Fitzpatrick named AD at Coast Guard

Tim Fitzpatrick, a former associate athletic director at Indiana University, has been named the athletic director of the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn.

Yep, the Coast Guard has an athletic program. Who knew? Their nickname is the Bears, and most of their 23 teams compete in the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference.

Fitzpatrick came to IU in 2005 with then-athletic director Rick Greenspan. He left in 2009 to become the athletic director at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. He succeeds Ray Cieplik, who retired this summer after 40 years at the Coast Guard Academy.

Wilson: Roberson the best QB so far

Kevin Wilson made it clear that reporters shouldn’t read to deeply into his words. He wasn’t naming a starter, and he wasn’t suggesting that he was definitively comfortable playing a freshman quarterback.

But when asked which quarterback has impressed him the most so far, he responded with the newest one.

“The best one is the high school kid right now,” Wilson said, referring to Tre Roberson, the freshman quarterback from Lawrence Central. “I ain’t playing a freshman quarterback, but if you watch the practice tape, he’s making the plays. Is he the answer? No. There’s a lot going on, but I’ve been very impressed. He’s made some plays running, he’s throwing it well. He’s a nice player.”

But of course, that means he also wants to see more from the veterans, not only sophomores Dusty Kiel and Ed Wright-Baker, who are considered the favorites for the job, but also junior Adam Follett and senior Teddy Schell. (more…)

Derek Elston finally close to health

Derek Elston injuries were never enough for him to miss a game last year, so Indiana coach Tom Crean would give only cursory explanations of what they were.

But they hurt. Really bad. Especially his nagging knee pain and the sports hernia that Elston started suffering from early in the year that never quite went away.

“I played last season and I know I did terrible,” Elston said. “I know probably the fans thought I did terrible, which I don’t blame them, but the fact is I tried to get through it. That’s what kind of bothered me. They think I played terrible, I think I played terrible, but really I just had a hernia the entire time.”

But no more. Elston said he had surgery in May and he feels better than he did all last season. He’s not 100 percent yet, he said, and he’s only been back on the court for the past three weeks, but he’s healthy enough to feel optimistic. (more…)

Kevin Wilson vs. Jack Trudeau

Presented without comment.   The podcast from this morning’s radio show.

UPDATE: 5:48 p.m. They messed with the link and sent it directly to the show in December shortly after Wilson’s hiring. But  you can still scroll down on that page and find the interview. It’s the one with the IU picture that says something about tempers flaring. Carry on.

Live Chat, 11 a.m.

As per usual, we’ll be here.

NCAA eyeing huge changes

NCAA President Mark Emmert and 50 university presidents emerged from their retreat in Indianapolis and announced that they would be looking at possible sweeping changes in the organization. Included would be higher academic standards, including an elevated bench mark in the Academic Progress Report (930) and the possibility of setting academic requirements for inclusion into NCAA tournaments. They said they could implement such requirements as early as January.

They also talked about streamlining the rulebook and taking out many rules they considered outdated or unnecessary. There was also discussion of multi-year scholarships and of the idea of making scholarships closer to the cost of tuition. Nothing was definitively passed, but there seems to be a movement toward massive reform.

An early Associated Press story follows. I’ll post an updated one when it becomes available.

INDIANAPOLIS — NCAA presidents want to take a leaner, meaner approach to rule breakers.

On the second and final day of the governing body’s presidential retreat, 56 presidents and a handful of other university leaders spent nearly four hours discussing ways to simplify the massive 439-page Division I rulebook and punish those schools with the most serious violations.

“I think there is a very strong sense among presidents and chancellors that we need to be very clear and very severe where infractions do exist and that we want to send a message about certain behaviors,” said Oregon State president Ed Ray, chairman of the NCAA’s executive committee. “There needs to be very serious penalties for very serious violations.” (more…)

Cody Zeller, Austin Etherington and Remy Abell meet with the media

Cody Zeller met with the media for the first time as an Indiana Hoosier on Wednesday, and he handled it pretty much the exact same way as he did just about every media interaction he had as a superstar high schooler in Washington.

He avoided any grandiose statements or bold proclamations. He acknowledged the significant transition from high school to college basketball and high school to college life without giving the impression that he was even remotely overwhelmed. He avoided setting any bars for himself for the team that he would have to answer for later.

In other words, he was Zeller being Zeller.

He was asked about pressure and about goals. He wasn’t going there. (more…)


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