The Lynch dilemma

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Bill Lynch

First things first: the Scoop will not be endorsing a candidate in the race for president, in case you were waiting for that to make your decision.

Moving on . . .

For the last several weeks, the comments section of this blog has been aflame with talk of firing Indiana football coach Bill Lynch. This conversation germinates on its own — that is, it’s not related directly to any post we’ve made — and seems to run mostly in favor of firing Lynch.

It is time we address this talk formally. To do that, I think we need to ignore the issue of whether or not Lynch, whose team is 3-6 this season, deserves to be fired. Because, to me, it is not the determining factor.

What matters more is that current athletic director Rick Greenspan is a lame duck. And future athletic director Fred Glass does not take over until Jan. 2.

A couple of questions, then:

  • Could Greenspan actually fire Lynch? Greenspan gave Lynch a contract after the Hoosiers reached their first bowl in more than a decade. Lynch, of course, became Terry Hoeppner’s right-hand man in 2005 and filled in for him when he became sick. Hiring Hoeppner is widely seen as one of Greenspan’s most important moves. Would he close his tenure by firing Lynch? And would he be allowed to?
  • Assuming Greenspan does not fire Lynch, would Fred Glass be able to do it? Glass is taking over on Jan. 2, long after coaches are generally fired (and hired, for that matter). The glaring weakness in Glass’ robust resume is his lack of experience within an athletic department, specifically with hiring big-time, big-ego coaches. Yes, he’s probably been in the position of hiring somebody before. But did he have to do it with clandestine committees and search firms and communication between intermediaries and all that comes with this sort of hire?
  • Say Glass does walk in on day one and fire Bill Lynch. Is he in any sort of position to really understand what IU could pay a new coach? Can he really identify a big-name candidate like the ones many of you have suggested and then make an offer for $1 million a year or more?
  • If Glass does all of the above and manages to make an incredibly quick hire (say, a week) that would still leave the new coach less than a month to re-recruit many of the already committed recruits while also trying to add addition players and assemble a staff. How would this effect IU’s recruiting? Would players defect? It seems inevitable. Maybe current players would leave as well.

Taking into account all of the above factors, how do those of you in favor of firing Lynch actually see the scenario playing out?

Your essay should be no more than 1,000 words and should be written in double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.

Or, just unload with it below.

IU women’s bb exhibition

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Nothing left to do but note Lydia Serfling’s entry into the scorebook with a baseline jumper and the score.
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CMU at IU: Discuss it here

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Haunted Hall of Hoops: Discuss it here

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A few updates from Crean

By   |   Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008 - 7:32 PM   |   1 comment

Tom Crean hosted a press conference today. A few notes:

  • Crean said the highlight of the annual tip-off dinner was listening to former players Steve Green and Ted Kitchel, as well as former H-T sports editor Bob Hammel, speak to the crowd. “They were talking to our players and talking to our fans in attendance and talking to all of Hoosier nation as well.” Crean said the night brought home to him “what kind of an honor it is” to be coaching at Indiana.
  • The event was held in Assembly Hall, meaning the team took off on Tuesday.
  • Crean says the latest walk-on to join the team, Evan White, will have the same role as the other walk-ons. He’ll need to come in and play pressure defense, facilitate on offense and spread the ball around.
  • Right now, Crean doesn’t have enough time to do everything he needs to do. During full team practices he focuses on concepts such as rebounding and defense, because those are about developing a mentality. During small-group practices he focuses on developing individual skills, espcially on offense. Interestingly, Crean said that he wants his players to have a lot of confidence on offense because otherwise they won’t play as hard as they need to on defense.
  • Verdell Jones is going to have to play a lot of point guard for this team, and he’s being forced to learn how tough that will be right now. He matches up against Jeremiah Rivers, who Crean said was one of the top defensive guards in the country last year for Georgetown, every single day. Jones said his biggest adjustment to this level has been learning to counter-attack if he can’t find a seam after his first step.
  • Crean joked that he might wear a plaid jacket to the Haunted Hall of Hoops tomorrow night. No word on if he’ll then throw a chair.
  • The HHoH will focus on another team scrimmage, though there will be other fun elements  involved, too, Crean said.
  • Crean’s team is progressing, he said, but a “laundry list” of problems remain. On one side, Crean wishes he had another month to work with his team before playing games (the first exhibition game is a week from Friday). But on the other side, he knows that much of what his team needs to learn — hustle and toughness — can’t be taught by having them practice against each other.
  • Crean agained expressed his opinion that IU should not receiver further punishment from the Committee on Infractions. He said that having to wait for their ruling — which could come at any time — has hurt IU’s recruiting because of the uncertainity it creates.

Jared will have a story about White to post a little bit later.

The Poert report

By   |   Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008 - 9:11 PM   |   36 comments

Here’s Jared’s preview of the Indiana-Central Michigan game. With the Hoosiers coming off a win, somehow I doubt this one will match the 80 reader comments on Jared’s preview last week.

Kentucky at Indiana soccer

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It’s all over, and Indiana goes scoreless for the final 109:54 of this one for the tie. HOOSIERS 1, WILDCATS 1


Indiana came out guns blazing, but couldn’t push in the game-winner, then survived a couple Kentucky scares in the final two minutes of OT. We have 10 more golden goal minutes to decide this one. HOOSIERS 1, WILDCATS 1

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