Abell narrows transfer list to St. Louis, St. Mary’s and Xavier

Former Indiana guard Remy Abell confirmed a report from Justin Albers of Inside The Hall that he has narrowed his list of potential transfer destinations to St. Louis, St. Mary’s and Xavier.

Abell said that he will take an official visit to Xavier on Friday and St. Louis on Monday. He said he’s in the process of putting together a visit to St. Mary’s, which he hopes will occur later next week. He hopes to make a decision on his destination shortly thereafter.

“They’re all tournament teams,” Abell said. “They’re all great programs. They’re all in good conferences. … I feel like those schools are the best for me as far as wanting to get into the tournament and get more playing time. I just want to go somewhere to get a fresh start. I felt like those were the schools where I would feel the most comfortable and the happiest.”

Abell said he was also contacted by Boise State, Butler, Georgia Tech, IUPUI, LaSalle, Murray State, Providence, Southern Mississippi, Tennessee Tech, Texas El-Paso, and Western Kentucky before narrowing his list.

St. Louis and St. Mary’s were both NCAA Tournament teams this season with St. Mary’s winning one of the First Four games before falling in the second round to Memphis and St. Louis winning a second round game as a No. 4 seed before being upset by Oregon. Xavier did not reach the postseason this year, going 17-14, but the Musketeers have been a consistent NCAA team for more than a decade.

Abell was not specific about his reasons for wanting to transfer in the first place. He hinted that playing time was part of the reason after he averaged 12.5 minutes per game last season as a reserve guard, but he had reason to believe his role would expand with the departures of junior guard Victor Oladipo and senior guard Jordan Hulls. He repeatedly said that he simply believed he needed a “fresh start.”

“People have told me and I’ve heard a lot of stuff about people leaving,” Abell said. “I felt like I just needed a fresh start,. Everybody there, the coaching staff, my teammates and the whole school have been very supportive. I can’t thank them enough. I wish them the best. I felt like I will always have a piece of Hoosier in my heart, it will always be my first school. I really enjoyed it there. … It’s hard to leave a program like Indiana. It was one of toughest decisions I ever had to make. But I decided that a fresh start was what was going to make me happy.”

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  • coachv says:


    I coached in moraga. go to st. Mary’s! your basketball career isn’t going further than college so go enjoy beautiful, sunny California. san Francisco is only a half-hour away. and the women? please. besides, cincy and st. Louis are holes. go west, young man…and see the world.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I also like the idea of St. Mary’s. No better place for a free spirit, hard worker, cool customer, and dreamer. What was being sold at Indiana may have been too heavy for an unselfish decent heart interested more in winning than in chasing villains.

    I’m very happy for the young man. I wouldn’t sell him short of any his desires.

  • Greg says:

    Enter Harvard and the melodramatic nonsense. “Chasing villains”…ha.

  • Chet says:

    It IS a beautiful area. One of my favorites.

    Hit the road, Remy. You went from Louisvile to Bloomington. Try something new.

  • J Pat says:

    The more I read about Remy the more confused I am. I want a fresh start and more playing time…what? My gosh, he was going to play 20 plus minutes this year. I don’t see him playing much more than that at these 3 schools. I am shocked that he would not stay and compete. I wish him luck and the best but will not follow him.

  • Oregoniu says:

    I agree, If I were Remy, I would choose St. Mary’s. I spent 4 years in Bloomington and 8 years in Moraga and can say both places have their pluses, but both are very different in what they have to offer. If Remy is looking for a comlete change, I second the admonation, “Go West Young man!!”. But, on the other hand, I was really sad as an IU fan to see Remy leave the program.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    It would be interesting to see his mpg stat once the Big 10 season began. There were stretches deep into the season that it seemed he barely saw a couple minutes per game.

    There has been a lot of talking about “risk” lately.. I didn’t see our backcourt as exceeding deep last season. Remy was a recruit that fell into Crean’s lap just a few months before the beginning of the season(not a kid that he likely kept on his radar). If my recollection is correct, the fact that his school of original choice made a coaching change, NCAA rules allowed Remy to become immediately eligible. Remy was selected by IU as an insurance policy. It was a very lucky move for Crean and worked out pretty well for Remy. The kid saved our ass in the tournament two years ago against VCU. Without his taking care of the ball when Jordy had his meltdown, there is no back-to-back Sweet 16(nor is Sheehey allowed to be a hero with a bounding ball a rim allowing a go-ahead bucket). In all likelihood, we’re not in the VCU game without Remy’s coming up big in another ‘thrown in the fire’ episode.

    And how did that level of backbone and ability to come through under pressure find its rewards…? Did he have the chance this past season to really get into the flow of any game? 12 minutes per game.

    And this 12 mpg came with a smaller backcourt. Now we have bigger guards coming in that can take away the pluses a kid like Remy could provide last season.

    He’s making a smart move. He needs a coach/program willing to invest the time to hone his skills. He needs the time on the floor to take a body built for the game to blend into the feel, pace, and needed consistent stroke. He wasn’t going to get that on an Indiana team stacked with interchangeable guards/wings with a very solid returning point guard from Indy.

    Come on, JPat. Look at the total picture. Insurance policy..No real steady love in his recruitment. He wants time on the floor and he probably wants a sense of a real shot to prove himself..He wants a coach willing to give him a chance with something that could blossom into a permanent starting role or a role that finds similar minutes to what Sheehey was getting off the Hoosier bench(22 mpg).

