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  • IUGRAD89 says:

    First 3 times with the ball. 2 turnovers and 0-2 from the free throw line. Got to love the start. Best thing is getting the 2nd half issues out of the way at the beginning.

    Down 0-9 in first 3 minutes.

    We have them right where we want them.

  • IUGRAD89 says:

    Perfect halftime scenario for this team. Didn’t play well – down a couple points at the half. I feel more confident now to win than if they were up double digits.

    Two coaches not known for their halftime adjustment abilities. So hopefully coaching comes into play minimally. So – better team should win.

  • Karen Conner says:

    Perfect ending to this perfectly awful season. And to think, we had the Big 10 Freshman of the year and a second all big ten player on our roster. Doubt very much that we can even win one in the NIT.

  • IUGRAD89 says:

    To say CTC is an underachiever and pathetic coach would be a huge understatement. As Knight once said about Illinois’ Lou Henson ” never has so little been done with so much “.

    Illini are subpar team and we’ve lost to them twice. LOL.

    Could not be more disgusted. About 5 most wins this season for this team. Lost every single one. No fundamentals – no intelligence – no HEART – and no chemistry – and NO COACHING.

    Losing to teams with less talent is somewhat hard to do. CTC has made it an art form.

  • NoMendacity says:

    Would NOW be a good time to suggest that Crean needs to GO?

  • AWinAZ says:

    Once again, a collapse. Up 5 with 12 min left & we take a quick 3 & miss, then proceed to play about as bad of basketball as is possible for 3 min. Next thing you know, we are down 6 & scrambling down the stretch. The the inevitable happens; Yogi starts taking bombs from 25 ft and there’s no penetration and movement and feeding the post that got us up to begin with.

    Yogi has poor recognition of what is available to him. And then there’s Hollowell, who flat out sucks.

    18 TOs was it? That means there’s only 22 or so left to stomach from here with 1 more NIT game. I have a countdown board at my house now to help.

  • IUGRAD89 says:

    meant to write: 5 must win games

  • NoMendacity says:

    I’m feeling the same bittersweet relief that was present when I had to euthanize my beloved, long suffering dog!

  • IUGRAD89 says:

    That’s so true – loving this team is like loving a cheating wife – watching your kids fail at something or your dog scenario.

    What does a CREAN AND CRIMSON OR WE’RE BACK T-shirt go for these days??

    March Sadness. Thank you CTC and staff for putting it all together. 4th ranked recruiting class and the 10th ranked recruiting class last two years and year 6 of the CTC era. Well done.

  • coachv says:

    pathetic. no improvement from start of season to the finish. same turnovers from same players, especially sheehey and Ferrell. same ridiculous offense. no wonder fischer left. what in the world will happen if vonleh goes pro leaving us with zero bigs next season? too bad glass signed crean to an extention.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    The “Hurryin’ Hoosiers” certainly returned, Fred Glass.

    They hurried right out of Indy.

    Now you go hurry up and draft another contract extension with another 10 million dollars for man and his water bottle that hurries out of his chair at the end of hurried press conferences.

    You’re a very fortunate man to be an athletic director at a university with so much storied tradition in a state where basketball is woven like no other place into the passions its population. Tom Crean is an even more fortunate coach. At any other campus in any other state, the attendance would drop off the cliff with such underachieving and flippant regard an unparalleled loyal fan base.

    You should be ashamed to cash your paychecks. You should be ashamed to take money from Adidas to wear those uniforms today. You work at a place that still fills the seats to the rafters even though the current product is so grossly insulting to the history and the knowledgeable men that once headed up the program.

    It’s a rare thing for seats to be full in the face of incompetency. It’s sad that you and Tom Crean made what should have been a valued honor turned into such reward for your collective empty blow, carnival talk, and fireworks. It’s shameful that such unique and loving fans of a game are left with such dimwits somehow fortunate enough through the happenstance an NCAA witch hunt to be left with such job security irrelevant of qualifications and basketball IQ.

    Maybe one day Indiana fans will wise up…Maybe they’ll someday realize that teaching should replace selling and humble regard such a loyal fan base should replace preaching. Maybe one day they’ll quit filling the seats to reward your incompetence and your condescension toward the Indiana fan as ignorant, content, weak, uninspired, gullible, and unable to differentiate frauds from caring and educated leaders.

  • Hoosier Hopeful says:

    This season was terrible on so many levels. Other than Voneah and Williams the incoming class was very overrated. The returning players such as Hollowell and Etherington should not be playing at a premier program like Indiana and would not even make the bench squad for teams like Duke and Kansas. Coaching was a problem all season but the bottom line is this team is not very good. With Vonleah leaving for the pros, not sure what Indiana is going to have for front-court players next year, Crean does not seem to be able to get more than the occassional 5-star recruit, while other major programs are getting many every year.

  • JeffreyV says:

    Awful. Not a ‘team’, but a group of players. For this to happen (pathetic. no improvement from start of season to finish) rests squarely on the “Coach”.

  • RAM says:

    During the first few years of this coaching regime excuses were not only tolerated and condoned, they were vigorously defended. Justified or not that mindset set a VERY BAD precedent. All excuses do is put your program on the fast track to mediocrity.Look out the window at the scenery. Have we arrived yet?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Giving anyone on the bench of our coaching staff a break by claiming a team is “not very good” is a total cop out.

