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The Indiana women’s basketball team couldn’t keep pace with South Dakota State at the free-throw line in losing Sunday’s WNIT quarterfinal game, Mike wrote.

IU women’s coach Curt Miller got just his second technical of the season as he and the Hoosiers went down fighting Sunday, Mike wrote.

The new-look 3-4 Indiana defense is causing confusion, in a good way, so far this spring, Dustin wrote.

The best thing about Saturday’s IU football scrimmage was seeing WR Isaac Griffith on the sidelines just weeks after his swimming accident in Florida, Andy writes.

IU baseball capped a sweep at Ohio State by winning a doubleheader Sunday, we reported.

Noah Vonleh says “there was more” he could have done at Indiana and now is the time to go pro, Hector Longo of the Hutton Eagle-Tribune wrote.

Bad seasons and player departures have the heat on the big three college basketball teams in the state of Indiana, Mike Lopresti of the Indianapolis Business Journal writes.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo’s not getting caught up in the three-man race for NBA Rookie of the Year, Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

The ’76 Hoosiers remain college basketball’s last unbeaten team, but they don’t celebrate quite like the ’72 Dolphins, Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star wrote.

Anthony Lee believes if he had been a Buckeye this past season, Ohio State would still be playing, so he’s going to join OSU next year, Ari Wasserman of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes.

Michigan has no regrets after Sunday’s loss to Kentucky, and the Wolverines proved last year’s Final Four was no flash in the pan, Nick Baumgardner of MLive.com writes.

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo stuck with Keith Appling, but was not rewarded in a loss to UConn Sunday, Mike Griffith of MLive.com writes.

Going to the Final Four is extra special for Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan, who will be going without his late father for the first time, Zach Rastall of the Daily Cardinal wrote.

For Noah Vonleh, “More Than Words” from Extreme.

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  • coachv says:

    and there you have it. vonleh says crean held him back. there was more he could do. zeller said the same thing, that crean wouldn’t let him shoot from outside. probably had a lot to do with fischer leaving as well. even if these guys were inclined to stay another year why would they? they are not being developed into better players by crean. just like oladipo, this article reinforces that these players are making themselves better through their own workouts, not crean.

    the word is getting out and I think recruiting is going to drop off.

  • TJ in Texas says:

    I agree with your supposition Coach;nothing travels faster than the words of Twitter.Noah ,and many others like him, know the potential recruits from playing AAU ball with them;IM afraid you are right about recruiting

  • TJ in Texas says:

    Vonleh got the most out of his year at Indiana on court, in spite of some real restrictions placed on his game by Crean.<<<< From Noah's Hometown Newspaper. Like i said in a another post: Some freshmen grow and develope( I'll have to check the films on that)and others just tread water.Those looking for improvements from last year freshmen…take warning: Vonleh just told you the reason for unhappy "playing" environment

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Vonleh got the most out of his year at Indiana on court, in spite of some real restrictions placed on his game by Crean.

    The Big-10 Conference Freshman of the Year was forced into the center spot, despite his uncanny athletic ability that could potentially land him on the wing at the next level.

    a. He received Big 10 Freshman of the Year…Hell of an honor for being “held back.”
    b. Fischer left. Did Crean have much choice other than to more narrowly define Vonleh’s role as primarily in the post? There was no strong backup to expand his role.
    c. Of course, the hometown paper piece, written by a guy that had a 15-year-old Noah work with his RAC team, is going to think Noah is the god’s gift to the NBA world.
    d. You could just as easily blame Zeller for having Noah’s game limited. How was Noah to know that Zeller would go pro and Fischer would quit the team? If Cody stays, Noah could have likely played more of a similar role to Watford. He would have been on a team that had banner potential.
    e. These kids chasing their dreams is fine and dandy. But his actions will effect those coming in next year. It will change roles and effect overall team performance. You can’t put all of that on the coach. Cody was not ready for the NBA. Somebody wants to throw money at him and he can’t turn it down. But to think that Fischer’s decision and Cody’s decision didn’t have consequences on Vonleh’s ability to expand into wider roles and freedoms on the court is very naive from this agenda-driven hometown author.

    Watch “Survive and Advance,” Noah…Listen to Ralph Sampson explain his reasons for staying in college and not becoming a Boston Celtic after freshman year…then sophomore year…and then junior year. There’s more to life than just exploring your own potential..There’s a funny thing called team and brothers. Funny thing is…? You look a bit like Sampson.

  • Podunker says:

    Wow, talk about taking a small innocuous bit of information and using it to support your biased narrative! “and there you have it.” And there you have what? That’s just ridiculous.

