Buy Tom Crean’s old car

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Crean’s old car. Crean’s car.

I thought about not publicizing this so that I could purchase this ride myself, but then I remembered I’m broke.

So here it is: a craigslist ad for the car Tom Crean has driven the past six months.

IU basketball tickets for sale

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Below you’ll find a story I wrote for today’s paper. The quick summary: about 4,000 students tickets have gone unsold, and you can now buy them.

Single-game tickets cost $23, and are available both through IU and Ticketmaster.

Season ticket packages cost $451 and are available only through the IU ticket office.

Tickets are in the balcony.


Low student sales means IU tickets available

Purchases of student season tickets down about 4,000 from last season’s 8,061

Another sign of how drastically things have changed within the Indiana men’s basketball program: you can buy tickets to games less than two weeks before the season begins.

Seriously. Log onto Do some searching around. There they are.

The athletics department has started selling season ticket packages, multi-game packages and single game tickets through its own ticket office. Ticketmaster is selling single-game tickets.

About 4,000 seats usually reserved for student season ticket holders have not been purchased, leading to a potential revenue shortfall that the school would rather avoid.

Those seats, located in the balcony, are now available to the general public at the cost of $451 for season tickets and $23 per game (except when Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Illinois visit and the price raises to $38 per game.)

Students are still able to purchase season tickets for the regular price of $210 and can get single-game tickets for $15 a piece.

Deputy athletics director Tim Fitzpatrick said Wednesday that the students’ failure to purchase tickets is “not a crisis” and has necessitated a “different system” for reaching potential buyers. Research conducted by IU’s ticket office showed that schools across the conference are selling fewer student ticket packages this year, Fitzpatrick said.

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Come chat with us

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At 11 a.m. today, Doug Wilson and I will break down the election results using a giant computer map on the wall, which reacts to however you touch it and can show any and every possible scenario as well as list every stat, poll, margin and factoid known to man.

Wait. That’s the CNN guy that gets to do that. Doug and I will be doing something much more worthwhile: talking with you guys right here.

Crean: “We’re going to be our own reality show.”

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Tom Crean met the media today, just two days before he’ll pit his Hoosiers against Anderson in an exhibition game at Assembly Hall.

He admitted that he has no idea what to expect. But he’s trying to enjoy the uncertainty.

“If we don’t smile and enjoy it a little bit,” he said, “it’s going to be a very disheartening experience.”

Crean then compared his team to a reality show, specifically something called “Real Housewives” of which, my research has turned up, there are two varieties: Real Housewives of Orange County and Real Housewives of Atlanta. Seeing as I am much more of a Project Runway guy, I’m going to have to check these shows out so that Tom and I may have something to bond over.

Back to basketball . . . . Crean hasn’t even decided on a starting line-up yet. Says he just has the beginning of an idea of who might step on the court first on Friday night.

Other tidbits from today:

  • Anderson’s got a strong tradition and will come in here and show different looks to IU. “They’re going to challenge us, but right now anybody would challenge us,” Crean said.
  • Crean had a workout for six potential walkons this morning, and will continue to consider adding more players. Though the Hoosiers already have six walk-ons (and eight eligible scholarship players), he’s still searching for players who may contribute during games or, at the very least, make practice more competitive. The try-out process is fluid; it’s not as if a player comes in, has one good day and is added to the team. After adding Evan White, a 6-1 guard out of Fort Wayne last week, Crean’s not after more guards. He need wings now.
  • Crean said he has “all kinds of concerns” but that the one thing the team is struggling to grasp the most is just how much of an emphasis he puts on playing up-tempo basketball whether the other team makes or misses.
  • The team is scrimmaging with refs as I type (the session is closed to the public and media). Crean said it won’t be a straight scrimmage; he’ll also put the team through scenarios.
  • This week is being treated like a typical game week. Assistant Tim Buckley is scouting Anderson, Crean will design a gameplan specifically catered to the Ravens and planned on implementing some of it today.
  • When asked if his team was grasping his system yet, Crean said he purposefully has not allowed them to. “Every time they grasp something we throw something else new in,” he said.
  • Indiana’s lone senior and returning scholarship player, Kyle Taber, hasn’t been cleared for contact, yet, but is on pace to possibly return by next week. Taber had knee surgery in late August.
  • Crean said: “He (freshman G/F Nick Williams) has to rebound better. Please write that.” So I did.
  • Daniel Moore, who has led Indiana in assists in both public scrimmages so far, must do three things to see significant playing time this year: 1) he must be more vocal, 2) he must be “an absolute nasty pest” on defense and 3) he needs to develop a reliable jumper.

