Indiana picked by Big Ten beat writers to finish fourth in Leaders Division, be league’s most “surprising” team

The Big Ten has become significantly less specific in its formal preseason polling in recent years in both football and basketball, so in both sports, the conference’s beat writers have taken to doing their own informal polls. Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer conducted the preseason football, asking two beat writers covering each conference team a number of questions, including predicted orders of finish in both the Leaders and Legends Division.

Indiana was picked to finish fourth in the Leaders Division by the beat writers, and was also picked to be the most “surprising” team in the conference, earning half the votes on that question.

Ohio State was the conference’s overwhelming favorite with every writer picking the Buckeyes to win the Leaders Division and only one expecting them to lose in the conference title game.

Individual awards were also projected, and the results of other polls will be released throughout the day. Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier was picked to be the conference’s Defensive Player of the Year.

UPDATE: Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller was best offensive player, receiving 24 of 26 votes. Michigan’s Devin Gardner and Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez got the other two.

UPDATE: Ohio State coach Urban Meyer was voted the league’s top coach followed by Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald and Penn State’s Bill O’Brien.

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  • Big E says:

    So is a team really ‘suprising’ if that is what everyone expects? Seems silly to me.

  • t says:

    As I keep saying 4 or 5 = 4 star recruits needed every recruiting class mixing in with 3 star and other recruits to sustain football success or IU tradition of trying to play out of big ten cellar will continue.

  • t says:

    How does Louisville out recruit Indiana in football?

  • Mariner Tom says:

    It’s easy, t: Louisville, owner of 3 basketball national championships, doesn’t have a defeatist, apathetic fan base moping around that “we’ll always be just a basketball school.”

    OK, so that’s a little simplistic, but my point is that Louisville obviously has a culture that pumps enthusiasm and support into its main athletic teams and doesn’t buy into “fate.” Hopefully Glass and Wilson will soon have the IU fan base in a similar place. .

  • Jimmy says:

    Ummm…Louisville didn’t outrecruit IU last year. We had a higher ranked class. But as to why they might, great facilities, a good coach, and much more success than us.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    We were “always a basketball school” until Crean arrived.

    Now we’re all about slogans(New Generation!, 19F’s!, We were decimated!, It’s a proces!, Everything hinges!, They get it now!, The Movement!, You wrecked the program!, We pray before every game! They’re resolve was devil-right scary!), witch hunts, scholly crunches that turn into backstabbing of loyal kids, blame game, Pipelines searching for the next D-Wade to put on a rssume, chasing Sampson ex-assistants, chasing Bobby for a handshake, chasing Joyce for Jesus validation, throwing out the historic Kentucky rivalry series because you don’t want to play your lover in Lexington, best damn tweeting coach in the now superficial land of pious blow known as Bloomington.

    Any other questions?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    It’s a [process]…

    [Their] resolve…

    …and contract extensions given for making a Sweet 16 with the best Indiana center on the roster in 20 years…and lots of pretty stenciling of Crean slogans on the walls of Cook Hall next to Bobby’s championship pictures in order to make the charlatan appear somewhere within a light year of a true coach that actually understood more than greasy salesmanship to young nice boys.

    Yes, football has a great opportunity to make some headway with ‘The Coppertone Clapper’ running our once great basketball teaching facility.

  • Ron says:

    That is full of ‘oops’. None of which are grammatical.

  • Harvard,
    It’s possible you’ve made this argument once or twice.
    On 4-stars, easier said than done. Those don’t exactly fall out of the sky. And the answer, especially this year, is that Louisville just won the Sugar Bowl.

  • Jimmy says:

    Hey Dustin,

    I saw that football ticket sales are doing well again, do you know any specific numbers regarding this? Thanks.

  • Jimmy says:

    Harvard, do you have a life? All you do is write bizarre, rambling essays that only sometimes have to do with IU on here.

  • Jimmy,
    1.Don’t at the moment, but I think Andy is working on a story in that regard, and even if he isn’t, we’ll get Fred Glass tomorrow at the first day of Big Ten Media Days.

  • Mariner Tom says:

    Easy Jimmy…in fairness, all you do is pop up around here at beginning of every football season to call people idiots and offer unrealistic projections about how the football team is going to do (especially when Bill Lynch was the coach).

  • Geoff says:

    It’s been fun ignoring the comments for the last few days…. Harvard, while I guess that if you had a twisted mind you could at least sorta make a case for the junk you wrote in post #6… However the “doesn’t want to play his lover in Lexington” is blatantly opposite of the truth. Crean was dying to play them in Lexington. What he didn’t want was to play them in Indy or other random domes.

    Ok, carry on with your delusions.

  • Jimmy says:

    I’m not perfect, but I like to talk about IU on this here IU blog. I guess I just don’t get his schtick.

  • t says:

    4 star recruit openings….Qualifications: be a satisfactory student and play football…..apply at IU!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Why? Why should we ever be afraid of playing “the bait and tackle shop” anywhere?

    But it’s just fine to play Butler in Indy? And now that they don’t have Stevens, that should go much better.

    We had to play Syracuse in DC…

    We had to play Kentucky in Atlanta.

    When you get into the NCAA tournament, every game is a relatively neutral site. Unless you’re talking about something monumentally historic(e.g. Davis taking the Hoosiers into Kentucky soil, Rupp Arena, to beat a #1 Duke team and a trip to the Elite 8 of the NCAA tournament).

    They let petty fragile egos get in the way of a storied rivalry game that could fill any Midwestern arena with students and alumni.

