Zeller on NBA Draft, 5-Hour Energy and Paul Allen

His pro career hasn’t started yet, and he won’t know his ultimate NBA destination until next Thursday’s draft at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. But there is one thing Cody Zeller has discovered about life after college.

“It’s nice,” he said by phone Thursday afternoon from Detroit, where the likely lottery pick will work out for the Pistons Friday. “It’s just crazy, because my whole life I haven’t been able to accept a free pair of socks or anything. Now it’s a whole different world. It’s nice doing endorsements and stuff.”

One of those endorsement deals is with the energy drink 5-Hour Energy, for which Zeller recently asked on Twitter, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Climbed Mt. Everest, ate a whole package of Oreos, etc. Reply with #5HEnergy.”

One of the responses came from IU soccer product Eriq Zavaleta. “@CodyZeller craziest? We left Indiana before they made us leave #5HEnergy.”

Zeller may need a 5-Hour Energy before the draft. He has been in high demand both on and off the court since finishing his final exams at Indiana University last month. The very next day Zeller flew to Los Angeles, home of his agent, Sam Goldfeder of Excel Sports, to begin working out. And it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

“I was there a few weeks, went to Chicago (for pre-draft camp), back to L.A. and then started workouts,” Zeller said. “I’ve been from L.A. to Salt Lake City to Phoenix to Portland, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Sacramento, back to L.A., Philadelphia, Charlotte and in Detroit now. Then I go to Orlando (to work out for the Magic) and then to New York for the draft.”

But he said it’s hard to gauge whether some teams like him more than others.

“All of them are seriously interested,” Zeller said. “It’s a big venture for them, so they do an unbelievable amount of research on your background and get to know you personally.
“It’s tough to tell what will happen on draft night — this year more than most years. It will be interesting to see what happens.”

But the IU All-American is certainly enjoying the process, recently going out to eat with new Charlotte Bobcats assistant coach Patrick Ewing, the former All-Star center of the Knicks.

He also got the chance to reunite with former Indiana teammate Victor Oladipo for a workout in Phoenix.

“It was fun competing against him,” Zeller said. “It brought me back to IU, and it was definitely fun to do that. We’re always comparing stories and doing all that, so it’s good to have someone else go through it with me.”

The highlight, however, might have been Zeller’s ability to put his Kelley School of Business background to good use when Microsoft co-founder and Portland Trailblazers owner Paul Allen flew in on his helicopter to watch him work out two weeks ago.

“Two of my toughest classes (at Kelley) were Microsoft Excel classes,” Zeller said. “It’s amazing all the stuff you can do with it.
“(Allen)’s obviously a computer genius, but he’s not the most personable guy. But I talked to him about Excel for half of the conversation. I didn’t say it just because he was co-founder of Microsoft. We talked about both Excel and Access for 10-15 minutes.
“Then later I went out with some of the coaches, who said, ‘We have to say no other draft prospect has talked Excel with Paul Allen before.’”

There’s no telling what that means, if anything, come next Thursday night. But at least the whirlwind will finally settle down.

“I think the craziest part is not knowing what city I’m going to,” Zeller said. “I have no control over it and no choice. It’s definitely been fun. I’m just trying to enjoy it all.”

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  • Ben says:

    I slowly see myself being sucked into the NBA vacuum. While I won’t change my allegiance from the Pacers, I will keep an eye on Oladipo and Zeller. Just what I need. Something else to take my time away.

  • Ben says:

    Off the topic, but is it worth my money to be a “premium member” at Peegs?

  • Larry says:

    Ben, it is a decent return, but I think you can find just as good of IU sources for free. I think you would be better served to spend your money on becoming a premium member of RedTube.

  • Geoff says:

    Ben, save the coin and ask Aruss.

    I wonder if the “Allen’s not the most personable guy” comment un-waxes that shiny relationship Cody had with Paul over Excel.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Ben I know what you are saying about getting back into the NBA fold. For the last 4 years I’ve tried to become a fan again of the league that promotes traveling, carrying the ball, moving screens, 3 second violations and fouls, fouls and many more fouls not called than called. This season it came down to this. I just could not force myself to watch game 6 or 7. I really do not want the 2 hand set shot back but for my money the greatest athletes in the world do not have to cheat(and get away with it)to entertain me. Throw the damn rule book out, it is a TV circus.