    I was not and am not real happy with Tom Crean’s performance this past year. But I try to maintain some level of objectivity on the subject of his ability as a coach. For every story like this, where you can point to some vague comment to support your opinion about Tom Crean, I can find entire interviews, with people like VO and other successful NBA pros, where these men go on record in praising Tom Crean for how he helped them develop into the players they are.

    Anybody remember the old joke about the only person who could hold Michael Jordan under 20 points a game was Dean Smith? I’m quite sure MJ felt that Smith, one of the legends of college basketball, held him back during his days at UNC. But college basketball is about the team’s achievement, not the individual’s achievement.

    I think Vonley is an outstanding young man and a great basketball talent. But the article makes it clear that his plan from day one was to go to the NBA and grab the money as soon as possible. I doubt he would have gone to college had the ridiculous one-and-done rule not been in affect. Nothing wrong with that. Adults should be free to pursue their dreams. And I have no doubt that as the most gifted player on IU’s team, with a lot of confidence in his skills, Vonleh would feel that he could have “done more” and that his coaches held him back. What player of his ability and stature would not feel that way. But that has nothing to do with why he’s going pro. And it’s absurd to use that comment to support your opinion that Tom Crean can’t develop talent. That may be a legitimate opinion, but using this article to support it is such a reach that it was absurd.

    Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome will continue to afflict a small percentage of IU fans until Crean either wins a Championship or moves on to another school. In the mean time, those who suffer from this malady will continue to post ever more absurd statements in their desperate need to express their disdain for IU’s coach.

    There is so much wrong with the story referenced above, I don’t have time to comment on all of it. But it speaks to the need to abolish the one-and-done rule and so much more.

    And for all you TCDS sufferers, I found it interesting and ironic that Ryan, Wisconsin’s highly successful and heralded coach has finally lead his team to a final four. Yes, in all the year’s Ryan has been in charge of Wisconsin basketball, and all the success he has had there, this is the first time a Ryan coached team has made it to the final four. Just think, if Wisconsin’s administrators applied the same standards and expectations to Ryan as some IU fans apply to Crean, Wisconsin would have fired Ryan years ago. Ridiculous!

  • Swish says:

    Bo Ryan has a 73% winning %, 321 and 120. In 13 seasons he has had 8 20-win seasons and 3 30-win seasons and 2 19-win seasons. That is why he was able to stay.

  • TJ in Texas says:

    H4H some of what your wrote is just plain horsemanure. Vonleh was acknowledged best talent coming into Big10 when he signed LOI.His “freshman of the Year” was a default award. only way he WASNT going to win that was trip over his shoelaces and break an ankle.Yes,Crean could have done more to develope Vonleh;dont see a nyone crying about Payne or Kaminski playing post and shooting 3’s.MAYBE had he allowed Vonleh to move outside more frequently ,others MAY have found a reason to MOVE instead of being Models for potrait painters

  • Geoff says:

    Ironically I know Pat Badger, not well… but well enough to have him in my celly.

    Harvard – good call with UK. I won’t say great, because they were always super-talented, but you did recognize their ability to navigate a very difficult path to the FF when I thought they would lose to WSU.

    Also, Harvery… Pretty pumped about this coming Sunday… I have a men’s league playoff game and will be matched up head-to-head with Ronald Nored. It will be interesting to see how far out I’ll be willing to shoot. Kid can really defend. Unfortunately he’s got 3 other recent D1 grads on his team and big that just came back from Euroball, so I have a feeling we’re going to get whooped. Still will be fun to go heads up against a guy I watched from the stands in a NC game. I’ll definitely be wearing my Butler T-shirt from that night under my jersey to try to soften him up a bit.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Don’t forget that I also thought this was the year that Bo Ryan would finally break through. Didn’t I say that? I’ve tried to locate the old post…I’ve searched high and low and can’t seem to find it..?

    Ronald Nored..? Is he the guy from Naked Gun? “Must kill Nored…Must kill Nored…Must kill Nored….Must kill Nored.”

  • WaltD says:

    Good post, Podunker. Appreciate your effort to challenge bloggers who, in many cases, have lost their objectivity.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Another tribute to the new baseball season and the numerous opening days for MLB all across this great country

    Nielsen was such fun…a real comedic genius.

  • Fab5 says:

    LOL COACHV LOL- Cody was not, is not, will not, be a good shooter. It takes 3 mins of watching him to realize that. Tired of people acting like Cody was potentially a Ryan Anderson or Steve Novak type. His form for how athletic he is, is awful, and it’s a glorified set shot that would get rejected regularly if he wasn’t 7′. Cody had terrible habits that form when you play podunk local hs ball. He should’ve followed in the steps of the Plumlee family, also an IN family, who sent all 3 of their boys to a competitive prep school to play ball…it’s no surprise the 3 Plumlees would destroy the 3 Zellers any day.

