Hollowell, Etherington both transferring per IU release

Jeremy Hollowell’s meeting with Indiana coach Tom Crean apparently ended with him deciding to leave. The release announcing the transfers of both Hollowell and Austin Etherington follows.

Crean Announces Etherington and Hollowell Will Transfer

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that redshirt sophomore Austin Etherington (Cicero, Ind./Hamilton Heights) and sophomore Jeremy Hollowell (Indianapolis/Lawrence Central) will leave the IU program.

“Austin told me this past Saturday night that he would like to take advantage of graduating in May and continue to play by relocating to another University,” said Crean.  “He is going to be a three-year graduate and wants an opportunity to look for somewhere he can have a larger role.  Even though that is his choice, we are going to miss him.  He is a fine young man.”

Etherington, a 6-6 forward, was a member of the program for three years and appeared in 53 games scoring 93 points and averaged 1.8 points and shot 37.7% from the field and 25.0% from three-point range. Etherington will be the 21st recruit since Crean came aboard in 2008-09 to earn a degree from Indiana University.


“I would like to thank Coach Crean and the entire coaching staff for helping me to realize my childhood dream of playing basketball at Indiana and graduating from such a prestigious University,” said Etherington. “My experiences on and off the court are memories that I will never forget. After talking with my family, I have decided to move forward with the next chapter in my life.  After graduating in May, I will pursue other options for my remaining two years of eligibility.  I will forever be a Hoosier at heart and will always cherish the memories and friendships I have made at IU.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.”


Hollowell, a 6-8 wing, played in 62 games and started 15 games this past season.  He averaged 4.2 points and 2.7 rebounds and shot 36.8% from the field and 22.6% from three-point range.  In Big Ten play, he averaged 3.6 points and made one of nine from long distance (11.1%).


“Jeremy has indicated to us that he would like to transfer to pursue another college opportunity,” noted Crean.  “We have put a lot of time and effort into Jeremy, both on and off the court and it is our expectation that he finish strong in school and adhere to team rules.  We will be there to provide any help we can give to him to find another program.  We hope he realizes his full potential and we believe we did everything over the last two years to help make that happen.”


“I have learned a lot from my time at Indiana,” said Hollowell.  “My time here has made me much stronger as a person.  Things don’t always go as planned and I am looking forward to getting a fresh start and I hope to make the most of that opportunity.  I want to thank Coach Crean for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to play at IU.  He has taught me a lot and has always wanted the best for me. I want to thank all the coaches and all the staff for being there for me.  I want to thank the fans for their great support and I  want to thank my former teammates for taking me under their wing.  I want to thank my present teammates and I wish them all the best.”

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  • My2CentsWorth says:

    Bet that’s not the last such press release we get. This is starting to feel like a major free fall and surely Fred Glass can’t be jumping with joy. Hope CTC has an ace up his sleeve or next season will be even worse. Sounds like 3 very good freshman coming on board but they are freshman and while they may shine in the pre-season it’s a whole lot different when the B1G season starts.

  • iuhoosier1992 says:

    Heard that Johnny Marlin is gone too.

  • Double Down says:

    We’ll see how this plays out, but what’s the concern if transfers are limited to these guys? It was highly likely that JH and AE were going to see their minutes drastically reduced or eliminated altogether. The rigors of playing D1 ball are just too demanding if there is little chance that you’ll actually get to play. Better these guys head out and see what’s out there from a mid-major college.

    Oh no, what are we going to do if we lose Johnny Marlin?

  • Husky Tom says:

    Next one to ask to be released: Tom Crean?

    Let’s hope so.

  • coachv says:

    marlin, too? jesus. can’t say that I blame him. now would be a good time for perea to bolt for his own good. despite the available minutes he just cannot get the coaching he needs at iu to take advantage of his nba level athleticism.

    what a waste. what a shame. and the march sadness continues…

  • Husky Tom says:

    At that point Crean himself will ask to transfer.

  • Geoff says:

    Yeah… From Dec-March all we heard was moaning and groaning about JH’s minutes…

    “He sucks!”

    “Why is he playing?!”

    “The guy is a turnover machine!”

    “He can’t make a shot!”

    “He looks like he doesn’t care – totally apathetic!”

    “Watford without the talent…”

    And by the way, all the criticisms were warranted. Now it’s hilarious that JH transferring is spurring:

    “This is officially embarrassing”

    “We are in a downward spiral”

    “Our program is a disaster”

    The comments board over at ITH is a riot.

  • Florida Hoosier Girl says:

    Remembering the game threads when any of these three would be inserted into the game, not sure why anyone cares. As others have said, if it’s limited to these 3, no biggie. We always knew that Vonleh was gone and for some reason, I don’t even care. Never really bonded with him. I literally had tears in my eyes when Victor announced he was leaving. We will have to wait and see. I am just hoping that next year will be better so we can all wipe the bad taste of the 2013-14 season out of our mouths.

  • Higgi says:

    Sweet…bring on Lee, Maten, and Cunningham!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Hollowell is a talented kid…

    There is still something of disenfranchisement in all of this. Hollowell and Patterson(before he was labeled the town flunky) were anticipated to be very key “Movement” players coming on the heals of the Zeller’s recruitment. It put a lot of pride back into the state and the idea that Indiana kids were having a big part in believing in Indiana and bringing this program back.

    There is no return to Sweet 16’s and whatever short glory restored while getting joy in cursing and mocking the Sampson degenerates to hell without these young men that now find no reason to stay and also board a bus.

