Derek Elston, Bobby Capobianco say they want to come back

INDIANAPOLIS — The two Hoosiers most-speculated to transfer — Derek Elston and Bobby Capobianco — both said they want to return next season after the 61-55 loss to Penn State.

“This is my family,” Elston said. “These guys are my brothers. I am going to go out there and fight with them everyday until my four years are up.”

Capobianco said: “Of course. Derek said it the best — these are our brothers. This is a family. We’re here to battle and we’re going into it the same way next season.”

It’d be hard to blame either for leaving or staying.

Elston has had maybe the shortest leash of any Hoosier during his two seasons with the team and Thursday was no different. He did not enter the game until the 15:29 mark of the second half, and proceeded to pick up three fouls in three minutes. Back to the bench he went.

“I was a little disappointed, but that’s just the way the game goes,” Crean said. “If Coach (Crean) needs me, he’s going to put me in there. If he doesn’t, I got to deal with it. I realize I have my downs and other people have their ups.”


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Ben Chappell slimmer, Trea Burgess faster, and other news from Indiana’s Pro Day

Ben Chappell went into this process realizing his speed and athleticism (or really, lack thereof) weren’t going to be the calling cards that landed him a job in the NFL. However, the Indiana quarterback realized that he couldn’t be quite as slow as he was at the end of last season and still expect to get drafted.

So the admittedly pudgy Chappell spent the last two weeks trimming weight and arrived at Indiana’s pro day Thursday tipping the scales at 224 pounds, down 15 from his listed playing weight this season and down 25 from the 250 he topped out at after offseason surgery on his foot.

“That was what I wanted to be,” Chappell said. “That was one of those things during the season, I was in a boot from Sunday to Thursday, so I just wasn’t able to really move around much, and really, honestly, needed the weight during the season. I think if I would’ve been this weight during the season, it would’ve been ugly. But it was something I needed to do. lose the pounds. I’m in the best shape of my life. It feels good to be really healthy.” (more…)

Hoosier Morning

Indiana guard Jordan Hulls gets trapped on the baseline by Illinois on Saturday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Live Chat, 1 p.m.

We’re moving the live chat back a little bit today. I’ll be at IU’s Pro Day at 9 a.m., and I have no idea how long it’s going to run or how it’s going to work. This is the first time they’ve let us watch this.

Anyway, our live chat will be in the same place, even if it isn’t at the same time.

Glass: Legette-Jack will return

While some fans might have wondered whether Indiana University women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack would return next year after a 9-20 season, athletic director Fred Glass said Wednesday night he had no doubts about the future.

“Absolutely (she’ll return),” he said. “I have great deal of confidence in Felisha. I look forward to next year.”

He went on to add that this season was not what he or anyone had hoped.

“I’m disappointed in the wins and losses, not anymore so than Felisha and the kids on the team,” Glass said. “She had three seniors of hers on there and a lot of expectations for a better year, but they had some challenges along the way, so while disappointed in that, I feel good about Felisha and what she’s doing and what she’s building.”

The Hoosiers will be much younger next year, but Glass said he is simply looking for improvement, whether it shows in the team’s record or not.

“What I’m ultimately looking for is progress going in the right direction,” he said. “That manifests itself in different ways, sometimes not in wins and losses.”

IU players say they haven’t punted

Indiana’s season is one loss away from being over. The effort the Hoosiers put forth in the regular season finale at Illinois on Saturday might suggest that they think that’s a good thing.

But despite that lifeless performance, the Hoosiers say they’ve stepped up the energy in practice this week and proven to each other that they aren’t looking to go quietly.

“It’s just the intensity of practice,” sophomore forward Christian Watford said. “I feel like nobody wants to be one and done, nobody wants to go home right now. It’s basically all or nothing for us. We’re gonna go out there and give it our all. … We have a sense of urgency. It’s basically all or nothing. We’re basically surviving every time we go out there and we’re gonna lay it all on the line.” (more…)


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