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Illinois at Indiana football update and analysis from Andy Graham

Well, internet connectivity issues precluded my joining you in time to set the scene, or even in time to document Shane Wynn’s electrifying 99-yard kickoff return that got the Hoosiers a 7-0 lead 12 seconds into the game, and the subsequent Illini 3-and-out and IU’s first possession from scrimmage that produced one first down, then stalled. Will try to be more timely from here on out. As always, thanks for joining us. Updates and analysis will ensue below the fold.


ScoopTalk: Media guys play hoops…and live to tell about it

OK, so we recorded this on Houser’s computer in the office, and I’m not exactly sure how to get it on YouTube, so here’s the link.


HT writers in IU media challenge:

IU Media Challenge…We made it

Lynn Houser shoots over Dustin Dopirak ... and no one looks good in the process. Photo Credit to Nathan Wiechers of IU Athletics

We survived. That’s all I can tell you. I don’t know if that will still be true in the morning, but as of now, we’re all still breathing.

We all got out of it with varying degrees of pride and humility. Lynne Houser is and ought to be beaming. The experienced and wily veteran led a team of energetic and wily whippersnappers — including Justin Albers and Kevin Bowen of the IDS, Sean Morrison of Inside Indiana, Tony Adragna of IUSportCom, Courtney Cronin of IUSTV and Ken Bikoff of Inside Indiana, and Kent Taylor of WAVE-TV. Adragna won the MVP of the tournament and gets a pair of candy stripe pants that he has to wear in some kind of post on a blog/website/videocast/whatever.

Houser and his boys totally smoked my crew in the first game. I take a lot of blame on this because I thought it was a really good idea to press the whole game. I mean, basically, they gave us all point guards. I think we had one dude over 6-foot. We also had at least four people with some degree of distance running or biking experience, so I thought wearing the opponent out was the way to go. Bad idea. Brian Evans and Chris Reynolds, our coaches, very much had the opportunity to veto me, but, I mean, it was a Media Challenge. So we went with it, and the young kids just crushed us. I don’t know the final and I’m not sure I wanted to.

Ryan Kartje and his Team 2 squad, meanwhile edged Team 4 something like 30-28. (10 minute halves) to get to the title game against the whippersnappers on Team 3 while we faced team 4 — highlighted by the Indy Star’s Terry Hutchens and Jeremy Gray. I believe we were down 12-7, but we rallied back and got a victory for the third place consolation. Reasons No.1 and 2 were Ross Kinsey of WANE-TV and Scott Agness, a freelance broadcaster who works for IU and the Pacers lots of other people. One way or another he can shoot. Also, Pete DiPrimio hit a cold-blooded jumper that was critical. I hit two shots in that game, but also missed the front end of two critical one-and-ones that could’ve sealed the game but luckily didn’t come back to haunt us. But third place feels a lot better than last.

Anyway, we’ll have more as we get it. There’s some video. You’ll enjoy that.

Also, there’s some photos on the IU site. Here’s the link. Really wish there wasn’t evidence….

Live Chat, 11 a.m.

We’ll be here, as usual. And then I’ll go play some hoops.

IU soccer vs. Louisville

Kenney Walker pounces on a loose ball and drills home the winner from 18 yards out to give Louisville the improbable victory and Indiana a gut-wrenching loss. Cardinals dominated the overtime period and capitalized deservedly. CARDINALS 3, HOOSIERS 2

One bad minute undid all the good work Indiana had done in this game, and now we’re headed to overtime. A goal by either side wins it. If nobody scores during the two 10-minute OT sessions, it’s a draw. HOOSIERS 2, CARDINALS 2

16:18: After barely getting a shot on goal in the game, Colin Rolfe with a loose ball off a corner in the box at 17:10. And before I can even tweet that Kenney Walker gets loose behind the defense and equalizes. HOOSIERS 2, CARDINALS 2

17:10: IU was oh so close to a third score as Eriq Zavaleta got loose behind the Louisville defense, but a Cardinal defender got a boot to the ball after it has gone past the goalkeeper. Indiana defense working hard here as Louisville desperately searches for an opening. HOOSIERS 2, CARDINALS 0

18:21: IU was oh so close to a third score as Eriq Zavaleta got loose behind the Louisville defense, but a Cardinal defender got a boot to the ball after it has gone past the goalkeeper. Indiana defense working hard here as Louisville desperately searches for an opening. HOOSIERS 2, CARDINALS 0

34:19: Indiana takes advantage of another restart. Harrison Petts’ corner kick was headed on goal by Jacob Bushue, and Alec Purdie pounced on the loose ball in front, reacting quicker than the keeper for a two-goal lead. HOOSIERS 2, CARDINALS 0

Indiana heads to the break with the one-goal advantage. Louisville leads in shots, 5-4, but none of the Cardinals’ shots have been on goal. IU has three shots on goal, and that doesn’t include the header off the post, which is considered not on goal. Outstanding effort from the Indiana defense, which will have to ready for a renewed and relentless Louisville attack in the second half. HOOSIERS 1, CARDINALS 0 (more…)

Wilson says Turner, Banks, Harris left team, St. Fort suspended after arrest

Kevin Wilson was asked about the departure of one of his players, then decided he might as well get the news about several others out of the way.

The Indiana football coach confirmed that sophomore tailback Nick Turner left the program after news broke last night that that was the case. After that, Wilson said that sophomore tailback Antonio Banks and redshirt freshman defensive tackle Marlandez Harris had also left the program. He then added that seldom-used junior cornerback Peter St. Fort had been arrested and suspended indefinitely. Police logs show that St. Fort was arrested at 4:22 a.m. on Sunday and was charged with driving while intoxicated and possession of marijuana.

Wilson said that Turner told him on Tuesday he would be leaving the program. (more…)


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