  • Fab5 says:

    To all the hoop heads who keep typing “yada yada wasn’t/isn’t ready for the NBA” hope you realize how wrong you sound. No one is “ready” for the nba, they all get ready. It’s like saying a hs freshman isn’t ready for hs. Or a college frosh isn’t ready for college. Of course they aren’t ready to dominate and won’t be at their best for a few years, but are they ready to begin the process? YES. No 22 yr old is ready to play against a 35 yr old man, Vonleh staying and learning two more post moves won’t help him when he’s a rookie and Dwight sends his shot into the 12th row. Or Aldridge abuses him for 40. It’d happen now or even if he stayed 3 more seasons. Nba players are elite, you aren’t learning how to out craft them. You are either capable of playing at that level or you aren’t. And either way you learn while there. Should Vic have stayed 1 more yr at IU to “get even more ready”? No. Vonleh will be fine. Cody at his best should attempt to be Nick Collison. Although Cody would prefer to play pg for his local church youth group than play another min in the nba.

  • Geoff says:

    Come on Harvard, you love players like Nored. He was Butler’s version of Remy Abell.

  • Geoff says:

    @ #13, well said Fab

  • Podunker says:

    Swish, according to some of Crean’s critics, a good winning percentage is meaningless, or at least secondary. To these people, it’s all about hanging banners in Assembly Hall, or at least getting to the final four every other year. According to Crean’s critics, if you can’t achieve that level of success at IU after six or seven years, you obviously can’t coach, you obviously can’t develop talent, and now the latest claim is that the talent you’ve been recruiting will stop coming to Bloomington. It’s absurd.

    Here’s a little stat for you. In the last three seasons, Crean’s winning percentage is .702! And that includes the subpar 2013/2014 season with a 17-15 record! Crean took Marquette to the final four about ten years ago. He’s lead IU to back-to-back sweet 16’s, IU’s first outright Big Championship in decades, and his teams have defeated more top-ten teams over the last three seasons than any other team in college basketball. But to his critics, Crean still can’t coach.

    Two things contribute to the Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome. First, some people invest too much in the hype associated with High School basketball recruits. To that extent, Crean may be a victim of his own success in recruiting. People hear about “The Solution” and automatically think IU has signed the talent necessary to win a couple of Championships. When the team infused with four top-rated High School players fails to win it all, it can’t be that the talent was overrated or has not matured yet, it must be a coaching problem. Secondly, people fail to remember just how devastated IU Basketball was the day Crean took over as head coach. The cupboards were bare! Players he inherited had amassed 19 F’s in school and were going to flunk out of college. The half life of the fallout left over from a decade (or more) of mismanagement and neglect by IU’s top administrators and Trustees, and it goes back well before Sampson was hired, lasts a lot longer and takes a lot more work to repair than most people realize. In other words, what a lot of people my age once took for granted, that being IU Basketball’s prowess and tradition as a top College Basketball program, was in critical condition. If you doubt that, just look at all the Indiana High School basketball talent that chose to sign with schools other than IU over the last 10 to 15 years. Think about the vacuum that IU’s mismanagement and neglect of its basketball program created and how that vacuum was filled by the likes of MSU, OSU, MI, WI, KY, and Louisville during a period of at least ten years. How many Athletic Directors did IU go through in the decade before Fred Glass was hired? Here’s a news flash for some of you folks, IU’s Athletic Department was a joke for about 12 years before Glass took over, and the most visible victim of that neglect and mismanagement was IU basketball. There’s a reason why IU had to offer a ten year contract in order to attract qualified candidates just to interview for the job.

  • coachv says:

    why inhell would anyone want to remain objective in discussing crean’s shortcomings as a coach? objectivity is for people who don’t know anything about the subject at hand.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Talking of 19 F’s and bare cupboards seven years into the job at Indiana speaks volumes of those with the obvious deficiency syndrome…It’s the crutch that keeps on giving. Every year Crean can’t get it done, shows his continued complete lack of competence in game-planning/in-game crazy weird substitutions/halftime adjustments, it’s simply back to Kelvin and 19 F’s.

    This is the epitome of a losers mentality. It’s making your own endless excuse based on aiming at others that failed rather than moving ahead in determined and classier fashion in the mold of true winners.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And no potential one-and-done seems to be “ready” to put their team on their back, stay in school, develop as a team that may not be solely reliant on a roster full of NBA prospects, and build something more than a castle of personal fortune.

    Listen to Jerry West speak of how long it takes to get these one-and-done children still in their diapers(in terms of leadership and maturity factors) to truly become a talent to build a team around.

