Once more on the radio

Time to wrap it up.

Crean’s appreciative of the fans, he says. It’s been a great place to live and work. And walking out into Assembly Hall, with all of those fans, still gets to him.

Fischer says he speaks for everyone who cares about IU basketball when he says: Thank you for everything you’ve done for Indiana basketball.


Next question: Will Crean redshirt players next year, specifically any from this year?

Crean says it’s not just up to the coach. The player and his parents have to be involved int the decision, too.

Tom Crean literally is signing autographs while he speaks. He is unstoppable. He’s also had 34 Cokes in the last four minutes.

Oh, right. Question: Which freshmen (from this year, so sophomores-to-be) are you excited about?

Crean, as he usually does, stays way from pointing to just one player. He’s excited about all of them, and about the competition getting better and helping them all develop.


Jarrett in at ex-teammates’ expense?

Former Bloomington North grad Kiley Jarrett helped the Ball State women’s basketball team to the MAC Tournament title Sunday with a 55-51 upset of Bowling Green. The Cardinals earn an automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament, but Jarrett may have pushed former Cougar teammates Whitney Thomas and Lydia Serfling of IU out of the field of 64 in the process.

Indiana is on the bubble heading into Monday night’s 7 p.m. selection sho, and Bowling Green is also now a bubble team. The good news is Ball State’s win makes the Hoosiers’ season-opening 84-68 win over the Cardinals look even better.

Terre Haute South vs. Bloomington South

 We’ve heard you can hear a live broadcast of the game by clicking right here.

Then, there were lights. Bright lights.

Spencer Turner signals for time out as Jordan Hulls holds the ball.

The gym here at Seymour — the fourth largest high school gym in the country, with a capacity of 8,110 — was quiet and dark when H. Williams Kellenberger and I walked in about an hour ago. It only took a few minutes for the lights to flicker on, though, and for most of South’s players to stroll out of the hallway leading to its locker room. Since then, the Panthers have been sitting on the seats that will be their bench when they take on Terre Haute South at 8 p.m. tonight.

Apparently THS’s star guard, Jake Odum, has been dealing with an injured ankle for some time now. He’ll still be the focal point for South, especially early. It’s unclear who will draw the assignment of covering him.

As Hugh and I spent some time eating lunch and watching college ball on the TV earlier today, we ended up talking to many fans from the schools who participated in this regional. One thing we heard over and over was how calm and veteran the South guards were.


Crean needs a Star Trek transporter or Porsche

Photo by Chris Howell.

The gym.

Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean saw at least one of his future guards play this morning when he took in Bloomington South’s 61-50 win against New Albany at the Seymour Regional.

Jordan Hulls, a leading candidate for Mr. Basketball and a class of 2009 signee for Indiana, had 12 points, seven assists and four steals to lead the No. 1 Panthers past the No. 2 Bulldogs.

Donnie Hale, a 6-foot-7 forward for New Albany, had 12 points, eight rebounds and two blocks. He also shot 1-for-6 from the line in the first half, and once stared in disbelief at the heavans after one shot didn’t fall. Crean was sitting about 12 feet away.


Next up? Rest. Bananas. Then Terre Haute South.

A post from H. Williams Kellenberger; photo by Chris Howell.

South fans are happy.

The South Panthers will play Terre Haute South at 8 p.m. today in the Seymour regional final.

Right now, the Panthers are in local hotel rooms and resting.

But South forward Chaz Cooper, who scored 11 points this morning, said he did not need the rest.


Hulls did what he does

Photo by Chris Howell.

Indiana recruit Jordan Hulls screams after hitting a buzzer-beating half-court shot Saturday morning.

Jordan Hulls, you can tell, always plans a few steps ahead of anyone else on the basketball court.

Sometimes, it does not work.

“I knew (New Albany star Donnie Hale) was in foul trouble, so I just tried to take it in,” Hulls, a senior who will join Tom Crean’s Indiana team next season, said of his drive late in the first half of South’s 61-50 win against New Albany in the regional semifinal at Seymour Saturday morning. “He just threw my stuff to half court.”

That’s a blunt — and still understated — way of describing what the 6-7 forward did when Hulls arrived near the rim.


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