Jurkin leaving program to transfer

Center Peter Jurkin has left the Indiana basketball program and is looking to transfer, a source close to the situation confirmed Saturday.

The news first broke through a post on the Twitter and Instagram accounts of his teammate Hanner Mosquera-Perea, who also came to the United States through the A-HOPE program and played with the South Sudanese born Jurkin in the Indiana Elite AAU program.

“I can’t believe my big brother left me today,” Mosquera-Perea, a native of Colombia, posted. “This dude has been there for me everyday since the day we came to the US. We did everything together everyday all day. I’m going to miss this dude so much nobody will understand our friendship if you didn’t know us. He is the brother that I never had I love you P and I will miss you everyday bro.”

Jurkin had been dealing with shin injuries since high school however. They limited the 7-footer to just 18 minutes, two points and four rebounds in two seasons. According to the source, Jurkin recently had surgery to remove calcium deposits in his knees, which has made him feel much healthier. His shins have not fully healed, however. According to the source, Indiana does not believe he will be healthy enough to play, but Jurkin thinks he can and is therefore transferring instead of accepting a medical hardship waiver that would allow him to maintain his scholarship at Indiana but not play.

Indiana is now down to 11 scholarship players on the roster, which leaves two available.

UPDATE IU Athletics confirms Jurkin’s departure with the following release:

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that center Peter Jurkin, whose playing career has been limited and hampered the last two years at IU and previously in high school by various leg ailments, will look to transfer to a school seeking more playing time.

“Peter has indicated his desire to try and find a program where he can get on the court more,” said Crean. “He has had an uphill battle health-wise since he arrived. He believes he can get to a point where he can contribute at a level greater than what he is able to do here. Our priority is that he can obtain his education and he always is welcome to do that and be part of our program at IU.”

Jurkin, a 7-0, 230-lb. center, played 18 minutes in 11 games and scored two points this past season. He was limited to three games in 2012-13 and is eligible for a medical redshirt. He played eight games this past year and earned Academic All-Big Ten honors.

“I want to thank Coach Crean and everyone on the staff for helping me through my injuries and the death of my father,” said Jurkin. I will always consider myself a Hoosier and think it is best if I look at another opportunity to pursue my education and continuing my playing career. Physically, I still have work to do but will hopefully be up to the challenge.”

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  • Higgi says:

    PJ…thank you for coming to IU when the program was in need of more size and talent. We are all disappointed that your injuries prevented you from becoming the player that we all thought you could become. You are doing the right thing for yourself and IU Basketball by transferring to another program where you may be able to slowly work yourself onto the court, while IU gets to sign another recruit for 2015 who may be able to come in make an immediate impact.

  • Wolfem says:

    Sorry injuries prevented PJ from being able to realistically contribute and reach his potential.

    With School starting in less than two months is it possible for IU to still land another scholarship player or two for the basketball program? Who might that be? Any one out there have a name or two that we might yet grab at this late hour?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Remy Abell…Jeremy Hollowell…Ron Paterson….Austin Etherington…..Luke Fischer….Mo Creek…..Matt Roth….the Partridge Family…the original cast of Mod Squad…Bobby Capobianco’s cousin…and Jeremy Price??????

    I’m thinkin’ that they’re all available at this late hour.

  • CalCheaneyfan says:

    Basketball? Who cares about basketball? We’re a baseball school — at least we were for two years. Which makes me ask: When can we expect to have a new coach?

  • Punjab says:

    Am I a bad person for hoping this would happen? For everyone’s sake?

    In a perfect world, PJ would’ve been a healthy contributor and learned to hone his skills– mostly on defense as a rim protector and rebounder, but with the occasional clutch offensive output. (Pretty sure the last few national champions had someone like that on their roster.)

    Injuries didn’t allow that development to happen. Nothing against Peter– by all accounts he was a fine young man who had to battle through adversity his whole time here. Not his fault. But his days were numbered, and whether or not he was pressured out or he read the writing on the wall, it seemed likely he didn’t have a bright athletic future here. Hope he finds health and productivity elsewhere. Best of luck, Peter.

  • Lord of the Edit says:

    You’re not a bad person, Punjab. You just need a bit of editing….

    Am I a bad person for hoping this would happen? For everyone’s sake?

    In a perfect world, PJ Tom Crean would’ve been a healthy contributor and learned to hone his [coaching] skills– mostly on defense as a rim protector and rebounder [allowing the assistants to do the load of thinking], but with the occasional clutch [brain] output [from Crean during exhibition games] . (Pretty sure the last few national champions had someone like that on their roster [working as an equipment manager].)

    Injuries [Villain chasing] didn’t allow that development to happen. Nothing against Peter Tom– by all accounts he was a fine young [ham of a] man who had to battle through adversity [tongue flatulence] his whole time [filling snake oil bottles] here. Not his fault. But his days were numbered, and whether or not he was pressured out [of his Church of Twitter] or he read the writing on the wall [simply spent excessive time weeping over Joyce Meyer tweets in a bathroom stall], it seemed likely he didn’t have a bright athletic [clapping] future here. Hope he finds health [witches] and productivity [suckers for tongue flatulence] elsewhere. Best of luck, Peter [brain].

  • RAM says:

    WOLFEM, I think the final signing date was May 21.

