Kiles joins list of infirm

As if Indiana didn’t have enough injury issues to deal with this week, the Hoosiers will now be without junior safety Lenyatta Kiles, who is listed as out on Friday’s injury report with a groin injury.

Kiles joins sophomore running back Darius Willis, who was reported out for the season with a patella tendon injury Thursday, as well as safety Chris Adkins (ankle) right tackle James Brewer (ankle), cornerback Richard Council (knee) and kicker Nick Freeland as players who were listed as out on the injury report.

Wide receiver Jamonne Chester (shoulder) is listed as questionable.

Kiles had been earning playing time as the third safety behind junior Donnell Jones and senior Mitchell Evans and was playing as the third safety in five-defensive back formations. Redshirt freshman Lawrence Barnett is likely to take his spot.

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Darius Willis runs the ball against Michigan. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Willis to miss remainder of the season

Indiana announced Thursday sophomore running back Darius Willis will miss the remainder of the season with a patellar tendon injury. Willis will undergo surgery on Wednesday and the team’s medical staff expects a full recovery, the university said in a release.

Read more here.

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Keith Smart got his chance to be an NBA head coach last month with the Golden State Warriors. Associated Press photo


Same time, same place, this time with Hugh

We’ll be chatting live at 11 a.m. here. I think it’s Hugh’s turn in the rotation. One way or the other, I’ll be there.

ScoopTalk: We talked to Tom

Final exhibition will be against Ferris State

Indiana’s second exhibition will be against Division II Ferris State, Tom Crean said Wednesday.

The game, scheduled for Nov. 8, will tip-off at 7 p.m. and be live-streamed at

Forward Justin Keenan is the preseason national player of the year for at least one media outlet, and Crean said this should be a tough test for the Hoosiers.

That was the most newsy thing to come out of Wednesday’s availability, but there were other bits of info.

  • Christian Watford, Verdell Jones, Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls and Tom Pritchard have all improved defensively, Crean said. He’s not ready to say anyone is one of the best defenders, though Maurice Creek was about a month away from being the No. 1 defender. Then, of course, the knee injury happened.
  • Creek, by the way, is practicing fully with his teammates again. Crean did preach patience, though, as Creek continues to rehab and get back to where he was before.
  • A lot of talk about want-to with Guy-Marc Michel. Proof: Michel was still working out on a Cook Hall court as we finished up our time with Crean at 6 p.m. Practice had been over for more than an hour. Also saw Hulls working out.
  • Crean typicall takes vacation before practice begins. Said he gave that up to recruit.
  • No question Pritchard has improved, and Elston was making great strides. A concussion halted some of the latter’s progress, Crean said.
  • Eight names in the 3-point shootout: Hulls, Creek, Matt Roth, Will Sheehey, Watford, Elston, Victor Oladipo and Jones.
  • Four names in the dunk contest: Oladipo, Sheehey, Watford and Pritchard. There apparently was a groundswell of support for Pritchard’s inclusion.
  • There’s also a Wii contest, which involves players boxing students and something about shooting baskets. We are dubbing this the “Kokomo” of Hoosier Hysteria. If you do not understand that reference, well, read this.

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