  • Dennis Gagnon says:

    Peegs is worth it, I have been a member for yrs. I also subscribe to HT during BB season.

  • Ron says:

    As if the ncaa have no bigger fish to fry, we go from the girl caught washing her car with school water to their new ruling. Coaches can not attend live college games if they are scouting future opponents. All sports. Say a coach wants to watch a neighbor’s kid, or nephew or his kid and they are scheduled to play either team later in the year. No go. Can watch it on TV as many times as he wants and use instant replay, thats OK.

    Trying to emulate big government standards?
    And was passed by full-membership. Rubber-stamped

  • Chet says:

    Sounds like our NC Legislature. Every day is bat$hit crazier than the one before. They are currently in the process of charging a $50 surcharge to owners of hybrid vehicles because they don’t use ENOUGH gas and other resources. It is a lock to pass.

  • Mariner Tom says:

    Chet, that’s pretty outrageous. Once again showing that the “market” is only “free” to the extent that it cooperates with the needs and profitability of big oil.

  • Chet says:

    As it is with the US House of Representatives, the party that received the most votes is well in the minority due to gerrymandering. There is no hope in sight.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    You guys sound so terribly cynical and negative. So I guess “big oil”, the “NC Legislature”, and the NCAA are all part of the Establishment?

    Would this be somehow similar to the big business blowhards that colleges hire to run their AD departments to market the sports programs with cheesy promotions and carnival gimmicks like it’s a Kentucky fireworks outlet off highway 65?

    Be careful you bunch of fiery Libs..The NSA is likely watching every comment made on every obscure blog. Small liberal college towns like Bloomington are likely observed with much more scrutiny. Barack’s snoopers likely have their ears all over Scoop. I mean, if a bit of photo-doctoring of our sports personalities during their comical rants and escapades is considered off limits by some on here, then I would have to believe the NSA would look at the rebellious tone of your anti-corporation, anti-Legislative bodies…and anti-sports governing agencies for our American institutions with very troubling ears/eyes.

    Maybe L*ffy was never banned…? Maybe he’s just somehow quietly vanished. Or, maybe L*ffy is on their side..? Get my drift?

  • Ben says:

    Tree hungers and environmentalists make me sick. Keystone Pipeline??

  • Ben says:

    I meant huggers.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Same theory as subsidizing tobacco farmers, taxing tobacco and funding a cure for cancer. Oxymoron x 3. Gerrymandering has and does go both ways. Until 1994 the current minority party held the U.S. House for over 4 decades. A gored ox is a gored ox.

  • Ben says:


    I’m sending a fed over to seize your computer.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    I’m confused, I see lots of warnings to urgently call a doctor if an …[something]… lasts more than four hours.

    But then, they are trying to sell me a 5-Hour Energy wonder drink????

    No wonder we’re so confused about government regulatory agencies!

  • Chet says:

    HC, in the US House of Representative the minority party received a million more votes than the majority party. There has been some amount of gerrymandering in the past, on both sides of the aisle, but nothing that so ignored the will of the voter as what we currently experience.

    In NC, and many other states, they gerrymandered districts to get super majorities in the legislatures while receiving a minority of votes. Then these ‘minority majorities’ gerrymandered the Congressional districts to to put a majority in the House despite having a million vote deficit. Many state legislature are currently toying around with ways to rig Presidential elections as well.

    You don’t see anything wrong with that just because it’s your party? Consider this, eventually the overwhelming numbers of voters in the majority are likely to take back these institutions. If they follow the same script as your party it will be virtually impossible for your party to ever regain any sort power. They would have both a minority of voters AND a rigged system.

    Voting districts should be set by non partisan groups and determined by population and traditional boundaries such as county lines. Elections should be determined by the majority of voters in their local region (last year Asheville was plucked out of the middle of our county and, for election purposes, plugged into a voting district with much larger, and completely unfamiliar, Gastonia, nearly one hundred miles east of here. The resulting districts went from nearly even populations to a 4:1 disparity. Give me a reasonable explanation for that.). Now elections simply a game of Risk with billionaires rolling the dice.