IU women’s exhibition No. 2

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Indiana plays its second and final exhibition tonight at Assembly Hall against the University of Indianapolis. When you tire of election results, check back here for updates on tonight’s game.

14:47, FIRST HALF: Indiana off to another fast start, getting buckets from Kim Roberson and Jamie Braun, before a 3 by Andrea McGuirt. Indianapolis finally gets on the board and we’re at the first “TV” timeout. HOOSIERS 7, GREYHOUNDS 2

11:39, FIRST HALF: Indiana doing the same thing it did against Southern Indiana in the exhibition opener: Shooting the 3 and forcing turnovers. Kim Roberson has hit a pair from beyond the arc and has 8 points so far. Indy has 11 turnovers. HOOSIERS 17, GREYHOUNDS 2

7:19, FIRST HALF: I’m quite sure we can safely call this one in Indiana’s favor, even without the absentee ballots. Kim Roberson has 14 points on 6-of-6 shooting to lead IU in this colossal mismatch. HOOSIERS 30, GREYHOUNDS 2

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The Lynch dilemma

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Bill Lynch

First things first: the Scoop will not be endorsing a candidate in the race for president, in case you were waiting for that to make your decision.

Moving on . . .

For the last several weeks, the comments section of this blog has been aflame with talk of firing Indiana football coach Bill Lynch. This conversation germinates on its own — that is, it’s not related directly to any post we’ve made — and seems to run mostly in favor of firing Lynch.

It is time we address this talk formally. To do that, I think we need to ignore the issue of whether or not Lynch, whose team is 3-6 this season, deserves to be fired. Because, to me, it is not the determining factor.

What matters more is that current athletic director Rick Greenspan is a lame duck. And future athletic director Fred Glass does not take over until Jan. 2.

A couple of questions, then:

  • Could Greenspan actually fire Lynch? Greenspan gave Lynch a contract after the Hoosiers reached their first bowl in more than a decade. Lynch, of course, became Terry Hoeppner’s right-hand man in 2005 and filled in for him when he became sick. Hiring Hoeppner is widely seen as one of Greenspan’s most important moves. Would he close his tenure by firing Lynch? And would he be allowed to?
  • Assuming Greenspan does not fire Lynch, would Fred Glass be able to do it? Glass is taking over on Jan. 2, long after coaches are generally fired (and hired, for that matter). The glaring weakness in Glass’ robust resume is his lack of experience within an athletic department, specifically with hiring big-time, big-ego coaches. Yes, he’s probably been in the position of hiring somebody before. But did he have to do it with clandestine committees and search firms and communication between intermediaries and all that comes with this sort of hire?
  • Say Glass does walk in on day one and fire Bill Lynch. Is he in any sort of position to really understand what IU could pay a new coach? Can he really identify a big-name candidate like the ones many of you have suggested and then make an offer for $1 million a year or more?
  • If Glass does all of the above and manages to make an incredibly quick hire (say, a week) that would still leave the new coach less than a month to re-recruit many of the already committed recruits while also trying to add addition players and assemble a staff. How would this effect IU’s recruiting? Would players defect? It seems inevitable. Maybe current players would leave as well.

Taking into account all of the above factors, how do those of you in favor of firing Lynch actually see the scenario playing out?

Your essay should be no more than 1,000 words and should be written in double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.

Or, just unload with it below.

IU women’s bb exhibition

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Nothing left to do but note Lydia Serfling’s entry into the scorebook with a baseline jumper and the score.
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