Recruit profile: Ron Patterson

HEIGHT: 6-foot-3

WEIGHT: 195 pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: Broad Ripple

AAU: Indiana Elite One

YEAR: 2012

RANKINGS: No. 87 (, No. 98 (, No. 86 (, No. 127 (

STATUS: Verbal commit (as of Aug. 15, 2010)


  • Few players take as much pride and work as hard on their defense as Patterson.
  • Stronger than given credit for on the offensive end, taking the ball to the rim.
  • Can slide over to point guard position at times.


  • While jump shot is improving, he still has room to improve.
  • Becoming more of a combo guard would help Patterson in the college game.

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Recruit profile: Hanner Perea

HEIGHT: 6-foot-8

WEIGHT: 210 pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: LaPorte LaLumiere

AAU: Indiana Elite Team Indiana

YEAR: 2012

RANKINGS: No. 15 (, No. 22 (, No. 39 (, No. 49 (

STATUS: Verbal commit (as of Oct. 31, 2010)


  • Has just incredible athleticism for his position.
  • His vertical leap allows him to go higher for rebounds, dunks.
  • Aggressive rebounder, using his elbows to create room for himself in traffic.


  • Lacking in any type of mid-to-long range game at this point.
  • Could gain weight in an effort to be able to play the 5 at Indiana.

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Recruit profile: Yogi Ferrell

HEIGHT: 5-foot-11

WEIGHT: 165 pounds


AAU: Indiana Elite Team Indiana

YEAR: 2012

RANKINGS: No. 25 (, No. 28 (, No. 34 (, No. 36 (

STATUS: Verbal commit (as of Nov. 24, 2010)


  • Sees the floor as well as anyone in his class.
  • Good shooter, especially in spot-up situations.
  • Drives the lane well, but also does not stop after dishing the ball. He gets back out to the perimeter and gets himself open.
  • Has become faster and stronger in the last year.


  • Not particularly strong defensively in man-to-man situations, likely because Park Tudor plays almost exclusively a 2-3 zone.
  • With smaller point guards, there is always room to get faster and stronger.

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Dickerson prepares for MLB Draft

The Major League Baseball draft begins at 7 p.m. tomorrow. It’s likely Alex Dickerson will be taken somewhere in the first 60 picks. My story for tomorrow’s paper.

Alex Dickerson said he’s not really interested in projections at this point. The Indiana junior left fielder stopped asking around about whether he’ll go in the first round, supplemental round, or some subsequent round of this week’s Major League Baseball first-year player draft.
At this point, he’s satisfied that he will be taken and taken early, and that’s all that really matters. Though he has another year of eligibility remaining, he said it’s fairly certain that he will go high enough to sign a contract and forego his senior season.
“I’m not talking too much about it,” he said from his home in Poway, Calif. “I’m just sitting back and letting it happen.”
The draft begins at 7 p.m. today with the first round and supplemental round, which will be broadcast from Seacaucus, N.J. on the MLB Network. It continues on Tuesday at noon with rounds 2-30 and on Wednesday at noon with rounds 31-50. (more…)

Big Ten announces future sites for basketball, football championships

Good news: Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium will play host to the Big Ten Football Championship through 2015.

Bad news: The men’s and women’s basketball tournaments are headed to Chicago (and the United Center) in 2013 and 2015.

Here’s the full release from the Big Ten.

Indianapolis and Chicago both bid for both the football and basketball championships, so this appears to be a win for Indy but also not a total loss for Chicago. Personally, I liked the idea of playing the Big Ten Championship on Soldier Field. Felt very Big Ten-y.

The years the Big Ten goes to Chicago is a bit of bad timing for Indiana, since 2013 will be the end of the freshman season for the vaunted class of 2012. Many, including me, suspect that may be Indiana’s first year back to the true conference elite.

Other news and notes from Huber Farms

My story in today’s paper mostly focused on Tom Crean’s response to the A-HOPE story and his discussion of the hiring of Drew Adams. But other issues were discussed at the Tailgate Tour at Huber Farms. For instance:

  • Crean said sophomore forward Derek Elston is recovering well from offseason surgery to his abdomen, but isn’t back on the court yet. “I don’t think he’s been cleared to get back on the court and do a normal workout,” Crean said. “But his spirits are good, and I’m sure he’s gonna be conscious of trying to get his weight back up and just follow the rehabilitation procedure that Tim Garl puts out for him.
  • Crean said he’s unaware of any further injuries. He also said he doesn’t have any new scheduling news. “We’re still working on those things right now. You take all of those things on a case-by-case basis.” (more…)

Who should start next season?

We haven’t done this in a while, so let’s revisit this discussion: who should start next season?

For the purposes of staying on the same page, we’ll assume the following things:

  • The current roster is the roster for the opener (so no more transfers or members of the class of 2011).
  • Everyone is healthy, including Maurice Creek (who is not quite near his freshman-level, but better than last season).

Remember that this is who should not start, not who will start (you’ll see why I made this distinction in a moment).

Here’s my five:

G – Jordan Hulls. He’s the steadiest member of the team, sees the floor well and has emerged as a dangerous scorer. He could be ready to play at an all-Big Ten level as a junior.

G – Victor Oladipo. In time Remy Abell could become a quality defender, but Oladipo has the benefit of experience. I don’t think he’ll be in the lineup on opening day, because I believe there is enough faith in Verdell Jones amongst the coaching staff to place him here. I’d keep Jones as a third guard, unless he makes a dramatic improvement in running the offense.

F – Christian Watford. Like Hulls, Watford could play at an all-Big Ten level. To do so, Watford must figure out a way to be consistent from game-to-game, but also possession-to-possession. The skill is there, and he’s a mismatch at the 3 (which should get him to the line on a regular basis).

F – Cody Zeller. No Indiana post player in recent memory enters college with better footwork than the Mr. Basketball winner from Washington. He won’t be a star immediately, but he’ll make a positive impact.

C – Tom Pritchard. He struggles to score. He’s not an elite rebounder, nor does he block shots a high rate. But he’s Indiana best option at the 5, and he does bring a dirty work attitude (setting screens, scrapping for loose balls) that any team needs.

Much like he did last season, Tom Crean will keep a very long rotation during the nonconference portion of the schedule. We’ll see changes to the starting lineup, as Crean tinkers with the right mix, but I’d go with this group to start out.


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