    And so the hell what if you’re as ready as anyone else that’s getting the opportunity? I hope you realize how zombie and uninspiring you sound. Basketball is not golf. It’s a team game being destroyed by selfish desires. Hey, here’s and idea. Be unique. Beat to your own drum…Be a Ralph Sampson and risk it all for team and chance at memories that come in the pursuit of true greatness found in a team with a vision. Maybe enjoy college. Maybe not act like your god almighty and simply taking the millions because you’re doing it for family and everyone else from the “tree” of your life. Maybe make a tree from the roots of a team. Maybe be the trunk of a banner run…Maybe give it the ol’ college try rather spread your own wings in your reserved plot of sky.

    Yeah, tell us what we don’t already know. We’ve held you back…Oh, thank you so much for sacrificing your growth for poor ol’ Indiana. What complete BS. Give me a kid with some actual nuts in his sack that’s willing to fight for more than his own bucket of gold.

    One day we’ll land a kid on a different mission. One ready from day one to seek the banner rather than the bus to riches Someone that will instill the same hunger in teammates and will take every ounce his desire to get it done. This will not be a gentle giant. This will not be someone that eats up the “crutch” mentality of a “me” world first always searching out other wrongdoers and villains to satisfy their eyes staring in the mirror.

    Indiana no longer has warriors. We don’t have them at the coaching level or the players we’re bringing in. We have whiners that complain how enough wasn’t done for them. Here’s an idea. Shut the hell up and win. Shut the hell up when the cookie crumbles…Sweep up the pieces and fight again rather than cry over it for seven years. Cody was soft. Vonleh was soft. Oladipo was soft. They were impotent in their fortitude to do something special for Indiana. I guess they were ready for the NBA….They were ready to be stuck in the same level of selfish indifference they brought to Indiana.

    We were merely a whore stop on the road to their glory.

  • Fab5 says:

    Harv your view point is selfish. If you like those incredibly fake scenes you paint please watch Remember the Titans, Rudy and Hoosiers. You simply gloss over the past and curse the present. Your glory days that you are recalling are selectively remembered. The present isn’t so bad. IU blows and it’s because of Thomas Creanus’ lack of coaching ability. He is the exact dude you just waxed poetically about: an underachiever, a nobody, a dreamer, in over his head, gave it a college try,etc etc. now he’s here, you don’t like him. He is someone, we all know them, who dreamed big, his buddies wonder “can he really do this?” and they’re shocked when he does. However he might’ve out reached by a rung or 10. He’d be a great NAIA coach, or hs jv.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Well said…?

    Well said “go get your own water because you don’t appreciate mine.”

    And there’s plenty of “well said” on here that is infected with the weakness of lost passion for what Indiana has not achieved in nearly 30 years. If it’s not the coach seeking excuses for something that happened seven years ago, it’s players seeking excuses for what Indiana couldn’t give them. Indiana didn’t do all that badly when Vonleh was on the bench with his foot injury. And it was done without a viable replacement approaching anything looking like Division 1 post player.

    John Wall was a hero at UK for a couple years after he graduated..Then came the banners…Then came more talent and more banners. And now nobody cares anymore.

    Once Indiana gets that next banner, these prima donnas that think they represent Indiana “being back” will look like worn out stained carpeting. Nobody care. And their life will be short in the NBA. And there will be no reunions in Bloomington in 25 years…They will be dust in the wind and their names will be forgotten.

    It’s only the teams we remember. It’s the team that makes the names on the roster immortal.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And for all of Crean’s pretentious preaching and excuse making, maybe there is still that silly naivety to admire.

    I admire his relentless blind faith in himself and his vision. I actually sometimes believe he will get it done. I may be buying in. Maybe it’s a faith in Indiana more than those he’s thus recruited.

    Maybe Geoff and others were right. It’s often just the luck of the draw in the tournament. If Syracuse wasn’t in our pathway two season’s ago, we’d likely have that sixth banner. And I’m not totally sure if Michigan loses to UK if they’d had McGary on Sunday. For whatever Morgan brought to help against Tennessee, McGary may have been the better answer against the intimidation of talent and beasts on the offensive boards in a game against Kentucky. So much of tournament success is so random and rooted in match-ups and who’s more mentally prepared on the given night.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And I’m pretty sure that ‘viewpoint’ is one word(not that I’m an expert). It’s surely not as bad as saying ‘hog wash’ instead of ‘hogwash.’

  • coachv says:

    it’s not just Syracuse we have to worry about. did anyone notice how often big ten teams went to zone defense against us if we were doing well against them, especially later in the season?

  • steve says:

    I hope crean gets it done but I have a friend like him who has been going to make it big for twenty years on sales deals. He still has yet to make the big deal but still talks it up and it gets old. Luck of the draw playing syracuse? Maybe but we werent playing well anyway. We got taken out by wisconsin in the btt and barely beat temple. We might of won another game but no way were we playing good enough to win a sixth banner. That is crazy talk imo.

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