Postgame video from Tom Crean, IU players

Tom Crean

James Blackmon Jr., Nick Zeisloft, Tim Priller

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  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I’m surprised this isn’t some sort of NCAA violation. It seems so silly to be playing these games three months prior to the start of an official college basketball campaign.

    Are other major college b-ball programs engaging in similar organized scrimmages/tournaments? Summer should be a time to let the bodies and the mind rest a bit.

    You can’t hide a bloated horse by feeding it more. A state with our passion for the sport doesn’t require the constant ointment. We simply care about a quality product on the floor when it’s time. Didn’t the refusal to play in the CBI tournament pretty much concur with the idea that more hoops does not make for better hoops?

    Let football take its rightful stage with the beginning of a new school year. Crean should wait for his stage rather than be rewarded with the media attention for what he could not deliver upon last season.

  • Double Down says:

    You need to catch up on your reading before coming off half-cocked. Wisconsin and Syracuse played these same exhibitions last year. Charleton beat Wisconsin and took Syracuse to OT.

    A few years ago, Georgetown almost started WWIII when they played an exhibition in China (against one of their pro teams). After utterly dominating them, with about 9 min left in the game, the Chinese had enough and they started a huge malay. JT3 pulled his squad off the court and didn’t even get a police escort to their hotel.

  • Dennis says:

    Kentucky is currently playing in their Bahamas Tour and are 3-0 to date. They have one coming up Friday at 1PM. In fact, they are being carried on TV by SEC Network and ESPNU.

    WHERE IS THE BTN Network? Why don’t they set up a membership for those of us that are on cable and the cable company will not carry BTN? They could offer it to anyone wanting it that is on cable but the cable company will not offer BTN. There are thousands of BIG TEN Fans out here that would love to pay a fee to get BTN on the internet.

  • tomahawk sean says:

    Double Dumb, it’s true: Twenty WIns Tom (TWIT) is back! He probably would do well in Canada and this tour is more of a way for him to interview for a position there to have a fall back after he gets fired by Indiana.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    If Bo Ryan does it, it must be a good thing. Since Bo basically owns Crean, it may not be such a bad idea to pretend to be worthy of emulating his precedent. Thanks for explaining…I knew CharlaTom had some form of validation by association with this pointless exercise to wonder into Canada. It will make him into a Bo Ryan in all the same fashion a handshake with ‘The General’ will turn his frantic clapping into a calm and confident knowledge of the game.

  • coachv says:

    university of phoenix for billhillies,

    i always wandered why crean would wonder into canada. thanks for explaining.

  • Jimmy0 says:

    Dude seriously, are you ok? I mean, really. You posts 90% of the comments on a blog that really isn’t that active! it’s like you’re a frustrated standup or something. Go outside, hug someone, talk to someone. Life is too short.

  • Steve in Ottawa says:

    You know, with the state of college hoops, the preponderance of One-and-Dumbs, and Indiana stuck in a rather MedioCrean rut, I just might give the NBA another try. How can you not get sucked in by the LeBron redemption narrative? This ol’ city of Cleveland, laughed at by the Volvo-driving elites of Portland and the Bay Area, shunned by the millennial hipsters of New York and Seattle, sure could use a hero. The Gay Games are here, and the Republicans storm the city in 2016, and things are peeking up economically, but the city needs more than that… a sports championship, finally, to soothe its rusty, smoggy, and suffering soul. Could the kid from Santa Monica – a UCLA one-and-dumb himself – be the final piece needed to bring joy to the rust belt, and make the NBA interesting again?

    I hope Kevin Wilson’s crew can finally break through this year. But once that’s been determined, instead of watching another IU hoops team go 17-15 (after which they fire Crean, hire Dane Fife, and go 14-18), I think I’ll tune in the Cavs.

  • TJ in Texas says:

    Dennis, I was going to make a similar comment about Kentucky.How “fortunate” Kentucky plays exhibition games in Bahama,right after the close of the summer eval period.ESPN carries 2 of their exhibition games. What better advertising can you get than a network in love with Calipari plus the balmy beaches of the Bahamas shown at halftime.

  • (Not) Podunker says:

    There is another, deeper, reason Entropy Tom took his “youngest team ever abroad” to Canada: he wants to more accurately evaluate their potential now so he can more effectively stunt their growth later in conference play with his coaching acumen and haphazard substitution patterns.

    The foundation is now being established for his “they are burned out, they are too young” excuses later on when it matters. Smart move by a smart man!

  • Hoosier Clarion says:


  • RAM says:

    The Fort Wayne paper said there were 23 turnovers and 17 assists. OUCH!

  • t says:

    So far IU is 2-1 for the 2014-2015 season. If they win out in August I assume they are going to include these wins in there regular college season record unless they loose out….that would give them an 80% win to loss ratio…However, IU needs to be up around 90%

  • Ron says:

    Any place have IU schedule of those games that have been announced? Inside the Hall and the IU website showing last yrs.

  • Double Down says:

    HC, that was Po. The Aliasing-IP Changing coward is back. Funny thing is, he thinks it bothers us.

    And you know it is a “he.” Sitting in a pile of Cheesy Poof crumbs waiting for his mother to change his bed pan. Trolling internet comments like this is about as edgy as Justin Bieber.

  • Double Down says:

    Sorry for the typo, that wasn’t Po(dunker).

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    The LeBron thing is interesting…Doesn’t he have an opt-out clause after one season?

    I think Jeremiah Chet Johnson’s wife, Jesabelle Bunyan, has the same 1-year “Wilderness Opt-Out Clause” in her “Honey, we’re moving to a mountain isolation tank in Colorado” contract. Much like the transient wealthy hippies of Boulder, LeBron is merely longing again for the cooler and more genuine vibe of the home streets. Miami is about as rooted in authenticity as Karen Black’s makeup mirror.

