IU opening with Washington in 2K Sports Classic

Indiana will open its 2kSports Classic at Madison Square Garden against Washington at 9 p.m. on Nov. 21. Connecticut and Boston College will play in the other semifinal at 7 p.m. The finals and consolation game are the next day.

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  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Prelude to a Turkey…?

    Is the 2K Classic the new name for last year’s Legends Classic? Just wondering because there is nothing legendary about Washington Husky basketball. Would be quite an embarrassment to lose to that team. Unfortunate that they couldn’t convince Alford and the Bruins to make the trip east.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Summertime is quite slow around the pages of Scoop.

    Be a good time to let us know how some of the former Lords of Scoop are doing. Maybe a piece that features the 3K Classics of Korman, Kellenberger, and Kartje…?

    Is Korman still working at FAO?

  • Harvard,
    It isn’t. The Legends Classic is in Brooklyn. This is at the Garden. Also, this was put together last season, so Alford wasn’t at UCLA yet.

  • Korman’s still at the Baltimore Sun and moved from a sports editing position to a spot covering sports business. He’s a father now, and his son is about four months old. Kellenberger is still in Mississippi covering Ole Miss. His boy is about 3 years old now. Kartje is at the Orange County Register covering UCLA.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    My bad…I forgot that the Legends was in Brooklyn.

    If the 2K Classic was put together last season, then why so long until the announcement? Were the selected teams finalized at the same time it was “put together?”

    Nice to hear all the former Scoop Lords are doing well. What on earth do you do in covering sports business? Wow…Lot of boys being born. Geoff had a newborn son..Korman has a new son..Kellenberger with a 3-year-old boy. Many a lucky wife shall not share the fate of Anne Boleyn.

    When can we expect Dustin and Jeremy to get busy? I hear no talks of marriage or children. Didn’t Ginger just get married? Maybe Ginger will break the cycle and add a Mary Anne…and he shall have to lock up his daughter when all the Scoop Lord boys are in town(sometime around 2034.

    Will there be blogging in 2034…? Sorry, Tsao.

  • Harvard,
    The announcement of the teams in the tournament was made months ago. Today was just the finalizing of the pairings, dates and times. I think it was March when it was announced these were the four-teams involved.
    Jeremy’s been married with children for longer than anyone we’ve mentioned. Believe his oldest daughter is in junior high or close to it. Ginger got married a year ago, and he’s actually going on vacation this weekend to celebrate his one-year anniversary.
    As for me, that’s an entirely different story, but I have no complaints with bachelordom at the moment.

  • Chet says:

    Enjoy it, Dustin. I was right at 30 when I got married. I was a better husband and father for it (not to mention the added years of happiness for single women everywhere).

    For ever thing there is a season.

    Turn, turn, turn…

  • Ron says:

    Wait. Jeremy has a daughter nearing Junior High?
    And he has ‘just a scoche of scarcasm’?
    Now that’s amazing.

    I was pretty close to ‘normal’ till my kids hit
    Junior High.

  • Punjab says:

    Ron, I have daughters of 4 and 2 and I’ve been losing hair over what’s to come of their teen years since before they were born. I suspect a samurai sword and/or a lawn mower will be involved for some unfortunate chaps. I’m just afraid I can’t build a dungeon deep enough by then…

  • Ron says:

    My two daughters got through teen years ok. I have two granddaughters I’m very close to. 12 and 6. I’ve told both that somehow they will go from 12 to 20 and skip the teen years. They are both considerate, smart and funny. Hate the idea of peer pressure and acceptance and hope they are strong enough to stand up for the values they have been raised by.

    You could not pay me enough to attempt to parent / guide kids through the Junior High and High School landminds. Stuff I did grwoing up would put me in jail today. Love the story of the kid last week who nibbled a pop-tart into the shape of a gun – was expelled after the school called the cops.

    Strong parenting and lots of support and love…and good luck.

  • Ron says:

    One more thing Punjab. The kids who grew up as ‘Army brats’ seemed better adjusted and self-assured than the traditional schooled. Sure there are exceptions both ways, but that was my observation.

  • Mariner/Husky Tom says:

    Haven’t had internet other than my phone for almost a month. Just popped in and saw this story and couldn’t believe it wasn’t made up by Harvard or Rico. Wow. My beloved Dawgs against my revered Hoosiers. Bring it on!

    One of the things I love about this matchup is that it forces Harvard and Rico into the uncomfortable position of having to (kind of) root for Crean’s Hoosiers, albeit begrudgingly. It’s a lose/lose situation, really; either Tom Crean wins, or the Huskies win, both of which are nails in the hearts of the Scoop’s two biggest windbags.


  • Chet says:

    Ron, I have a theory about that. I think that the relocation and exposure to different types of people, and meshing with them, is healthy.

    I’ve always tried to throw my kids into a wide variety of experiences with different kinds of people. They grew up to be adaptable, quick on their feet, and interested in the next challenge (for the most part, anyway).

    They do kinda wear me out, though.