    The state of North Carolina is completely and totally owned and operated by a single vile little man named Art Pope. That’s it, one guy. He hand picked our new governor and most of the legislature and then quadrupled the amount of advertising money that any of their adversaries could come up with. All their opponents had were voters but the district lines had been strategically moved about to nullify the will of the voters.

    After four decades of becoming the banking capital of the world (did you know that?) and a leader in technological development we are being turned into Mississippi in a single session of the legislature. Were my own children not already educated we would be forced to move as they have decimated the educational system. We still may have to move because we don’t want to live in the third world country Art Pope is trying so hard to create.

    That’s all. Other than being morally offended I doubt much of this will affect me personally. It’s just wrong. Peace out. Great job baseball team. Amazing recruiting job Coach Wilson.

    I just returned from a week long motorcycle trip (most of it through Mississippi on the Natchez Trace). Don’t want to live there but it was a nice ride. I’m a history nerd and that’s what that ride is really good for.

    I’ve been following a bunch of local kids that got drafted. It’s amazing how quick you become a pro in baseball. A couple weeks ago you’re in school and now you’re playing in a rookie league every night. No off season to prepare. Crazy.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Yes, Chester, I am well versed as to the financial horsepower NC has built. Many consulting trips to Charlotte educated me on that subject rather well. Are you really that surprised all politics is local(don’t recall for sure who said that)(T.P. O’Neill?). Gerrymandering was 1st used 200 some years ago to gain advantage of elections. The 1st party to use it was the Democratic-Republican party, forerunner to the modern day Democrats. Kinda akin to the federal scheme by the Dems FDR to pack the SCOTUS. Sorry about you ox.

  • Chet says:

    “Kinda akin to the federal scheme by the Dems FDR to pack the SCOTUS. Sorry about you ox.”

    Which, though proposed, never actually occurred, so we have some apples and oranges mixing in here. FDR was dealing with much the same type of staunch party loyalty at the SCOTUS that the Republicans enjoy today. Fortunately, for the country, the will of the majority of voters was heard and they were able to reverse the damage of previous administrations (which remarkably mirror recent history). Hopefully, one day, the voters will again be able to decide the outcome of elections. I don’t think that should be too much to ask.

    I believe it was Tip O’Neill with the quote you referenced.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    …and if the gerrymandering maneuver had not been successful in the 1800’s your ox would be healthy today…

  • Ron says:

    Riding in Mississippi – Was heading south to north and at each cross road there was a sign pointing to a public swimming pool. Let to wonder if a) Mississippi has thousands of public pools, or b) do all the signs lead to one pool.

  • Geoff says:

    I actually find this conversation interesting… I can’t find the context for the “ox” comment. I kow you are a man of few words Clarion, but can you elaborate a tad for me on your last post?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Top 10 anagrams for gerrymandering:

    10. Marrying gender
    9. Ring my gardener
    8. My grander reign
    7. Randy merge grin
    6. My anger grinder
    5. Merry dinner gag
    4. Merry aging nerd
    3. Granny germ ride
    2. Ginger ran me dry
    1. Darn grim energy

  • Chet says:

    Geoff, it’s an old saying “it all depends on whose ox is being gored.”

    It basically means it’s subjective.

    Ron, the ‘Trace’ was OK but I was hoping for more of a limited access road like the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Trace has direct access to Interstates, and about half the roads it intersects, so it gets used by commuters.

    I can get on the BRP and there’s rarely any traffic because, except for a short section between Hwy 25 and 74A, it’s just not a good way to get anywhere. It’s just a great ride.

    The Trace is good for it’s history, Indian mounds and such, but it doesn’t have the buffers other limited access roads have. The countryside is nice but you’ll look out on houses, businesses and cultivated fields. When you see that kind of things off the BRP they are usually miles away from your vista.

    We made a point of stopping at “family style” diners along the way. Asheville has amazing restaurants and I eat pretty healthy but I went “full Paula Deen” (minus the racial slurs) for my dining last week.

    Oh, this just in, Mississippi is much hotter than the mountains in summer.

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