Love suffers thumb injury

Indiana has suffered the second thumb injury in a month that will require surgery. After losing freshman wide receiver Kofi Hughes to the injury, the Hoosiers are now without tight end Charles Love III for an undetermined period of time. The redshirt sophomore saw playing time in just one game last season, but had a strong spring and appeared to have a chance to battle with Max Dedmond and Brad Martin for time at tight end.

The Hoosiers continued to hold wide receiver Tandon Doss and running backs Darius Willis and Antonio Banks out of practice in Saturday’s morning session. They will have a scrimmage later in the day that will be closed to the media.

James Blackmon Jr. takes unofficial to IU

Tom Crean has been making a point to get to in-state players early. That was made especially evident on Saturday morning when the Indiana coach stopped in at IU’s football practice with James Blackmon Jr, a 2014 recruit, and his family, on Blackmon’s unofficial visit.

Blackmon is a 6-foot-2, 170-pound guard who is entering his freshman year at Bishop Luers in Fort Wayne. He will be coached by his father, James Blackmon Sr., a former Kentucky star and NBA draft pick.

Doss, Willis still out for practice

With 16 days in between their first and second games, the Indiana football team has been taking it somewhat easy in the preseason, which to say they’re largely avoiding leg pads and therefore full tackling. On Friday, in a practice that was open to the media, but after which players were not available, the Hoosiers again practice in shorts and shoulder pads, calling plays in full-scrimmages down on contact.

Still, several important Hoosiers continue to miss practice. Tandon Doss was out for the second straight practice with a minor groin injury. Running backs Darius Willis and Antonio Banks are still out with hamstring injuries. Tight end Charles Love III was also out Friday, but new injuries will not be disclosed until Saturday morning’s practice.

Some Obervations: (more…)

Is it really time to say goodbye?

There are so many stories about Chris Korman. His childhood friends called him C.B. Most in Bloomington call him Chris. Like our dear ginger friend, I have often referred to him as simply Korman. There are stories about his hard work and stories about his off-the-clock extracurricular activities. Whatever name he is going by at the moment, he has the rare ability to touch those around him and make an impact in their lives, no matter how brief the encounter.

But the memory that will last for me happened on March 9 of this year. My son, Logan, was born on that day. It was a planned c-section and he was born shortly after 3 p.m. When he left the operating room, I followed. And I sat and held his fingers, wondering how it was possible that I had played a role in creating such a beautiful little boy, while the nurses did their thing. I looked up and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chris and Dustin walking down the hall. They were headed the wrong way, towards the laboring mothers. Luckily, they were intercepted before Dustin re-enacted perhaps my favorite scene from Knocked Up.

The guys eventually found my wife’s room and when we walked in the door, they were there. Chris was the first person to hold Logan besides me and my wife. Dustin was the second. There were a million things to be done that day for the sports editor of the Bloomington Herald-Times. Dustin, having just completed his first football/basketball season, probably should have been holding up a bar somewhere on Kirkwood. But there they were, holding my child. It meant so much. It means so much.

Korman was a hell of a boss. The kind of editor you dream about — always full of ideas and energy, always willing to go to bat for his guys and always ready to buy the first round. But he was a better friend.

I am sad to see him go. Incredibly sad. If Logan, now five months old, understood what is happening, I suspect he would cry over the loss of his Uncle Chris. But the Baltimore Sun is an incredible opportunity, one that he could not pass up. I told him as much as he wrestled over the decision.

The Scoop will never be the same. We’ll keep doing our thing, trying to blend serious news and giving a sense of context and perspective in a crazy Hoosier world. The H-T will hire another sports editor, and I fully expect that person will do their best for you, our readers. In the meantime, Dustin and I will soldier on. Perhaps we will take another photo, tipping a Yuengling to our dear, departed friend.

Hoosier Morning

Quick and dirty Hoosier Morning today. I am headed to Kansas City (Royals/Yankees tonight, Negro Leagues Museum/Arthur Bryant’s tomorrow) with the family and have almost no cell phone signal on I-70 coming into Illinois.




This is by Korman request. There’s a fairly long (if Dustin is telling it) story about Korman wanting to play this song on a road trip, but Dustin claiming it was “not the appropriate venue.” Korman disagreed, and I am inclined to side with him. Quite frankly, it’s always the appropriate venue when it comes to the Beatles. So, having said that, this is “Long and Winding Road.”

Hoosier Morning


Indiana linebacker Tyler Replogle is assuming a leadership role this season. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times


A :( edition of our Thursday chat, 11 a.m.

Every week I post a link for our Thursday chat, and usually throw in a quick line about the usual place and usual time. All very regular, like we would go on this way forever. Like Thursdays would always be there for us to come back to, no matter what was happening. Like we knew that, in a chaotic and uncertain world, one thing was true.

Well, this is my last one. So it is with heavy heart that I will try to answer for the 13,798th time since arriving here four years ago a question about whether a couple of teenage boys will opt to play basketball at Indiana.

I hope you will be there. These have been such an enjoyable part of my work here.

(And, who the hell am I kidding? You know I’ll show up at these things in the future.)

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