Randle El looking for a new team

The Washington Redskins have cut former Indiana quarterback Antwaan Randle El, according to the Washington Post.

Randle El, 30, was the team’s versatile wide receiver and primary punt returner. He played the past four seasons with the Redskins, but as Coach Mike Shanahan installs his new offense, it’s believed he prefers big receivers and Randle El was left with no obvious spot in the new system.

Randle El was also the primary punt returner, though his return numbers slipped dramatically from the early days of his career, much to the chagrin of fans. He was surprised by the team’s move.

“I am a bit shocked,” he said in a phone interview. “I thought that with a new GM and a new coach – I thought you’d be given a shot to show them what you can do. And I figured that with some of the younger guys who still haven’t proven themselves, they would want to keep the veterans around.

“To be honest, I figured they would want to renegotiate and go from there. But at the same time, I had a high [salary] for next season, so this is what they decided to do. But I know I can still play. I just have to find a team that looks at me as an asset and wants me. That’s the next step.”

Randle El had 530 yards on 50 receptions. Last season marked the first time in his eight-year career that Randle El failed to notch at least one touchdown reception. He started only three games and was supplanted as the team’s flanker before the season and moved to the slot.

He earned $1.5 million in 2009 and was due a base salary of $1.375 million in 2010.

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IU basketball

Christian Watford and Derek Elston watch the end of Indiana’s 74-55 loss to Purdue on Wednesday. David Snodgress | Herald-Times


ScoopTalk: Thoughts from Mackey

Purdue 74, Indiana 55

Indiana simply could not keep pace with a Purdue team amped by a senior night celebration for its energy source Chris Kramer, and lost 74-55 Thursday night.

Mackey Arena was loud and the Boilermakers, still dealing with the loss of star player Robbie Hummel to an ACL tear, were poised.

The Hoosiers, who have lost 11 in a row, too often were tissue-thin on defense. That, combined with streaky shooting and an inability to score from the paint, made it an untenable match up.

Indiana coach Tom Crean summed up the situation quite succinctly in his post-game press conference.

“We’re a soft basketball team right now,” he said.

Peruse the box score at your convenience.

More to come.

UPDATE: 10:49

AUDIO: Tom Crean calls his team soft and talks about recruiting a Chris Kramer

AUDIO: Derek Elston talks about his best outing of the season

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls talks about working hard and moving forward. … as always

AUDIO: Chris Kramer, Keaton Grant and E’Twaun Moore talk about winning the seniors’ last game in Mackey Arena

AUDIO: Matt Painter talks about his senior class

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