Awh, hell to the no

On the first day of the July recruiting period, this guy and I were walking into North Central High School when a black Cadillac pulled up next to us and whirled around a turn. With no spots available in front of the school, the Caddy double-parked.

Who was in that rented Cadillac? Roy Williams.

It was a hilarious scene, full of so many questions: who rents a Cadillac to drive from the airport to a high school to a hotel to the airport? Does Roy have that car on permanent hold, given all his trips to Indiana? What would happen if the car was towed? He wasn’t wearing a sport coat, so he couldn’t resort to his typical “I am angry”-manuever.

It’s also a scene I may never see again.

The Conference Commissioners Association is recommending that the July evaluation period be eliminated, according to ESPN’s Andy Katz.

According to another source, the Division I board will meet Oct. 28 and has a number of options: accept the recommendation and implement it immediately or delay the implementation; introduce new legislation and send it through the normal governance structure; direct a study of options; or do not act on the recommendation.

According to the meeting’s minutes, the recommendation said the new recruiting model would not include a summer recruiting period for July 2012, learned. All 31 Division I commissioners were in attendance and voted in favor of the proposal.

The NCAA has already restricted coaches from attending April and May AAU events. College coaches would be forced to evaluate prospects during the school year, forcing them to leave their teams and evaluate prospects against often substandard competition.

It would also, I imagine, dramatically change the tenor of summer league basketball. The April tournaments took a big hit when coaches were restricted from attending in 2009, and the same could happen with July. The top prospects will play each other in summer camps sponsored by the shoe companies, insuring some competition during the high school offseason. The rest of the prospects, the ones who hope to be noticed each July by low-major Division I and schools in Division II, will play in events no one can watch.

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Jeff Thomas, left, and the Hoosiers run off the field after a stop against Michigan. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Confirmations of things you may have read on Twitter

It took me a day, but I finally got confirmation on a few pieces of information that you may have already seen on Twitter and have been bantered about here recently.

Indiana coach Tom Crean and assistant coach Tim Buckley were in fact in Washington to see prized 2011 recruit Cody Zeller on Tuesday morning, according to a source. While they were in Southern Indiana, they also stopped in Evansville to see Harrison freshman guard Ernie Duncan, though Duncan has apparently not yet been offered a scholarship.

The Indianapolis Star’s Kyle Neddenriep reports, however, that Evansville Bosse guard Jaquan Lyle did pick up a scholarship offer from IU.

Evans, Doss named captains for Illinois

From IU Sports Info:


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana Head Football Coach Bill Lynch announced that senior safety Mitchell Evans and junior wide receiver Tandon Doss will serve as game captains for Saturday’s contest at Illinois. They will join season captains Ben Chappell and Tyler Replogle for the 11 a.m. CDT/noon EDT kickoff against the Fighting Illini.

Dakich’s recruiting info

Dan Dakich just said on his show that he’ll talk about some recruiting information he has at some point during today’s show.

I am listening. You can listen too here.

I’ll let you know what it is and we’ll go from there.

UPDATE: Dakich did say Cody Zeller to IU is “a done deal.” But he’s been saying that for a while, so it does not strike me as news. Far more likely he’s going to drag this along and get a bit of a boost to his ratings.

SECOND UPDATE: Just teased IU recruiting after the next break.

THIRD UPDATE: Dakich: “I am going to tell you the same stuff I’ve heard before, but I got it confirmed again last night.”

FOURTH UPDATE: “Done deal to IU and then the other two after that.”

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IU football

Trea Burgess runs against Arkansas State. David Snodgress | Herald-Times


McClain visited Chandler

Indiana assistant coach Steve McClain was in Indianapolis today to watch Lawrence North center Michael Chandler, according to the Star’s Kyle Neddenriep.

Chandler, a true center in the class of 2011, has taken official visits to West Virginia and Providence, and told Neddenriep he’ll visit Xavier this weekend.

I am working on getting something more on this and Chandler’s status with Indiana. While Chandler has been listing Indiana, there are said to be academic concerns, and he has a relationship with Ryan Boatright (who just committed to West Virginia) and the two had talked about playing together.

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