A brief, and not really detailed, update on Abraham

I spoke to Joe Boncore, Moses Abraham’s guardian, earlier, and there wasn’t much he can say because Boncore didn’t go to Bloomington with Abraham on the visit.

“He says he likes it out there,” Boncore said. “It’s going to be a tough choice for him.”

Abraham made an appearance at the Indiana baseball game on Wednesday, arriving at Sembower Field with assistant coach Bennie Setzer to meet Indiana coach Tom Crean, who was already there with his family. Abraham sat with Crean for several innings, then left with Setzer and IU guard Maurice Creek among others.

Boncore said Abraham will return to Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

Boncore also confirms that he is not, in fact, the coach at Progressive Christian Academy in Temple Hills, Md., where Abraham plays.

Possible Moses Abraham sighting

Tom Crean is at the Indiana baseball game with his family. Assistant coach Bennie Setzer just arrived bringing with him someone who at least fits the profile of Moses Abraham, the 6-foot-9, 237-pound Nigerian forward playing at Progressive Christian Academy in Temple Hills, Md. Abraham is on the second day of his official visit to Indiana. He is choosing between Georgetown and Indiana.

Live from Sembower

Update, End of Game

Casey Smith got through the ninth in four batters. IU wins 17-8. More later.

Update, End of the Eighth Inning

When you don’t have a lot of pitching, you apparently have no mercy. Indiana keeps pouring on runs, driving in three in the eighth to go up 17-8. Shortstop Michael Basil drove in two runs with a single and designated hitter Blake Monar had an RBI single. First baseman Jerrud Sabourin got his fifth hit of the game in the inning, and also scored his fifth run. He has two home runs and four RBIs.


Some info from other people on Moses Abraham and Jeff Wilkins

We’re trying to get more of an update on what’s going on with Moses Abraham, who is now on the second day of his visit to Indiana. We don’t have much other than the fact that he’s here for another day and things are apparently going well, though we can’t actually define what well means. To hold you over, here’s a story from Evan Daniels at Most of that appears to be true, except for the thing about Joe Boncore being coach at Progressive Christian Academy. If that is true, it would be an extremely recent development.

Also reported by is a visit by John Wilkins, a forward at Southeastern Community College in Iowa. It had been reported that Wilkins had committed to Iowa State. We’re trying to track this down as well.

Hoosier Morning


Indiana offensive line coach Mo Moriarity coaches during the first day of spring practice. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Observations from first day of spring practice

Indiana had its first day of spring practice Tuesday, and by NCAA rule, they weren’t allowed to wear any sort of pads other than helmets, so it was tough to really gather a whole lot about the team going forward.

But perhaps the most newsy thing is the Hoosiers an 11-on-11, non-tackling scrimmage at the end of practice, which forced them to reveal what at least at this point are their first-team offenses and defenses. On offense, the returning starters were mostly where you would expect them to be (quarterback Ben Chappell, running back Darius Willis, wide receivers Damarlo Belcher and Tandon Doss, tight end Max Dedmond, center Will Matte and right tackle James Brewer.) At the up-for-grabs positions, Dre Muhammad and Duwyce Wilson played in the third wide receiver spot where Terrance Turner would be if not for neck surgery that has him out for the spring. Andrew McDonald was playing left tackle and Cody Faulkner and Marc Damisch were at the guard positions.

Defense was a little more shaken up. Donnell Jones, a cornerback last season, was playing safety with Chris Adkins. Richard Council and Matt Ernest were manning the corner spots. Senior Tyler Replogle was the middle linebacker, flanked by Damon Sims and Chad Sherer on the outsides. Darius Johnson and Fred Jones were the defensive ends, and returning starters Adam Replogle and Larry Black, Jr., were back at defensive tackle.

Those lineups could see vast changes, of course, and it was only the first day of spring practice, but it gives fans at least some idea of how IU coaches see their teams on March 23.

Play of the day probably went to Ernest, who intercepted about a 40-yard pass from Edward Wright-Baker in the end zone during an 11-on-11 scrimmage that had a mix of first and second teamers. (It was sort of like the 1.5 team on both sides.). Willis and redshirt freshman Nick Turner each had a few nice runs, and Ben Chappell seemed mostly sharp with his throws and Muhammad hauled down a few of them.

The Hoosiers have another open practice on Thursday at 4 p.m.

Hoosier Morning


Indiana coach Bill Lynch walks off the field with his son Billy during fall camp last season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


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