Headed South

[7:15 UPDATE]

I’ve heard that Tom Crean may be on his way to Seymour for the game tonight.

Not totally sure where Bennie Seltzer has ventured on this gray Saturday, but I think he’s been monitoring Jeremiah Davis of Muncie Central pretty closely.

[3:00 UPDATE]

As someone noted below, Indiana’s coaches are scouring the state of Indiana today according to Tom Crean.

Tim Buckley was in Seymour this morning. Obviously he was here to support South’s Matt Carlino, but he also arrived in time for the Martinsville-Jeffersonville game. His target there would probably be a kid who couldn’t even play: Jeff’s Darryl Baker is one of the better 9th graders I’ve ever seen, but he has missed most of the year with a knee injury.

Tom Crean was in Washington, where he saw 2011 target Cody Zeller score 29 points despite double- and triple-teams in Washington’s win.


Not for spring break.

Who could leave the state this time of year?

We’re headed to bucolic Seymour, where about 8,000 people will cram into a gym (and then the town’s Max and Erma’s) for a day of basketball revelry. First up, we’ll watch that miracle Martinsville team play Jeffersonville. Then, Bloomington South v. Evansville Harrison. Championship game will be at 8 p.m. tonight.

For updates, head over to our high school blog, QuickHits.

Because it’s Friday, and IU’s season is over

So, after Indiana’s loss to Northwestern in the opening round of the Big Ten Tournament, Dustin and I moseyed on over to a party being thrown by the conference. It was a solid time, and we happened to have Inside the Hall’s Zach Osterman with us. We ran into good friends from the IU beat, including the terrific and hard-working IUSTV crew as well as the media relations gang from the university. It was a good time.

At this particular event, the Big Ten Network was doing some work/building some hype for an intriguing project it is working on right now. It will name 50 “Big Ten Icons” and produce shows about these people to run in the Fall. They asked for input, but also gave away bobble-head dolls depicting some of the nominees.

These trinkets were inside unmarked boxes, which were packaged in fancy black bags. As we left the party with a plan to meander through town to see what was what, Osterman grabbed one.

Later, when, with our good friends from the News-Gazette in Champaign, we had taken our seats in a classy establishment, Osterman unpacked his icon.

This is what he found: (more…)

McLeod releases statement

Former Indiana assistant coach Roshown McLeod finally released his statement on his dismissal. It follows.

The following is a statement from Roshown McLeod following his dismissal from the Assistant Coach position at Indiana University.

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity afforded me by Indiana University. It gave me the chance to work with some amazing student athletes over the last two seasons. I wish the best for IU as they move forward.”

There will be no further comment from Roshown McLeod on this subject.

ScoopTalk: Nothing ends. It changes.

Northwestern 73, Indiana 58

This is how it ends.

Indiana had a lead into the latter half of the second half Thursday, and then Northwestern — which reached 20 wins for the first time in program history — began hitting shots. The Hoosiers, who finish the year 11-21, had no way of countering.

We’ll have updates from Indiana’s post-game press conference in a bit.


Crean’s here. He’s brought Christian Watford, Verdell Jones and Derek Elston with him.

According to the Crean, the story of the game was that the Hoosiers were up six and then had six turnovers and ended up down by four.

“Maybe we were tentative with the first post-season action for a lot of guys, maybe half the team,” he said.

The focus from here on out will be “building will” and the rebounding mentality that the Hoosiers showed late in the season.

Verdell Jones thinks Indiana did not follow the game plan against the zone, and therefore faltered against it.

Elston says many of the players wanted to do “their own separate thing” early in the year, but that the players came together.

Jones says the players “finally learned how to mesh” after not playing well together in the season.

Watford: “We came together toward the end a little bit and gave it a run.”

Elston reflects on his year and said he was beating himself up during the middle of the year. He wanted to be like his dad, who played at North Carolina. So a bunch of people, including Tim Buckley, sat him down and told Derek to just be Derek. So he did.

Question for the players on the summer ahead.

Main thing for Watford to work on: getting stronger.

Jones: getting stronger, improving his outside shot.

Elston: His defense, guarding one-on-one.

Now to Crean.

Repeating that Indiana was tentative and not alert. Laments the play where his guys weren’t awake on the in-bounds and Northwestern got an easy basket.

Crean’s asked what happened with Hulls today, who went from hitting eight 3s on Saturday and only had three shots today.

“He played like a freshman today,” Crean says. Hulls was “pre-determining” his decisions in the first half.

Overall, Crean says “a lot of guys have made a ton of progress.” But his guys need to get stronger and “learn how to defend at this level.”

Crean says this is the “best conditioned team in March” he’s ever been a part of. That shows a lot of spirit for these kids, who went through so much.

Crean says he is shocked at how far the program has come, even though the win-loss record might not show it.

UPDATE 9:33 p.m.

Dustin Dopirak here. We have audio, and some of it, for the first time all season, comes from the Indiana locker room. Gotta love Big Ten tournament access rules. There was apparently a snafu there, as the guys who stayed for the press conference apparently didn’t get a chance to get to the open locker room because of some miscommunication I didn’t quite understand. Because we rolled two-deep to this, though, we got it all covered. So audio follows.

AUDIO: Northwestern’s Michael Thompson and John Shurna talk about what it means to advance and win 20 games

AUDIO: Bill Carmody wonders how Reggie Miller ever made that many 3-pointers at Conseco Fieldhouse

AUDIO: Bobby Capobianco talks about how this team stuck with it

AUDIO: Jeremiah Rivers says the Hoosiers “played not to lose.”

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls says the Hoosiers were too tentative

AUDIO: Derek Elston says Michael Thompson’s threes were daggers

AUDIO: More Jordan Hulls

AUDIO: Christian Watford says he’s not transferring

Indiana vs. Northwestern: Discuss it here

Let’s make it a day, shall we?

Why don’t we start it off with our regular 11 a.m. chat? We can discuss whatever you want, and I’m guessing we’ll have plenty of talk about Indiana’s Big Ten Tournament game against Northwestern and the bizarre dismissal of assistant coach Roshown McLeod.

At 4:30ish, we’ll begin our live chat with the magnificent Mr. Bozich of Inside the Hall fame and the absolutely terrific IDS Kids. Maybe Matty Dollinger and Zach Osterman will stop by, too.

Should be a good day. Join us. Thanks.

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