St. Joe’s vs. Indiana: Discuss it here

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Hey, hey the gang will be here to discuss basketball and NCAA rulings.

IU to receive three years probation

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The NCAA will announce today that Indiana University’s men’s basketball program will be put on three years probation, but will receive no additional sanctions, according to a source close to the investigation.

The announcement will be made during a 4 p.m. NCAA teleconference with reporters from across the country. Reaction from IU officials, including coach Tom Crean, is expected this evening.

Typically, being on NCAA probation means that a school has to make regular reports to the NCAA indicating that it is complying with all regulations.

In addition, the NCAA will announce, according to a report at, that former IU coach Kelvin Sampson has been given a five-year “show cause” penalty, which will make it difficult for any NCAA school to hire him. Rob Senderoff, a former IU assistant coach and now associate head coach at Kent State, was given a three-year show cause penalty.

So the day has arrived

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I collected baseball cards as a kid.

By June or so of each year, I would have a card for almost every player on the Phillies that year. After finding each one, I would take it home and lovingly place it in my special Phillies binder. Even the card depicting John Kruk.

There always came a day when I needed just one more card to complete the team set, and my impatience to find it would tear at me. One season, I remember, it was Von Hayes. I simply could not find him. As a result, I refused to watch Von Hayes bat. Or field. If I saw Von Hayes today, it would be difficult for me not to sock him in the nose in retribution for the angst he caused me. Yes, I have been waiting my whole life to write the phrase “sock him in the nose.”

Eventually, I found the Von Hayes card. Had I not, I doubt that I would have survived the summer. When I did, it was instantly the happiest moment of my life. If I ever have a child, he or she will probably have to be content with knowing their miracle entrance onto this world will come second in significance to the day I found a particular baseball card.

Anyway, today is my adult Von Hayes moment. For today the NCAA will release its public report and finally bring to a close a case that has, as one IU source said earlier, “not been good for one single person.”

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A look at St. Joe’s

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Tom Pritchard will once again be tested by a player who will probably be getting paid to play basketball a year from now. Saint Joseph’s forward Ahmad Nivins has had a double-double in every game this year and may have shrugged off the inconsistency that slowed him last year.

What IU can learn: Just three games into his career, Pritchard has done more than enough to show that he has the toughness — and willingness — it takes to play against he best in the country. Now, he has got to work to refine his game, and he should be able to made advances in that area against Nivins.


Darrin Govens is a veteran scoring guard, and Garrett Williamson has been recognized for his defensive prowess. Tasheed Carr is the motor for the team.

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NCAA ruling to be announced at 4 p.m.

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[10:00 am UPDATE]

We’ve received the press release from the NCAA informing us of a telephonic press conference to be held at 4 p.m.


Dawn has not yet come to the island of Maui, but I have spoken to sources who say that the NCAA Announcement will indeed come at 4 p.m. today.

So stay tuned.

Star: NCAA ruling expected today

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The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Indiana officials expect the NCAA to announce its findings regarding the school’s infraction case today.

We’ll have more on this story as soon as we can.

The NCAA generally sends an e-mail to the media at about 10 a.m. informing them of its intention to release a decision, then does so later in the afternoon.

Notre Dame 88, Indiana 50

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To Tom Crean, the Hoosiers’ loss in Maui today came down to lack of communication.

And lack of communication stems from lack of experience.

“They like each other,” Crean said afterward. “That’s not an issue. The game got fast for us, and it got faster because our communication was down.”

Indiana’s inefficiency on defense led to 13 tipped balls, Crean said. That’s the lowest in any game he’s ever been around, he said. The stated goal for each game is 35 deflections.

Fighting Irish coach Mike Brey sympathized with what Crean is going through.

“They’re in a huge rebuilding process,” he said. “He has ‘em competing and playing really hard. They’re going to grow together as the year goes on.”

No. 8 Notre Dame moves on to play No. 6 Texas.

The Hoosiers play St. Joseph’s at 8:30 a.m. local time tomorrow (1:30 EST). I’ll post something about that matchup a little later.

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