Hoosiers in updated ESPN top 100

The ESPN top 100 recruit rankings are out, with four Hoosiers making the list. Noah Vonleh slid back to No. 13, while Luke Fischer is up to No. 34. Troy Williams comes in at No. 54 and Stanford Robinson at No. 99.

As an aside, ESPN might want to update heights and weights as well. Vonleh is listed at 6-foot-8, 220 pounds but measured 6-9 3/4 and 242 pounds at the Nike Hoop Summit. And the 6-11,225-pound Fischer is still listed at 6-9, 200.

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  • Old Sports Dude says:

    Hard for ESPN to keep update as they are losing all their reporters to the other sports channels. Anyway glad our Hoosier Scoop guys are keeping us updated. Wow Vonieh is almost 6’10″‘? Can’t wait to turn him loose next year. i think we maybe not be as polished but will be more athletic than last year’s team. Go Hoosiers!

  • BOB L SMITH says:

    That’s why I like using CBS’ services more than ESPN. How can Vonleh be #34 when he’s bigger and taller than they think? Crazy how people rely on these services…

  • Podunker says:

    Speculative puff at its finest. How does Fischer go from over 100 to 34 in a matter of weeks?

  • Aruss says:

    Call me crazy but I think Williams, Robinson and Davis will have the biggest impact next year because they are prototypical of the system CTC wants to run. I also think Perea will have a break out year that will see him jump to the NBA.

  • Podunker says:

    Aruss, are you suggesting that Perea will “jump to the NBA” after one more year at IU?

    While he may eventually make it to the NBA, I highly doubt it will be after his sophomore year at IU. If he was that talented, he’d have played a lot more during this past season. He has a ways to go before being ready for the NBA.

  • Marshall says:

    Vonleh is going to get 8 pts/gm just from rebounding and scrapping underneath the basket. I picture several Yogi to Noah alley oop dunks next season.

  • Geoff says:

    I actually don’t think it’s that far fetched that Perea could declare for the NBA after next season. He was in a boot most of the pre-season last year, then was benched by the NCAA, and wasn’t on great shape physically or mentally to contribute in B1G play… I think he could make huge strides (mostly in confidence, but also in skill) this off-season, have a productive (although maybe not superstar) year, and then get drafted on potential.

    I’m not sure I agree totally with Aruss, but I certainly think its possible.

  • Ben says:

    Aruss/Geoff: As much as I want Perea to succeed, I just can’t see him going to the NBA after this coming season. Yes, he had a lot going against him, but has some serious catching up too do. I have no doubts though Coach Crean will build up this mans confidence, coach him up, and disciple him as his own.

  • coachv says:

    hanner has more chance of going tijan than nba. ben, crean won’t coach him up because he doesn’t know how to teach big men. and when did disciple become a verb? well, crean seems to be building a Christian basketball cult so I guess anything goes.

  • Geoff says:

    Ben… Not sure why you feel that way. Honest question – Do you pay much attention to the draft? I’ve studied it for over a decade. My interest has lessened a bit in the last couple years (although its still far greater than the average fan’s interest), but the trends and principles of the draft don’t really change.

    Last year James Michael McAdoo came off the bench for UNC. He played 15 mpg and averaged 6 pts and 4 rebounds… Yet was a projected lottery pick in the 2012 draft. 3 years ago Daniel Orton averaged 3 pts and 2 rebounds as a freshman bench player for UK and was drafted in the first round…

    Perea is still young. He has shown absolute elite athleticism. He has the physical tools to be a NBA player. He just needs to show that he has potential and he’ll pop back up on the NBA radar. It’s not going to take him being a 14 & 8 guy… If he shows he’s healthy, hyper-athletic, and has a feel for the game that GM’s think they can build on then they will draft him.

    He could literally be the 4th or 5th most impactful player on the team next year, and still have the highest or second highest draft stock. The bottom line is mistake his college contributions at IU as having much meaning on whether or not he could declare for the draft.

  • Geoff says:

    …don’t mistake…

  • Punjab says:

    Vonleh dropped to #13??? Oh no. We’re doomed. Maybe we should cut our losses now and start over. Next season’s already a wash. The program’s in shambles. Fire Crean now. Or. Maybe these recruiting services are every bit as fickle as some of our Hoosier fans. Maybe we shouldn’t adjust our expectations and blood pressure medication on the whimsical, snapshot-in-time, ebb and flow rankings that our team and players garner from week to week. Maybe we should just be a fan and enjoy the ride.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    Geoff is right. It’s the Crean system. Bring in a considerable amount of guys that aren’t developed in terms of basketball savvy but yet have somewhat freakishly developed bodies with giant wingspans and “elite athleticism”…They have little use to us in terms of bringing home banners(banner contribution) because just at about the time another year or two in a Hoosier uniform could pay huge dividends for our patience, they get enticed away by the NBA that will draft them based on “potential.” And it can’t hurt their prospects when the NBA scouts understand they’ve been playing around a few born and bred Indiana kids that has allowed for some picking up of actual fundamentals.

