IU target Spalding commits to Louisville

Last week in Indianapolis, Indiana recruiting target Ray Spalding said he hadn’t trimmed his list and was enjoying the recruiting process.

On Saturday, the 6-foot-10, 205-pound power forward/center in the class of 2015 said he might commit in the next week, but on Sunday Spalding made the decision to stay home official with his commitment to Louisville, as reported by multiple media outlets.

Here’s more from the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Steve Jones: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/recruiting/louisville/2014/07/20/ray-spalding-commitment-louisville/12913543/

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  • TJ in Texas says:

    “Both Coach Johnson and Coach Pitino said that with my length and athleticism I can cause a lot of trouble on defense and offense.”——Kenny Johnson 1 ; Tom Crean 0

  • Higgi says:

    Lol…kid was from Louisville, IU (and everyone else) never had a shot.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Higgi, So true.

  • Old Sports Dude says:

    Another bites the dust! But why waste time trying to get a top prospect from Louisville area. Like they are going to leave? CTC wasting his time again. Maybe another coach by next year this time.

  • steve says:

    He sure spent alot of time going after this kid and Lousville just came him and took him right away. Kind of like with Theo Pinson and North Carolina last year. The crean kool aid drinkers will tell you we dont need him anyway. I think alot of players are seeing the writing on the wall for crean despite what some say I do not think he is an elite recruiter. He is an ok recruiter but no better then above average. Hard to get very excited about the future of IU bb right now.

  • TJ in Texas says:

    Higgi….while he is from Louisville,Bloomington isnt that far away and he said later in the article he knows he will have to work for playing time.He could have had playing time from the start. If you check the Louisville Courier…they report on IU as well as UK.Its a triangle recruiting area. Crean probably showed him where on the starting grid he would be

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    (Louisville) the team he grew up cheering for…

    Plays AAU ball for The Ville.

    “I think once Louisville offered it was a forgone conclusion he went there”, Evan Daniels.

    Yup he was an undeniable IU lean.

  • steve says:

    The one thing IU can offer all of these bigs is playing time and yet they are still turning us down. Very very concerning stuff.

  • Hoosier Hopeful says:

    This continues a very disturbing trend. Crean batted zero getting a quality big man for this coming season and so far has no one for 2015. Granted it is early for 2015 but he needs to do a much better job or Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens will be getting a call sometime in the not to distant future.

  • Old Sports Dude says:

    Hope they call Brad Stevens in March 2015

  • steve says:

    Could not agree more. If crean cannot produce and has a bad year its time to move on.

  • Double Down says:

    Brad Stevens isn’t going anywhere next year.

  • NoMendacity says:

    Why would anyone be surprised that Crean’s allegedly superior recruiting skills be starting to fail?

    His superior salesmanship when he took the IU gig, plus the resulting media and fan hyped expectations played a HUGE part in his early recruiting successes. Now that word is out about his very dubious COACHING SKILLS and the suspicious program problems resulting in multiple players leaving, would cause ANY recruit to be reluctant to get on IUBB’s unsteady ship! Especially when a recruit is also being courted by known success programs like Louisville.

    Expect many more disappointments for Crean and IU fans on the recruiting front. And once his alleged skill in the recruiting area vanishes, there won’t be much good left to attribute to Crean as IU Basketball savior. As the old saying goes, “you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

  • TJ in Texas says:

    yep his recruiting is falling off. Giddens is going to Ohio State,Spalding to Louisville, and Zimmerman isnt leaving las vegas( if he does its to the west coast),and the young man from Ft Wayne,Swanigan* (sp), from what articles Ive read is an Izzo-lean.

  • BeatPurdue says:

    So much nonsense in this thread of posts! Indiana Basketball is 1 year away from a Sweet Sixteen loss to a very good Syracuse team after being ranked #1 for much of that year and winning the out-right B1G Championship. IU can only take 3 in the 2015 class. Wake me up in November and let’s see where we stand. Then let’s compare notes in March 2015 to see about the predictions of doom and gloom.

  • Podunker says:

    BeatPurdue, I agree completely. Glad to see there’s still a few of us on this site that have not been infected with the Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome.

