Watching Sheehey


For the first time, I just watched Will Sheehey play the game of basketball. Thanks ESPNU, for televising Sagemont’s game against Montverde Academy (a 57-52 loss for Sheehey’s Sagemont team).

Sheehey, one of Indiana’s two signees in the class of 2010, had a solid game — 14 points, with some assists and rebounds. Overall, though, I saw him as a clear No. 3 on his team (behind Syracuse-bound Fab Melo and four-star junior Rod Days) and looks to be a depth player for Indiana.


  • Sheehey was very active on defense, doing a solid job of defending James Bell (Villanova). He had good positioning when Bell tried to post him up.
  • A really nice passer for a player his size. Montverde tried to trap Sheehey several times early and he continually made the right pass out of it.
  • Good mid-range jumper. Best around the elbow.


  • He drove the ball into the lane four times early in the game. He was bailed out by a bad foul the first drive, had his second blocked, could not finish with his left hand on the third and drove himself out-of-bounds on the fourth and resorted to a reverse layup that had no chance of going in.
  • Looks for the ball a little too much on offense, asking for it as he nominally moves around. I wonder how much of this has to do with him playing with much-better competition this season. Could be a bad habit from years of being the best player on the floor.
  • With about 30 seconds remaining in the third quarter he got himself open going to the basket and called for the ball. But when it came, he dribbled it once and then tried to go up, giving the opposition time to come in and block the shot.

Hoosier Morning

Northwestern Indiana basketball

Indiana guard Jeremiah Rivers remained on the bench for a moment as the teams shook hands after the Northwestern-Indiana game. Chris Howell | Herald-Times (more…)

Hoosiers begin brutal stretch

Indiana could use a confidence boost right about now. The Hoosiers have lost four straight, including a 78-61 loss to Northwestern on Sunday. They’ve fallen into a funk where they play well for two games and follow that up with a clunker that makes fans wonder if they’ve made any progress at all.

But confidence boosts will not be hard to come by.

Starting with Wednesday’s 6:30 p.m. home game against No. 13 Ohio State, the Hoosiers have three straight games against ranked teams. On Saturday, they play at No. 11 Wisconsin, then follow that with a home game against Michigan State on Feb. 16.

“This is it right here,” junior guard Jeremiah Rivers said. “I don’t want to say it’s necessarily make or break, but these are some vital games for us. We’ve lost four in a row going into Ohio State. … This is something where we just can’t get caught in this tornado and get thrown out.” (more…)

Gov. Daniels will be at IU-Ohio State game

Just got a call from the governor’s office saying that Gov. Mitch Daniels will be in attendance at tomorrow’s Indiana-Ohio State game to visit a friend. Apparently he’s got good seats right in front of us behind the scorer’s table.

Our old friend may be in trouble

Remember Kyrie Irving? Many of you spent the summer following his every move, hoping and wishing he would become the star that would lead top prospects back to Indiana.

That didn’t happen. He’s headed to Duke now. And now his high school may be in some trouble.

Videotapes show that Kevin Boyle, the coach of St. Patrick’s (Elizabeth, N.J.) was in the gym for six open gym sessions prior to the season starting. That’s a no-no, according to New Jersey’ state association rules. The punishment could be the suspension of Boyle and the removal of St. Patrick’s, the No. 5 team in the country, from this year’s state tournament, the Newark Star-Ledger is reporting.

Michael Gilchrist, the No. 1 junior in the country (who was listing Indiana but seems to have lost interest at the same time Irving did), is also on the team. And it appears that Chris Washburn may have tipped off investigators. He had two sons transfer to the school over the summer but never played in a game and are back in Texas.

Hoosier Morning


Matt Mayberry and Jammie Kirlew lead the charge to tackle Iowa’s Brandon Wegher last season. Mayberry and Kirlew are two members of a group of Hoosiers preparing for April’s NFL Draft. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Crean trying to figure out what went wrong

Don Fischer opened Tom Crean’s radio show on Monday by lobbing the Indiana coach something of a softball. Indiana’s play-by-play man (and after the arrest of Todd Leary, it’s one man booth) pointed out that the Hoosiers did some things well in Sunday’s loss to Northwestern. They kept the turnovers down, rebounded well and knocked down free throws.

But Crean realized he wasn’t in position to look on the bright side.

“When you’re losing and when you lose games that you don’t compete in from the very beginning,” he said, “and you compete as the game goes on, but you don’t come with that spirit, then it’s really hard to sit here and talk about individual performances and things like that.” (more…)

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