Hulls to play in Poland

Jordan Hulls has found a new basketball home. It’s just 4,557 miles away from the place he’s called home all his life.

The recent Indiana University graduate and Bloomington native confirmed Tuesday that he has signed a contract to play for Energa Czarni Slupsk of the Polish Basketball League. Slupsk, founded in the Middle Ages, is about an hour from the Baltic Sea.

“I haven’t ever been out of Bloomington more than two weeks at a time,” Hulls said by phone Tuesday night. “It will be culture shock for me.”

But on the court, where Hulls averaged 9.7 points and 2.9 assists as a senior for the Hoosiers, the game is expected to be the same.

“Basketball, you can direct people where to go,” he said. “But going out in the city and the language, those will be different things.”

The season in Poland doesn’t begin until October and runs through late May or early June, leaving open the possibility of playing in the NBA summer league.

“There’s still summer league talks, and I can still do that even with signing this deal,” Hulls said.

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  • Podunker says:

    Congrats Jordy. I hope it goes well for you in Poland.

    Does Jordy have a steady girlfriend? If not, aside from seeing an interesting part of the world, he may have the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful women on earth. A lot of Americans don’t realize it, but there are a lot of beautiful young women in Poland and neighboring Eastern European countries. And for the most part, they like Americans in that part of the world.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I thought Hulls went on a basketball trip to China sponsored by a Christian organization…? Guess it was less than two weeks.

    I would sign the kid to an NBA contract in a heartbeat…

    Watching Jordy choke up on senior night is why Indiana basketball is the envy of the nation..I hope we never get so consumed with being talent-rich(at least in terms of what makes NBA execs salivate)that we pass on the kids with all the intangibles and the hearts of true champions.

    Glory, game, guts, and gumption all over his grumpy face.

  • Jeremy Price says:

    Hulls and Oladipo went to China with Reach USA for exactly two weeks in 2011. He did mention that, and it’s in the subscription story that will be posted at HTO later tonight.

  • Geoff says:

    Good luck Jordy… You’ll always be one of my favorites. I promise to tell my kid about you and how if you work your ass off you can overcome being trapped in a body. Enjoy Poland, and if you ever want to vacation in Maine let me know… I’ll buy the beers, make sure there’s a boat outing, and get you in a couple decent runs.


  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Yeah, thanks Jeremy. I thought I remembered a trip to China. After a bit of searching, I actually found the follow-up story…China and Poland. Lucky kid.


    Jordan Hulls, Victor Oladipo benefitted personally, athletically from trip to China
    12 comments by Hugh Kellenberger | Wednesday, June 8, 2011 – 2:44 pm UTC

    Jordan Hulls called it a once in a lifetime kind of trip. Victor Oladipo said it was an opportunity he just could not pass up.

    The two spent nine days in China earlier this month, playing nine basketball games against various international teams as part of a Reach USA tour of the country.

    “Not many people get to go over there, especially to play basketball or go see the Great Wall,” Hulls said.

    Reach USA is a Christian-based organization, and part of the trip is based in the idea of evangelism through sports.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Too bad he wasn’t trapped in Steve Nash’s mini Cooper.

  • Aruss says:

    Podunker – yes, Hulls has a gf. Her name is Aubrey.

    If he wants to play in the league, he needs to improve his defensive game.

    Jeremy – I’m hearing from my sources that the Indy Star is courting Dustin to replace Hutch on the IU beat. Can you confirm for Dustin’s fans here?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Sorta cool interview…Jordy reflects on his senior season, Tom Crean, and the trip to China.

    Dustin needs a gig where he’s on camera..His real gifts are in front of the lens..really good timing and delivery in impromptu settings and has great interview skills as well.

  • Jeremy Price says:

    In the words of Sgt. Schulz: “I know nothing.” And even if I did, I wouldn’t say.

  • Punjab says:

    My only advice is to enjoy it, Jordy. Being able to live abroad and immerse yourself in another culture is one of the truly rewarding experiences one can have– so long as you approach it the right way. It can be overwhelming if you let it. But if you embrace the change and soak in as much as you can, you’ll see the world in a whole new light. Congrats, my man. Your life has just taken on a whole new adventure. Live it up!

  • Ron says:

    Indy Star. That seems like a good move. Hutch be kind of hard to replace? Now Kravitz. Love to see him go away. Could then buy the paper and still feel ‘clean’.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    What has become of Hutch?

  • Geoff says:

    Hey, not that my pondering s ever start discussion, but I’ll give it another shot… Was thinking about the roster next year and there are a few questions… A few that interest me are:

    Who will lead the team in scoring?

    Who will (take over Sheehey’s role and) bring energy and scoring off the bench?

    Who is going to be the biggest surprise?

    I’m not sure these things are very clear at all, whereas going into last year, certainly 1 & 2 were. I think the surprise of last year was that the bench, and freshman in particular, were not as good as we thought.