    It’s just how the Establishment wants it. We bring in the NBA sleepers that are too raw and too lacking in sound coaching to be ready when they put on the Hoosier uniform. Who cares if they’ll be schooled at the post by the Mitch McGarys of the Big 10. All we care about as Hoosier fans is that Geoff can say he was correct and the NBA will offer these kids millions just when we’ve taught them the court savvy of an average Indiana 8th grade hoopster to go with their oodles of raw athleticism. Yippee.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Geoff clearly has the Hanner possibility correct. While coachv sits in his glass house filled with stones.

  • docdave says:

    Punjab- great post #12

    I especially liked the “adjust BP meds on a whim” comment.

  • Weatherman says:

    Can’t agree with those who say Perea has a shot at the NBA. For all the talk about his “athleticism”, the only physical skill he has ever demonstrated is his leaping ability. As of one month ago he had not shown that he can do any of the following things: dribble, catch the ball, shoot, pass, or defend without fouling. He was not even able to do the things that great leaping should facilitate, like block shots. Will he improve? Sure. But guys don’t go from not being able to catch the ball to playing in the NBA, at least not in one year. I would frankly be excited if all he did was develop into a reliable backup who can rebound and block shots in relief of Fischer and Vonleh, both of whom look to have considerably more well-rounded games.

  • Geoff says:

    Weatherman… You clearly haven’t seen any of his prep film (And apparently you haven’t paid attention to the past 15 years of the NBA draft). Perea demonstrated the ability to do all of those things at a very high level of HS ball. If you would like I can go back and name 15 players that got drafted in the past 10 years with resumes similar to Perea’s.

    Harvard, regardless of whether what you said is true or not, it is most certainly beside the pont of this conversation.

  • coachv says:

    like weatherman (are you really a weatherman?), I was referring to hanner’s nba chances after his next season, not in a few years.

    Geoff, I’ve seen hanner’s prep film. these are highlights, not showing all the times he struggled. jurkin looked like a sure-fire stud in his prep reels also.

  • Ben says:


    I respectfully disagree. Geoff, I admit, I don’t follow the draft. Once they leave college, I basically stop following the athlete. Maybe I will follow Oladipo and Zeller. Don’t know. My thing is this. Saying Perea will make the leap to the NBA after this coming season is like saying Kmart is going to out profit Walmart. Won’t happen. I just don’t see it. The man is just too raw.

    I hope you and Harvard are right. Would love to see it. Lets revisit this again after the season, and just maybe you can say “told you so”. I will say though I don’t see how he could regress much more. Just I do t see NBA quite yet. Shall see.

    coachv/Rico Chet/NFL Draft: Makes no sense. You once stated you was a coach, but never backed it up. So what level have you coached?

  • coachv says:


    20 years of high school ball

  • Weatherman says:

    Geoff, you presume far too much. I not only have seen all of his mix tapes, I saw him play in person both for his high school team and his AAU team. He has been a one dimensional player since the day he first appeared on the scene. Well, two dimensional in that he could dunk on offense and block shots on defense. He was able to score in transition, but rarely in the half court, and he has never been able to handle the ball or shoot well.

    Moreover, his high school career is irrelevant. Even allowing for injuries and suspensions, he has not yet shown he can translate even his limited skills to college. His footwork, timing, positioning, and technical skills were all sorely lacking, and if anything regressed over the course of the season. He couldn’t even block shots against the cupcakes on our schedule who had no one even approaching his size.

    As for the draft, you can list whomever you would like from the past, in the present he has no shot. Trevor Mbakwe and CJ Leslie, both comparably athletic (not identical, don’t get all technical on me) but far more accomplished at a similar position, both project as 2nd round picks. That means they have at best an outside shot of making a roster. When Perea shows the kind of productivity that they did, I will agree he has at least a chance. Until then, he is just a guy who can jump high.

  • Ben says:

    Awesome coachv.

  • Geoff says:

    Weatherman… That’s because Mbakwe and Lesle stayed in college too long. They basically proved to NBA scouts what they were. Had they both declared early they would’ve had higher draft stock.

    Maybe you forgot, but Hanner didn’t play against the cupcakes on our schedule… And he was hurt in the preseason… In a walking boot. While everyone else was gearing up and getting acclimated he was sitting on the sideline texting his boys. Then when he got out of the boot the NCAA sidelined him.

    I never said he would be great next year for IU, or even good. I think he has that potential. I also know that all of that is basically irrelevant to his NBA draft stock.

    Btw, getting drafted in the 2nd round is still getting drafted.

    Oh… And Ben, Harvard was not agreeing with me on this point… He was just trying to take another swipe at Crean.

  • Ben says:

    My bad Geoff. Shame Harvard. 🙂

  • Ben says:

    I rather be an example and stay “too long”, get my degree, and chance on being drafted. Shame on these NBA scouts scrutinizing kids for staying the coarse. Don’t make a bit of sense of what we dream of our kids becoming.

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