He is in the building

Tom Crean is seated in the first row behind the Washington basket. If you are watching at home, he is wearing his Crimson pullover. Every other coach is wearing a suit. Tubby Smith looks particularly dapper.

Crean, I suppose, is hoping to stand out.

Dane Fife and Ohio State assistant Brandon Miller are also in the building.

Definite interest from IU with Marrero

Veteran sports writer Lynn Houser caught up with Bowman Academy coach Marvin Rea a few moments ago for his column on the return of the Region at the state tournament. But he also asked Rea about Indiana’s interest in 6-foot-5 sophomore DeJuan Marrero.

This what Rea said:

Coach (Crean) is at practice, making phone calls. They are definitely showing interest. DeJuan Marrero has to do what’s best for DeJuan. If it’s the Black and Gold, so be it. If it’s the Crimson and White, so be it.

More observations from spring practice

Today was the first day Indiana has been allowed to wear full pads for practice this spring, and the Hoosiers definitely seemed excited to be able to hit each other again. The highlight of practice was an Oklahoma-style drill early on that pitted four offensive players (three blockers and a back) against four defensive players. The back had the ball in his hand when the whistle blew and simply had to try to move it as far down the field as possible. The quarters were tight with the ball moving across the field instead of up and down it and the uninvolved players lined up on either side. Every time a player was tackled, it essentially turned into a moshpit with players hooting and hollering, diving in from the sidelines and mixing it up with whoever they ran into.

So yeah, these guys were ready to get back to real football. (more…)

Live from the 100th state tournament


Park Tudor sophomore Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell misses two contested 3-pointers in the final 12.9 seconds and Wheeler wins, 41-38.

“We were trying to get Yogi off the ball screen and then flare for the screener,” Park Tudor coach Ed Schilling said. “We got a couple of good looks.”

Of the final shot, an off-balance leaner, Schilling said he has seen Ferrell make that shot. Ferrell said he really liked his elevation and look at the basket on the first shot.

Ferrell had a game-high 20 points and four assists. He was 7-of-21 from the field and 1-of-8 from the free-throw line.

He picked up his game in the second half, with 10 points and three assists.

“I wasn’t really trying to be too impatient,” Ferrell said.

He’s a very solid player. Bit of a poor man’s Dee Davis. Peegs pointed out that he doesn’t have the dribbling skills of Davis or Marquis Teague, but may be a better shooter. I’d agree with that. The 1-of-8 is not indicative of his skill, I think. He had to force some shots in an effort to win the game.

No one from IU is here, perhaps because of the John Wilkins visit. Illinois coach Bruce Weber and Purdue coach Matt Painter are both here. Both went and congratulated Bowman Academy coach Marvin Rea during the fourth quarter of the 2A game.

Here is a photo of Painter with Rea.




Bowman Academy pulls away in the second and third quarters to defeat Barr-Reeve, 74-52.

DeJuan Marrero, one of the better sophomores in the country, had 17 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, four steals and three blocks. Christopher Bond, a nice 6-foot-4 senior forward, had 15 points and nine rebounds to go with four steals and two blocks.

Bowman Academy coach Marvin Rea said as much as Marrero might try to deny it, the sophomore was nervous during the game’s first half.

At halftime, Marrero’s message was short and sweet — give him the ball.

“Assistant coach James Scott told me I had to be more aggressive,” Marrero said. “I had to play better in the post. They’re not stronger than me — that’s what he said. So I just took that to mind and went to work.

“And then I talked to the refs and he said, ‘Keep playing your game. I got you.’ So I started playing more aggressive.”

No sign of Tom Crean or any other member of the Indiana staff, but Purdue coach Matt Painter and Illinois’ Bruce Weber are in the building.


Hello everyone. I am here in Conseco Fieldhouse for the Indiana high school state tournament.

I’ll be here all day, from the 1A game in 15 minutes between Bowman Academy and Barr-Reeve, up to tonight’s 4A contest between North Central and Warsaw.

I’ll have updates all day, so keep checking in.

Boncore: “I know (Crean) is upset and thinks something else is going on. It’s not.”

Joe Boncore sounds exhausted. Moses Abraham’s guardian’s phone has been blowing up for the last 24 hours, and some of the voices he’s heard on the other end of the phone have apparently been explosive.

But Boncore says that many of the conclusions of impropriety that some may have drawn from Abraham’s commitment to Georgetown are incorrect. Abraham simply made a difficult decision, he said, and it was one that even surprised him.

“As soon as he got off the plane we went and had Chinese food,” Boncore said. “He told me he had great time, it’s  fantastic, it’s the best place he’s seen. I said, ‘Well, are you going to commit to Indiana?’ He said, ‘No, I’m gonna go with Georgetown.’  I said, ‘well why?’ He said ‘It’s a smaller school. I’ve only been here four months, and the only people I know are here. … I want you to call the Indiana coaches. I don’t want to let them down.'” (more…)

Carlino on IU, Crean, Bloomington South and AAU

I’ll say this about Matt Carlino: he’s a gym rat.

Drove by the Bloomington South gym earlier and noticed a car with Arizona plates. Went inside and Carlino was playing pick-up with a host of people, including Spencer Turner.

I sat down with Carlino for five minutes and asked him about a lot of things. Below is what he had to say.


“I just wasn’t 100 percent on Indiana and I just felt like I had to open up my options and see what else is out there. … I just wasn’t 100 percent sure. I was back visiting my family in Arizona last week. It was rough on them this year getting out for games. When I go to college, it could be a factor on where I play.”


“Not in particular, right now.”


“There have been schools that have contacted people around me and shown interest in the last couple of hours.” (He declined to name schools because he had not personally talked to them.)


“It doesn’t affect it at all. I am going to be here next year and we’re planning on having a good season next year.”


“I talked to coach Crean yesterday after school and he already had known. My dad had talked to coach Buckley. He had already kinda known I was second-guessing my decision. He was great about it. They’ve always been great. It’s a thing I had to do with myself on what my decision and where I end up was. He just told me the things I need to improve on and that he hoped the best for me.”


“For right now, it’s not (an option). I like IU a lot. But right now, coach Crean said — he told me that he doesn’t need any players there that aren’t 100 percent committed to the program and everything, and obviously he knew I was thinking that way. He told me that it was good for me to tell him now, instead of being there and having those kind of thoughts. He respected my decision.”


“I am just going to go out and play. If a coach likes what you’re doing, he’s going to notice it. You just have to play the way you play. I am just going to come out and play.”


“I am sure we’ll be fine. When a lot of good players play together, they usually make each other better.”

Live from Sembower, Indiana vs. St. Francis

UPDATE, End of Game

Chris Squires put a runner on but struck out two batters in the ninth to close it. Indiana wins 7-3. More later.

UPDATE, End of Eighth Inning

Second baseman Jerry Kleman and center fielder Sterling Mack (both late-inning replacements) got singles, but Indiana left the eighth scoreless. Still the Hoosiers lead St. Francis 7-3 going to the eighth inning. Chris Squires is coming into close for Indiana.


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