  • WaltD says:

    PJ,thanks for all the work you put into your recovery from shin injuries while at IU. I wish you the very best in transferring to another school. Above all,I wish you much success in life and whatever career you choose for yourself. Give good care to yourself!

  • Rocketman says:

    Since the athletic department is remodeling Assembly Hall, they might want to consider installing a revolving door on the Men’s Basketball Locker Room

  • BeatPurdue says:

    Good luck Peter. I wish you the best. You are not likely to get better medical advise or rehabilitative services anywhere else like IU has provided to you for these last 2 years. It will be interesting to see where you end up and how your playing goes.

  • Harvard for Hillibillies says:

    These are bright kids that put far higher value on freedoms than most Americans. I’m confident that Jurkin will make the most of his college education and will not take his opportunities lightly(the alternative is simply not a very attractive option). What he already has lived and seen, probably drives him beyond what most of us can ever relate or understand.

  • Ben says:

    I figured Peter would leave early, but can’t fault the man for not giving up his dream playing basketball again somewhere. While Peter is a model student at IU, more power to you for not giving up on your dream. Peter could have easily sat back, and let the hardship waiver do it’s thing. Good luck on your future endeavors.

    What happened to Tsao? All because he squashed me like a can of worms(Didn’t think any of my posts stood a chance of being live on the blog.) don’t mean I wish ill on the man. Hope you’re ok.

  • iuhoosier1992 says:

    I didn’t realize he was still on the team.

  • Podunker says:

    #4, #5 and #11 were not written by me. I thought we got rid of all the cowardly scumbags who post comments using other people’s screen names. I guess not. Dustin, it’s time to investigate and then start suspending the pathetic lowlifes from this site. Actually, banning them from the site would be a much better solution.

  • Harvard for Hillibillies says:

    You should be addressing Jeremy if you want the launching of a full investigation from activities on this Peter Jurkin thread. And speaking of scumbag(typos checked and double checked, check) examinations and our ‘Head Investigator,’ where is Speedo Rhinestones?

  • Harvard for Hillibillies says:

    May I also add Jonny Marlin to my list of names that could replace Tom Crean’s Peter Jurkin. I had inadvertently forgotten that Mr. Marlin spent a lot of time on the bench and likely had a high regard for Peter.

  • Harvard for Hillibillies says:

    At the request of Podunker, this Peter Jukrin thread has now been officially Jeremied. Suspension warnings have been forwarded to the appropriate guilty parties. All scum from scumbags have been laundered from the site and are currently being investigate and under banning review. This may, or may not, include solitary confinement…Hard to say if solitary confinement would be the appropriate punishment for the accused and unidentified “lowlife” seeing how anyone that has enough time to be commenting over Peter Jurkin during a beautiful summer afternoon may already be rather solitaire and low in life. More details of the pending investigation to follow. Any determination of guilt as to the impostor on this thread and subsequent convictions will be followed by the punishment phase. Punishment is to be determined by Scoop’s very own hammer of justice, Judge Speedo Rhinestones, and could result in the accused impostor to be no longer confined to a room, always sitting in a chair, having absolutely nothing constructive to do with a day, staring at a computer screen, and be removed from the black hole of emptiness that comes with a typing into a cyberspace wasteland of nothingness the wishing of man blessed with name Peter Jurkin, a man that could care less if you were hit with a fatal heart attack as your fat butt grows fatter in your solitary blogging thrown, to keep his head up.

  • Actually, I did it. And I didn’t put anyone in jail, I just deleted the imposterisms. Jeremy’s on vacation and I was at a wedding back home all weekend, so I missed it before.

  • Harvard for Hillibillies says:

    Who’s getting hooked(not that it’s any of my business)? Not a better opportunity for you to use some of those classic Dopiratk pickup lines formulated and tested at Kilroy’s while at a festive wedding reception…Hope you just made sure that it wasn’t a relative(at least not a first cousin).

    I actually thought the Podunker imposter’s comments were sorta cute and harmless…I thoroughly enjoyed the link(SB Nation piece) to the twitter answers for Crean’s “What does it mean to play for Indiana?” question/contest. Some of those answers were hilarious….You should reconsider leaving the link up.

    Never mind…I found the link.


    Hope you hooked up with a hot bridesmaid or found that special someone that locked into your neon bright blue eyes across a crowded dance floor….

  • Podunker says:

    Regardless of how “cute and harmless” posting comments under another person’s name may seem, it is a childish and cowardly behavior, and a very slippery slope. As the most prolific poster-of-comments on this site, I would think that you, of all people, would want to protect the integrity of the comments you post via your many different screen names.

  • Harvard for Hillibillies says:

    #Peter Jurkin
    #slipper slope
    #it wasn’t me
    #Jeremy’s vacation

  • Double Down says:

    Congrats Harvard. You actually managed to make my skin crawl with #19.

  • Harvard for Hillibillies says:

    #Peter Jurkin
    #Double Down
    #Air Supply
    #Chewbacca’s twin sisters
    #fava beans

  • Seahawk Tom says:

    Hey Harvard, first, long time no chat. Hope you are well.

    Second, why is it that your reactions to the impostor posts are always the same, as long as its not YOU that’s being impostored … “Cute,” “charming,” delightful” etc etc etc…yet when the impostor targets you, your tone is of indignant outrage?

  • Ben says:

    Can’t have your cake, and eat it too.

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