Felisha Legette-Jack on Obama

By   |   Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009 - 2:04 PM   |   27 comments

IU women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack.

On the inauguration:

“My staff and I got together and watched (the inauguration) in my office. What a moment, what a moment … what a speech, what a vision of hope (Obama) exudes. Even if you are Republican, Democrat, liberal, whatever, you have to be moved by his commitment to give us the hope we need right now. They try to say our America is in crisis. Well, you know what? We feel like we can fix it. Why? Because we all can pull up our sleeves and do some work because he gave us permission to help.”

On seeing so many people lining streets:

“To me, it exuded unity. It didn’t exude a black president or a white president. It exuded unity that we are so ready for somebody to say, ‘I give you permission to come as one whomever it might be, a woman, a man, black, white. We are just so ready to drop our guards and be from the inside in judgement. He came at the right time because we were absolutely ready for this.”

Crean > Churchill (Or, how you can get a free shirt)

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IU has announced that all attendees of Sunday’s noon game against Minnesota will receive the above shirt so that the desired “whiteout” effect can be achieved.  You can read the press release below.

But first, while we’re quoting Churchill, there’s this line that might apply to some of the discussions we’ve had here: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

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Thursday 11 a.m. Q&A

By   |   Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009 - 9:56 PM   |   2 comments

It’s that time of week again for our IU sports chat.

Send us your questions and comments, or just follow along, by clicking here.   

Jeffries reflects on Obama’s win, his father’s past

By   |   Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009 - 2:51 PM   |   2 comments

Jared Jeffries

Jared Jeffries, guarding last year’s No. 1 pick, Derrick Rose, on Monday in the above photo, told the New York Post why President Barack Obama’s inaugration meant so much to him.

“My dad’s uncle was killed. The sheriff just walked in and took him. It was part of life in Mississippi; the law enforcement was corrupt, the Klan was still very strong. You had a lot of families that were affected by that. That happened a lot, and there were no consequences,” Jeffries said. “That’s how far this country has come.

“I talked to my dad all through the (race). My dad grew up in Mississippi, was a sharecropper and picked cotton by hand when he was young. For the world to come as far as it’s come just during his generation, and to see a black president in his lifetime, it’s incredible. For people of my father’s generation to see this moment is incredible.”

Jeffries, who starred at Bloomington North and Indiana University, worked, along with teammates Chris Duhon and Malik Rose, with 30 foster children at Planet Hollywood yesterday. The event was sponsored by the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

Jeffries, who has started 12 of the 19 games he has played this season, is averaging 4.7 points and 4.8 rebounds a contest. Those are his best numbers since arriving in New York three seasons ago.

IU women: The day after Purdue

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If you saw the Indiana women’s basketball team practice Tuesday afternoon, you would never have known that less than 24 hours earlier they beat arch-rival Purdue for first in the Big Ten standings. The Hoosiers looked to have tired legs here and there, but coach Felisha Legette-Jack wasn’t having any of it. They did one of their daily shooting drills three times, or as Legette-Jack said, “until we reach our goal.”

“It’s a good in-state rivalry and we are excited that we won. But this is something you think about in July when you’re out in the summer and say, ‘Remember when?’ Right now our focus has got to be the now and the present,” Legette-Jack said.

A few other follow-up notes:

  • This was the first time that IU beat Purdue at Assembly Hall since 1998. The Hoosiers did win in West Lafayette last season.
  • Indiana is off to its best start in Big Ten play (6-1) since the 1982-83 season, the year the Hoosiers won their lone regular-season Big Ten title.

Purdue at IU women: Discuss it here

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Linn back, Jackson healthy for Hoosiers

By   |   Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009 - 6:59 PM   |   4 comments

A couple of women’s basketball updates heading into Monday night’s big game against Purdue at Assembly Hall.

  • Sophomore guard Haylie Linn, suspended indefinitely on Jan. 3, is back with the Hoosiers now. She was practicing for the first time Saturday and head coach Felisha Legette-Jack said Linn will be in uniform against Purdue.”She’s back to being a part of our program,” Legette-Jack said.
  • Also, senior Amber Jackson, who tweaked a knee prior to the Wisconsin game, was running full speed without a brace in Saturday’s practice. Legette-Jack just blamed the weather.”That cold weather went under zero and her knee said, ‘Heck, no.’ She’s fine, there’s no issues whatsoever. She’s back to old Amber.”
  • The IU athletic department is hoping for a White Out against Purdue. I guess they just want those wearing black or gold to stand out a little more.
  • If you have a ticket from the men’s game against Penn State Saturday, bring it Monday night and see the women play for $2.

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