Zeller, Etherington, Abell talk Hoosier Hysteria

With Hoosier Hysteria just 16 days away, Indiana’s freshmen are standing on the doorstep of their Hoosier careers.

And on Thursday, freshmen Cody Zeller, Austin Etherington, and Remy Abell sat down with the media to talk about their experience with Hoosier Hysteria and the excitement building before this year’s event, scheduled to take place on Saturday, Oct. 15. The players are barred from talking about any recruits, so no further info on plans for recruits in attendance.


IU adds JUCO lb/de

Jacarri Alexander, a linebacker/defensive end out of Iowa Central Community College, has chosen to play at Indiana over Pitt and Kansas State.

The native Floridian is the 19th recruit for IU’s 2012 class and plans to enroll in January.  Alexander, a 6-foot-1, 238-pounder who purportedly runs a :4.61 in the 40 and combines good strength (360-pound bench) with the speed, prepped at Auburndale High School in Winter Haven. We’ll be contacting his coaches and hope to provide more details on the Scoop later today.


Live Chat, 11 a.m.

We’ll be here. I might be late. I’m heading home today for a wedding (which will cause me to miss Saturday’s game) so I’ll be trying to find a place to stop on the road some place to answer your questions. Hope to get to it as close to 11 a.m. as possible. Appreciate your patience.

Wilson clarifies talk about veterans

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson was asked after practice on Wednesday about the play of his veterans after talking at length Tuesday that he needed more from them. Wilson said that although he wants to see more from the seniors, the group he is most concerned about is the one between the seniors and the true freshman, a class he has been mostly pleased with.

“In general, when I look at our team right now, the old guys are doing pretty good, I just think they could do more,” Wilson said. “The young guys are actually a very talented group and again, it’s not as a coach, first year, that’s not my group for the bulk of it. Those were previous recruits. That’s not the deal. Those guys were here. The disappointing group is some of the second and third year guys, the middle guys. We’re not getting much out of those guys. If you look at it, we’re playing seniors and young guys. How many juniors and sophomores do you see out there? That’s an old guy to me. You’re a third-year sophomore. You’re redshirted, you’re in your third year. What are you giving us in kickoff cover? Kickoff return? Whether you’re a backup linebacker, DB, defensive linemen, backup receiver? That’s the group as you work where sometimes there becomes some negativity. ‘Hey, I’m not playing, what’s goin’ on here.’ A lot of times you expect to get redshirted, but when some young guys that went by, that’s the group as we move forward. The seniors have not been phenomenal but they’ve not been bad. They’re good kids. It’s just I think there’s more and they need to set a more vibrant example. But the group that really needs to pick up as you go through is some of the second and third year kids have to fight through and bust through the wall and start contributing better. You’ve got some freshman lineman playing instead of some second-year guys. We’d like to see some of those guys come through. That’s a group where I’m trying to focus with development of our guys. Seniors, they’re gaining. They’ve never been negative. We’ve never had a day where I thought, ‘Hey, they’re not getting us.’ I just think they could give us stronger, better. That’s just teaching. When you’re not winning or you’re not performing well, it’s hard to be a great senior leader, so I’m just trying to encourage those guys to pick it up and they have. They always have. It will be interesting to see those second and third year cats. That’s the intriguing group to me as we move forward.”


Wilson wants more leadership from seniors, more preparation from quarterbacks

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Kevin Wilson has too good of an idea what that means, having lost his mother to cancer over a year ago. His team will be wearing pink gloves and wristbands, towels and t-shirts in this week’s game, and Wilson is trying to tie that altogether in an inspirational message for his seniors as his team stumbles into conference play with a 1-3 record.

Wilson said he held a meeting with the seniors yesterday to make sure they understood that their careers are terminal.

“We talked about cancer awareness, breast cancer awareness and what not and people fighting fights,” Wilson said. “Your football life is terminal. My deal was, if you’ve got eight, nine, 10 weeks of your football life left, how would you like each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday into Saturday to be? How would you want to walk off that field every day. Your attitude, your experience, your joy, the way you play?” (more…)

Wilson addresses quarterbacks, injuries on radio show

At Kevin Wilson’s radio show on Monday evening, he tried to douse water on any flames of quarterback controversy that might have ignited after Indiana’s loss to North Texas on Saturday.

Starter Ed Wright-Baker was pulled in the fourth quarter after completing 23 of 40 passes for 209 yards but also throwing an interception and taking three sacks. Sophomore Dusty Kiel, who battled with Wright-Baker for the starting job all preseason, went 7-for-12 for 145 yards, including two huge touchdown throws. One was a 44-yard pass to freshman Cody Latimer, and the other a 67-yard strike to sophomore Kofi Hughes. (more…)

Ekeler: “That was an embarrassment”

Linebackers coach/co-defensive coordinator Mike Ekeler called Saturday’s game disgusting, an embarrassment, and loads of other disparaging terms Monday after two days to digest the video.

“We had 28 loafs and I think it was 18 missed tackles,” Ekeler said. “… That was an embarrassment for us. Tip my hat to North Texas, but the way we look at it, we play us every week. Us kicked our (butt). We didn’t come to play. That’s on me, and I take it very personal. I’m embarrassed that that tape’s out there how we looked on defense. We had guys out there playing like they were scared. Scared to go up there and put their face on somebody.”

Ekeler said the effort could very well lead to personnel changes. Lots of them. (more…)


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