    The coaches recruit and build the team. They create the scholly crunches that make kids questions whether or not they should stay. They decide the mix of local and faraway talent. They take hyped and ranked stars that they personally select and personally divvy up the PT in their practice workshops every day of the week.

    If it’s not a good team, then it’s built by coaches that need to figure out how to make it a better team. I do believe that’s in the job description. A coach is a teacher. A coach is supposed to figure out how to extract the most from his talent and build the pieces of varied skill sets into a confident group stronger than the sum of its parts.

    Can we stop with the excuses? Some people say it’s a “bridge year.” I have trouble with that term when I can’t witness coaching that can even bridge two halves a game together.

  • IUGRAD89 says:

    Last year Florida Gulf Coast spent money inside and out of their arena to put their nickname “Dunk City” throughout.

    Is there money left in the renovation budget to get “Turnover Town” put throughout Assembly Hall?

  • t says:

    Problems started to become evident about two thirds way through 2012-13 season. Though IU won big ten conference…At that time IU passing and cutting game was suspect. At the first half of that season Victor was dribbling and spectacularly getting to the bucket scoring and the whole team was playing well….but after IU had been scouted and played second time around Victor was dribbling and getting tied up and losing the ball more….no outside shot for Cody and team was less and less effective…lost in big ten tournament….lucky to beat Temple in NCAA tournament….and not even competitive against Syracuse…..As a result recruiting has taken a major hit and seems to be at a lower level for the future…..This is a philosophy+System=Coaching inferiority….As for young players = Wichita State back court both,are sophomores…. No improvement in sight.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Tom Crean’s suits are dapper and cleanly pressed…At least he brought “Starch Madness” to Indy.

  • iufan23 says:

    Never thought I’d say that the FB program is looking more solid than BB. Our team lacked chemistry and a “killer instinct.” We all remember the days when teams dreaded coming into Assembly Hall because of what was bound to happen to them. Now, they look forward to it because they realize they will face a team with some talent but no will to win and SLOPPPY!!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    It’s what a lot of people/fans wanted…Now they have it. Two major sports balanced in bottom-dwelling mediocrity forever struggling to play with the big boys. Is that acceptable at a university the size of IU? Is that acceptable with the level of coaching and AD salaries payed while watching the costs for those attending college skyrocketing?

    The biggest news story that our basketball program could muster from an ESPN broadcast was videotape of Assembly Hall popping at its old and outdated seams. More fireworks and more money thrown at football. Just watch how irrelevant IU basketball can become. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Without Zeller getting it off life support for two years, it would have been deader than a doornail.

    And Crean has zero personality…No ability to be the least self-deprecating. No ability to be publicly display humility and accountability. Nothing but stuffy puritanical gobbledygook spiting onto the microphone. More stale and uninteresting than a 90-year-old Bob Knight. Nothing of a worthwhile captured soundbite…Nothing of fun..Nothing of sense of humor. Nothing of stimulating and different perspectives. He’s perfect for the most boring cornball state in the corny Southern Indiana new Bible belt evolved from greater Kentucky. Dull, insulting, and preachy to wear as window dressing for a stale and humorless bore in stiff suit.

    It will take Indiana three times the years a Sampson cancer to recover from the mind-boggling backward culture and incompetency brought to Bloomington via CharlaTom ValvoCrean. With the protection his holier-than-thou faith affords him, I doubt Indiana can ever rebound. Frozen in ineptitude while frozen in the self-righteous attitudes of podium princes that couldn’t be cosmopolitan in a 1970’s Bloomington.

  • Double Down says:

    I slipped Fred Glass $20 and a half-full pack of Trident Spearmint gum to make Indiana Basketball on par with IUFB.

    Little did I think he could be bought for such a bargain.

    Time to get send out that care package for Vlad Putin. I have 2 day old Chinese leftovers in the fridge.

  • IUGRAD89 says:

    There should be plenty of money in the IU budget to make a coaching change.

    After all – think about how much money IU saves with Tom Crean as coach. They save a lot in tournament travel expenses – hotels – travel meal money – airfare costs – etc.. The man is the PRIUS of coaching.

  • ron says:

    Maybe, besides the ^^^, IU may be positioned for the non-conference games. Teams from small schools get a lot of money to come to Btown so IU can win games by 40-50 points. After this season maybe some schools will be paying IU to show up at their school to take the non-conference beating.

  • Hoosier1987 says:

    Sorry to say but we are stuck with Crean for at least 2-3 more years.With the money IU would have to pay him to buy him out..could not get a top coach to replace him.Fred Glass should be the one fired for his stupidity in extending his contract,raise,and buy-out.After 2-3 more seasons Crean will have IU so bad that buying him out will do no good…no one will want this job.If IU does have the money to buy him out they better do it now…Greg Marshall will be a highly sought after coach in about 4 weeks.Michigan is a younger team than IU..but they have a coach.Crean has never won and will never win..he is just not a coach.I would take a chance with Dane Fife over Crean.Heck I would take Damon Bailey over Crean and Damon’s team would give this years team a good game.

  • Geoff says:

    That was brutal, but a fitting end to the B1G season.

    Clearly there shouldn’t be any compliments for Crean, but some of these criticisms are flat out wrong. Myopia runs rampant amongst IU fans.

    0-1 in B1G Tourney… Assuming they even make the NIT, and since they base it on fan support quite often they should, I’m guessing they are 0-1 there too.

    I sorta feel bad for Sheehey, but then I remember that he shoulda been playing like this from the start and maybe the rest of the team would have followed by the end of the season.

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