Details from Wilson’s memorandum of understanding

We got a hold of Kevin Wilson’s memorandum of understanding, which apparently has not yet been committed to a formal contract. Some of these details were already reported by Lamond Pope of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Some weren’t. They follow.

  • Wilson’s annual base salary, the part that the university/athletic department is responsible for, is $500,000.
  • Wilson makes $600,000 from “outside, marketing and promotional income.” That money comes from Wilson doing public appearances and communications, cooperating with television and radio broadcasts (including coach’s shows, etc.), and cooperating with sponsorship agreements.
  • Beyond that, Wilson gets a $100,000 stipend to pay for certain incidental expenses. Examples given in the memorandum included a vehicle for Wilson’s spouse, social club memberships, entertainment for football staff/families, the purchase of a cell phone, IPad or other electronic devices, family travel or childcare.
  • The bonus structure of the contract has not been finalized yet, but the memorandum says it will be “competitive with the Big Ten and other major public universities programs.”
  • The buyout for the contract if Wilson choses to leave is a flat $500,000 no matter when he makes the move within the contract.
  • If Wilson is fired without cause, he will be paid his base salary ($500,000) for the remaining duration of the contract.
  • The contract will include the following additional perks: eight football season tickets, three season parking passes, 25 single game tickets for each home games, 15 single game tickets to each away game, eight tickets to any bowl game IU may reach, the use of the fully-catered head coaches office/suite for all home games, eight men’s basketball season tickets, two men’s basketball season parking passes, a family membership to the IU Golf Course and driving range, a family membership to the IU Tennis Center, a personal Adidas family clothing allowance of $10,000, a cell phone stipend of $150 per month, professional association fees, convention travel and other professional development expenses, transitional housing and up to $20,000 for moving expenses.

2011 MLS SuperDraft

The Major League Soccer 2011 SuperDraft started at noon on ESPN2, but Indiana’s Will Bruin finally heard his name called just before 1 o’clock.

Bruin was drafted No. 11 overall by the Houston Dynamo, who traded up to get that spot. The No. 11 pick started the day in the hands of Seattle, was traded to Portland and then to Houston at the last minute.

Bruin was expected to go in the top five, possibly as high as No. 3 overall, but some surprising moves by teams at the top of the draft left Bruin waiting and waiting.

IU teammate Rich Balchan had the opposite experience. Largely expected to go in the second round, Balchan followed right behind Bruin, getting drafted by the Columbus Crew at No. 12 overall. Former Hoosier Danny O’Rourke is also on the Crew roster.

4:15 p.m. UPDATE
Just got off the phone with Will Bruin from Baltimore. He admitted to feeling like Aaron Rodgers as he slid down the draft board but was happy with the end result.

“It was definitely a good experience, nerve-wracking, but it worked out in end. You hear a bunch of things from different people, and nothing ever goes according to plan.”

Hoosier Morning

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James Hardy signs with Ravens

Former Indiana receiver James Hardy has signed a future contract with the Baltimore Ravens. He’s not eligible to play in Saturday’s game against Pittsburgh, but he will be available next season.

Apparently broke the story, but of course we’re linking to the Baltimore Sun story, because, you know, we know a guy.

‘This is Indiana’

A recipe for a successful fan music video:

One part white guys rapping.

One part random students enjoying their chance to be a part of a music video.

Two parts of footage invoking the history and traditions of your program.

Mix generously, remix to taste.

“This is Indiana,” a video that showed up on YouTube yesterday and is the work of Brice Fox and Daniel Weber, accomplishes its goal and has more than 18,000 views already. Enjoy.

Hoosier Morning

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