    So I’ll venture a couple guesses and see what you guys have to say:

    1) I’ll take Sheehey at somewhere around 14 ppg, but I’m guessing we have Yogi and Vonleh coming in around 12 or 13 as well. Fischer, Williams, Hollowell, and Gordon all have a shot at double-figures as well… And who knows, maybe even Perea will make the IU sophomore jump and challenge that number. Overall I’m guessing we have more balance throughout the roster next year with 8 guys between 7 and 15 points per game.

    2) this one is tough for me… My gut tells me Williams. I think he has potential to start, but I think we are looking at 4 definite starting spots (Yogi, Sheehey, Vonleh, Fischer) and then 1 of these 3 – Hollowell, Gordon, and Williams… Since that leaves only a 33% chance in my scenario, I’ll take him as my infusion of energy and athleticism off the bench. He most closely resembles what Crean did with Sheehey – he’s versatile enough to come in and guard multiple positions if someone gets in early foul trouble, and he’ll ignite the crowd with the potential of highlights every time he steps on the floor. (My second choice is Perea)

    3) I really think this one is going to be Stan Robinson. He gets the least amount of press of any of the recruits, but I think he may be the most college-ready player of any of them. He basically played a college schedule and lived a college lifestyle at Findley Prep last year. He is used to the travel and the rigors of training. His body is mature and he played with and against great players all season. Wile his stat lines don’t jump off the page at you, he is a glue guy with strength, size, athleticism, and can guard and play 3 positions. He does a little bit of everything offensively and can help on the defensive glass. I just think he’ll be a more steady and solid version of Remy, which will earn him slightly more time, and every once in a while will do something that wows us.

    Anyone else want to chime in?

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Hollowell starts.



    Gordon/early in the season, Robinson/a little later

    Perea is the intangible/wildcard

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Wilson and staff have a 7th commit for 2014. Donovan Clark is a cover CB from the South Side Archers of Ft. Wayne.

  • Jay Gregg says:

    Hoosier Clarion,

    Terry Hutchens @FoxSportsHutch

    I’m happy to announce that I’ve been hired by Fox Sports/Scout to launch the Scout site at Indiana beginning July 21. Great opportunity.
    3:08 PM – 2 Jul 2013

  • Aruss says:

    Jeremy – your comment and Dustin’s silence says more than enough.

    When Dustin leaves can I get admin rights to the Scoop? There’s been a lot of turnover since the Scoop launched and the loyal readers would benefit from some continuity not to mention the inside scoops and commentary I’d be able to post here.

  • Geoff says:

    Holy (Schnikes) … Brad Stevens the new coach of my Celtics!

    Oh, how Harvard is going to lose it…

  • Mariner Tom says:

    Geoff you beat me to it by a millimeter.

    Oh, the high and mighty Stevens, emblem of all things Indiana, steward of Hoosier basketball culture and tradition, “plays the game the right way,” the should-have-been-IU coach, the would-have-won-3-titles by now…

    This is great. I predict he will be as successful as Calipari was in the NBA.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I can see Steven’s nerdy choirboy image fitting in perfectly with the anal disciplines of Irish Catholicism and Cousy lucky charms at Boston. It’s actually a perfect fit. He’ll likely become their next Indiana legend.

    Husky Tom knows from our days on Basketblog the coach I would have loved take over at Indiana…..the guy on the opposite spectrum of pretentiousness, empty blow, holier-than-thou, anal, villain-chaser.

    I always wanted Rick Majerus. He had faith in the game…He truly loved to coach. He carried a quiet spiritual faith. And, most importantly, he was smart and genuine.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    oops. [Stevens]…no apostrophe.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Aruss, did it ever cross your mind that perhaps Dustin would like to play out his hand without you standing behind him and signaling other players the cards in DD’s hand? Most people who have 2oz of brains would avoid discussing their careers in a public forum, giving them some options. But, idiots are different, aren’t they? They’d throw their mama under the bus.

    If there is anything redeemable about your gossip and ‘snitching’. Maybe only the fact that you’ve proven long ago that your tidbits are based on nothing, your sources unreliable, your logic irrational and your conclusions consistently wrong (when not made up in the beginning).

    You should apologize to Dustin. You have the loyalty of the traitor Snowden. Hopefully, you’ll end up listening to the Hoosiers on a satellite radio while sharing a cot with him at Moscow Airport.

    Now, do you understand my disdain for your so called ‘scoops’?

  • meh girl says:

    Next: hopefully Ferris State makes an offer for Clown Crean.

  • Aruss says:

    Dustin, I apologize. I mistakenly treated you as a public figure like a Bob Woodward or a Glenn Greenwald.

  • Geoff says:

    Remember a couple days ago when Harvard was asking why we have to bash our opponents and hoosiers on their way out….

    Now witness the slight backhands he throws at Stevens.

    Sure you wanted Majerus, but half the reason for that was because Brad Stevens didn’t exist then. You said nothing but glowing things about young Bradley up until tonight… When the riches and noteriety of the NBA came calling.

    (Harvard… It’s the Celtics. You would have said yes too)

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