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Carlino will transfer to Bloomington South

AAU basketball at South

Monty Howell | Herald-Times

[6:05 p.m. UPDATE]

Rod Huston, Highland’s athletics director, said he has heard rumors of the Carlinos moving since after the team attended Indiana’s elite camp last August, but that had not talked to Mark about it in several months. That is, until Mark came to Huston Tuesday and said he was resigning as boys’ basketball coach and taking Matt to Bloomington.

“Did I have an indication? Yeah, I did,” Huston said. “But was I expecting it? No.”

I asked Huston what he would say to the IHSAA when the organizations asks for the school’s input on the transfer.

“The dad told me that they thought it was the best move for Matt,” Huston said. “It’s what the family thought was best for them and Matt. Mark made a decision that Matt wanted was what was best for Matt.

“When they came home, that’s when the rumors started. They came back and at that point of time, they said they had never been to Indiana before but had fallen in love with Bloomington and the university.”

Huston did express a belief that high school athletics have become less about the community. He also said that he was thankful for what the Carlinos did in returning Highland to boys’ basketball prominence, but they are not the program.

“Matt and Mark Carlino did not make this school,” Huston said. “It was here before them. It will be here after them.” — Hugh Kellenberger

[5:40 UPDATE]

Mark Carlino huffed and puffed and confirmed moments ago that his son Matt will be moving to Bloomington.

You see, Mr. Carlino was actually riding an exercise bike when he was reached by cell phone. He spoke about making the move to the Midwest.

“You know, the overriding factor on all this is literally how much Matt and myself and the rest of the family loves Bloomington,” he said. “People in those parts might find that funny because they want to come to warm weather like we have. But every time we go there we are sad to go home. Pretty much the driving force behind all of this is our affection for Bloomington, Indiana. The fact that IU is there and that there’s a great high school are nice bonuses, but this really and truly is about finding the place where we want to live.”

More to come. — Chris Korman

[2:32 UPDATE]

Bloomington South boys’ basketball coach/athletics director J.R. Holmes said he has never had a conversation — in person, by phone or through e-mail — with Matt Carlino.

His only contact with Mark Carlino was when Matt’s father said “Good season” to Holmes at the first Indiana Elite One AAU practice, which was held at South, Holmes said.

“I’ve heard it for a year that he’s going to, but I’ve never talked to him,” Holmes said. “If that’s true, or that happens, I don’t know anything about it.”

Holmes said that he has heard plenty of rumors over the years about players transferring to South before they play at Indiana (most recently, Bobby Capobianco). It has never happened before.

“I have never gone out and tried to get someone to move into here,” Holmes said.

In recent years, South has seen three players — Dee Davis, Jake Mulinix and Ryan Woolery — transfer from Bloomington North. A fourth transfer, and one as high-profile as Carlino, could raise the eyes of some.

“If he’s here and he enrolls and they move into the school district and he’s eligible, then I probably would say there’s not one coach in the state of Indiana that would not play a player of that caliber,” Holmes said. — Hugh Kellenberger

[2:10 UPDATE]

We have yet to reach Mark Carlino for comment. He has not returned messages left on his cell phone. — Chris Korman


Matt Carlino, Indiana’s lone verbal committment in the class of 2011, will transfer from Highland in Gilbert, Ariz. to Bloomington South.

Carlino’s father, Mark, confirmed the long-standing rumor to

Carlino, if deemed eligible by the Indiana High Schools Athletics Association, would join a South team that won the 4A state championship and was deemed the No. 3 team in the country by USA Today. Jordan Hulls has graduated, but South still returns Erik Fromm (a Butler commmit) and two Indiana targets in rising juniors Spencer Turner and Dee Davis.

IHSAA Commissioner Blake Ress said last week that he had heard rumors of the impending transfer, but his office had not received any paperwork.

Ress said the IHSAA would investigate an out-of-state transfer the same way it does when one seeks to move in-town (like Davis did a year ago). The IHSAA will contact Highland Park and ask for their input on whether or not the transfer is for athletic reasons. If the IHSAA deems that to be the case, it has the power to make Carlino sit out a full year.

“The school where the kid is leaving has to say, ‘Hey, here’s what’s happened,’” Ress said. “If they keep quiet, we don’t really get the details or just get fringes of it.

“We need help. We don’t have an investigative team that we send out. We’ll try to do whatever investigating that we can. We are trying to get better at that.”

This is a developing story, so stay with Hoosier Scoop for updates. — Hugh Kellenberger

Palestra reviews IU’s tournament win

Baseball team headed to Louisville for NCAA

YOGI’S GRILL & BAR — The Indiana baseball team has assembled at one of Bloomington’s finer dining establishments to find out where they are headed later this week.

Indiana, by virtue of winning the Big Ten Tournament on Saturday, have an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament.

Sixty-four teams make it, and 32 have already been told where they are going.

Louisville, Ky. seems like the likely destination. The NCAA likes to put teams close to home, after all.


And the crowd goes wild. Indiana is headed to Louisville and will take on the No. 1 Cardinals.

The Hoosiers are the No. 4 seed. No. 2 Middle Tennessee State and No. 3 Vanderbilt make up the rest of the four-team bracket.

Double-elimination tournament, starting on Friday. Louisville’s official site says games will be at 3 and 7 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Could be a Monday game as well. Ticket info, as well.

ESPN thinks highly of IU targets

ESPN has released its initial 2010 rankings, and the fledgling recruiting source seems to believe a few of Indiana’s targets make the grade, quite literally.

Unlike Scout and, which grade prospects on a star system, ESPN goes old-school and assigns a numeral grade (1-100) to each prospect.

Dominique Ferguson (Lawrence North, Indianapolis) and Kyrie Irving (St. Patrick, Elizabeth, N.J.) each received a 96.

Ferguson is the No. 8 player in the country, and Irving is No. 9.

David Williams, IU’s lone verbal, is the No. 58 small forward and an 83 grade. He’s described as a future role player with that great NBA Draft-coined term — upside. (more…)

Perfect in Italy

The IU women’s basketball team finished with a 4-0 record on their tour of Italy, beating ASD Geas Basket in the finale on Sunday, 77-62.

Jamie Braun led the way with 17 points. Kim Roberson had 12 and Jori Davis 10. The Hoosiers return to Bloomington Monday.

A side note, Roberson is expected to re-pack her bags when she returns to begin a professional basketball career in South Korea.

Baseball Hoosiers win Big Ten Tournament

The Hoosiers’ trend of hot hitting, and powerful pitching led them to a 13-2 drubbing of Minnesota in the final game of the Big Ten Tournament.

The tournament win is the Hoosiers’ first since 1996 and the first under skipper Tracy Smith.

Smith gave the ball to freshman Matt Igel who was dominate in his first start of the season, as his duties were normally called for from the bullpen.

The 13 runs marks the third time in the tournament IU has reached double-digits, with their only time under 10 being a 9-1 win over Purdue on Wednesday.

The win also gives IU an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. When a time and location is set we will let you know.

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