McLeod working on statement

Former Indiana assistant coach Roshown McLeod declined immediate comment Monday afternoon, saying that he is working on a public statement that he plans to release in the coming days. He said he’s received a lot of phone calls and that he doesn’t want to repeat his answers over and over.

McLeod was released from the program according to an IU release Sunday night. This morning on the Big Ten conference call, Tom Crean said the decision was “about moving the program forward and putting the program first.”

Hardy’s courage recognized by teammates

*Thanks to Swampy, top poster in HTO and Scoop history, for passing this along.

**Yes, he’s a Bills fan. That’s why I feel the need to be so nice to him. Every person deserves to have something right in their world.

James Hardy, the former Indiana receiver, has been awarded the Ed Block Courage Award by his Buffalo Bills teammates.

We wrote about Hardy’s difficult upbringing on numerous occasions during his career with the Hoosiers.

He told that his troubles as a child and young man inspired him to work with children — he helped the city celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, among other things — and that work, in a season when he also battled injury, earned his teammate’s admiration.

The award, which is presented to a Bills player that exemplifies a commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage, also recognizes dedication, professionalism and community service. For the third-year wide receiver the award carries special meaning because the Ed Block Courage Foundation serves to promote the prevention of child abuse by raising awareness and assisting agencies that provide care and treatment of abused children.

“Being through a lot of the hardships I had as a child, going to see children and talk to children that makes me release all that I have in me from my childhood,” said Hardy. “That’s why I’ll always volunteer for that. I love doing it. It takes me back to a time when I was that age. They call us players an inspiration, but I get inspired when I see those kids to not give up and not quit.

Eleven Hoosiers — plus two others — participating in IU’s Pro Day

Indiana is holding its pro day for NFL scouts in Bloomington on Tuesday. It’s closed to the media and the public, but IU released a list Monday of the attendees.

The four players who participated in the NFL Combine will be there, including offensive lineman Rodger Saffold, defensive ends Jammie Kirlew and Greg Middleton and safety Nick Polk. Also participating will be running back Demetrius McCray, tight end Troy Wagner, cornerback/kick returner Ray Fisher, linebackers Matt Mayberry and Will Patterson and safeties Austin Thomas and Nick Polk.

IU will also host two small college players in St. Francis running back Daniel Carter and University of Indianapolis offensive lineman Tim Dury.

Lunardi: Five Big Ten teams still in

The Big Ten obviously has four locks in the NCAA Tournament, but ESPN’s Joe Lunardi says the league will still get five. Illinois is the very last team in though, so that bubble could easily burst.

On the All-Big Ten teams

What was supposed to be a day spent preparing for the impending Big Ten Tournament has, of course, become, instead, a figure-out-what-the-heck-might-have-happened-with-Roshown-McLeod day.

Indiana coach Tom Crean’s stance is that there’s no goodtime to fire an assistant coach. My stance is that there are probably less suspicious times to release the news to the media than 9:45 on a Sunday night.

Anyway, a few our peers in the Big Ten have shared thoughts on the All-Big Ten teams, and I’ll link to those here and share any quick reflections.

First, we have the Big Ten Geeks. They call themselves that, so don’t get mad at me.

These nerds (it’s a synonym, so you still can’t be upset) only named a first team. Predictably, there were no Hoosiers on it.

But the dorks (that was uncalled for) also got into a discussion of the freshmen. They see the race for top freshman coming down to Drew Crawford of Northwestern and D.J. Richardson of Illinois, with the edge going to Crawford.

Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford, say the dweebs (that’s just mean; gotta stop reading the comments on this blog), join Eric May of Iowa on the All-Freshman team.

For those wondering, here’s a stats comparison for Crawford, Richardson and Watford. I offer it without comment:


2009-10 31 27.065 9.935 45.5 35.2 63.6 1.903 3.871 0.677 0.548


2009-10 31 30.29 10.258 40.6 39.0 78.1 2.129 2.71 0.097 0.742


2009-10 30 28.3 12.067 37.9 31.8 79.7 0.567 6.033 0.6 0.533

[3:15 UPDATE]

Here are some thoughts from the esteemed Bob Baptist of the Columbus Dispatch.

He names three teams and includes no Hoosiers.

As for the freshmen, Bob’s got Eric May first, Watford second and Crawford third.

[3:25 UPDATE]

Jeff Goodman of Fox does have Watford as his FOY, and his post includes thoughts on every conference.

[6:05 UPDATE]

Our friend Mike Rothstein delivers here, with the results of an august panel’s take on year-end award. Dustin Dopirak was among the 11 anointed ones.

No Hoosiers earned first-team votes, but Christian Watford was a unanimous selection to the All-Freshman team. He got only two votes for Freshman of the Year, though, as Crawford (5) and Richards (4) took the bulk of the votes.

Crean on McLeod

Dustin Dopirak is on the Big Ten coaches’ conference call, and asked Indiana coach Tom Crean about assistant coach Roshown McLeod’s dismissal. Here’s what Crean said:

“There’s probably never a good time. You can’t focus on timing. You gotta focus on what the right decision is. That’s the decision that I made. It’s about putting the program forward and putting the program first. We’re going to do the things that we need to do. That’s what it is right now.”

Dustin was unable to ask any follow-up questions due to the number of other reporters on the call. Most of them are working on advance stories for this week’s Big Ten Tournament.

We’re continuing to work on the McLeod story and will provide whatever updates we can find here.

McLeod dismissed

[10:10 UPDATE]

Dustin Dopirak just reached Roshown McLeod, who said he did not want to comment tonight because he is talking with his family. He will be available tomorrow.


When I asked Indiana media relations director J.D. Campbell where Roshown McLeod, an assistant coach for the men’s basketball team, was on Saturday afternoon — since he wasn’t at the game — I was told he was out recruiting.

It was his last day on the road representing the Hoosiers.

Indiana has put out a press release saying McLeod is done. They use some nice language to explain the situation, but it appears as though McLeod was fired.

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean informed assistant coach Roshown McLeod on Sunday that his contract would not be renewed for next year and he will no longer be with the team effective immediately.

“There is never a good time for something like this, but it is a decision that had to be made moving forward,” said Crean.

Clearly there is more to this. But we probably won’t be able to get it at 9:45 on a Sunday night. But we’ll try.

McLeod a former NBA player who finished his college career at Duke, was Tom Crean’s final hire two summers ago. He had been working with the Atlanta Celtics AAU program in the Atlanta area and was going to coach high school basketball before being lured away. He’d served as an assistant for only one year, at Fairfield from 2002-2003, after his pro career.

McLeod was brought in because of his ties to the Celtics and in Northern Jersey. He played for legendary high school coach Bob Hurley at St. Anthony, but Indiana had been unable to snag any talent from that area since he joined the staff. It recruited top guard Kyrie Irving, but he ultimately chose Duke.

McLeod was also instrumental in recruiting David Williams, a small forward out of Florida who verbally committed to the Hoosiers last April shortly after receiving a scholarship offer. Pundits were surprised that Indiana had offered Williams, who played with the Atlanta Celtics and was not highly regarded in recruiting circles. Williams did not sign with Indiana in October, and his father told The Herald-Times that he wanted to keep his options open.

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