Recruits headed to the Hall

It appears that 2012 recruits Jeremy Hollowell, Jared Drew and Kellon Thomas are all headed to Bloomington tonight for the Purdue game.

This comes from the Twitter feeds of Hollowell and AAU coach Chris Hawkins.

Mells not AWOL and more

Yes, Ashlee Mells is still suspended. No, she is not wandering aimlessly around south central Indiana.

IU women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack said after Wednesday evening’s practice that the idea that Mells was AWOL was a bit of a misunderstanding. While she did not know where Mells was during last Thursday’s game against Wisconsin, Legette-Jack said she didn’t know where her son was at that time either, but that didn’t mean he was missing and ditto for Mells, who may or may not return to the floor this season.

“Ashlee’s working her way back towards us,” Legette-Jack said. “It’s a good thing.
“Sometimes you’ve got to take care of the kid as a person before you can take care of the kid as a student-athlete. That’s one thing we feel strongly about. These kids have to be able to leave us and become somebody. That’s the most important thing to me, and we’re working towards that.”

On the subject of missing players, in case you missed it, Sasha Bernard has apparently transferred to South Florida. All indications are the transfer was simply a case of homesickness.

In other news of note, Sasha Chaplin was without a walking boot for the first time in a month at Wednesday’s practice, but not fully participating. Legette-Jack expects her to participate fully today and then the foot injury — likely a stress fracture, though IU won’t say — will be re-evaluated. But when will she take the court again in a game?

“It’s good to see she’s working toward getting back,” Legette-Jack said. “Our hope is to have her ready by March, and anything before that will be icing on the cake.”

Live discussion, right about now

Hoosier Morning

IOWA Indiana Football

Bill Lynch was happy yesterday as he talked about this year’s signing class. So why is the picture of him yelling? Because angry Bill Lynch is so much fun. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Highlighting the defense

A second post, similar to the one earlier on Indiana’s offensive signees.






No videos available for the following: Pete Bachman, Ryan Phillis, Harrison Scott, Chase Hoobler, Matt Zakrzewski, Brian Williams and Cameron Cole.

Crean: Hoosiers excited about rivalry

Half of Indiana’s current team has never played Purdue. The other half has never played them at Assembly Hall. Coach Tom Crean, said, however, that all of the Hoosiers have shown an appreciation for the rivalry going into Thursday’s home game against the Boilermakers.

“I’ve been really impressed with how excited our guys are to play this game,” Crean said. “In the sense of even the guys who aren’t from the state. They know that we’re playing against a really good team. They know we’re playing against a team that’s not only a household name in Indiana but throughout the country. They know that. These guys are astute basketball fans as well as players, but I think they understand that this team is very good and they feel very competitive right now in a sense of ‘let’s go play it.”

The seven in-state players, however, are especially hyped up.

“I can definitely say I don’t really like them,” freshman forward Derek Elston said. “I haven’t been here for a while, but I’ve been around Indiana my whole life to know that if you go to Indiana, you just don’t like Purdue.”

They’ve also been around long enough to know, however, that beating the No. 8 Boilermakers isn’t going to be easy. Purdue has two stars in the frontcourt in JaJuan Johnson and Robbie Hummel, but counters that with guards like Chris Kramer, E’Twaun Moore and Lewis Jackson who can give the Hoosiers problems on the perimeter. Because of Purdue’s speed and ability to attack on defense, Crean said he isn’t sure how much he will use the three-forward lineup he implemented at the start of the Illinois game.

“I think it did a nice job,” Crean said. “Except we just got into some foul trouble and we wanted to get some backcourt work a little bit. I think tomorrow we need to rebound the ball, so that’s big, but at the same time, you’ve gotta have people that can handle pressure. I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to go with it. … we’ve gotta really really handle pressure the ball tomorrow. They get on you for 94 feet, and we’ve gotta do a good job with that.”

AUDIO: Tom Crean discusses Purdue

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls refuses to say he hates Purdue

AUDIO: Derek Elston says he doesn’t like Purdue very much

Lynch: I’ve never felt so good about a class

Signing day didn’t bring a lot of surprises for Bill Lynch. Cornerback Andre Kates made him sweat a bit, but the other 24 members of the class were signed by about 9:30 a.m. on signing day. Here’s an overview of the class, provided by IU.

And here’s a link to the video highlights IU showed at its signing day reception.

Lynch said that the general lack of drama was one of the more enjoyable things about this recruiting season. Lynch said he didn’t offer a scholarship to a high school player after July. He had a few who didn’t commit until December, but most of his class was finished before the start of the season.

“That part of it is different than probably the old days,” Lynch said. “I think our staff did a great job of holding onto the commitments. What I liked about it is the opportunity to really get to know them as we go through this process. It used to be that you spent the whole time recruiting selling, selling, selling. But once you’ve got them committed, now it’s a much more relaxed environment when you just get to know them. I said this to the staff, I worked through Friday night in terms of home visits and all. When we got together on Monday, I told them I can’t remember the end of a recruiting year where I felt so good about the kids coming. We knew they were talented, that’s not the issue. But the more you get to know them, the more comfortable you are with their character, their families, their commitment, knowing that they really want to come to Indiana University. That’s something I’m really excited about it.” (more…)

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