    Come to think of it, Miami would be a great NBA destination for Crean…Very conservative state pretending to be hip…? Disney, Dopey, Sleepy. and Sneezy could use a shot in the arm from the Creepy that was scrapped from the original 8-member “whistle while work” clan of clueless cartoon characters infatuated with a white hottie more bleached than a set of Jesus hotel sheets…? Picking up D-Wade for church services in the pimped out Hummer with modified crucifixion hood ornament? Crean + Spoelstra could jump-start a fondness for finally admiring a pair of real boobs in a South Beach sea of regulation “inflate to 9 lbs” knockers..? The most senior fans of the state’s many retirement districts could finally use an unbreakable “Clapper” over that piece of junk relying on a live electrical outlet..?
    Spoelstra loses LeBron to Cleveland but all is not lost when he acquires “LeBronze” of Bloomington…?

  • Lord of the Buttered Carrot says:

    I like it. But Miami might be viewed as a land of sin to T.C. He’d have to double his dosage of Joyce Meyer retweeting to keep his athletes out of temptation.

    LeBron has an opt out after 2 years clause. This, the story goes, is so that he can restructure his current deal as revenue sharing expands.

  • Ron says:

    Well, it’s been nice over the last 7-10 days, but it’s time to leave this place for awhile. The babble has started again. Lots of words with little meaning. Same-o-same-o.

  • Lord of the Chopper says:

    It’s back to shopping for leather biker pants and more chrome belt buckles….?

    Strange how the motorcycle enthusiasts of Scoop seem to be the most touchy with some harmless antagonistic fun or when topics go off road a bit. One would think they would be furthest from the boring summer rides up and down a Pollyanna Main Street rigidly conforming to anything but an “Easy Rider,” go-with-the-flow, mentality. For Chet and Ron….Take a load off.

    Chet- Have you tried any fly fishing? That’s one thing I would love to learn. It seems the West is full of fantastic rivers to capture such an experience for a new passion.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Double Down, Thanks, I should have known.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Nice to see the Podunker thing was cleared up…It sure fooled me with all the mastery of Podunker’s Forest Gump wit clearly evident.

    It also should be cleared up that “Lord of the Buttered Carrot” is not Harvard for Hillbillies using his alternative “Lord of…” moniker that he’s always confessed/professed to as his other very occasional preferred screen name. I let it slide once with my old buddy, HuskyTom/SeahawkTom/Steve in OttawaTom, but the moderator should let it be known that Harvard’s original “Lord of..” invention dating years back to his first “Lord of the Clapper” post is now being hijacked.

    Can I have a (Not Harvard’s Lord of…)placed in front of “Lord of the Buttered Carrot”(post #18)?

    Really like Husky, but he’s always trying to steal my gig. It confuses me because he’s a far more eloquent writer, far more avid reader of classical literature, far more advanced in formal education…speaks many languages. I’m basically a one trick pony..Think I can simply be left to have the ownership of a couple screen names(‘Harvard for Hillbillies’ and ‘Lord of…’ my choosing)?

  • Seahawk Tom says:

    Harvard: when my “Lord of…” post is a direct response to your last post in an obvious conversation between the two of us, there is no way on earth that anyone but the dullest of us would mistake me for you. I actually used that “Lord of…” as a wink of flattery to you, knowing that you’d appreciate it, knowing how much you like to use “butter” and “unctuous” and “Crean” in the same metaphors and analogies.

    Also, let me point out that you’ve never called out the Remora for his “Lord of…” hijacks. Again, more fuel to the conspiracy theorists….

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Don’t worry about the name hijacking….I’m not sure if Scoop can survive anymore. As much as I bash the “Establishment,” there was a prestige factor that came with Korman and Dopirak. If I’m correct, didn’t it all start with Korman…? Their east coast roots and ties to top journalism schools gave HT and Scoop a legitimacy and believability beyond the jello pudding of a place like Inside the Hall. Always felt like Korman and Dopirak were the solid foundation. With both gone, I’m just not sure if there’s enough “it factor” to retain the old luster and image. There was a confidence and cool vibe that came with the Penn State duo…Their personal confidence and passions to make Bloomington a home for their expertise filtered into a confidence and assurance that Bloomington and IU Sports were still on the upswing and relevant.

    I will certainly miss Dustin…But I will also miss the confidence he exuded, his wit, his honesty, his professionalism, When Bloomington is attractive to journalists from afar that want to experience all that they’ve grown to believe about the true passion of Indiana Basketball(and the honor that comes with covering a school that strives to be the model for quality in all its top athletic programs that strive to still place a primary emphasis on education as the most significant aspect of the athlete’s experience), it’s good for Bloomington.

    Unfortunately, I think Dustin heading to Tennessee says much more about our relevancy trending downward than anything he sold to his friends and readers as the need for career growth.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    With regard to the Podunker impostor…Remora I am not…Impostor? I don’t have the skill in writing or the compartmentalized intellect it would require. That dude is brilliant. Could probably be a CIA agent. Those that label him/her as a troll are merely boiling over in jealousy. Remora is disciplined and follows the interplay on Scoop as if it were his religion. Remora understands where and when the lines are crossed when lighthearted fun moves into the realm of unnecessary meanness that demeans a fellow blogger.

    Remora is the real moderator of Scoop by not allowing one ego to swallow another. I’m far too immature and thin-skinned to retain that sort of balance in emotion. I’m flattered to think you actually believe there’s any possibility that Harvard could be Remora. I’m just not that intelligent…nor do I possess the level of comedic expertise that comes with his/her wonderful satirical posts that move beyond the delightful in their deepest mockery of those that percieve themselves to be of the most superior intellect. He/she is the furthest thing from a troll.

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