    -Slogans? Whether it be from the Establishment lips of local journalist with east coast roots or the Establishment blow of coach forever wanting to manufacture and chase villains(Patterson/Meyer) instead of banners, we are now unequivocally the school that spends way more time drooling over cheap slogans(e.g. “Oladipo is going home”…”You wrecked the program”)than valuing a true measure of an ‘elite’ basketball program where coaches/players a more focused/driven at winning championships over simply seeing their individual names in lights via an NBA draft board.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Crean’s twin.

  • davis says:

    Speaking of sportswriters, does anyone remember the Chgo. Tribune sponsored Big Ten Skywriters who would all get on a plane and fly around the conf. in late August and give us the dope? I miss that series in the newspaper (still have newspapers in some towns).

    Harvard, loved so many of your football posts. Who cares about bball on this forum?

    t, of course you are right that IU needs more **** recruits. Who doesn’t? But Mariner Tom and Jimmy are right, particularly about recent L’ville success. And who contributed to that success? Yeah, Lee Corso. In a long-forgotten interview, Corso was asked how he could keep his spirits up when trying to build IU football, and he said that it was often difficult, but then he would drive down to L’ville and look at the new stadium he had helped build and felt re-inspired.

    In some ways Corso was a sap, but he was enthusiastic. In more than any other game, though, football is a game of heart.

  • Jimmy says:

    Go better? IU beat Stevens with Crean by like 15 and lost by one.

  • Ron says:

    The Indy Star had a mention of Cody winning the MVP of the Phoenix NBA Summer league.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Davis- not so sure. Rather, I agree with your point about heart, but more than anything else football is a game where coaches have a huge influence. Louisville has had a series of excellent coaches who successfully recruited the proverbial two and three stars or non stars at that level and coached them up to nationally competitive. Yes, their football stadium is a big reason, so is Freedom Hall and, most important, the amount of money the business community puts into UofL because it (college football) replaces the absence a professional sports franchises.

    There is one other major reason that helps Louisville. Their academic admission standards are way lower than the B1C;s (including IU). They can focus on that lower thrid of the *starred* prospects who simply are unlikely to be admitted by places like IU and the rest of the conference.

    The issue is the same as what kept Patterson (in basketball). At some point it became obvious to all concerned, coaches and the athletic committee composed of professors and counselors that Patterson would be taking up space better spent on someone who could be expected to graduate. His scholarship would have taken up a resource worth nearly $250,000 and up with no return at all for the community as a whole. Louisville, like Syracuse, are sports enterprises with schools attached. Whatever we think about our own investment in athletics (including football), I’d rather be a part (as an alumnus) of a program that has a commitment to academics).

    Just an opinion. I have a lot more admiration for what Fitzgerald has done at Northwestern without diluting the University’s reputation.

    BTW, what a damn shame about Farina…he really was soooo Chicago!

  • Chet says:

    There wasn’t much of a stadium in Louisville to be inspired by when Lee Corso moved up to Bloomington.

    When Corso left Louisville they added a few more bleachers to that dump of a stadium at the Fairgrounds. It was truly one of the worst venues in all of college football AFTER the expansion.

    It was at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds. They shared the stadium with the Redbirds baseball team, roller derby, flea markets, and whoever else had a few extra dollars to rent the place. It was across the parking lot (maybe 100 yards) from a low rent quarter mile race car/demolition derby track and discount prostitution outlet.

    I was in attendance at a Redbirds game when a fireworks show gone awry nearly burned the place to the ground. It might have been an improvement.

    They have a nice place now, probably due to John Schnatter but the House that Lee Built was a dump.

  • Geoff says:

    Blah, blah, blah… Not going to debate your delusions Harvard. It’s one thing to have pointless conspiracy theories…. It’s another to completely rewrite history. Just wanted to get you back on track. Now you can continue to wallow in the misery left by not getting to see an IU-UK game at Lucas Oil.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Well, when you have so many supposed IU fans on this site that can never stop slobbering all over the McDonald’s All-Americans that go to the UK NBA camp…(not to mention the closet supporters like Husky Tom that fell in love with Calipari for recruiting Terrence Jones from his childhood neck of the woods), it would be nice if we had a chance to prove the candy-stripes are worthy being in the same gym. Add to the equation the numerous ESPN TV analysts and reporters that give Criminalpari a multitude of praises and the specials they run on ESPN…?

    Not to mention the hundreds of times Chet calls the school a “bait and tackle shop” which pretty much sounds/translates to most ears like fear of playing them.

    Not to mention that they got the last laugh in Atlanta when they marched through us on a ‘neutral’ court on their way to a banner.

    Yeah, we tend to endlessly hear about them in the national news and from those on the IU blogs that love the NBA farm system…or have some weird emotional attachments because Calipari recruited a rare star from their great Northwest/Seattle…or we have to listen to Chet’s constant bitterness aimed at the state of Kentucky covering and compensating for a fear of playing the corrupted coach that can likely out-coach our preacher.

    Not to mention the fact that two coaches that ride planes together for jollies and weekend vacations ought to be able to get their sh*t together to play a game that the fans have loved to get their bloodlines all in a fuss for the last forty years; a chance to partake in a bit of state bragging rights in a border rivalry in hoops as big as any in the country.

    I think we’re afraid of Kentucky and Tom Crean is the first to shame the candy-stripes in having such an aversion to play the school that recruits for the pros. It’s a sad day for the college game when the Indiana Hoosiers are fearful of the NBA farm camps run by the biggest cheaters in college. Makes us look like we’re just a bunch of toe-dribbling choir boys with no stones.

    Our underdeveloped football team has to play THE Ohio State Buckeyes, but our basketball team gets to play avoidance against the other border clash match-up in the sport our coach gets to blabber to the masses “Because it’s Indiana.”

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