    News flash for some of you. IU is going to lose the majority of recruiting battles against Louisville and Kentucky involving kids living in Louisville or other parts of Kentucky. A few reasons why: 1) At IU, the athletes have to go to class and work toward an actual college degree. That’s a huge disadvantage compared to schools that do not emphasize education. 2) The Master of One and Done at Kentucky and the “scumbag” at Louisville have won national championships of late. They’re in charge of two of the elite college basketball programs, and both make over $5 million per year to coach college basketball. IU has not been viewed as being amongst the elite college basketball programs for about 14 years, before most of the kids being recruited today were able to dribble a basketball. IU’s administration made a mess out of IU athletics for at least a decade or so before Tom Crean arrived in Bloomington. Crean may not be the solution, but he’s not the reason why IU is not at the same level of success as either Louisville or Kentucky when it comes to college basketball.

    As for not signing Spalding, well “you miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    I have yet to read any evidence coach Crean is a poor recruiter because a L’ville kid, recruited by IU ultimately commits to U of L. But some folks just love to shoot BB’s against concrete walls.

  • Lord of the 2014 Indiana Mr. Basketball says:

    Is Trey Lyles from Kentucky?

  • Lord of the 2014 Indiana Mr. Basketball says:


    That “TCDS” reference is another unprovoked, toxic, attack-style statement. Is that another example of the “Podunker passion” all should embrace? You should remove the entire post. You know fully well where that accusation is aimed. And now he’s name-calling anyone that doesn’t blindly support everything Crean.

  • Jeremy Price says:

    Gonna disagree with you on this one. That terminology was directed every bit as much at TJ, steve and OSD, who commented on this thread.

  • Lord of the 2014 Indiana Mr. Basketball says:

    I think your wrong. Implying that someone is “deranged” because they take a different point of view is bullying and toxic. And you know very well where the barrel was initially pointed when he made such comments originally. Now that others are beginning to have doubts about Crean, he’s clinging to the name-calling and increasing the radius of bullying.

    And I would think his name-calling was also directed at NoMendacity…NoMendacity hasn’t made an appearance in quite some time. Funny how some accuse me of running people off the blog. NoMendacity gets attacked with the TCDS bullying the moment she makes her first return to the blog in months. That’s no way to treat an intelligent poster offering their own unique opinion. It’s less than respectful to someone that still hasn’t lined up in zombie-like fashion behind the Pollyanna Podunker Manikins on Parade due to not actually fully sucking in five years of Podunker’s passion gas.

    You’re not consistent, Jeremy. Contributors need not be called/implied to have lost their minds, or labeled as suffering from some kind of “derangement syndrome” because they have an opinion regarding Crean six years into his contract no different than many had of Mike Davis after a few years. Davis took the Hoosiers to a Final Four. Maybe those that ran Mike Davis out of town are just as “deranged” in the misplacing their passions.

  • Lord of the 2014 Indiana Mr. Basketball says:

    And there’s still no answer to my question about Trey Lyles? Is Lyles from Kentucky?

    1) At IU, the athletes have to go to class and work toward an actual college degree(e.g Noah Vonleh). That’s a huge disadvantage compared to schools that do not emphasize education. 2) The Master of One and Done at Kentucky

    And if we’re so against one-and-done’s, does that mean it was “deranged” to recruit Vonleh? Deranged to recruit Blackmon? Think Blackmon could be a one-and-done…? Think he’ll wait around for a legit post player before he jumps to the NBA? …Think he can take a team deep with nothing in the middle other than projects in the middle? So, so, deranged, indeed.

  • TJ in Texas says:

    to those that adhere to the “TCDS” statement ..I offer this comment by Mark Twain( which I think fits ALOT of supporters) It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ….Mark Twain

  • Lord of the 2014 Indiana Mr. Basketball says:

    And what a cop out of defeatism to call UK and Louisville more elite. Yes, they’ve won championships and gone deep of late…But somehow I remember Crean getting a guy in the middle that adorned the covers of magazine. We had the player that Crean and Co. were “hinging” on bringing banners back to Bloomington. We had a preseason #1 ranked team and watched them look like Keystone Cops in the NCAA tournament against MAC level schools in the early rounds.

    And now we imply UK and Louisville to be elite? They are elite only in the sense that their coaches belong in the teaching classrooms of hardwood and hoops. They actually have leaders in suits that now how to get their teams to play above the individual talent on the roster. They actually earn the Armani label on the inside of the sport coat beyond recruiting.

  • Lord of the 2014 Indiana Mr. Basketball says:

    They actually have leaders in suits that [know] how to get their teams to play above the individual talent…

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