fish in water.

    It’s a perfect Letterman and Tom Arnold parallel universe moment.

    Love the sense of humor…Not as crazy about the hijacking of my ‘Lord of the _________’ trademark(though easily distinguished as the work of an imitator by the poor execution of the lasso/head-pasting techniques). Then again, it was the holiness of the halo encircling Dustin’s head that probably generated the added laughs. Great job. Nice to finally see someone have some fun other than Harvard. Things have been getting awfully anal around Hoosier land of late.

  • Chet says:

    Great move by Mo. He’s got his degree, he’s immediately eligible, and coaches won’t be standing around waiting for him to ‘break’.

    He might turn out to be the deal of the century for some team. I hope so.

    He’s due.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    Interesting and better take on the Creek situation than Podunker’s over-the-top hogwash that came off as totally insincere with all its Crean slathering.

    I personally don’t see it any different than the Roth situation. These are guys that came when we were bottom-feeders…They deserve every honest attempt to provide their full eligibility. It’s the right thing to do(degree or no degree).

    I’m thinking their is going to be a late push to get some inside help. The raw and slow-to-develop A-Hope projects will not survive against the likes of McGary and other seasoned Big 10 post players.

    Cody Zellers don’t come around the bend very often in Indiana..Getting the IU job with a kid like Zeller coming down the pike is a gift of happenstance very few coaches would fail to take advantage. The most realistic shot at a banner in twenty years has evaporated because we have preacher/tweeter/salesman/NBA agent posing as a coach. I truly believe a top Indiana high school coach(the head coach that just left Park Tudor)could have taken our team deeper and made stronger adjustments/game plans.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Maybe Crean is going after Alford’s recent decommit…?

    Freeman looks like a baller. Would we have a shot?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Geoff is much more up to speed on these prep school ballers…Is it my understanding that Freeman played with Stanford Robinson at Findley last season…?

  • Chet says:

    Why would Mo want to use his last year of eligibility sitting at the end of the bench at a school loaded with young players where he has a reputation as a walking injury? On top of that he has his degree and can play immediately.

    If it were me I’d transfer in a heartbeat.

    I don’t get why you see a situation where a player is bound to only benefit as being against the player’s best interest. While coming back and being a star at IU would make for a great movie script it’s pretty unlikely to actually happen.

    Then again, the story of a guy who graduated and transfers to another school and turns into a sensation is pretty well established.

  • Old Sports Dude says:

    Allerik Freeman who played at Findlay Prep with Stanford Robinson just de-committed from UCLA. Not sure if this is coincidence or not. He was rated 81 in 2013 class.

    Sorry to see Mo go but had anticipated this for quite some time and ask about it each Thursday on the blog.

    Thanks for the memories Mo. Good luck and have a great future.

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