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IU coach Tom Crean wants the 2014-15 Hoosiers to be on the attack, Mike writes.

Nick Zeisloft has been a Hoosier three months, but he’s already taking the lead, I wrote.

Indiana’s Yogi Ferrell was a preseason All-Big Ten pick, though Wisconsin dominated the honors, Mike wrote.

Indiana’s Tevin Coleman is finally getting the attention he deserves, no matter who the quarterback is, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The Michigan State defense is expecting the unexpected from the Indiana offense, Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press writes.

An inability for the IU defense to cause turnovers remains an issue in the Iowa defensive film study, Billy at writes.

The calendar has turned to the 2014-15 season, and IU is ready to turn the page from last year, Kyle Rowland of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

Cutting down the turnovers is at the top of Yogi Ferrell’s list of ways to improve this season, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Finding a defensive focus is one of the new challenges for the IU women’s basketball team, Dan Matney of the Indiana Daily Student.

A pair of goals by former Hoosier Lee Nguyen only strengthened his case for MLS MVP, Craig Forde of writes.

Wisconsin, Kentucky and Pinocchio’s nose were topics of conversation at Big Ten Media Day, Rick Bozich of writes.

New expectations for Wisconsin, but it’s the same old Bo Ryan, Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News writes.

In honor of Zander Diamont’s start, a clip from his mom (stepmom) Cindy Ambuehl’s appearnce on Seinfeld.


Scoop Talk: Big Ten Media Day edition


Teri Moren transcript from Big Ten Media Day

THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by Indiana head coach Teri Moren.
Coach, an opening statement.

COACH MOREN: Well, it’s an exciting time of the year for us at Indiana. And as he mentioned, we have three returners. We feel like we have some momentum. Anytime you win 20 games, winning breeds confidence. So we certainly have some momentum on our side.

We have a terrific player in Larryn Brooks, as most of you know. But we really feel like with our freshman class that we’ve brought in some perimeter players that can take some pressure off her and give her some much needed help.

We understand that we have a lot of work to do. There’s a lot of work to still be done. But we’re excited with the progress that we’ve made thus far with the new coaching staff. And we just look forward each and every day just getting better.

Q. Coach, the coaching change at Indiana, Curt’s leaving, was very sudden and very unexpected. How much work did you have to do with the players to get them past that sudden shock?

COACH MOREN: That’s a great question. It did. It happened suddenly. And one of the things‑‑ our priority number one was building the relationship with our players.
There’s no question that we are behind when we got there in August and a lot of areas. But our number one priority with the staff was to build those relationships with our players we needed to get to know who they were, what they stood for, get them on the floor, evaluate their skill set.
And one of the things I told them from the beginning is that we want them in our office as much as they could be in and out throughout in terms of between classes. (more…)


Big Ten Basketball Media Day ticker

Live Blog Big Ten Basketball Media Day


Tom Crean transcript from Big Ten Media Day

CHICAGO — Here are Tom Crean’s opening remarks from Big Ten Media Day.

TOM CREAN: First of all, the State of Illinois and the history of the Big Ten lost a really, really good one yesterday with Wayne McClain’s passing. I didn’t know Wayne as well as most, but had great respect for what he did as a coach certainly in high school and then what he brought to the Illini and the Illini Nation and was a big part of the history of this state in many ways. Indiana basketball sends condolences to his family and friends and anybody that worked or played for him.

As far as us, we’re trying to get ourselves to a point right now where we can look at every day and know that we are tenacious, that we are on the attack, and that we are fundamentally driven, and that’s the goal. It’s been the goal since the season ended when we started spring workouts the week after our season, and it has been the goal with every new player that’s come in. We’re at 60 percent of a new team right now, but getting the team to understand every day the compete level that they have to have, the togetherness that they have to have, the ability to move the ball, to move their bodies, to understand the value of defense. If you’re going to be any good in this league, you have to defend and rebound. Last year we ended up being sixth in the country in rebound margin, and we lost a pretty good rebounder in Noah Vonleh, so that’s one of the things we have to get established that we can rebound the ball, and if you’re going to be good in this league you’ve got to be able to get back in defense and stop the transition because there’s so many great fast break teams in this league. You’ve got to be able to control the dribble, and because of the passing in this league, you’ve got to be able to control the dribbler without a lot of help because this league will pick you apart when you’re over help over rotation system. You’ve got defending the three, and you’ve got to be able to rebound. So those are big, big aspects for us moving forward. (more…)


Yogi Ferrell named to preseason All-Big Ten team

CHICAGO — Indiana junior guard Yogi Ferrell has been named to the All-Big Ten preseason team, the conference announced at Thursday’s media day.

Ferrell is joined by Michigan’s Caris LeVert, Nebraska’s Terran Petteway and Wisconsin’s Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky.

Wisconsin is he unanimous preseason favorite, followed by Michigan State and Ohio State. Kaminsky is the unanimous pick for preseason Big Ten Player of the Year.


Hoosier Morning

According to his mother, Zander Diamont was born for the spotlight, and it appears he’ll get his chance for IU against Michigan State, Mike writes.

A Q-and-A with Indiana freshman wide receiver J-Shun Harris, Mike writes.

Tom Crean offered a peak behind the curtain of IU basketball, though the finished product is still far off, I wrote.

O.G. Anunoby’s high school coach talked about the IU commit’s decision-making process and potential, with Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall.

Chris Covington’s mother said her son won’t play against Michigan State this Saturday, David Woods of the Indianapolis Star wrote.

The Indiana offense was all or nothing no matter who the quarterback was at Iowa according to the advanced box score, Billy at writes.

It’s time for Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s IU career to take off, Andy Wittry of IUSportCom writes.

Patrick Doody’s passion for soccer and IU has made him a leader for the Hoosiers, Andrew Vailliencourt of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Will Sheehey made the suggestion to shoot right-handed, and Stan Robinson took it, Justin Albers of writes.

Based on the sources of Wednesday’s IU quarterback news, The Police with “Mother.”


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