    With two years of college still on the plate, it’s a very wise move. It’s really his only shot at being noticed and developing his skills enough to play at the next level(or, at minimum, be an NBA/Europe longshot).

    There…No cheap shots at Crean.

  • Ron says:

    Harvard. Without a question, that is possibly the best post you have ever written.


  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Thanks, Ron…

    It still fell short of anything Geoff could provide to the Yacht Club, but I still appreciate the nod of approval.

    I do want to make a couple minor corrections to the first sentences of the 2nd paragraph.

    There has been a lot of talking about “risk” lately.. I didn’t see our backcourt as exceedingly deep last season. Remy was a recruit that fell into Crean’s lap just a few months before the beginning of the 2011-12 season(not a kid that he likely kept on his radar).

  • docdave says:

    I liked Remy, but he was terrible with team defense. His teammates were always on him for not switching properly and he didn’t have great mechanics on his shot. I hate to bash him much, because he seemed like a great guy and he enjoyed the time on the team. Let’s move on.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And you think Sheehey is strong at ‘team defense?’ I saw nothing better in his team defense and I saw far less in man-to-man. And Sheehey had twice the minutes on the floor to get acclimated to switching, spacing, helping, and team defense.

    There’s a lot of great shooters in the NBA with less-than-ideal mechanics.

    Remy takes the guiding hand off the ball early. Oscar Robertson and George McGinnis had huge hands and great control with somewhat similar style(McGinnis being almost entirely a one-handed jump shooter). I think Remy would be wise to keep the guiding hand on the ball..Keep his grip soft and work on rotation off the fingertips. He gets good elevation on his jumper and I think his depth management/distance control would be better with a nanosecond longer involvement of the off-hand. Just my opinion.

  • Ron says:

    “keep the guiding hand on the ball. Keep his grip soft and work on rotation off the fingertips”.

    Uhh ok. Uhhh – nothing, sorry. Mind was wandering for a minute.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Don’t let the guiding hand slip around the front of the ball. Keep the guiding hand soft and think it in to the backside of the rim.

  • Ron says:

    Rim…? What….?

  • docdave says:

    I was focusing on Abell. I think his other problem with mechanics is that his shot has a “hitch” in it and makes for a really slow release.

    Sheehey has his faults as well, but over all, he was a more significant player. Just my opinion, of course.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    You’re delightfully funny. I should have also mentioned that Remy may have a little too much cock in the elbow as well…I wouldn’t overly concentrate on too many things at once. Start with getting the hand off the front of the ball and keeping the guiding hand soft.

    Remy also is very skilled at penetration. Just needs to learn how to finish and absorb contact….a little too looseygoosey going to rack.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Here’s a good photo depicting the “overly cocked” elbow and the off-hand wrapping around the front of the ball(which would be more evident if the arms were brought down from the peak position shown in the photo). This extra bend in the elbow takes more time, creates the extra arch in the back, forces more ball grip, and makes him shoot the ball in more of a slingshot fashion(making it very difficult for distance control).

    I still start with the hands. Fix the hands and he can’t bring the ball back that far.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    ‘The Big O’ had a sweet little quick release(kept it high without bringing it back excessively)…Takes a lot of wrist..a lot of hours …and sprawling spider-man hands.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Watch ‘The Big O’ go to one hand during a warm-up shot at the 0:48 mark of this clip. Effortless.

  • Geoff says:

    I’m more of a fan of correcting a release point , follow through, and foot preparation this deep into a players development. It’s damn near impossible to reinvent a form once a kid gets college.

    Remy’s main problem is that he isn’t a good enough player to ever be much more than he is… Not with the talent we’ll have over the next couple years. He isn’t savvy enough to play the point and he isn’t skilled enough to play the 2. He is all grit and balls, which is great for a back-up or a mid-major.

    I wish him luck wherever he ends up.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    It is mostly release. The elbow is too cocked so he’s releasing late and adding unneeded grip on the ball.

    I think you’re wrong about his potential. I think there’s more than just “grit and balls.” I believe Crean was once quoted in saying he was the best athlete on the team. That’s not too shabby with guys like Oladipo in the comparison pool.

    He needs time on the court to build confidence and hone the skills. I think he was tentative this year because as the mpg dwindle the “risk taking” and experimentation to take your game to full throttle gets shackled by fear of getting yanked to the penalty box/bench.

    Sometimes that risk-averse tentativeness can be interpreted as lack of savvy. Time will tell. I’m obviously biased because I adore the kid’s attitude and his unselfish exuberance. Hard to write off a kid that seems to love the game that much.

    Go Bulls!!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Miami vs. Bulls is getting fun..Give ’em hell, Nate!

  • Clarification point. Crean never said Abell was the best athlete on the team, but did say that “off the street,” he was the best player on the team at getting to the ball to the rim. That was before Oladipo got his dribble drive game together and before Ferrell showed up. But still legitimate praise.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    That’s why I phrased the athleticism statement with “I believe Crean was once quoted…”

    I’m still going to research it though..There may have been more than one quote from Crean regarding Abell’s athleticism. When you’re looking at overall strength(upper body and lower body), I believe he was the best athlete on the team. The kid would make a hell of a tailback.

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