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Indiana released its first depth chart on Friday morning before IU coach Kevin Wilson’s press conference. Obviously, Wilson’s made it clear that these depth charts are by no means binding, but there’s lots of interesting info here that at least peel back the curtain a little bit on how they see the competitions at each spot.

The headline, obviously, is that there’s still no official separation between quarterbacks Cameron Coffman, Nate Sudfeld and Tre Roberson, but there are several other interesting points, many of which Wilson addressed at his press conference. Some follow.

– Sophomore tailback Tevin Coleman is listed as the starter over Stephen Houston. Wilson said that doesn’t mean Houston has underperformed, but that Coleman has had a brilliant offseason and looks like a pro quality tailback.

– Sophomore David Kaminski and Jacob Bailey are listed as the potential starters at right guard in replacement of the injured Dan Feeney. Wilson said that Jake Reed and Ralston Evans will also have consideration.

– The wide receivers go seven deep on the depth chart with Kofi Hughes, Shane Wynn and Cody Latimer as the starters, Duwyce Wilson, Isaiah Roundtree and Nick Stoner as the second team and Ricky Jones as the seventh receiver. Wilson said Caleb Cornett and Mitchell Paige were the next in line.

– Freshman Danny Friend is on the depth chart as the third-string tight end. The fact that they made the point to put a third string tight end on the depth chart suggests he’ll likely play.

– Ryan Philllis and Nick Mangieri are listed as the starting defensive ends. Bobby Richardson and Alex Todd are listed as the starting defensive tackles. Richardson had been working at both end and tackle, and to see him moved inside as a starter is significant. Freshman Darius Latham is on the depth chart at tackle. Freshman David Kenney is not on the depth chart at end.

– Three of the four true freshman linebackers — T.J. Simmons, Clyde Newton and Marcus Oliver — are listed in the depth chart with Simmons as a backup to David Cooper in the middle. Griffen Dahstrom and Forisse Hardin are listed as being in a neck-and-neck competition at strongside linebacker.

– Tim Bennett appears to be a sure thing starter at left cornerback. Michael Hunter, Kenny Mullen, Brian Williams and Ryan Thompson are still fighting for the other spot.

The entire depth chart follows.

78 Jason Spriggs, 6-7, 297, So./So.
62 Ralston Evans, 6-4, 285, Jr./So.
73 Bernard Taylor, 6-2, 295, Jr./Jr.
57 Pete Bachman, 6-5, 298, Sr./Jr.
64 Collin Rahrig, 6-2, 285, Sr./Jr.
50 Jake Reed, 6-4, 291, Jr./So.
68 David Kaminski, 6-4, 300, Jr./So. -or-
70 Jacob Bailey, 6-5, 301, So./Fr.
59 Peyton Eckert, 6-6, 310, Jr./Jr.
77 Dimitric Camiel, 6-7, 304, So./Fr.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 170, Jr./Jr.
15 Isaiah Roundtree, 5-11, 195, Sr./Jr.
10 Ricky Jones, 5-10, 188, So./Fr.
3 Cody Latimer, 6-3, 215, Jr./Jr.
81 Duwyce Wilson, 6-3, 201, Sr./5th
13 Kofi Hughes, 6-2, 217, Sr./Sr.
14 Nick Stoner, 6-1, 182, Jr./Jr.
2 Cameron Coffman, 6-2, 205, Jr./Jr. -or-
5 Tre Roberson, 6-0, 200, Jr./So. -or-
7 Nate Sudfeld, 6-5, 230, So./So.
6 Tevin Coleman, 6-1, 205, So./So.
12 Stephen Houston, 6-0, 230, Sr./5th
20 D’Angelo Roberts, 5-10, 205, Jr./Jr.
83 Ted Bolser, 6-6, 252, Sr./5th
88 Anthony Corsaro, 6-1, 252, So./So.
84 Danny Friend, 6-5, 250, Fr./Fr.
25 Ryan Phillis, 6-3, 260, Sr./Jr.
96 John Laihinen, 6-4, 255, Sr./Jr.
95 Bobby Richardson, 6-3, 281, Jr./Jr.
99 Adarius Rayner, 6-2, 305, Jr./So.
98 Darius Latham, 6-5, 296, Fr./Fr.
69 Alex Todd, 6-3, 301, So./So.
93 Ralphael Green, 6-5, 307, So./Fr.
56 Nick Mangieri, 6-5, 260, So./So.
33 Zack Shaw, 6-3, 255, Jr./So.
49 Griffen Dahlstrom, 6-3, 235, Sr./5th -or-
4 Forisse “Flo” Hardin, 6-1, 225, Jr./Jr.
42 David Cooper, 6-1, 235, Sr./Jr.
2 T.J. Simmons, 6-0, 240, Fr./Fr.
55 Jake Michalek, 6-2, 243, Sr./Jr.
27 Steven Funderburk, 6-3, 235, Sr./Jr.
44 Marcus Oliver, 6-1, 235, Fr./Fr.
41 Clyde Newton, 6-1, 220, Fr./Fr.
24 Tim Bennett, 5-9, 190, Jr./Jr.
22 Kenny Mullen, 5-10, 185, Jr./Jr.
37 Mark Murphy, 6-2, 210, Jr./Jr.
40 Antonio Allen, 5-10, 205, Fr./Fr.
Greg Heban, 6-1, 205, Sr./5th
29 Dawson Fletcher, 6-0, 207, So./So.
17 Michael Hunter, 6-1, 190, Jr./So.
19 Ryan Thompson, 5-10, 195, Sr./Sr.
7 Brian Williams, 6-0, 195, Sr./Jr.
16 Mitch Ewald, 5-10, 176, Sr./5th
90 Aaron Del Grosso, 5-10, 192, Fr./Fr.
36 Erich Toth, 6-3, 206, Jr./So.
93 Nick Campos, 6-0, 192, So./Fr.
91 Matt Dooley, 6-4, 252, Jr./Jr.
66 Josh Pericht, 6-0, 211, Fr./Fr.
36 Erich Toth, 6-3, 206, Jr./So.
87 Mitchell Paige, 5-7, 180, So./Fr.
6 Tevin Coleman, 6-1, 205, So./So.
15 Isaiah Roundtree, 5-11, 195, Sr./Jr.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 170, Jr./Jr.
14 Nick Stoner, 6-1, 182, Jr./Jr.

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Friday, August 23, 2013 - 6:26 PM EDT

Based purely on metrics these guys pass the eye test, and look like a B1G team.
Good size in the across the 2 deep D-line and linebacker and at R CB. The 2-deep L CBs are smallish, but both have meaningful game experience and are very, very fast. I’m excited to see this team get after it this season. Keep playing for the guys next to you and the program will continue to move forward. Hoosier fans lets show up to Memorial Stadium and support these kids! Go Hoosiers!

Dennis Mamelson
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 5:52 PM EDT

I am looking forward to Thursday night. Da Bears are playing at the same time but I must record that. I am excited about this Hoosier team. There has not been this much expectation in a long time. Nothing is a given but I’m sure we will all be disappointed if they do not get to a bowl game. I think 8 wins is not out of the question if …. defense is the key.

Jim Hammer
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 6:12 PM EDT

I am looking forward to this season and will be traveling from South Bend to Memorial Stadium to watch the Hoosiers manhandle the Sycamores on Thursday night. The Defensive line appears to be B1G size competitive and hopefully that will equate in a substantial improvement with stopping the run. Offensively, we certainly will score points – we need to eliminate the opponents from scoring at-will. Go Hoosiers! Bowl bound for 2013!


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