What would be a return to glory?

So I am sitting here on this dreary Friday afternoon, during these dog days of January, and there is this question gnawing at me. It’s been bothering me for weeks, as I read and reread the debate between the Crean faithful and those not so convinced.

What, exactly, would be a return to glory?

You hear glory — you think glory. Since this is NCAA basketball we are talking about, maybe glory looks more like this. Either way, we can all probably say that glory means championships.

But when you, dear Hoosier Scoop readers, talk about returning to glory, are you specifically thinking championships? A return to the days of three championships in 12 seasons?

Or would you be OK with one championship every 1-10 seasons? Or 11-20? How about a couple of Final Four appearances a decade? Or consistently contending for a Big Ten title and making the Sweet 16?

Or, at this point, would you just be happy with .500?

Putting it another way — what are your realistic expectations for what Tom Crean can do with this program?

What is your mindset in 2010, some 23 years since the last NCAA championship and eight since a Final Four. It’s been 17 seasons since an outright Big Ten title — also the last time the Hoosiers got a No. 1 seed.

A lot has happened since those banners were hung in Assembly Hall. A lot. This guy left and set the NCAA wins record at Texas Tech. This guy took over and it never felt right. And, then, well — there was this guy. Let’s just say none of us have looked at a cell phone calling plan quite the same.

In my mind, part of what has always made the Scoop the Scoop was the journalism. And that was aided by the fact that Chris, Dustin and I are not Indiana men. Those two are from Pennsylvania. I am from California by way of North Carolina.

The fact that we have not lived these events, like many of you have, makes the Scoop different. But I want to understand your mindset and your thought process, because it does aid in our reporting and what we produce for you, our dear readers. So consider this a start to a discussion. One that will give us something to do until Sunday. And one that will help us going forward.

Now, feel free to go ahead and talk amongst yourselves.

Hoosier Morning

Indiana Penn St Basketball

Indiana’s Verdell Jones works toward the basket past Penn State’s Jeff Brooks during Indiana’s win on Thrusday. Ralph Wilson | Associated Press


Hoosiers finally win on road

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — After 13 straight losses in opponents’ gyms, Indiana finally got itself a true road victory on Thursday, knocking off Penn State 67-61 at the Bryce Jordan Center.

After blowing a 15-point lead to Minnesota on Sunday before rallying back to win that game in overtime, the Hoosiers seemed to have much more confidence on the road than they had in their first two Big Ten road games this season. They lost junior guard and defensive ace Jeremiah Rivers to a foul-out with 6 minutes to go, and blew an 11-point first half lead, but never trailed and held on for the victory.

“That’s probably where Sunday came back to help us even quicker than what you might think,” Crean said. “You never know what experiences you’re going to take from a game and when they’re going to come up again, but I think it did. There was no panic in our guys’ voices. There was no deer in the headlight look.”

Senior guard Devan Dumes played more under control than he has all season, scoring 15 points to lead the Hoosiers. Sophomore guard Verdell Jones had 14 points, including a 3-pointer and fadeaway jumper down the stretch that sealed the victory for Indiana. Freshman forward Christian Watford had 11 points and nine rebounds, including two offensive rebounds that turned into Jones’ crucial buckets.

It was Indiana’s first true road victory in Tom Crean’s two-years at Indiana and the first for the Hoosiers since they won at Northwestern on Feb. 23, 2008.

AUDIO: Tom Crean talks about his team staying steady

AUDIO: Devan Dumes talks about playing with more patience

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls talks about the Hoosiers’ response to losing Rivers

AUDIO: Jeremiah Rivers talks about what he said to the team when he fouled out

Indiana at Penn State: Discuss it here

White sidelined once again

Former Indiana forward D.J. White, the 2008 Big Ten Player of the Year, just can’t stay healthy. His rookie season with the Oklahoma City Thunder was, for all intents and purposes, erased by jaw surgery. He’d had trouble working his way into games this season, and now will be sidelined by a thumb injury.

From the AP:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma City Thunder forward D.J. White is expected to miss six to eight weeks following surgery to repair a fractured right thumb.
The Thunder say White had successful surgery Thursday. White was injured in practice Tuesday.
White is averaging 4.8 points and 1.9 rebounds in eight games this season. He had not played in a Thunder game for over a month, and spent about two weeks in the NBA Development League during that time.
White, a first-round draft pick out of Indiana in 2008, missed most of his rookie year following surgery to remove a benign growth from his jaw.

Thursday discussion, 11 a.m

Dustin had planned to fly out early this morning so he could be in Pennsylvania in time to chat with us. But his flight was delayed, and now he’s been switched. I’m not sure where he is, and if he weren’t such a teetotaler (and didn’t have to work today) I’d probably check one of the airport taverns.

Maybe he’ll make it. Probably he won’t.

But I’ll be there. Hope you will, too.

Hoosier Morning


Indiana coach Tom Crean pleads for a foul call at Michigan last week. The Hoosiers have alternated home and road games during the Big Ten schedule this season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


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