    Patterson- Broad Ripple H.S., Indianapolis, Indiana
    Hollowell- Lawrence Central H.S., Indianapolis, Indiana
    Etherington- Hamilton Heights H.S., Cicero, Indiana
    Marlin- Center Grove H.S., Greenwood, Indiana

    Maybe they weren’t up to snuff…But there’s something still rather sad in the fact that these young men were so embraced by the coach and the fans when Cody was the centerpiece of the Movement.

    And I’m not sure if I recruit around these guys to the point their PT and sense of worth at Indiana is gone. I think they were too invested to be left in the cold of the numbers game. They came(or intended to come)as Hoosier brothers with the hope that Indiana kids would play a big part in restoring the hope and the pride in the candy stripes.

    Add to the recent list of Indiana departures that represented IU with more dignity than maybe we deserve; kids like Remy, Mo Creek, Capo, Roth, Fischer.

    There’s something amiss. Even though you may not have the talent to play at the next level, every kid wearing the uniform wants respected and treated as if their game can contribute to making a team stronger.

    It’s our loss if the overall the is “expendable” if you’re not so gifted that the next NBA project in waiting is going to steal your minutes.

    One more shot drops for that role player/perimeter shooter on Kansas and Wiggins is saved his disastrous game. Mitch McGary wasn’t in the starting lineup for almost the entire 2012-13 season before he played like a gladiator and aided Michigan in a storied trip to the Finals last season.

    When young men have faith in the their coach and feel valued, great things can happen…games get elevated. They may never be the LeBron’s and D-Wade’s of basketball, but they are what most of us in the stands can relate to….And if you stop relating to that unsung heroics and value in every loyal Hoosier on the bench, you’ll lose the heart of dreamers still believing they could have been that unknown living and playing forever transcended through another name: a ‘one shining moment’ of value and recipient of exploding cheers, one shot the may bury, one defensive stop they may force a turnover, one vital rebound to be the scrapbook photo that made it all worthwhile for all their years of dedication to game, and the belief from their coaches, their parents, their community, their state, and their college.

    I don’t like a numbers game with any kids that we sold something more. And it hurts no less that these were Indiana kids that wanted to be part of something reborn in Bloomington.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    It’s our loss if the overall [message] is “expendable”…

  • surveyor says:

    JBJ, Yogi, Robinson, Davis, Williams…that is a very small starting five…Perea has never had extended minutes to really evaluate his talent and Jurkin is a mid-major bench player…Did anyone notice how many teams with 3+ seniors won NCAA games this past weekend, at this pace it will be 2018 before we have 3+ seniors!

  • Hoosier1987 says:

    I believe I called this 2 months ago.There will be more.Vonleh will go to the NBA…I think Robinson will stay and Davis will also transfer.HMP will be dismissed after the court date and Blackmon will change his mind also.If Crean keeps his job 15-18 win seasons will be the norm.If Glass wants to keep his job he will fire Crean has soon as the tournament is over and pursue Alford or the Wichita State coach with all he has.Indiana high school players will not play for Crean.UCLA will have more Indiana kids on their roster than IU will.

  • surveyor says:

    NO ALFORD…let his greatness at IU not be diminished by his sub par coaching ability…lets look to the mid-majors again for young coaching talent…someone with a drive to win!

  • RAM says:

    No more run and gun playground basketball with countless turn overs. Get Tony Bennett.

  • Hoosier1987 says:

    It doesn’t matter who stays or who comes…if Crean is still the coach IU will never win.Subs way to much…every dead ball he sends in 2-3 players…gets out coached in every Big Ten game…even by the Penn State coach.I would take Bennett or Marshall…would like Alford but he is not going anywhere he will be at UCLA for many years.He has 2 Top 50 players already signed for next year.If they beat Florida he will get an extension and a hugh raise.

  • Phirephist says:

    Love Tony Bennett and the way his team plays

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    A brief summary of Vonleh’s decision and today’s events from ESPN

  • coachv says:

    tony Bennett turned down the job in 2008. the very next year he takes the Virginia job. he was greenspan’s first choice. no way he comes. he may very well win the championship this year. right now Virginia may be a better job.

  • RAM says:

    True. He didn’t want the job THEN. Things change and so do People’s minds.

  • Seahawk Tom says:

    #4 and #6, the impostroll strikes again.

  • TJ in Texas says:

    I said months ago to fire CTC and someone said they wouldnt fire him unless there was a mass exodus.I’d like to know how things will get better next year when CTC has to replace Vonleh,Fisher,3 more transfers,4 seniors and 2 non-productive players= 11 players out of 15 on the team.Can hardly wait to hear “let me look at the films” or we’er a young team and will improve….we didnt see improvement last year …and wont this year. AND as far as recruiting( we lost Clark to Mich State) wait til all the players start tweeting how they feel and why players left

  • Podunker says:

    “The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Oh no, what will we do?”

    Geoff, #7 was a GREAT post.

    You guys who are already trying to pick IU’s next coach are funny. Here’s a news flash, it looks like your suffering is going to continue for a while longer. Tom Crean will be IU’s coach next year and probably the year after that. But maybe if you write a big check, send it to Fred Glass with a note saying, “here’s my contribution to IU’s buyout of Tom Crean’s multi-million dollar contract,” your wish for a new coach can come true. Maybe, but I doubt it.

    But if IU was looking for the next “up and coming” coach, I’d look to Dayton. Young Mr. Miller has that team firing on all cylinders. And if he’s anything like his older brother, he’s going to be a very successful basketball coach.

  • Aruss says:

    Has anyone noticed that the players who are transferring are the ones we always complained about during games?

    Why are you upset?

  • CaliHoosier says:

    Props to HFH. I swallowed my gum on that one.

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