    This is not an exaggeration. I’ve gotten calls telling me they’d just gone down in shark cages in South Africa, cliff diving in Mexico, parasailing, rock wall climbing on el Capitan, you name it.

    At least they have the decency to tell me afterwards.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Haven’t had internet other than my phone for almost a month.

    That’s a lie…You popped on here just over a week ago to let Punjab know you’ll engage in fantasy with him.

    Hooskies? It sounds like a bastard child. Then again, playing Indiana is about as close to a banner as a Husky will ever get. It’s no wonder they would love to be adopted into our family. You go ahead…Have a bit of fun with it, child. Make a lot of guacamole…Enjoy the lights and the TV ratings that decades of Hoosier legends will shine upon your misfits that can’t beat Purdue when it counts. Let it be your trip to a Final Four that Boilers once stood in way before.

    The more Crean recruits to faraway lands, the better your chances to beat an Indiana thin on Indiana bloodlines. Our weakest coach in decades coupled with the fact that we are moving away from concentrating predominantly on Indiana talent to put in candy-stripes? No better time to put Indiana on your schedule. With such scales tipped in your favor, I highly doubt your bastard child loses by more than 15.

  • Mariner Tom says:

    Harvard, yes, I’ve posted here during the last month via IPhone, a much more limited Scoop experience which curtails easy browsing. Thus the reduced activity.

  • Jeremy Price says:

    Actually got a couple years before junior high, but closer to that than kindergarten now. Relatives tell me I’ll need a shotgun by then, but I’m sticking with the 2-iron, for now.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Once the boys start coming to the door, I would suggest greeting them while sporting the rhinestone cape with the 2-iron….and maybe do a little tap dancing on the entryway tiles in a pair of vintage oxford golf shoes with the metal spikes.

    Combining eccentricity with violence is a wonderful deterrent. Reek of British Sterling and have the rhinestone cape very loosely closed…Show some leg and have some Barbasol shaving foam still stuck to a kneecap.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Maybe have ‘Kiss’ blaring off your stereo system….

  • Chet says:

    The trick is to have a couple boys first, the more frightening the better.

  • Mariner/Imbecile Tom says:

    Mariner has no Internet and Podunker stops posting. Figures!

  • Whiner Tom says:

    Wussies win and Crean is out. That’s the win win proposition.

  • Laffy (not really) says:

    Jeremy: have a nice vacation, man!

    Don’t worry about the blog while you’re away.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    That’s a very good observation about the stoppage in Podunker’s postings coincidentally mirrored to Husky Tom’s internet vacation. He’s probably running for a Holiday Inn Express as we speak, sneak into a complimentary computer/internet room reserved for guests, and plop a Podunker post onto Scoop.

    Pretty sad that Dustin and Jeremy have let him still hide behind that handle after his slobbery confessional a few weeks back that supposedly disclosed all his aliases to Scoop bloggers.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Punjab, raising kids in a military community is a great, great thing for the kids and the parents. The community itself has a basic set of values and a structure that make life a lot simpler and safer. By their parents professon they also learn to understand that ‘serving’ and the Nation- something beyond themselves individually is a positive. Character, respect for others and discipline are part of the environment and their lives.

    I can not state how much the idea of service and shared goals and responsibilities meant, not only to my son but to his family and children. Yes, absolutely I see it as a reason to stay in until they are grown…it will definitely relieve many of you anxieties (and your wife’s).

    And, add to that the reassurance that the people around them are good people, who truly see each other as ‘extended family’ and are very protective not only of their children and families but yours as well. There is- as corny as this may sound-, but as you probably know a sense of ‘love’ of each other that is a backdrop to their lives. You will definitely not find it in civilian communities…where competition and antagonisms are much more present in the atmosphere.

    What else would one expect of communities where each member, by simply being a part of it and sharing the same values, is making a definitive statement of their willingness to sacrifice for each and every other individual in it.

    (If you need to, simply look at this blog where the ‘community’ comes together with a one factor/cause/goal in common and atomizes into division, out-of-wack, nonsensical competition and resentments as each (without exception) tries to impose their truth as gospel.

    Finally, what your present experience will contribute to you and your family’s views (if it hasn’t already- there’s already evidence of that in your posts)). My son said that when he retired he wanted to transition into a career that would keep and feed his instincts and the family’s value of ‘service’. My daughter says the exact same thing about her profession (medicine)(ergo-without the me-first character of many of those involved in the health professions today) being allowed to and I see it reflected in their partners, their families and, most important, all five grandchildren. It fills me with pride, satisfaction and fulfillment; plus gratitude (yes, to God) that life just came out on the right side of the equation. Makes me feel very comforted and protected.

    My admiration to you and your wife that you consider and work towards thinking about this early in your marriage and family life. Give this some thought when you have the babies in your arms, you’ll sense they ‘whys’. My respect (and sincere prayers it continue) to you sir… and your mrs.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    In the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ when sports stories from Bloomington are sparse, I thought some might enjoy this podcast from 99% Invisible called “Game Changer”…I happened to catch it on NPR radio last night..It’s primarily about the shot clock in basketball.

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